Best Vacation Spots For Singles [Top List For 2022]

There are several advantages when you travel alone as a single woman. Your decisions and movements have no restrictions. You’re free to do what you wish. It also has downsides, which you must watch out for and take care of. But, the benefits you’ll get far outweigh the negative implications it may bring. And well-done research and preparation for your vacation can best “nip them in the bud” so to speak.

We’re going to look at safety concerns, why vacations and holidays are so important for single women as well as tons of the best vacation spots for single women.

But first, let’s take a quick look at some of the many benefits.

Amazing Benefits Of Vacations for Single Women

There are wonderful benefits that you can reap from vacations for single women. They keep on drawing hordes of single women travelers to enjoy the experience of their newfound freedom while on a trip.

What You Can Get

Previously, people were astonished when they saw single women venturing on a vacation alone without company. However, time is changing very fast. Today, numerous tour packages of vacations for single women are offered worldwide. And do you know what their main promotional justification is? It’s the benefits that you’ll receive!

The Excitement

It’s traditional to travel with a buddy or two, especially when you’re new to the place you would like to visit. And it’s really exciting, especially with the added challenge of walking on that site alone.You may feel mixed emotions of excitement and hesitance. But for single women who love to experience new challenges, the unfounded fear of going solo isn’t an issue for them.

The level of excitement is doubled when the hurdles are tripled. If other ladies have done it, can’t I do it? That’s the popular comment that you’ll hear. We want to feel the positive experiences that others have achieved. Below are some of the benefits of going on a solo trip.

Enjoy the freedom

Expect no hand to extend to you if you accidentally slip while walking alone in a park that you’re visiting. Freedom from your buddy has its costs. You’ll miss a security blanket while shopping around or while sleeping in your hotel room. But the freedom you’ll enjoy is limitless.

No one will object to your schedule for the day or cut short your happiness because he or she doesn’t like what you want. No one will spoil your meal because it’s not what he or she likes. If you’re alone on vacation, you can do whatever you want without restrictions. You can spend the whole day on a solitary beach and pour out your thoughts on anything under the sun. vacations for single women

A Learning Experience

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There are tour companies that offer vacations for single women where you’ll learn a thing or two in the places you’ll visit. You can always ask the locals how they prepare their food. The language used is also a part of the learning experience.

It’s good if you know a basic phrase or a familiar word of the community. The local people are amazed when a visitor can speak even a word of their dialect. The customary practices and the attractions of the places would surely add up to your knowledge.

Good training to become independent

The experiences you’ll gain when traveling solo will definitely make you more independent-minded. There’s no better school to teach you how to do things on your own. If you’re a single woman on vacation for the first time, you’ll be amazed at how you’ve been transformed from being shy to being aggressive the next time around. Having tasted how to trek a mile alone in a foreign land will give you more confidence to do the same in another place. Learning new things by yourself without assistance perks up your desire to become more dependent on your own abilities.

A way to take a break

We need to take a pause even for a while to avoid getting burned out. It’s a way to refuel in order to get going. And vacations for single women are needed for ladies who would like to break the monotony of their lifestyles. If pressures are taking its toll on your health, go on a vacation to shake it off. Traveling even when you’re alone will help you forget the worries of the day. Try it for your health’s sake.

Solo ladies who wish to learn about new things from other places by themselves prefer to join vacations for single women. They won’t get intimidated by the negative thoughts of the dangers of traveling alone. They have the right preparations and their sights are trained on the benefits they’ll get from the trip. Take the challenge too and don’t be afraid!

Do Single Women Get Full Satisfaction On Vacations?

Do Single Women Get Full Satisfaction On Vacations?Some people are paranoid about the idea of single women going on vacation alone. They always doubt the security of the female while traveling on her own. While we appreciate their concern, many are now convinced that some of the negative myths don’t exist or happen as others think.

Data shows that single women travelers are now increasing in numbers unlike before. This is simply due to the desires of single ladies to become more independent. They believe that vacations offer good challenges, and full satisfaction is one of its rewards.

What Vacations for Single Women Offer

Every trip, whether for personal or business purposes, offers something positive at the end. Normally, we feel satisfied after each trip, except when it was marred with unexpected sad experiences. Maybe you forgot to bring your credit card and sufficient cash because you failed to prepare a pre-departure checklist. And this will spell disaster for your travels. However, this won’t happen to a single woman who has done her research.

If you’re a seasoned traveler, this simple procedure is automatic. What you’ve in mind is the full satisfaction that you’ll get out of the place that you visit. Yes, as a solo woman visitor, there’s no problem in getting what you want from your vacations. And the key is well-planned preparation.

The Preparations Needed

Of course, local or foreign travel isn’t risk-free. An accident may happen without our liking or knowledge. We may get sick along the way or upon reaching our destinations. But preparation can lessen those occurrences. Travel insurance can promptly address an emergency if covered by the policy. On the other hand, drinking only bottled water can save your day from contracting stomachaches. Below is a list of some actions that you need to take in preparation for an upcoming vacation. vacations

Plan your trip

You just don’t go on a trip without planning, except when an emergency arises. But even during exigencies, it’s important that your travel itinerary and the things to bring are programmed. A list is vital so that you can have a guide to make your trip worthwhile. If not, your travel in most cases would become a nightmare every time a problem crops up.

