10 Tips on How to Resolve Resentment in Romantic Relationships

A lot of people dread harboring any resentful feelings toward their partner. This is because resentment is a very destructive feeling that can cause the breakup of even the most stable or romantic partners. However, there are times wherein feeling resentful toward your loved one is unavoidable. When this happens, your best shot at saving your relationship is to know how to deal with this feeling and [thirstylink linkid=”13316″ linktext=”resolve resentment” title=”resolve resentment“]. Here are some tips on how to resolve resentment.

  1. Don’t apologize for showing your emotions that caused the resentment. Oftentimes, this feeling comes from not being able to express what you really feel in a healthy and non-violent manner, hence the grudge-holding and secrecy.
  2. Share your feelings with your partner. Showing how you really feel is the stepping-stone to this crucial step, which can help you and your partner deepen your relationship. This will help you and your partner know each other on an emotional level.
  3. Assess your self-image. Resentment can also stem from personal issues that you may knowingly or unknowingly have. This is why the first step in resolving this type of emotion or feeling is to analyze your self-image, self-worth, and other internal problems.resolve resentment
  4. Manage your anger. Most often than not, resentment turns into anger or even rage, which can push you to do actions that are hurtful and unforgivable. To resolve resentment, you must first prevent it from escalating.
  5. Tackle the small issues. If you and your partner find yourselves squabbling over little things, such as who should wash the dishes, analyze these small issues, as they can point out the big issues that are causing your resentment.
  6. Tackle one big issue at a time. No matter how tempting it’s to lay everything down on the table in one night, this isn’t healthy if you and your partner have a lot of big issues to solve. Give yourselves ample time to cool down and relax after tackling each issue.
  7. Find out what you did wrong. If you’re feeling resentful toward your partner, there’s a high chance that he or she feels the same way. In solving resentment, asking for forgiveness is just as important as receiving it.
  8. Always remember that you’re still accountable for the things that you did not mean to say or do. Sometimes, people don’t like to ask for an apology for the things that they have said out of anger or other emotions. When this happens, you and your partner will most likely encounter an impasse.
  9. Don’t focus on the negative feelings. While tackling the issues that caused the resentment, try to remember the qualities that you love the most in your partner, as doing so can decrease your anger, as well as remember why you are fighting for your relationship.
  10. One last tip that you should remember to resolve resentment is to find out how much you actually value your partner. If you don’t value your partner enough, a breakup will become inevitable, regardless of the amount of effort that you put into how to resolve resentment.
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