Get Rid of Puffy Eyes [The 2022 Definitive Guide]

My mother used to tell me that wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.  I have always thought about that every time I visit a place or go somewhere else.  And it has proven to be very helpful each time.  But how can you bring your own sunshine or be a sunshine to anyone you meet when your eyes are clouded with dark circles and puffy eyelids?  Instead of sunshine, you might be bringing bad weather to those around you.  So when you’re out and about and you need to instantly get rid of those puffy eyes and ugly circles, here are some steps you can do to look your best.

  1. puffy eyesWhen you wake up to the horror of bloated eyes and you’re out where you need an instant result to get rid of your puffy eyelids, the very first thing you can do is wash your face with cold water, paying special attention to the eye area. I’m sure cold water is readily available or at least easy to find wherever you are, unless you’re isolated in the desert (which makes getting rid of puffy eyelids the least of your priority).  The cold water on your eyes will work its magic by constricting the blood vessels surrounding your eyes.  If you’re in a much better situation where you’ve teabags and a freezer available, then you can also go for cold teabags to replace the splash of cold water you need.
  2. Now that your senses are up and that the cold water is minimizing the swelling on your eyes, you can definitely add another step to get it to work faster. Using your finger, gently pat the skin surrounding your skin.  Do this several times to give your eyes a how to massage the puffiness out of your eyes and diffuse all the water that has built up and caused your eyes to puff up.  I assure you; this has worked for me and a lot of other women out there.  Just do it gently and don’t let your frustration get in the way.
  3. You’re not set for your adventure for the day if you don’t get your eyes ready for the outside world. While getting rid of puffy eyelids is important, avoiding other environmental factors that actually encourage swelling is another thing you’ve to worry about.  And since you’re out traveling and trying to share your sunshine with the rest of the world, you need your eye cream to keep your eyes moisturized and a pair of glasses to protect your eyes from other pollutants.  This shouldn’t be an issue because every woman has that covered when she goes out.  That’s how efficient we are!

You see, even if you’re out with just a few things and you’re faced with the challenge of getting rid of those disgusting puffy eyelids that threaten to dampen your adventurous spirit, there’s an endless list of remedies you can still do with what little you have.  And it’s not all about just getting rid of puffy eyelids; it’s all about being creative and resourceful to make sure you’ve fun and make the most of everything.

If you’re tired of always having to deal with people and their endless “you look tired” comments, then you know it’s time that you do something to restore the glow back to those lovely eyes you used to have.  Puffy eyes can be caused by a lot of things – from a sleepless night to a scary eye irritation that can cause permanent damage to your eyes when left unresolved.

The remedies may also vary depending on the cause of your issue.  But if you’re dealing with puffy and tired eyes that don’t require seeing a medical doctor for prescriptions and the like, then here are some helpful tips.

  1. First and foremost,Eye Rest, Relaxation for Fit, Healthy Eyes . The most common reason for puffy and tired eyes is due to your lack of sleep.  Start by getting all the rest you need.  Just by doing that can greatly reduce the tired-eyes look you’ve been sporting around.  And speaking of sleeping, you also have to be mindful of the position of your head when you sleep.  When your head isn’t elevated higher than the rest of your body, then it becomes easier for water to accumulate.
  2. puffy eyesTry some salt water treatment. Now don’t get yourself confused.  I know you’ve been informed to avoid salty and processed foods if you want results.  That still stands true.  It’s important to avoid eating foods high in sodium as that promotes water retention.  On the other hand, applying warm salt water on your eyes can help.  Just soak a couple of cotton balls into a warm salt water solution.  Place them over your eyes and replace the cotton balls if they get cold.  Do this procedure for about 20 minutes and you’ll see the difference.
  3. Use egg whites.  Simply beat the egg white until it’s stiff.  Using a brush (cotton balls or even your fingers can do the trick, too), apply some egg whites around your eyes focusing on areas that are puffy and swollen.  Leave it on your eyes until it dries up.  Rinse and wash off with cold water.  This will tighten the skin around the area of your eyes, which will definitely minimize the swelling you have.
  4. Do you love tea? I do.  And one of the reasons why I do is because I can use it to reduce any kind of swelling I have around my eyes.  Tea bags contain caffeine that constrict the blood vessels around the eyes and reduce the swelling.  When tea bags get chilled, they also offer a soothing effect.  So when you’re done with your daily dose of tea, why don’t you get them chilled and then place them on your eyes to reduce swelling and inflammation.  It’s advisable to use green tea, chamomile, or black tea for best results.
  5. Hydrate and moisturize your eyes. These days, a lot of companies offer a variety of creams that work wonders on your eyes.  If you’ve the budget for it, then go ahead and splurge on these eye creams to get rid of those nasty puffy eyelids.  Why not, right?  You deserve to look your best!
When you’re a woman on the go, getting enough sleep and rest may seem to be under your luxury list.  Add that to the stress at work and other factors that keep you oh-so-busy-and-tired and you end up with dry skin, droopy eyes, and swollen eyelids.  Darn.  It can’t get any worse than that, can it?  Unfortunately, these are just a few of the reasons why a lot of women are plagued with the issue of puffy and tired eyes.

Lack of sleep, stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, water retention, and all those crazy things you don’t really have time to deal with are catching up to you.  But as the responsible woman that you are, you know you’ve to step up your game and act now to get rid of puffy eyelids and eyes.


Just the sound of it makes me drool.  I love strawberries, and one of the reasons why I do is because of the many wonders it can do to your eyes.  Strawberries contain alpha hydroxy acids that reduce swelling and smoothens the skin.

Simply slice a couple of chilled strawberries.  Lie on your back and close your eyes.  Apply the strawberries on your eyes and keep it there for about 10 minutes.  Let the awesomeness of the strawberries’ nutrients and aroma relax you and your eyes.