What should you do if you lose your credit card and have no cash on hand to meet your financial requirements? It would be a devastating experience. Instead of getting a reprieve from stress, you’ll get more of it. Positive traveling experiences should recharge your strength, not the other way around.

Prepare your physical and mental fitness

Since having a vacation somewhere outside your home would require physical stamina, you need to be physically fit to reach your destination. The exception is when you need a place to recuperate faster if you’re sick. And more is required of you if you’re a single lady traveling solo. You should be healthy and mentally alert.

You need this so that you can deal with every aspect of your travel schedule. You’ll miss every minute of your stay in a place when you’re not feeling well. Even a simple headache can affect your appreciation of the place that you’ve come to visit.

Carry antidotes for loneliness

When you travel alone with no one to talk with, the feeling of loneliness sets in. And you planned the trip by yourself so you must have the tools to handle it. One of the best ways to shoo away this negative feeling is by practicing solo weeks or months before your trip. This way, you can train yourself to do things without getting help from others. Viewing a movie or shopping around solo is a good approach to teach yourself independence. Practice eating out alone in a restaurant while reading a book as you would when traveling out of town.

Avoid going to places where you’ll miss your buddy like places teeming with honeymooners. Likewise, limiting your contacts way back home would help you forget them for a while, thus shutting off loneliness. Concentrating and enjoying what you’re doing will also get you pre-occupied, thus leaving no room to become lonely.

There’s no iota of doubt that vacations for single women are truly satisfying for the solo ladies. No one can distract them, and the freedom that they enjoy is an unquantifiable experience for a lifetime to cherish.

It’s the general belief that women are made of weaker stuff than men.

Safety Tips For Vacationing Single Women

Safety Tips For Vacationing Single WomenThey are vulnerable to sexual harassment and incapable of defending themselves from their intimidators when alone. It’s this perception that vacations for single women appear dangerous for them.

However, this fear doesn’t deter their ranks to go solo on a trip that they have prepared for properly. If you’ve studied the place and what to do therein to spend a week or two fully satisfied, then the idea of going alone would be more exciting. What you also need to do is be aware of your security while on that trip.

If you’ve worked out the safety precautions, then the paranoia previously lurking in your head is now totally erased by your burning desire to visit every nook and corner of the place.

For Your Protection

Every trip you take involves risk. Your car can get stuck in a secluded place due to a sudden flat tire. An important piece of luggage could have been left behind without your knowledge.

Or worse, you might encounter unexpected sexual advances after having eye-to-eye contact with a person whom you sought information about the place. There are several hitches that you may experience while on vacation.

But don’t get frustrated for you can overcome them. Here is a list of safety tips before you go on your own for a planned trip. vacation

Conduct research about the place

The odds are reduced if you know how. It’s always at your advantage if you know the country where you’re going to.

Don’t go to communities where peace and order is a problem. Going out at night should be avoided, except when in the company of people whom you know personally or in places where your security is assured.

Talk to the locals to get to know them, the food to eat, and their customary traditions so you can make the proper adjustments if necessary.

Dress simply and avoid wearing sexy dresses that would expose you to sexual advances.

Prepare a checklist

Don’t ever venture going on a trip without preparing a checklist for your travels. This includes the things that you’ll bring and the activities that you’ll do on your visit. Your vacation, which you’ve planned, would be more stressful rather than exciting and stress-free if you fail to have the list.

The checklist contains the requirements for your pre-departure check-in, like plane tickets, passport and visa, your luggage, and cash requirements for the trip.

One or two credit cards would suffice and leave behind the others. Pack up only the basic things for your personal necessities to lessen your load, but be sure that you’ve what you need.

Always make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity. Many countries won’t admit you if you passport is soon to expire. Check out these passport renewal services if you’ve any questions.

The clothes, shoes, sandals, and other accessories should be sorted out so that you don’t bring things that you don’t actually require. Write the activities that you plan to do when you reach the place to visit. Be sure that you’ve the necessary travel insurance to make you feel secured against the risks covered.

List the things that you need to secure your person while inside your hotel rooms. Don’t overlook your security even when you feel protected.

Why Vacations For Single Women Are Important

Why Vacations For Single Women Is ImportantTaking a vacation from your work or profession is similar to recharging your car’s battery in preparation for the long haul. Your physical, mental, and spiritual conditions are affected everyday, and you also need a break. It’s vital and applies to all, including solo women. And for this reason, vacations are necessary.

In fact, government and private offices all over the world allow their employees to go on leave in order to enjoy their vacations. Aside from its healthful benefits, you’ll enjoy the fun and memorable memories while traveling alone.

Life on this earth is too short if we don’t explore and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t allow unfounded fear to prevent you from taking a solo vacation. While the thought of traveling alone appears scary, the challenge makes it more exciting. Below are the common justifications for why vacations for single women are necessary.

It’s a stress-reliever

If you want to take a break for a few days from what you do repeatedly on a daily basis in the office, then file a leave of absence and go somewhere. A walk along the beach by yourself without distractions is a good way to unburden yourself of life’s pressures. With no one to bother you, you can think and plan clearly and chart whatever you feel is best for your future. You can rediscover your inner strengths while alone on this trip. If you’re shy when it comes to asking for directions, you’ll come to appreciate how to shoot questions to get the right information. vacations

It’s a character-developer

Traveling alone will surely develop your skills as a fast thinker. With no one to help you on your trip, you’ll have to plan well starting from packing up your things until the time you leave the place you’ve visited. Vacations for single women are a good opportunity to test your character.

