10 Fashion Trends for 2022: Are You Riding the Wave of What’s Popular?

“Everything old is new again” could very well be the slogan for many 2022 fashion trends.

Many fashion-conscious women will be able to raid their closets to get the hottest 2022 looks. From traditional necklaces to wallpaper-inspired prints, the year’s latest styles are often re-worked versions of classic clothes.

The well-dressed woman could be wearing leather jackets, feathers, and colorful print stockings. Unisex vests are back and Bermuda shorts will be seen in board rooms. Ladies who like to flaunt their legs will be delighted that the hot pants look is making a comeback.

  1. Over-sized Gold Necklaces Are Still In

If you kept your old chunky gold necklaces, it’s time to air them out and put them on. Models wore them in 2022 fall fashion shows and they are just as hot going into 2022. A big gold necklace goes with anything and looks terrific worn alone or combined with other accessories. Jewelry stores also offer a wide variety of styles.

Shoppers can locate several types of gold choker chains as well as a collection of daintier options.

  1. Leather Is As Cool As Ever

Designers introduced spring and summer leather looks at nearly every recent fashion show. Although it is usually a staple of fall or winter wardrobes, leather has been incorporated into a range of lighter looks for warmer weather. Writers at Harper’s Bazaar advise that it’s being used in jackets, skirts, pants, and, of course, accessories.

The trend isn’t limited to traditional neutral colors. Some collections include vivid options like a lime green skirt and jacket that can be styled in dozens of ways. For those who avoid the real thing, faux leather pieces are just as cool this year.

  1. It’s the Year for Tiered Skirts

Women who love fun “girly” clothes will be happy with this year’s return to feminine flounces. Beginning in the fall of 2022, designers were introducing classic ball gowns with tiered skirts. The idea has carried into 2022 trends and is showing up in maxi skirts and dresses.

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If you love a dramatic look coupled with volume and a skirt that twirls nicely when you move, you’ll love this season’s tiered fashions. As with many current looks, a lot of tiered clothing is being offered in “highlighter” colors like neon green, bright pinks, and yellow.

  1. Some 2022 Looks Include Feathers

While they may not be for everyone, feathers have definitely made an impact on 2022 evening wear collections. When a little black dress just doesn’t seem right and a little more pizazz is indicated, fashionable women can opt for tops and strapless gowns accented with feathers that create a light, eye-catching look.

White is one of the most popular choices but designers have also created bright, beautiful feathery concoctions in bolder colors like red as well as soft pastels. Feathered fashions are great choices if you want to reduce the chances no one else will be wearing your dress.

  1. Break out Those Stored Bucket Style Bags

Louis Vuitton introduced bucket bags in 1932 and fashionistas have been carrying versions of them since. In 2022 they are one of the trendiest fashion accessories and everyone from celebrities to businesswomen is carrying them.

Per the fashion site, The TrendSpotter, roomy, practical, and cute bucket bags are also a good-looking choice. Wear them in colors matching an outfit or choose a contrasting color for a more dramatic effect.

  1. Wallpaper Has Inspired New Prints

Some clothing designers have also gone retro when choosing the 2022 spring prints. Dozens of gorgeous, colorful pieces feature flowers and designs straight out of the 60s and 70s.

Many patterns were borrowed from vintage wallpaper and furniture coverings. There are even some psychedelic prints that bring back the sizzling energy of the decade.

  1. Matching Printed Tops and Stockings Are in Vogue

Printed stockings have been in vogue for years and in 2022 the coolest look pair them with matching tops. The look fits anyone’s style because there are prints ranging from laid-back casual to feminine. Create a monochromatic style using a single color print or mix and match for a dazzling impact.

  1. Borrow from the Boys and Wear a Vest

Women have been adding versions of men’s vests to business wear since the 1970s. In the 90s it became chic to throw on a vest for a casual style. In 2022 vests are once again emerging as one of the coolest looks of the year.

They’ve been modeled on runways as part of matching business suits and paired with skirts and blouses for a relaxed, personal style. Wear them mismatched or color-coordinated. Classic vests are figure-flattering and create a Savile Row cool look.

  1. It’s Hip to Wear Bermuda Shorts With Everything

Classic Bermuda shorts reaching to the knee and made in a variety of flattering fabrics are wildly popular right now. They look terrific worn as part of tailored suits or styled with casual tops. Long shorts offer the comfort of pants with the leg-baring chic of skirts.

They can go from boardroom to evening wear with a change of top and accessories. When you need something that combines nine-to-five and California cool, this year’s Bermuda shorts will do the trick.

  1. Unpack Stored Hot Pants

Hot pants were one of the defining styles of the 60s and designers have reintroduced new versions for 2022. The newest trends definitely earn the title, “hot” because most are also short shorts. They’ve been shown in a variety of materials ranging from spandex to denim.

While not for everyone, the style is perfect for those who don’t mind showing off toned legs. Women who want a little more cover up but enjoy the look can pair them with tights and be right on-trend.

Spring and summer 2022 fashions include dozens of retro styles that have been updated and used in unique ways. For many women remaining on trend will be as simple as breaking old chunky gold necklaces, Bermuda shorts, and even hot pants. Even original bucket bags and favorite tired skirts will fit right in.

But it’s also going to be a year when feathered tops will be seen and many prints will look a lot like the vintage wallpaper that inspired them.

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