Just like strawberries, potatoes also have something that helps get rid of puffy eyelids.  Potatoes are packed with starch that is high in anti-inflammatory properties.  This means it gets rid of your puffiness by easing and relaxing the irritated eyes.  All you need to do is take one potato, peel, wash, and let it dry.  As soon as ready, grate the potato and place the pulp on a clean cloth.  When done, fold the cloth to make a cataplasm or a poultice.  Spread the cloth over the swollen eyelids or eyes for 15-20 minutes, and you can feel refreshed after that.

diy masksCucumber

Now we all know that cucumbers are very famous when it comes to soothing and hydrating tired eyes.  So when you’re tired of simply applying a slice onto your eyes and want to do something different, then this may work for you.  Using a fruit juice extractor, extract the juice from your cucumber into a container.  Get some facial pads or cotton pads and soak them in the juice.

Throw them in the freezer and let them cool for a few minutes.  When ready, take the soaked pads out of the container and apply them to your eyes for 15-20 minutes.  You eyes will soon get hydrated and relaxed, making them less puffy and beautiful to look at.

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Notice that these best homemade DIY masks for puffy eyes or remedies won’t eat up your time nor will it eat up your budget.  You just have to make a quick shopping trip to your local store and have these items readily available for when you’re up for a relaxing break.  And while everyone understands that you’re busy and you always have a ton of things to do, always remember that taking care of yourself and taking time to eat healthy treatswill make you better at what you do.  After all, what is better than looking great and doing great?

So ladies, I know you’ve been working hard day in and day out.  And if there’s one thing that you at least deserve, it’s getting out looking fab with eyes that are wide awake and free from any puff.

And since most women don’t really get that kind of luxury to take a full 8-hour rest, you shouldn’t get bummed because of that.  There’s hope.  Yes, the great thing about women is the fact that a lot of products that are out on the market these days are mostly for women and beautification.  So if you need a few eye makeup tips that will work magic on your appearance and get rid of those annoying puffy eyelids, here are some makeup tips you should know about.

Eye cream

Every woman needs this.  Start your day by massaging your eyes with an eye cream.  There are tons of great options you’ve when it comes to eye creams, and they work awesome in getting rid of puffy eyelids.  These amazing little tubes aid in flushing out water from the skin surrounding your eyes.  These also constrict the blood vessels diminishing any signs of puffiness.

makeup tipWork those lashes

I know this isn’t exactly getting rid of those puffy eyes.  But who cares about those tired looking eyes when people are taken aback by your long and beautifully curled eyelashes?  I think they call that diversion in another field.  Anyway, this is something I have actually tried and proven to work in masking all the puffiness I wanted to hide.

A hint of eyeliner

You got that right.  While it isn’t advisable to apply layers and layers of products on your eyes as doing so may actually worsen your problem, a hint of fine eyeliner can also do the trick. It actually helps lessen the appearance of the bulges.


Another makeup tip is to disguise it with a darker shade of eye shadow.  The key is to choose two colors that work together.  The darker shade should be applied just below the eyebrow down to the crease before the eyelid.  The lighter shade should cover the rest from the crease down to where your lashes are.  The puffiness around your eyelids will be a lot less noticeable when you do this tip.

You deserve to look fab despite your busy schedule.

These tips should help you get through your crazy days without making you look crazy.  Go ahead and try experimenting on your makeup.   Just remember to never overdo it.  While you’re at it, think about how to get rid of puffy eyelids as one simple obstacle you can definitely overcome either by using the art of makeup or just making some drastic changes to your lifestyle.  You can do it.  You’re a woman, remember?

When we talk about eye puffiness and all the issues that go with it, you might have heard a lot of remedies ranging from a very simple routine of massaging your eyes to something that involves expensive treatment.  But if you’re one of those people who are willing to try just about anything to get rid of puffy eyelids, including those out-of-this-world remedies that you’ve never heard of, then you might find this article interesting enough.

puffy eyeCoffee grinds

When you’re done enjoying your morning brew, then you might want to take advantage of the coffee grind left in your coffee maker.  The caffeine that is found in coffee can be an instant solution.  All you need to do is apply a decent amount of coffee grounds around your eyes and your eyelids.  Let it sit and relax for 10-20 minutes.

Salt and water

I know you’ve probably heard that high sodium or too much salt from any processed food you eat can actually cause your eyelids to bulge and swell.  Well, that is correct.  But when applied directly to the eye area, the salt will actually deflate the bloated part.

All you need to do is mix a quart of warm water with half a teaspoon of salt.  Soak cotton balls in the mixture and apply the cotton ball onto your eyes while you lie down and relax. Leave it on for a few minutes so the skin can absorb the salt and get rid of eye puffiness. Keep your eyes closed to avoid the saltwater from getting into your eyes.

Hemorrhoid cream

As gross as it sounds, a lot of people have attested to the power of hemorrhoid cream.  This is something I have never tried before, but looking at all the feedback from everyone actually makes me want to try it.  Now, remember that if you read the label, this cream really isn’t meant for anything but hemorrhoids.  It’s not meant nor was it made to get rid of eye puffiness or swollen eyes.

But for what it’s worth, preparation H has gotten the attention of a lot of women because of its ability to constrict the blood vessels around the eyes, which decreases the puffiness.   If you wish to try this, make sure you aren’t allergic to this product and that you need to be careful not to get the product in your eyes.  So, yes, try this at your own risk and hopefully it really does get rid of puffy eyelids.

Sleeping on your back

Now this is something new to me.  Apparently, sleeping on your sides can contribute to the swelling you’ve in your face and in your eyes.  By sleeping on your side, you promote accumulation and retention of water around your eyes.  But when you sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated than the rest of your body, you eventually get rid of those puffy eyelids and prevent them from coming back ever again!  Who knew?

Puffy eyes can certainly have this exhausting effect on us regardless of how amazing the rest of our body looks.  And this can push us to finding whatever it’s we can find to resolve this problem – even to the point of doing things that may sound really odd, strange, or even contradictory to what we know.

Are you tired of waking up each morning looking drab and worn out because of how your eyes look?  Those dreary and droopy bags and the hideous puffed up eyelids!  Yes, they can be such a nightmare.  So if you’re like me and you love and enjoy starting your day feeling and looking well rested, then you know how important it’s to always take care of our eyes.