Will you survive from loneliness and pack up after only a day’s stay? You’ll become a good planner when it comes to securing yourself and your luggage and getting the most out of your vacation. Traveling solo will definitely make you a better person after the first trip. Surely, you’ll aspire for another one to take more challenges.

It’s a relationship-builder

You’ll have all the time by yourself if you take a vacation alone. It’s part of your traveling experiences to seek new acquaintances as you make that journey. In the place you visit, you’ve to mingle with the locals for directions. Taxi drivers, waiters, and hotel staff are good sources of information about the food, culture, peace and order situation, and other valuable data that you want.

If you’re visiting some relatives in the place, this trip will further strengthen the bond you’ve with them. Because you’re alone, no one will intervene about your decisions or influence your time allocation for every site you want to see.

It’s an eye-opener to new perspectives

When you travel and visit a new place, expect something that could add to what you presently kno The exotic food that you’ve never tasted before could give you an idea about cooking it by yourself when you return to your base. The culture of the people in the community like the kissing of the hand or bowing of the head to show respect for others will remind you of how they value this character trait.

If you’re a business-minded person, even the souvenirs that you bought from the place or the various attractions that you saw could give you an idea about how to make money when you return home.

Going solo on a vacation also has some downsides, like how to handle loneliness and threats on your personal safety. However, if you do good research before you embark on your travels, the perceived negative occurrences can be reduced, if not totally eliminated. If the fear of going on vacation by yourself is your main concern, then the possibility of gaining more experiences and enjoying life to the fullest is jeopardized.

Remember, even your own home can’t guarantee a 24/7 shield that provides you full protection. Why not try taking vacations by yourself and see the difference?

5 Best Vacation Spots for Single Women Who Love to Party5 Best Vacation Spots for Single Women Who Love to Party

Good food, good drinks, wonderful music, and all-night fun – these are the things that these best vacation spots for single women who love to party will give every single lady who wants to just relax, have fun, and let their hair down.

Let’s dive into our top five picks for the best vacation spots for partying single ladies.


privilege ibizaConsidered the party capital of the world, Ibiza is surely every party gal’s paradise.  Ibiza is one of the best vacation spots for single women who love to party because the place is abundant with clubs, house music, famous DJs, stunning music venues, wild parties, and all-night fun.  It’s home to Privilege, which is considered the largest night club in the world.

The fact that singles all over the world come to this place just to have fun and socialize with others (and to release their inhibitions too) also makes it one of the best vacation spots.  So when in Ibiza, expect that your nights will never be dull and boring as parties abound in the place – from pool parties and beach parties in the morning to street parties and super clubs in the evening to the early morning.

Las Vegas

vacation spots for single women who love to partyEvery single woman’s bucket list of party places won’t be complete without Las Vegas in it.  Las Vegas isn’t just the Sin City; it’s also one of the best vacation spots for single women who love to party.

Great shopping, fine dining, gambling, and luxurious resorts are not just the only things that Las Vegas can offer to the single gal; bars are perfect for seeing and being seen by the hottest males while you’re sipping your favorite cocktail, and clubs (from the most laid-back to the craziest and wildest) and hot spots like Pure, Minus 5 Ice Bar, Rain, and Red Square all make Sin City a great vacation spot.

Negril, Jamaica

jamaicaIf you’re the kind of woman who loves to party on sandy beaches to the tune of reggae music, then Negril is your perfect getaway.  This Jamaican Beauty is truly one of the best vacation spots for single women who love reggae parties since a lot of reggae artists and Bob Marley wannabes show up to perform in its different clubs and music venues.

What’s also good with Negril is that you can find both laid back and wild clubs here where you can meet a lot of guys who are down for some fun and games.  Breezes Runaway Bay is particularly friendly to single women, but if you’re looking for something that’s totally wild, then just cross the street and head to Hedonism II.


vacation spots for single women who love to partyIt’s not just the white sand and cool beach or the warm weather, friendly locals, international dining scene, and the casinos that make Aruba one of the best vacation spots for single women; it’s also its night life.  The night life in Aruba is great for those single women who love to party but still want to have a relaxing and laid-back holiday.

Its night life isn’t the craziest and wildest like those of party capitals but will still give every gal her fun and excitement.  If you want to have fun in stylish clubs with relaxing ambiance, then Aruba is the perfect holiday place for you.


miamiWith its amazing beaches, great restaurants, wonderful shopping centers, glamorous clubs, and abundant night life, who wouldn’t say that Miami is one of the best vacation spots for single women?  Miami is also abundant with singles places where you can have fun and meet and converse with new people – one of the reasons why it’s very single-friendly and considered as one of the best vacation spots.  Miami’s top single bars include Mokai Lounge, Sky Bar, and Nikki Beach Club, to name a few.

So what are you waiting for?  Let your hair down and party like there’s no tomorrow in any of these vacation spots for single women.  Enjoy!

