10 Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

cheating-forgivenessHealthy relationships create positive energy that blossoms us into who we want to be. For, they are our support system when we want to pursue the impossible.

But, why is it that not all people in relationships blossom? Why is there hatred, jealousy, and even fatalities in relationships? The truth is, not all relations turn out to be healthy. And, it makes no sense of staying in a toxic one hoping that the other person will change.

Hence, here are ten signs of unhealthy relationships that you should avoid: –


  • Your Sixth Sense Tells You So


Now, we often underestimate our intelligence when we are in love. More so, if we want to see only the positive side of the person. But, amidst that irrational judgment, our intuition is always on point. It shows us that things are not right. Yet, how often do you listen to your sixth sense? If not, start to pay attention to that still voice of reason. 


  • Everything Revolves Around Him or Her


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Yes. Is your new relationship costing you your other relationships? You no longer have time to be with your girls or boys. And, you rarely frequent your favorite sports club as you used to. When your partner insists that your world is only about the two of you, this is not healthy. With time, your other support systems will fail. And, you risk being in an abusive relationship. 


  • You Are Moving Too Fast


So, it has only been a week since you met, and he wants to move in with you. Or, you barely know his family, and he is already proposing a marriage. A healthy relationship moves at a comfortable pace. You want to know how he behaves in all kinds of circumstances. You want to have an experience together, and not rely on his word of mouth. 


  • He Always Has The Final Say


Think about it. When was the last time you ate at a restaurant you chose for yourself? Are your clothes, his favorite, or your favorite? It not healthy to rely on your partner to make almost every decision about your life. For you, you become dependent. Instead, you should be confident in making decisions that will benefit both of you.  


  • He Criticizes Almost Everything You Do


Criticism is good, especially when it is out of love. For, an ideal partner ought to criticize you in a way that you can build yourself into a better person. But do you get the feeling that your partner disapproves of everything you say or do because it comes from you? That’s a red flag right there.


  • You Take Full Blame When Things Go Wrong


Now, when was the last time your partner accepted blame for a mistake he did? Does he see this as a sign of weakness? More so, does he always justify his mistakes by turning the responsibility on you? Be cautious of such a person. He will make you pay for his mistakes, even if it means messing up your life and career. 


  • Tempers Flare Up


How do you resolve your differences? Is it in a calm way over dinner at your favorite diner? Or, is it always about a war of words, with the loudest of you winning the fight? When a relationship is full of tempers, you never seem to resolve anything. Then, one day, all these unresolved issues come crashing you down. 


  • Too Much Coercion and Intimidation


Sometimes, a partner will pressure the other to do things he’d instead not do. For example, he can insist that they need you to get them the gift they want if you love them. Or, they threaten self-harm if you ever turn them down. In a healthy relationship, each party respects the wishes of the other.  


  • Your Partner Is No Longer Loyal to the Relationship


Does your partner share your secrets with other people behind your back? Does he behave differently when with you? A two-faced partner will lie to you and pretend like it was to protect you. Such betrayal will undermine your trust in him. Often, the victim here can slip into stress or depression.  


  • He Checks On You Constantly


Okay, here is a clear sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Your partner scrolls on your phone check your social media status and follow you on every group you join. He wants to know what you are up to all day. This control-freak nature is harmful to you.

It is not worth risking your well-being for an unhealthy relationship. Gather courage and leave. You can start with a legal separation, which an attorney can guide you. Then surround yourself with compassionate, loving friends and family who will help you move on and be a worthy person again.

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