Start with a proper eye care routine that won’t only help get rid of your puffy eyelids but will also improve the overall condition of your eyes.

Eye care is very essential to our daily living.  Sometimes we do a lot of things that we think aren’t going to do anything to our eyes, but in the long run, we suffer the consequences of our innocence or ignorance for that matter.  And this is exactly why knowing how to properly take care of your eyes is important.

eye careDo’s

  • Get enough sleep to help your eyes get much needed rest from a day’s work. By enough, it means you’ve to get at least eight hours of sleep.  That is the first key to getting rid of those pesky puffy eyelids that you’ve been having issues with.
  • Give your eyes a break. Staring at the computer for hours can take its toll on your vision and how your eyes look.  Stare out the window once in a while or close your eyes when you’re just on the phone.
  • Eat foods that offer great benefits to your vision and keep the puffiness away.
  • Do a light massage by gently pressing or tapping your finger around your eyes.
  • Get up and work out.   Exercising can greatly improve the condition of your eyes.
  • When sleeping, keep your head elevated a bit more than the rest of your body to avoid accumulation of water.


  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes often. The dirt and bacteria in your hands may just aggravate the puffiness you’re already experiencing.  If you must touch your eyes, always remember to wash your hands.
  • Don’t drink alcohol. We all know that alcohol can dehydrate your skin, which results in swollen eyes.  If you want to get rid of puffy eyelids and maintain fresh looking skin, then do away with alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking, even second-hand smoking, also promotes stress that leads to bloated eyelids and even dry skin.
  • Stay away from processed foods. These foods contain tons of sodium that encourages the retention of fluid around your eyes, causing it to swell.
  • Avoid putting layers and layers of makeup on, especially when you’re not sure of the contents or the ingredients of the makeup or concealer you’re using. Remember that there are harmful chemicals that some companies include in their products, and while you may temporarily look great with all the makeup, you might be doing permanent damage to your skin and your eyes.

Getting rid of puffy eyelids and taking good care of your eyes isn’t an impossible task.  But it’s not a very easy one either.  It takes discipline and constant reminders of how important your eyes are to you.  If you can’t imagine going out in the world with nothing to see but pitch black and constant darkness, then it’s time to take care of those beautiful eyes you’re gifted with.

So you’ve been up all night tossing in and out of sleep and you wake up to eyes that look tired, swollen, and simply repulsive.   Sure, you can totally ignore it and just let gravity get rid of puffy eyelids as the day progresses, but if you just can’t start a good day with heavy eyes, then you’ve work to do.

Bodily fluids can build up around the eye area when you rest for the night.  So whether you had a good night’s rest or just had one terrible night, puffy eyelids can still occur.

Step 1

Start your day by washing your face using cold water and applying something cold to your eyes.  You can use a cold slice of cucumber or an ice cube.  Some people think it’s the cucumber, but it’s really not.  Take note: it’s the cold that will help reduce the puffiness.

The cold that radiates from the cucumber will soothe your eyes and give them the relaxing effect that your eyes need.  So wash up and get some thin slices of cucumber or apples or just a cube of ice.  Lie down and apply any of the good stuff on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 2

Don’t neglect your daily dose of milk.

Milk can actually do amazing things to your body – whether drank or applied topically.  If it’s all about reducing the swelling around your eyes, simply soak a few cotton balls into your glass of milk.  Squeeze the extra fluid from the cotton to avoid it from dripping all over your eyes.

Place the milk-soaked cotton balls over your eyes as you lie down and relax for a few more minutes.  The milk will help get rid of puffy eyelids while it removes the dark circles that take away the beauty of your eyes.

get rid of puffy eyelidsStep 3

Drink up and get yourself hydrated.  Believe it or not, the best remedy is to drink more water.  Your skin and the skin around your eyes need to be rehydrated for them to look better.

You can also load up on foods that have high water content.  Just remember to take note that salty and processed foods will only worsen your issue and will actually increase water retention around the eyes.  Try your regular fruits and veggies like watermelon, carrots, cucumbers, and the like.

When you’re done with all these steps, you’re sure to reduce the puffiness around your eyes.  However, if everything else fails and what you’ve is more than just water retention, it’s advisable for you to seek the help of a doctor.  You might need to address more than just a puffy eyelids problem.  In most cases when the swelling around the eyes isn’t something that requires medical attention, these three easy steps should do the trick for you!

Well, ladies, amidst the hectic schedule, traveling, socializing, eating, etcetera, are you still looking as bright and glam-eyes as you’d like to be?  I bet you’re all hunched down on your vanity kit trying to figure out how to get going without looking like you’ve had no sleep whatsoever for the last ten years.

puffy eyesRose water

When you’re plagued by puffy eyes, one thing to remember when making your own home remedy is to combine stuff with anti-inflammatory elements and antioxidants.  Roses get the glam back to your eyes by being a rich source of antioxidants.

Yes, those lovely petals from the lovely bouquet that you’re so used to receiving can be a great source of antioxidants, too! The antioxidants help by renewing the skin cells around your eyes and regenerating the tissue.  Rose water also works well because the anti-inflammatory properties will certainly soothe your tired eyes.

Coconut oil

Another great home remedy for puffy eyes is coconut oil.  It acts as a powerful moisturizer that helps reduce the appearance of dry and baggy eyes.  This is especially recommended for day use as it’s a little lighter than castor oil.  Simply dab a small amount of coconut oil around the eye area, leaving out the areas that produce excessive oil.  This should keep your eyes moisturized and beautiful throughout the day.

Aloe vera

If you’ve never tried aloe vera, then now is your time to actually try it and prove all the stories out there about how effective aloe vera can be.  I must say that I have tried aloe vera and I will always have that on my list as a go-to remedy for my eyes.  In case you don’t know, aloe vera is composed of 99% water and 1% mixture of all the good stuff that can be really beneficial.