Top 3 Best City Vacation Spots for Single Women Who Want to MingleTop 3 Best City Vacation Spots for Single Women Who Want to Mingle

A vacation isn’t only a great time to relax and enjoy yourself; it’s also a great time to meet new friends or cute guys to add some spice to your holiday. And since you’re traveling solo, there’s a greater chance for you to check out and meet new guys at your holiday destination.

So if you’re single and very ready to mingle, make sure that your holiday destination isn’t only considered to be one of the best city vacation spots for single women, but also one of the vacation spots where you can find the hottest guys to mingle with.

1. Miami

Miami is surely one of the best vacation spots for single women. Just hearing the word ‘Miami’ makes us think of endless shopping, awesome beaches and rocking nightlife. This city is considered not just as one of the best city vacation spots for single women, but also as one of the best places where you can find hot guys – be it on the beach (oh yes, feel free to ogle and stare behind your dark sunglasses at their hot bods in swimming trunks), in the dance clubs, and even in quiet bars. Hot parties hosted at the many luxurious clubs and resorts are also great venues for single women to mingle and just have fun.

2. Las Vegas

A holiday in the Sin City may sound highly overrated, but it never goes out of style. Las Vegas remains one of the best vacation spots for single women. The amazing nightlife in Sin City makes it a great haven for single ladies – whatever your interests may be. You can find a lot of friendly (and ahem, wealthy) men; not only in the casinos and dancing clubs, but also in the exotic pools of the resorts and hotel bars on the famous Las Vegas Strip. So, hang out and sip your cocktails in these places, for you might just find yourself lucky as you start a conversation with an interesting guy, or even enjoy some wild parties and romantic encounters. Though one thing’s for sure, even without the gorgeous men, this exciting city will always be one of the best city vacation spots for single women – where you’ll be able to forget all your everyday problems and worries – and just have the time of your city vacation spots for single women

3. Boston

If you love the thought of all the exciting and wild adventures that you can have in Las Vegas, but feel that you’re too mature for them, or if you just want a toned-down version of Sin City (which is perfect for single women in their 40’s and above), then Boston is a perfect holiday destination for you.

Boston is considered to be one of the best vacation spots for single women who want to mingle, since it’s a bustling city with lots of entertainment options, awesome nightlife and public parks where you can meet a lot of people. Dancing clubs, such as Middlesex Lounge, and The Good Life will provide you not only with good music and excellent cocktails, but they’re also the kind of places where you can meet a lot of single guys and mingle with a variety of other people.

Sea, Sun, and Sand Best Beach Vacation Spots for Single Women

Sea, Sun, and Sand Best Beach Vacation Spots for Single Women

Imagine the cool wind blowing on your face as you’re lounging in a hammock, the sun shining above you, the cool sand on your feet, the splash of water as your music, and the crystal-clear waters of the sea in the background.  No annoying companions, busy schedule, or stressful environment.

Sweet, isn’t it?

Popular vacation spots for single women that are always sought-after are beach coves, beach resorts, and just practically anything that has to do with the beach.  Going to the beach can be a perfect getaway not just for beach bums but also for those women who just want to go solo and retreat.

A lot of activities are also offered in beach resorts that adventurous women can enjoy.  It’s really one of the best vacation spots for single women because you can do a lot of things at the beach – from just lazing around, to showing off your bikini, to partying, to trying water sports, and to meeting a lot of new friends.

So if you’re planning on going on a beach vacation, here are some of the best vacation spots for single women where you’ll have the best sea, sun, and sand getaway.


Located just off the coast of Spain, Ibiza is one of the best vacation spots for single women as it has been frequently regarded as a single woman’s paradise.  Ibiza boasts of not just sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters but also of a thriving nightlife that consists of partying, drinking, and dancing until dawn.  Secluded and private beaches also abound in the place.  So whether you’re in for partying, for water activities, or for a complete retreat, Ibiza is surely one of the best vacation spots for single women that can surely offer you a wide range of holiday options depending on your interests.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean, contrary to popular belief, isn’t only for couples but also for single women, especially those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life.  Known for its long stretches of white and black sand and the coolest and bluest waters, The Caribbean is indeed every woman’s dream escape.  Considered as heaven on earth and also one of the Traveler’s Choice winners, The Caribbean, no doubt, is one of the best vacation spots for single women.  It offers one of the world’s most splendid beaches, and its most popular destinations include Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Havana, Ocho Rios, Varadero, Seven Mile Beach, and Negril.vacation spots for single women


Another great vacation spot for single women is Hawaii.  Whether you’re searching for the best surf, turquoise waters, off-beaten-path beaches, or the best sunsets, Hawaii is the place for you.  Picturesque landscapes and cool waters await you in places like the famous Waikiki Beach, Lanikai Beach, Turtle Bay, and Sunset Beach.  All of these perfect-for-postcard views, the delicious food, and the “Aloha” of the locals – what more could you possibly wish for?

Bali, Indonesia

The island of Bali in Indonesia is considered a paradise on Earth.  It has a lot of great beaches, from the overcrowded to the most secluded, which are good for different water activities.  But what makes it really one of the best vacation spots for single women is the sense of spiritual energy and awareness that you can get from this place.  It’s definitely good for women who want to soul search in an Eat-Pray-Love fashion.  Bali won’t only give you the perfect getaway, but it’ll also help you renew, re-energize, and re-invent yourself.


