Working Out With Glasses [Top Tips]

Stop Wearing Deodorant - Successful womanIf you have to wear glasses every day, and you also go to the gym or exercise a lot, I’m sure you know the problems of wearing specs when working out.

Your choice is either to keep your glasses on and deal with them fogging up whilst they slide up and down your face because of sweat, or to not wear them at all.

Neither option is ideal. 

There are some great tips and tricks out there to help combat the problems glasses wearers face in the gym, however, and we have compiled them here. If you are going to use your normal glasses to workout in, you need to make sure they are properly fitted.

Besides making sure you have a high-quality pair of glasses that fit you properly (we like the range of eyeglasses from here are some tips for working out with glasses.

Get a headband

If you don’t want to fork out a fortune for specialist sports prescription glasses, a headband can be a great cheap alternative. A tight moisture-wicking headband can help secure your glasses in place and absorb some of the sweat you produce during an intense workout. 

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great solution for those who need vision correction. If you are someone who is comfortable wearing lenses, doing so in the gym is a no-brainer. Just remember to be careful if you are using the steam room or sauna with them as they can react badly in these conditions.

The heat from both these rooms can distort your lenses, making them painful. The steam room, in particular, has additional dangers, as bacteria that is dangerous to your eyes, thrives in the conditions found in a steam room.

Fitness Glasses

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If you don’t like contact lenses but are passionate about your fitness, it may be worth investing in a pair of specialist workout glasses.

These glasses look great both in the gym and out. They work by using interchangeable arms, one for normal use, and one with rubberized sports grip.

Prescription Swim Goggles

If you like to swim or to take part in water sports, a great option is to look for a pair of prescription swim goggles. These goggles are custom made to your prescription and allow you to have perfect vision, even whilst underwater.

Prescription swim goggles are usually made with silicone straps, and they are stylish and durable. They should last you for many years after you have purchased them.

Wearing glasses is annoying at the best of times. You shouldn’t let it get in the way of your workout regime, though. There is constant innovation in vision correction and the equipment that comes with it – we look forward to what the future holds, with technologies and products constantly developing.

Glasses are cheaper and more durable but contact lenses are easier to wear and less irritating. Try out both if possible, to figure out which is best suited to you and your workouts.

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