That 1% contains potent healing and anti-inflammatory properties that will do wonders on your eyes and even your skin.  You can simply extract the gel from the aloe and mix it with some Vitamin E oil.  When done, carefully apply it onto the affected area.  You can leave it on for a few minutes or you can leave it on overnight if you want better results.

Puffy eyes can be caused by a lot of factors. It’s important to take note of what might have caused it before you start any kind of treatment.  And then of course, if the cause is something that requires medical attention, it’s best to consult with your doctor before doing self-medications to avoid further damage to your eyes.

However, if you’re dealing with this due to lack of sleep or stress, the remedies above should be just fine.

Let’s admit it.  Puffy eyes can totally ruin your entire look for the day.  No matter how cute you look in your outfit or how glamorous your attire can be, having eye puffiness can present you in a different way.  So if you’ve spent a chunk of your budget on your outfit and you want to get your eyes to look their best without spending more, then here are some home remedies.

Whole milk

I’m pretty sure you always have this in stock.  This remedy is best used cold.  The good fats, proteins, vitamins, amino acid, and lactic acid combined with the cold temperature can greatly improve the appearance of your eyes by reducing the puffiness.  All you need to do is soak a clean towel in cold whole milk and use the towel to cover your eyes.  Leave it on for 15 minutes with your eyes closed.  Your eyes can’t deny the goodness from milk after this.

Cold water

A great remedy, especially for those who just don’t have the time to sit and wait for a few minutes, is splashing cold water onto your face and eye area.  You can also use ice water.  The cold temperature automatically constricts the veins and limits the flow of blood under the eyes, which in turn reduces puffiness.

puffy eyesEgg whites

While egg whites are great for your breakfast treats, these are also great for eye puffiness. Egg whites reduce swelling by stimulating blood circulation under the eyes.  Simply beat egg whites and apply some under or around your eyes.  Leave it to dry and rinse it after 15 minutes.

Limit alcohol intake

Your puffy eyes can also be caused by the amount of alcohol you drink, especially at night.  Obviously, eye puffiness is just one of the signs of a hangover.  If you’re looking for a home remedy and you’ve been drinking, then you can start by limiting your alcohol intake or even stopping it altogether.

Avoid salt

The amount of salt in your diet can easily be the culprit for eye puffiness.  One of the easiest things to do is to just watch how much salt you’ve in your food.  A lot of processed foods contain a huge amount of sodium, which is probably the reason why you woke up today with your eyes swollen.  A quick tip when you eat salty foods is to make sure you drink plenty of water so that it gets flushed out of your system.

Before you get tempted to spend more of your savings on the latest and famous eye rollers to get those puffs to go away, try any of these simple tricks that are almost free.  Your eyes (and your pockets) will surely love these amazing remedies!

Waking up to swollen and puffy eyes is no fun.  And while the puffiness typically goes away as the day progresses, it really is a bummer to have to start your day looking and feeling tired.  I have spent most of my life in this scenario.  And I know a lot of women who suffer the same.  It’s unfortunate and it can be depressing, too.

Wonder how I ended my years of agony?  Well, I had to seek help from people and had to follow some home remedies.  I must say these worked pretty well and I finally had to say goodbye to gloomy mornings.  Do you want to know how to live your lives free from eye puffs?  Read on and find out.

puffy eyesRest time is rest time

The number one reason why your eyes get swollen is simply because they are tired and overworked.  If you can’t even count the number of hours you spend using your eyes on a day-to-day basis, then you better give yourself a break.  Never sleep right next to your phone or your laptop because you’ll always have a tendency to browse through your phone or your email.  Rest and take time to relax.

It’s the best home remedy.  Trust me.  And though resting and relaxing may be a bit of a task, especially those working and busy women, remember that when you rest, you reward yourself from the hard work you do all day.  You’re not a machine.  Go ahead and rest up.  Your eyes will thank you for it.

Eat a balanced diet

A well balanced diet plays a huge role on the kind of skin you’ve – including the skin around your eyes.  If your skin is dry, then I’m pretty sure the skin around your eyes will be pretty dry too, and that increases the puffiness you have.  Eating a healthy diet is a remedy that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Not only will your eyes and skin benefit from it, but your overall wellness will also greatly improve if you nourish your body with the nutrients that it needs.

Keep yourself hydrated

As simple as it sounds, drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated is critically important.

If you drink enough water, your body will stop storing water into the area around your eyes, which will prevent any kind of swelling.  When you’re well hydrated, it’ll show a certain glow to your eyes and of course your skin.

You really can’t go on waking up each morning feeling and looking blue.  Stop it while you can.  And these basic rules will certainly guide you in making sure you look and feel your best for the rest of your life!

So you’re looking forward to meeting clients and showing people around in your new job and then you wake up to an image of yourself in the mirror that highlights your swollen eyes and puffed up eyelids.  I guess you can call that a disaster.  I know exactly how that feels.  You would probably scramble around looking for some tricks or any sort of magic that will get tone down those ugly circles around your eyes.  Well, the good news is that there are some tricks and remedies that work great in getting rid of those puffy eyelids and making you look a lot more alert and fresh.  Here are some short-term solutions that give a soothing and relaxing effect on your weary eyes.

Go for a cold compress

You can use anything from a spoon to an ice cube or a tea bag.  If you want to get rid of your puffy eyelids and your tired looking eyes, the trick is to apply something cold on them.  What the cold does is it constricts the blood vessels around the eyes, which averts the accumulation of fluids into your skin tissues.  Simply put a pair of spoons or tea bags in the freezer and leave them there for a few minutes.  When they’re cold enough, just place them over your eyes until they are no longer as cold.

Applying fruits and vegetables can also do wonders.  The famous cucumber, potato, and strawberry slices can be amazing alternatives to reducing the puffiness in your eyes.  Each one is packed with nutrients that effectively reduce the swelling of the eyes, leaving them renewed and refreshed.  Even when eaten, these still provide all the nutrients you need for healthy eyes.

puffy eyesUse a moisturizer

Yes, those that are specially and carefully manufactured for the eyes.  Moisturizers are not only meant for the face or some other parts of the body.  You can have moisturizers for your eyes, too.  If you’re wondering what these creams do, they actually help get rid of puffy eyelids by tightening the skin around your eyes and restricting the flow of fluids making your eyes bulge-free.