Why travel to far places when you can just go to Miami and spend a day or two in the cool South Beach under the warm Florida sun?  Miami is considered not only the best summer destination in the United States but also one of the best vacation spots for single women who love to party and have fun at the beach.  A lot of activities abound in the beaches of Miami – from all night drinking and partying, to meeting new people, and to participating in different water sports and activities.  It also has a couple of lesser-used spots that are perfect for those who want to avoid the overcrowded beaches and just take time to be with themselves.

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women with Kids

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women with KidsBeing a single mom is surely a tough, yet a very fulfilling, job that a woman has to do 24/7.  But just because you’re a single woman with a child doesn’t mean that you’ve to give up on taking a break or going on a holiday.

Now, more than ever, you need to take a vacation every once in a while to recharge and rejuvenate yourself from all the stress that goes with a being a single parent.  And what better way to do it than to also take it as an opportunity to bond more with your kid?

With this, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone.  On one hand, you’ll be able to take the vacation that you really need in any of the best vacation spots for single women with kids.  On the other hand, you’ll have an opportunity to bond with your child and create lasting and fun memories with him or her.

Cruise Ships

A cruise ship isn’t just one of the best vacation spots for single women – it’s also one of the best vacation spots for single parents.  A lot of cruises offer many activities both for the parents and kids, so you’ll surely be able to take the necessary break that you need without worrying about your child.

Cruises offer a lot of entertainment options and services, from pools, casinos, game rooms, spas, bars and adult-only dining for the single moms.  And the best part is that cruises, such as the Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, and Norwegian Cruise Line have also activities and services for the kids; such as babysitting services, nursery, kid’s camp, parent and child play sessions and other kiddie programs.

With this setup; aimed to provide entertainment both to the young and adult, there’s no doubt that going on a cruise is one of the best vacation spots for single women (even if their children are tagging along). vacation spots for single women with kids

Children-Friendly Resorts

Resorts and exclusive hotels are surely one of the best vacation spots for single women.  But when you’ve a child with you, you would normally think that it’s a hassle to bring him or her to a resort or hotel; since the entertainments there are just for adults.  But think again – more and more resorts now are also catering to the needs of single, independent moms.

A lot of hotels and resorts now offer not just the usual spa treatments, nightly entertainment, relaxing views and good food and wine; but also kid-focused services and amenities.  Resorts like the Virginia Beach Hotels(which have a Splash Kamp Activity room where children are kept entertained with games, arts and crafts), Grand Palladium Resort & Spa in the Dominican Republic (they have a ‘tiered’ kids club to accommodate children of all ages, kid-friendly rooms and age-specific games, sports and outdoor activities and casino, a first class Wellness Spa and many bars for the single moms.

There’s also Recreo in Costa Rica (where you can relax in your own pool and villa, with the tropical wildlife and few people around you; plus your child will have his fun outdoor activities, too). These are just few options which can be considered as some of the best vacation spots for single women with kids.

Amusement Parks

One can never go wrong with amusement parks.  There’s so much to see in these places that they’re not only considered to be some of the best vacation spots for single women, but also for single moms and their kids.  The fun and excitement both for children and adults never stops in amusement parks.

Theme parks are a great way for you to bond and have fun with your child – and reminisce about your own fun childhood memories.  It’s also the perfect vacation idea for those single moms who don’t have much time to travel somewhere far away for a vacation.

Also, more and more amusement parks today have fun amenities both for kids and adults. Here are some of the amusement and theme parks considered as some of the best vacation spots for single women with kids: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Resort, Hersheypark, Cedar Point, Schlitterbahn Water Park, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove.

At any of these best vacation spots for single women with kids surely, not only you, but also your child, will have a cool and enjoyable vacation together.  Have fun!

Top Travel Destinations For Single Women On Vacation

Top Travel Destinations For Single Women On VacationHave you heard that more and more single women are going on vacation today? Recent data gathered by CAP Strategic Research in 2011 showed that women travelers are “the most important and fastest growing segment of the market.” Tourist-related establishments like hotels are now gearing up to meet the growing demands for this emerging market by creating vacation packages for single women.

And because of this new trend, we always ask about the reasons why the numbers of traveling solo women keeps increasing? What are the attractions that draw them to go places by themselves?

Well firstly, women today are independent-minded. They want to see the top travel destinations for single women without someone tagging along who could turn their trips chaotic due to disagreements. Being free and having no one to influence your decision while on vacation is a great experience by itself.

There are many locations that attract the attention of visitors all over the world. However, if you’re a single woman traveling solo, there are sites where your trip would only make you lonely like places where people on honeymoon prefer. So, it’s important that when you plan to have a vacation, do some research about the place that you’ll visit. Below is a list of suggested top travel destinations for single women.

Australia, the Great Down Under

Australians are known for their sense of independence. And for this reason, they won’t bother you if you’re a single lady visiting the Sydney Opera House or trekking the Blue Mountains in the same beautiful City of Sydney. Records show that there are visitors traveling solo who are going to this wonderful country year after year. You’ll have the freedom of getting noticed if you do snorkeling or scuba diving in the biggest underwater ecosystem of the world located at the Great Barrier Reef.

If you enjoy meeting other travelers like yourself, you can check the tour companies offering wildlife tours or city tours. You can try booking in an Australian hostel where you can meet other people. They have rooms that can accommodate up to four people. They offer common rooms and dining halls where mingling with other guests and making friends is encouraged.

