Best tips for women to give up smoking

Stop Wearing Deodorant - Successful womanPerhaps every smoker once has the idea of giving up addiction. But let’s be honest, not everyone can do it.

Most often, the transition to a healthy lifestyle prevents common fear: not cope, give up, not being able to endure all the difficulties of getting rid of addiction. We consider what obstacles await a person in the fight with his habit, how to survive the period of adaptation to a new life and what methods and tools will help to quit smoking once and for all.

It’s no secret that nicotine harms women’s body. However, for many people, this is not a reason for abandoning it. Those who do decide to take this step are not easy, as it is tough to wean the body from the effects of nicotine. An essential role in this issue is played by human nutrition. The online magazine Factinteres has collected ten products that facilitate the fight against nicotine addiction.


Spinach is considered to be the best source of folic acid. It is this acid that protects the human body from rapid fatigue, which slows down the destructive processes from smoking. Also, folic acid accelerates the process of withdrawal of nicotine, which will accelerate the fight against this harmful habit.


Garlic contains a substance such as allicin, which promotes the elimination of toxins. The special effect of allicin is on the circulatory and respiratory systems. It is this impact that will help in the shortest possible time to get rid of nicotine addiction. Of course, you can use the best vapes  to reduce it.


With regular smoking, the skin of the person becomes more dehydrated, and its appearance becomes worse. To return the skin a healthy look, after giving up cigarettes, it is recommended to use apples. They contain complex fibers that will not only restore the skin but also help to remove heavy metals.


Celery is one of the best foods that purify the blood. In addition, celery has a diuretic property, which only accelerates the process of detoxification. It has enough few calories, which will be a plus for people who are overweight.


To speed up the removal of toxins from the body, doctors recommend including cabbage in the diet. Besides, the use of cabbage helps protect the stomach and intestines from the development of ulcers. It turns out that the use of cabbage helps not only to cleanse the body of toxins but also protects the gastrointestinal tract from diseases associated with smoking of best vape.


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Regular consumption of ginger will not only help get rid of nicotine addiction but also strengthen the cardiovascular system. As you know, smoking extremely negatively affects the work of the heart and the state of the blood vessels, which leads to such dangerous diseases as heart attack and stroke. Therefore, the use of ginger is mandatory for every chain smoker, who has decided to quit this habit.


It has long been known that cranberries have a whole range of beneficial properties for the body. This berry is of particular value for those who decided to quit smoking. The fact is that cranberry contains nicotinic acid, which will facilitate the process of getting rid of such a bad habit. Also, cranberries contain many useful vitamins that will strengthen the body as a whole.


Pomegranate is considered to be a powerful natural antioxidant. This product allows you to clean the blood and improve its circulation, which will speed up the process of removing toxins and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Also, pomegranate favorably affects the work of the stomach, the disorder of which often accompanies heavy smokers of cigarettes/vapes.


It has long been proven that smoking helps reduce vitamin C in the body. Therefore, in the period of struggle with this habit, it is recommended to include foods rich in this vitamin in your diet. The most popular and tasty of them is orange. It can be used in almost any form: smoothies, fresh juice, cocktails, etc.


Although broccoli is a variety of cabbage, this product should be considered separately. As you know, smoking is accompanied by oxidative processes in the body that adversely affect health. Broccoli helps to normalize metabolic processes due to the high content of group B vitamins. Broccoli also contains a lot of vitamin C, a deficiency of which is often observed in heavy smokers.

Ways that can also help women quit the addiction:

1) Medical assistance

The doctor will help develop the optimal regimen at the time of refusal from cigarettes and, if necessary, prescribe medicines to help cope with stress. Everything is scientifically based and suitable for those who prefer conventional medicine.

2) Adhesives and nicotine gum

A way to quit smoking best vapes on the market without a nicotine hangover – a patch or chewing gum supplies the body with a minimum amount of nicotine while you are weaning off cigarettes. The method is suitable for those who can not endure the time of removal of nicotine from the body. The disadvantage is the fact that then gradually will have to wean already from substitutes.

3) Hypnosis or coding

The psychotherapist tells the patient that he no longer wants to smoke, with or without hypnotic trance. The main thing is that a person still wants to quit smoking and not smoke precisely for this reason, and not because of the fear of “breaking the coding”. If after some time there is a breakdown, it is better to revisit the doctor and either strengthen or remove the installation. The method does not apply to approve officially.

4) Hard work

Psychologists have recently found out that intense and stressful work can significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.

And then quit at all – because there is no time left for smoke breaks with a tight schedule. The effect will be stronger if for career growth choose a company in which smoking is completely prohibited.

5) Electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes are one of the great ways to reduce nicotine use and gradually stop smoking. Best vape reviews are trendy among modern smokers because they do much less harm than traditional cigarettes.

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