Gently massage your eyes to ease fluid retention.  A gentle massage around the eyes can go a long way.  Make it a habit to give your eyes a massage in the morning when you just wake up.  This disperses the fluid that accumulated overnight, alleviating the condition.

Besides, your eyes deserve a massage for working as hard as they do day in and day out.

Use a medication

There are instances that the puffiness around your eyes may be caused by irritants or other factors causing them to puff up.  In this case, you may go ahead and eye puffiness treatments on Amazon to decrease the swelling.  Take note that if you’re not sure of the cause of your condition and the swelling doesn’t stop, then make the right decision to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

If you stay calm and follow these simple tricks, then you can head out the door today feeling better and more confident.

Puffy eyelids can be such a bummer for a lot of women.  Sure, you’ve all those magical concealers and topical creams that the cosmetics world offers, but those only hide the puffiness.  Masking the problem will never really resolve the issue, and you’ll probably have to keep spending a lot of money just to do so.  If you want to get results without spending so much on these items, you can go for some yummy treats that also promise to get rid of puffy eyelids on top of the delicious delight you get.

Assuming that your condition isn’t requiring medication and treatment from health care practitioners, getting results can be as easy as eating foods that contain the kind of nutrients that will alleviate the swelling of your eyes.  To help you with your quest of looking good and totally refreshed, here are some foods that you can eat to lessen the puffiness around your eyes.

get rid of puffy eyelidsWhat to load up on:

It’s imperative that you watch your diet and load up on foods that are packed with the nutrients and elements you need that will get rid of your puffy eyelids.

  1. Now I know one of the reasons for your bloated eyes is water retention and you might be thinking to avoid water as much as possible.  Wrong.  Adding more water to your diet will actually help alleviate the swelling.  Water retention is caused by a high concentration of salt that gets accumulated around the eyes, causing it to bulge.
  2. Vitamin E. Foods rich in Vitamin E contain antioxidants that neutralize the damages done by free radicals and promote good texture of the skin around your eyes, making you look fresh.  Olives, nuts, legumes, alfalfa, and dark, leafy vegetables are some of the great sources of Vitamin E.
  3. Vitamin A. Commonly associated with the eyes, Vitamin A is one powerful vitamin that supports good vision while maintaining the moisture in your eyes to avoid swelling and redness.  You can always trust that Vitamin A will do a lot for you.  Milk, eggs, spinach, liver, carrots, and green leafy vegetables are just a few of the amazing treats you can load up.
  4. Vitamin C. While this may be something that you normally see as part of your dietary supplements, you’ve to understand that Vitamin C also plays a big role in the condition of your skin, including the skin surrounding your eyes.  Foods rich in Vitamin C improve the overall look of your skin while keeping it moisturized.  Yes, that means you can’t be ignoring your daily dose of fruits and vegetables because they can do a lot to your eyes and your health in general.  I think you can even say, “An apple a day, gets rid of puffy eyelids any day.”

These are just but some of the yummy daily treats you can include in your daily diet.  There are tons of remedies that you can try out there that will take care of your puffy eyes, but if you wish to make it simple and just start with your diet, then these are the things you’ve to remember.

Getting rid of puffy eyelids is no easy job.  Sometimes it can be a little frustrating, too.  But if you put your heart into thinking that you can start by eating healthy and then your body will just do what it needs to do to heal itself of any swelling or puffiness, then eventually it’ll happen.  You only have to act now and be a little more patient.

They say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul.  And while people can look at your eyes and see the inner you, your eyes can also be a reflection of your physical state.  Indeed, the eyes can say a lot of things about you.  So if your eyes make you look and feel old, tired, and unhappy, then you’ve to do something about it.

Puffy eyelids in particular make a lot of men and women alike look awfully depressed and tired.  If you find yourself in this situation, here are some helpful general tips that will be of great assistance on how to get rid of puffy eyelids.

Know the causes of puffy eyelids

Now, before you jump into all the possible treatments that you can find, it’s important to know what is causing your eyelids to swell.  Our eyes or any part of our eyes don’t just swell without any underlying cause.

Stop and think about what causes this issue.  The following causes will help you determine your next step to getting rid of puffy eyelids.

  • Sleep deprivation or just simply the lack of it.
  • Allergic reaction to environmental factors such as air, other pollutants, makeup, and other irritants.
  • High blood pressure
  • Incompatible contact lenses
  • Fluid retention
  • Poor diet including high sodium intake

The list can go on and on.  The important thing is that you’ve determined the reason behind your issue.

get rid of puffy eyelidsTreat your eyes with care

After understanding what is making your eyes or eyelids swell, then you can carefully choose how to treat your eyes.

  1. The solution can be as simple as getting all the sleep and rest that you need. You see, your lack of sleep will always be evident on your eyes.  If you take time to rest and get the sleep you’re supposed to get on a daily basis, the body releases a sufficient amount of hormones that will make your eyes and even your skin look good and fresh.
  2. And when I say eat, I don’t mean eat whatever you can find or whatever satisfies you.  I mean eat right.  And that also means you’ve to take in foods that are packed with the right nutrients.  Load up on vegetables and fruits each day.  Trust me; it’ll all make the puff go away!
  3. Sure, you’re busy.  That, however, isn’t a good excuse to keep you seated in front of your computer all day.  The radiation from the computer can take its toll on your eyes.  Stand up and take a break.  Your work can wait; your eyes can’t.
  4. Like every other part of our body, your eyes need pampering, too.  Whether you choose to go all-natural or traditional with the kind of pampering treatments to get results, go right ahead and take time to do it.  Your eyes do a whole for you, and pampering them will greatly benefit you.

Remember that if all fails, it’s imperative that you consult with your doctor and seek medical help as needed.  Take good care of your eyes because while they may serve as a window to your soul, they also serve as your window to a wonderful and colorful world around you.