New York City, USA

With a population of more than 8 million spread over an area of 468 square miles, New York City appears to be densely populated where you can hardly feel alone in this concrete jungle. You’ll note that its residents comprise a mixture of people: 33.51% white, 28.41% Hispanic, 23.05% African American, 12.60% Asian, and 2.39% other. Its gender composition is also favorable to female travelers: 52.50% females over 47.05% males.

You can do many things in New York City to keep you busy like walking to shop around Fifth Avenue or eating at Le Bernardino. It has a reliable public transportation system where taking a taxicab isn’t necessary.

Costa Rica

This place is recommended for single women travelers because it isn’t the most preferred place for honeymooners. You won’t meet couples after couples frequently as you tour this country. Many adventurers on solo flights come to this location because of the many activities that they’ll enjoy like white-water rafting, hiking, and zip lining. There are also beaches where you can tan your skin, scuba dive, or go snorkeling and swimming.

One favorite destination when you’re in Costa Rica is the Manuel Antonio National Park. Unique wildlife abounds in its lush rain forests with beautiful streams. Hiking with your camera always ready to take pictures would definitely make your trip to this place a memorable one. top travel destinations for single women


When researching for a place to visit, always try to find out if the people are friendly. The Irish trait of friendliness makes this top travel destinations for women a preference . In addition, Ireland is classified as a very safe place for visitors according to an editor of a website about independent travel. You can meet many individuals without difficulty because of their friendly attitude. Don’t miss visiting the Grey Line Wick Mountains, Valleys, and Lakes tour if you’re in Ireland. Go to the Dublin Castle to enjoy looking at wonderful sights. Likewise, enjoy a unique Irish experience by trying out the Gaelic Games at the Croke Park Stadium.

Depending on the preferences of the lady travelers, the list could expand and include more. Budget and other considerations can also come into play that could affect the decision of the solo lady when choosing the place to visit. After all, she would be the one to experience what the top travel destinations for single women can offer.

Vacations nowadays don’t just consist of flying to the best vacation spots, strolling around the place, or seeing its main sights and attractions.

With the boom of travel tours and solo travel companies, themed vacation spots are becoming more and more popular, especially among single women since this enables one to relax, escape, and enjoy the vacation according to one’s specific interests.

Best Themed Vacation Spots for Single WomenSpa Vacations

Who doesn’t love being pampered in a spa?  Many single women consider spa vacations the ideal holiday, and for them, the best themed vacation spots for single women, aside from the usual touristy attractions, should include spas and resorts where they can relax, be pampered, and feel beautiful.

The best themed vacation spots for single women who love going to the spa include Tucson, Arizona where you can find a lot of spas and resorts like the Canyon Ranch and Miraval and the Caribbean Islands where you can find La Luna, Parrot Cay, The Body Holiday, and Buccament Bay.  Other spa vacation spots include Thailand, Istanbul, Tuscany, Marrakech, Budapest, and Bali.

Adventure Trips

For active and adventurous women, why not go to the best vacation spots that offer adventure trips where you can look for more challenges to conquer?

You can go surfing in Hawaii or in Siargao, sign up for a River’s Kayak and Canoe Trips in Sonoma, go on a women-only hiking and rock climbing adventure in Sierra Wilderness, have a Wild West Women Adventure at the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Montana, experience the Ghosts and Legends of Prague Walking Tour, camp in the Arabian nights of Marrakech, or if you’re feeling wild, go for an African Safari adventure where women-only walking tours will let you see the wildlife, tribal life, and rich African culture. themed vacation spots

Culture Vultures Holiday

For the history, art, and culture buffs, you can have your ideal holiday in places that are museum-friendly.  Classic vacation spots for single women who love art and culture normally include Paris, Florence, NYC’s Met, and Rome.

But if you want to explore and experience the “road less traveled,” so to speak, head to China, Japan, Cambodia, South Africa, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul, India, or Thailand for that multi-cultural experience.


Whether it’s a fitness, spiritual, meditation, or detox retreat, retreats can offer you the most relaxing holiday for both your mind and body.  This type of  vacation is perfect for those who want to escape the city life and embark on a spiritual journey to improve themselves.

The best themed vacation spots for single women who want retreats include the Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper, NY (for that meditation and Zen experience, but if you want to travel somewhere far, you can always fly to Tibet for an out-of-this-world vacation), Ananda, India (for yoga, philosophy classes, and Ayurvedic healing programs in the Himalayan foothills), Ulpotha, Sri Lanka (considered the best yoga retreat in the world), or Dharamsala, India where you can learn about Dalai Lama’s teachings.

Island Getaways

Who doesn’t love an island getaway?  The blue sea around you, fresh air and warm sun, cool sand on your feet, and the guaranteed privacy and peace from noisy crowds are enough to make you feel like you’re in paradise.  So if you want to relax on a hammock in a secluded island, an island getaway is the perfect vacation for you.

The best themed vacation spots for single women who love island getaways include the mysterious Easter Island, The Cook Islands, El Nido in Palawan, Philippines, Lord Howe Island in Australia, Necker Island, Galapagos Island, Tikehau in French Polynesia, The Maldives, and Vanua Levu island in Fiji, to name a few.

