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Lisa Daily, renown dating expert, best selling author and the love and relationships expert on Daytime, a nationally syndicated morning TV show, joins us as we have acquired her website at and merged it with

Her list of published books includes:

  • Stop Getting Dumped!, Plume
  • Fifteen Minutes of Shame, Plume
  • How To Date Like a Grown Up, Sourcebooks Casablanca
  • Is He Cheating?, Siesta Key House
  • Is She Cheating?, Siesta Key House
  • Beauty, Razorbill
  • Singled Minded, Thomas Dunne Books

Lisa Daily’s advice on dating, relationships, love, romance and not getting dumped is priceless and in her latest books and media appearances, she reveals how to best decide if online dating is for you or not.

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Welcome to Independent Femme, Lisa!

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