Believe it or not, but there are people (especially women) in other countries who like their eyes to have some puff under them. For them, it’s cute. But, for many, it’s a nightmare!

First, it’s because it’s inexpensive, and second, it’s less time consuming. However, before we can discuss those effective home remedies, we have to understand first where the puff is coming from. What causes it? Why is it becoming a burden to the beauty of many eves?

puffy eyesThe first cause is this—aging. As the body gets old, the elasticity of the skin also becomes ineffective. The tendency is for skin to sag, including the skin under the eyes. Don’t worry, though; it’s a normal process and nothing is wrong with you.

However, if you’re young, as in, you’re not supposed to experience premature aging signs and yet there they are, then something must be wrong, and it can be any of the following:

  • Lack of sleep, remember eye bags!
  • Salty foods – Salty foods tend to draw water in. Do you recall how doctors order people who’ve swollen body parts to avoid anything salty? It’s because too much salt can draw too much water. Although you won’t be confined to a bland diet as with other severe conditions, it’s advisable to lessen salt in your meals.
  • Sinus infection – When you’ve a sinus infection, there’s a possible fluid retention, and then the fluid makes your eyes swollen (same with when you eat salty foods). If this is the cause of your puffy eyes, the only remedy you can avail of is to get rid of the infection. That is, if it’s caused by allergies, remove any triggers.

You’ve got to be extremely careful when medications are mentioned. Remember that your eyes are VERY sensitive. One good example of a hoax is when someone tells you that you can put hemorrhoid cream under your eyes! Sure, they are vasoconstrictors (they constrict veins), but swollen veins are not a problem in puffiness. So, don’t bother with hemorrhoid creams.

In this regard, here are authentic home remedies:

  1. Salt – Hold your horses, people; I know it has been mentioned that salt causes puffiness, but only when it’s taken in. When it’s applied on the under-eye puffiness, it can relieve the swelling. Why? Because it draws the water OUT.

Just mix salt and water and apply it on the skin using a cloth or even a cotton ball. Presto.

  1. Spoons – Yes, you got that right; a spoon, or more particularly, a teaspoon. And no, you won’t be scooping anything. The spoon is all you need, well, maybe 8 of them.

What you’ll do is place them in the refrigerator for a few hours. Take two, lie down, and place the curve side of the spoons over your closed eyes. When they warm up, replace them with the cold ones.

  1. Ice – since ice cubes are cold, they can reduce swelling. All you need is to wrap them in a cloth and gently massage them around the eyes.

All three of these remedies require less effort, and they are inexpensive. If you want to see results, try to make it a daily routine until you see a significant reduction in the puffiness. Once the desired result has been reached, you’ve to continuously take care of your eyes by avoiding risk factors for swelling, such as lack of sleep, salty foods, and infection.

H ave you had enough because people keep commenting on how tired you’re looking when the truth is you’ve had plenty of rest? Does your face look awkward because you’re naturally “not so fat” contour has a bulge under each of your eyes? Did someone recommend you topical medications to lessen the swelling, but you’re afraid to try them, or they are too expensive?

If you’ve resigned yourself to naturally get rid of the periorbital swelling, you’re in the right place.

However, you must be warned—please don’t expect them to take effect the moment you try them. If you do, you might be disappointed and you may think that the real solutions are hoaxes. Just be patient and you’ll be rewarded in the end.

The correct way of sleeping – other people might not know it, but sometimes, the cause of periorbital puffiness is sleeping positions. When your head isn’t elevated, the fluid tends to pool in your head, and so, in your eyes. Thus, a good remedy is for you to sleep on two fluffy pillows. That way, the fluid won’t remain in the eyes.

Even eyes need a massage –one of the most neglected and forgotten remedies for puffy eyes is the massage. Remember when you had a long, tiring week? The moment weekends come, all you want to do is splurge on a full body massage!

If your eyes are always tired, why not massage them as you would your whole body? It’s pretty simple. Just use your ring finger and swab it gently under your eyes, going from the inner part to the outer part. Repeat the procedure for 15 times and do the same to the other eye. What is the best time of the day to do this exercise? Well, it’s in the morning, just right after you’ve woken up.

puffy eyesMake up with makeup – girls are generally careful, but sometimes, we can still be tricked! Cosmetics are sometimes the culprit when it comes to eye swelling. Or more particularly, those cosmetics with irritating chemicals.

The first technique is to be careful before applying anything on your face and eyes. Try applying it for a whole day and remove it once you feel that it irritates your skin. If you don’t know which of the makeups you’re currently using affects you, use them one by one for two weeks and see which will make a difference.

Have a break – Let’s be honest; sometimes the best remedy isn’t cucumber, potatoes, or topical medications. It’s just that our eyes are tired and we refuse to give them a break. When you lose sleep, when you spend hours and hours in front of the computer, the tendency for the eyes is to really swell.

Why not practice taking a five-minute break for every hour that you work your eyes out? That cannot be too much to ask now, is it?

Stay away from allergens – Sometimes, the cause of eye puffiness is nothing but allergies. More particularly, sinus infections due to allergies. When you’ve a sinus infection, the fluid is also retained around the eyes, making it swollen. The best action is to get rid of the triggers.

Make sure that the rooms you’re frequently staying in, like bedrooms and the workplace,is free from dust. Be careful when handling pets, and change pillowcases and bed sheets frequently.

It is so frustrating! You’re not crying and yet, your eyes are puffy! And the most irritating part is that eye puffs are not cute. Yes, they may be cute on other items, or maybe even animals, but not you—you look tired even when you’ve had a lot of beauty rest. Day after day, you’re thinking of getting rid of the puff, but you just don’t know how.

The thought of consulting the doctor crossed your mind, but knowing you, you’re busy, and practical.

So what are the life hacks that can get rid of the swelling around the windows to your soul? Let’s list them.


And yes, you can choose to use either green or black; the important factor that makes teabags effective is their caffeine content. The substance can constrict the blood vessels, thus having the ability to reduce swelling. If your puffiness is accompanied by redness, it’s highly suggested that you use chamomile tea.