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women During Winter

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women during WinterWinter is the season where going on a holiday in the tropics becomes increasingly attractive.  When all you can see are the white surroundings and snowy landscapes and when all you can feel is the chilly winter air, going somewhere where the days of hot sun are endless is indeed a welcome relief.

Tropical islands and countries with warmer climates are considered the best vacation spots for single women during winter. They are the places where you can enjoy a warm winter getaway.  So make sure that when choosing to go to any of these great vacation spots, you’ve your swimsuit, flip flops, and sunglasses with you because with these hot vacation spots, you’ll surely be seeing much of the winter sun.


vacation spots for single women during winterThailand is one of the best vacation spots for single women during winter as its subtropical climate remains at around 30° C.  It’s also one of the best places where going solo is never an issue.  It offers a lot of beaches that remain warm and sunny even during the winter months, like Andaman Coast and Ko Lanta’s beaches.  It also has a lot of available activities offered for its tourists, like elephant riding, jungle trekking, massage therapy, and even yoga classes, to name a few.  Even just by walking and exploring its streets, you’ll see its rich culture – from its majestic temples down to its bustling markets.  But what really made Thailand onto the list of best vacation spots is that it’s easy to travel in and the accommodations that it offers are incredibly budget-friendly.

South Africa

South AfricaThe African heat is a welcome recluse from the cold chilly winter months.  The fact that South Africa is famous for its sunshine makes it one of the best vacation spots for single women during winter.  A lot of activities for singles also abound, aside from hitting the beach – from safaris to luxurious treats, to exotic wildlife to top-notch accommodations.  Cape Town is probably the go-to place in South Africa, but other favorite tourist destinations, like Kruger, Cape Winelands, Knysna, Table Mountain, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Blue Train (which is one of the most luxurious trains in the world and is considered a moving five-star resort), and many more, all make South Africa one of the best vacation spots.

Canary Islands

El Hierro Canary IslandsAnother great vacation spot for single women, which would only take you a flight time of about four hours from London, is the Canary Islands.  This winter getaway boasts of lots of beach entertainment and both lively and relaxed beaches, which are perfect not just for those who are into all night partying but also for those who want to escape from everything.  Other touristy things to do include watching the dolphins and whales in a so-called Pirate Ship, Flipper Uno, getting inspired from the volcanic landscapes in El Hierro, getting beauty treatments in the different spa facilities in resorts, visiting the Pyramids de Güimar, Loro Parque, or the Ecomuseo de Guinea, to name a few.  With so many places to see and much entertainment being offered, Canary Islands isn’t just Europe’s haven of tranquility; without a doubt, it’s one of the best vacation spots for single women during winter.

New Zealand

new zealandA trip Down Under may just be what you need for the winter months.  If you’re a sporty type of woman, then a trip to New Zealand is probably your ideal getaway, since they invented zorbing and black-water rafting.  But it’s not just the water sports that make New Zealand one of the best vacation spots for single women during winter ; the place also offers a lot of stunning beaches, forests, wildlife and national parks, Australian art and movies famous throughout the world, delicious food trips, breathtaking cruises, and all night parties.  Or if you’re feeling lazy, you can just enjoy its scenic views while sipping some original Chardonnay.


dubaiA trip to the desert may just be what you need to brush off those winter chills.  It’s safe for any woman to go on a holiday alone in Dubai as long as one takes the normal precautions.  It has a more liberal and modern outlook than its other Middle East country counterparts, making it one of the best vacation spots for single women during winter.  Another thing that makes it a great vacation spot during winter is that Dubai is most vibrant during the winter months (December to March), as the weather in Dubai is the loveliest during these months.

Things to do in Dubai include a desert safari and camel ride, traditional belly dancing, silver seaplane or helicopter tour, a visit to the Dubai Museum and historic buildings like Bastakiya, and much more.  Though some places in Dubai may require tourists to follow some dress codes and minimum etiquette requirements, this doesn’t change the fact that a holiday in Dubai will surely leave you feeling like an Arabian Princess.

Top 3 Best Budget-Friendly Vacation Spots for Single Women

Top 3 Best Budget Friendly Vacation Spots for Single WomenIf you think that having a perfect solo holiday is expensive or that nothing relaxing or worth experiencing can come from vacationing with a budget, then think again!  With these great budget friendly vacation spots for single women, which are not only perfect for your dream vacation but also perfect for your budget, you’ll surely have a wonderful time during your vacation.

Here are some of the best budget friendly vacation spots for single women:

Bali, Indonesia

bali indonesiaWith its beaches, spas, tropical weather, warm water, great dining while enjoying the sunset, amazing shopping, rich Balinese-Hindu culture (for that Eat-Pray-Love-like-self-discovery), and inexpensive accommodations, a single woman can never go wrong with Bali.  Definitely one of the best vacation spots for single women, Bali can offer a lot of affordable entertainment for women who want a very relaxing and laid-back kind of vacation for a very affordable price.

