Six Ways to Destress After a Long Week at Work

Stop Wearing Deodorant - Successful womanIt’s been a rough week. We’ve all had one. Maybe work has been a bit overwhelming, or maybe you’re struggling to achieve personal goals.

It doesn’t really matter because what really matters is that you’re probably in a dire need of taking a long weekend off the hustle and bustle of the city. 

So, what are the best ways to forget about work and have a couple of days just for yourself? 

Grab a close friend and go on a hike.

Spending a weekend in nature is one of the most amazing ways to let the steam off and have some time to catch up on your thoughts, family and friends. 

Truth is that hiking is a very meditative activity that puts you in a state of mind where you can put order to the chaos that’s overwhelming you at work. It’s even better to get your family and spend some quality time together going on an adventure. 

On top of that, you can make the hiking super exciting by camping outside. The absence of phones, laptops, emails and Slack can be an awesome way to connect with family, friends and even yourself. 

Take a boat trip.

Okay, we know that not everyone can afford to take a fancy boat trip, but everyone can enjoy those lovely canal boat trips

The calming simplicity of those can be an amazing way to enjoy nature while you’re gently swayed by the waves.

Go to a restaurant you’ve never been to.

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Going to a restaurant can be a great experience to try out something new. But it’s important to go to a place where you’re truly excited about. 

Food has always been a significant part of our lives and going to a restaurant that prepares truly unique and delicious food can be an amazing way to destress after a long work week. 

Trying out different cuisines, and even going to a cooking class can be a great experience. Which brings us to the third option…

Participate in a cooking class.

Just like hiking, cooking can be a meditative activity that can calm you down. Spending a weekend taking cooking classes is a great way to learn something new, cook a delicious meal and spend an overall great time. 

tips to remember before bedtimeSpend the whole weekend in bed.

While sleeping all day can be seen as something not necessarily to be proud of, at times we all need to catch up on sleep. 

Use the time to catch up on favourite series, reading a new book, or just disconnect from the world. It’s always good to spend a day or two doing nothing and just getting ready for the week ahead. 

Use the time to recap

Spend that time to take a look back at your week, a project you’re passionate about or just anything you’ve been feeling like you’re slacking behind. 

Sundays are a particularly good time to plan, strategise and altogether catch up on all the things you’ve been too busy to get back at lately. 

No matter how you choose to destress after a long work week, allowing yourself the time to recharge is a great way to face the new obstacles coming ahead with some inspiration and brand-new energy. 

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