So, prepare two teabags, and steep them in hot water for up to 5 minutes. Set them aside while drinking your tea (share the other cup with a loved one), and once warm enough to initiate comfort, lie down and place a teabag to each eye. To prevent the heat from rapidly escaping, cover the teabags with a cloth.

You also opt to use the teabags cold—just keep them in your refrigerator for a few hours before applying them.


How can you forget the wonders of this vegetable? This is truly one of the most sought after home remedies for puffy eyes and eye bags! It’s effective because first, it’s a naturally cold veggie, and second, because it has an astringent property. The coolness of the cucumber as well as its astringent property has the tendency to decrease swelling by constricting the blood vessels. So, get a cucumber straight from your refrigerator (the cooler, the better), slice it, and place two pieces over your closed eyes for 10 minutes!


potatoes are not just perfect for fries; they are also meant to be your one-stop companion to reduce swelling. Just like tea and cucumber, potatoes are also effective home remedies because the starch in them can reduce swelling.

Peel a potato, wash it, and then let it dry. Then, grate it as fine as you possibly can. Now, you can wrap it in a thin cloth just like how you create a poultice. Place the poultice on top of your closed eyes.

puffy eyesEgg Whites

As your eyes become swollen, the tendency is for them to also be saggy. And you know how wonderful the effects of egg whites are for saggy skin! A lot of practical women often use egg whites at least once a week to tighten their skin. So, why not also apply it for your tired-looking eyes?

The instructions are simple. Just apply an ample amount of egg whites around the eyes using a brush or a cloth. Let it stay there for a few minutes. Instantly, you’ll feel your skin become tighter.

Cold Water

Okay, I get it; you’re busy and you want to instantly remove the swelling right this very minute, but you’ve no time for teabags and cucumber. Worry not! Cold water is one of the simplest remedies for puffy eyes. Splash your face with cold water and it’ll constrict the blood vessels. Simple!

Puffy eyes and eye bags are common problems among men and women. And although it’s a common problem, many still suffer the effects because of the lack of knowledge in terms of knowing what it is, what causes it, and what remedies can be taken to cure it.

Causes of Puffy Eyes

At this point, you probably know that lack of sleep and crying can cause your eyelids to bulge and the skin around your eyes to swell.  Not a good sight to imagine, I know.  But there are also other causes of eye bags that you need to know.

  • Too much alcohol (or salt). This causes water retention.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Problems with your sinus.
  • Problems with your thyroid.
  • Lack of good sound sleep

eye bagsNow take a look at the list and make sure your eye bags are just from stress, or lack of sleep, or too much alcohol or salt.  Otherwise, you might need to get in touch with your doctor so you can be properly diagnosed and correct medications can be prescribed.  If you’re clear, then read on to find out about the home remedies.

Important Elements of a Solution

Let me reiterate that any remedy we talk about from this point on will only focus on the temporary and non-medical kind of puffiness.  In short, we are referring to just the normal eye puffiness brought about by lack of sleep or even fatigue.  There are three elements you need to consider when making a home remedy.

  1. The ability to drain the excess fluid out. This is something you can do without the help of anything other than your fingers.  When you do a light massage around the eye area, this reduces fluid build-up in the eye area.  If you aren’t sure about how to properly massage your eyes, you can take advantage of caffeine to help you drain the extra fluid out.
  2. Ingredients must be able to constrict blood vessels around the eyes. This is what makes cold compresses perfect. The cold immediately reduces puffiness.
  3. Must be able to reduce the inflammation or swelling. Potatoes, apples, milk, lemons, aloe vera, coriander seeds, and a lot more are great options to reduce the swelling around your eyes.

When you’ve all three covered, then it becomes easier for you to combine elements in your home that will banish the eye bags and keep the puffiness of your eyes away.

No more hemorrhoid creams from now on! This is what you can be promised by this article.  If you’re currently suffering puffy eyes, or if you frequently experience it, today is your lucky day!

Before you argue that they take ages to deliver results, you must also remember that they are safe, inexpensive, and well, environmentally healthy.

Drinking lots of water – On some occasion, the cause of puffiness is fluid retention brought about by salt. So, if you’ve had a lot of salty foods the night before and you wake up with puffy and red eyes, relax. You just need to neutralize the salt in your body by drinking water.

It’ll also help for you to avoid drinks that can dehydrate you (when you’re dehydrated, there’ll be more salt), such as alcoholic beverages and coffee.

As cold as it gets – when something is swollen, it feels hot. So, one of the most comforting home remedies is applying something cold. Be careful, though. Don’t cover the eyes with just about anything that’s cold. Make sure that whatever you use is clean and comfortable.

Good examples are cucumber (a naturally cold vegetable), teaspoons (the contour suits the eyes), and ice cubes (just cover them with cloth). Place one of them (well, two) over your closed eyes for 15 minutes daily.

Fight aging – Most of eye swelling comes from the effects of aging. When you age, the elasticity of the skin is lessened and they become saggy. You can use natural tightening to remedy this.

Egg whites are consistent home remedies because they can tighten the skin. Apply egg whites on your under-eye puffiness and let it dry for 15 minutes before washing. The effects are instant! If you can’t take the hassle, you can buy a mild astringent. What you’ll do is just place it on a cotton ball and let it soak on the puffy area. It’s important to use mild brands because strong ones can irritate the eyes.

On a not-so-busy day, you can also apply sliced strawberries.

Mr. Potato – Did you ever wonder why potatoes are included in recipes that accidentally become salty? It’s because they absorb salt! But when it comes to puffy eyes, they work by cooling and preventing swelling.

You can just wash it, cut it in half, and place each half over closed eyes. Or, you may opt for a poultice. Just grate the potato and wrap them in two clean cloths. Cover each of your eyes with them.

puffy eyesBe a sleeping beauty. The most common cause of puffiness for young women is exhaustion. You might say that with how busy your life is, sleeping like a baby is impossible, but you’ve to at least try.

Another good tip when sleeping is elevating the head. Use two fluffy pillows when sleeping instead of being flat on the bed. This will help you by not letting the water pool in your head.

Allergies – If you’re prone to sinus infection due to allergies, this may be causing the swelling. There’s no remedy here except to get rid of your triggers. Make sure the room is always clean and you handle pets with care.

There you’ve got it!

Okay. So you’ve had one long sleepless and seemingly endless night.  And then you wake up (or you simply just see yourself in the mirror because you literally did not have any sleep at all) and find yourself even more depressed.

Yes, those swollen eyelids and the dark circles around your eyes.

Can you believe you’re just starting your day?  What a bummer.  But hey, it can’t be that bad.

The good news is you don’t even have to go out the door to buy any of them.  Simply get out of bed, walk out of your bedroom, and go straight to your kitchen where wonderful things await.  Ready?

Prepare a cold compress

I’m pretty sure your kitchen will never run out of something cold.  A cold compress is effective since it constricts the blood vessels around the eyes, which reduces the swelling.  Try any of the following cold compresses that work great.

The simplest is an ice cube.  All you need to do is get them from your freezer, wrap them in a piece of cloth, and directly apply them onto your closed eyes.  Certainly not complicated but definitely effective!

Your eye mask can also be a perfect home remedy, especially when chilled.  Just leave it in the freezer for a few minutes and place it over your eyes.

Here’s something any kitchen will always have – a spoon.  Just like your eye mask, place your spoon in the freezer until chilled.  Put it on your eyes and feel the cooling and soothing effect.

puffy eyeReduce swelling using food

You might also have some foods in stock that will be helpful for your puffy eyes.  Some of them can be used for cold compresses and some of them can actually help by providing your eyes and the skin around it the elements they need to be rejuvenated and refreshed.  Here are some samples:

Before you toss that tea bag into the trash bin, get it soaked in cold water, wrap it in a piece of cloth, and apply it onto your closed eyes.  The combination of cold plus the caffeine found in tea constricts the blood vessels and drains the excess water out from the skin around your eyes.  It’s a healthy choice for your breakfast.

Love lemons?  I love them too.  Cut two thin slices of lemon and place them directly onto your eyes.  Be careful not to open them as the juice from the lemon might sting your eyes.  Remove the lemon slice after 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Before you chomp down on that salty chunk of food, think again.  Salt can worsen your puffy eyes.  Limit your salt intake and you’ll see a huge difference in your eyes.

Now try these remarkable home remedies for puffy eyes and you’ll be strutting around with your pretty eyes before you know it!

The eyes are the windows to our soul. For us women who’ve always been regarded by society as “complicated beings” which are difficult to read or comprehend, looking into our eyes would actually help other people to discover our inner feelings. Haven’t you noticed that when we want to find out if a person is sincere or not, we would usually look into their tired and puffy eyes while they’re talking?

But imagine this, what if instead of discovering our true emotions, people, upon looking, would instead discover our eye bags, dark circles and tired and puffy eyes? Probably, that would be very uncomfortable and embarrassing for us. We don’t want to look like zombies in front of other people, right?

The eyes, being the object for our sense of sight is actually one of the most important, yet also one of the most used and overworked organs of the body. Every day we spend so many hours in front of our computers and televisions or over the reports that we have to accomplish at work without thinking how greatly those activities affect our eyes. And upon waking up in the morning after a sleepless night, we just find ourselves having big, tired and puffy eyes, and even worse, with double eye bags.

Instead of panicking or crying while looking at your reflection in the mirror, go to your kitchen and rummage for these all natural remedies (unless of course, you want you want to look more like Gollum’s sister in the Lord of the Rings maybe?).

tired and puffy eyes1. Proven and Tested Cucumber

Cucumber is considered as the eyes’ natural moisturizer.

Putting slices of cucumber in the refrigerator and afterwards placing it on top of your eyes for 10 minutes will give your eyes the instant relief that it needs. Since it also has anti-inflammatory agents it would also help reduce the puffiness of our eyes.

2. Tea Bags for those eye bags

Putting a tea bag on top of our closed eyes is actually a technique used by model Karolina Kurkova. First, brew green tea bags for about 5 minutes. Let them cool for a few minutes, until

they’re warm enough (Remember: just warm, not hot!) to be placed on your eyes without burning them (you can also use cold water with the tea bags if you don’t want it warm). Drain the water and just put the tea bags on top of your closed eyes for about 10-20 minutes. The caffeine in the tea will actually help tighten the tissues in your eyes, reducing the soreness and making it firm.

3. The Simple Spoon

The most economical way for you to get rid of your tired and puffy eyes us is through the humble spoon. Place two spoons in the refrigerator until its cold enough. Then close your eyes and gently place the back of the spoon on top of them for a few minutes. The coldness will help relieve the swelling of the eyes and it’ll also leave your eyes feeling refreshed and more awake.

4. The Milky Way

Milk is good for moisturizing dry and irritated skin. The lactic acid in milk also helps in shedding away dead skin cells, so it’s effective for lightening the dark circles around our eyes. You can do this by soaking two cotton balls in chilled milk and by putting them afterwards on your eyes. Then replace the cotton balls after it becomes warm. You can repeat the process for about 10 – 20 minutes.

5. Go Green!

If you haven’t found the four above mentioned items in your kitchen, then it’s probably best for you to just look outside your window. The best way to relieve your tired and puffy eyes without using and spending anything is just by looking at green leaves or green plants outside.

I can still remember that my science teacher in high school said that looking at the greenery around us, e.g., leaves of trees and the nature around us can promote a relaxed feeling in the eyes. And aside from being the friendliest color to the eye, looking at green things would also help to improve our vision.

There are many things that are already available in our kitchen that we can use to remedy the big, tired and puffy eyes that are looking back at us in the mirror. Whether you’ve partied all night, burned the midnight candle, or haven’t had much sleep because of insomnia, these simple remedies can certainly help you to instantly refresh your eyes and reduce its tiredness and puffiness.

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