A day in international and famous hotels can just cost you around $10 – $20 USD, but you can also find comfortable and relaxing accommodations for $6 – $10 USD (cheaper than in Thailand).  A “western meal” can cost you around $4 USD, while a local meal can cost you around $2 USD.  It even gets cheaper if you opt to stay in less “touristy” places like in the inlands.


palawan resorts philippinesAnother great vacation spot for single women that you should visit is the Philippines.  The Pearl of the Orient Seas isn’t just known for its friendly locals with incomparable sense of hospitality, tropical climate, amazing beaches, diverse wildlife, and delicious food but also for being one of the cheapest countries to travel in.  As one of the best budget friendly vacation spots for single women, you’ll surely have a great value for your money whenever you’ve your vacation in the Philippines.

Each of the country’s 1,707 islands can offer you a lot of wonderful beaches, diverse and amazing tourist attractions, and different entertainment opportunities. The best vacation spots for single women in the Philippines include El Nido Palawan (for nature lovers), Boracay (the world famous white beach for the gals who love to party), Bukidnon (for a cowgirl experience and other mountain adventures), and many other islands and must-see places.  Another big plus that this holiday destination has over other Asian countries is that almost 90% of the locals speak English, so there’s no need to worry about language barriers whenever you want to ask for help or directions.


budget friendly vacation spots for single womenAnother one of the budget friendly vacation spots for single women that will leave you feeling like you just had a very wonderful bargain (especially for those women who want an enriching holiday) is Budapest.  If you want to go to Prague, Italy, Florence, or Vienna but you’re on a budget, then Budapest can be a really brilliant alternative.  As one of the most budget-friendly and one of the best vacation spots for single women, you can just spend around $8 USD or around 6 Euros a night in private rooms and have a meal for as low as $2 USD.

Whether you just want to go shopping, have a food trip, immerse yourself in its history or art, try its famous bath, or just want to chill in its cafes, Budapest has it all for you.  This historic city is also one of the best vacation spots for single women who love art and culture.  One can roam around and discover the architecture in District 8’s palace, Castle Hill, and Óbuda, find art pieces in Budapest’s monthly design market, WAMP, take the Danube Cruise, try some Hungarian dishes and Hungarian wines, take a selfie with Lenin at the Memento Park, visit the annual Night of the Museums in June, Budapest Opera House and Palace of Arts, or walk and enjoy its breathtaking views and amazing sceneries for free.

5 Best Vacation Spots for Single Women5 Best Vacation Spots for Stressed Single Women

Have you been feeling stressed at work lately and just want to escape all your problems and worries?  Do you want to get away from all the hustle-bustle and fast-paced life in the city and retreat to somewhere nice and quiet?  If you’re looking for some R&R destinations to refresh and recharge your tired souls, these best vacation spots for single women are sure to give you the relaxing holiday that you’re looking for.

St. Lucia

st luciaThis Caribbean jewel is one of the best vacation spots for that will give you the rest and recreation that you need.  Its lush rainforest, famous twin peaks, and beautiful beaches and waterfalls will give you the relaxing ambiance that you need.

Many resorts on the island will also give you the perfect accommodations that you need; some like Le Sport even have additional free personal programs of treatments, daily spa treatments, and gourmet meals and drinks to rejuvenate your mind and body.

El Nido, Palawan

best vacation spots for single womenThis unexploited Philippine island known as the “Philippine’s Last Frontier” is truly a balm for your tired soul.  It’s definitely one of the best vacation spots for women who want a complete retreat on a tranquil and private island.  Its tropical climate, scenic landscapes, clear blue waters, white sand beaches, diverse marine life, towering mountain cliffs, rustic atmosphere, stunning lagoons, beautiful rock formations, and gorgeous islets will leave you feeling like you’re in paradise.

The combination of its quiet beach sides, impressive natural beauty, and laid-back vibe will rejuvenate your mind and body.

Tucson, Arizona

tucson arizonaTucson, Arizona boasts of a lot of attractions, museums, galleries, and city-wide festivals, but what really makes it one of the best vacation spots for single women is its abundance of spas that offer unique, relaxing, and rejuvenating treatments.

If you’re a fan of the Oprah Winfrey Show, then you’ve probably already heard of Miraval, one of the many spas in Tucson that offers treatment strategies focusing on emotional healing.  But a lot of other spas and resorts abound in the place, like Canyon Ranch (known for its signature Canyon Stone Massage, Restorative Touch Therapies, and Ayurvedic body treatments), Red Door Spa (known for its amazing facials like Ultimate Arden Facial and Customized Phyto Organic Facial), and Tucson Az Spa (which, aside from the wide array of spa services, also offers Special Spa Lunch Menus and Eucalyptus Sauna and Steam Room).  With all of these relaxing and rejuvenating spas that you can choose from in Tucson, it’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the best vacation spots for single women.

Hong Kong

hongkongHong Kong isn’t just one of the safest or the best vacation spots for single women; it’s also one of the easiest holiday destinations to travel to.  If you’re the kind of woman who finds relaxation in shopping and in pampering yourself, then Hong Kong is the best getaway place for you.  You can find a lot of deals and bargains from the high-end department stores to the open-air markets and from couture and branded labels to street labels in this cosmopolitan city.

Shopping destinations in Hong Kong include the Causeway Bay, Festival Walk, Harbor City, Mong Kok, SOHO, and many Street Markets like the Hollywood Street, Temple Street Night Market, and Stanley Market.  The rich culture, temples, food, Chinese tea, silk, and entertainment also make Hong Kong one of the best vacation spots for single women.


icelandThe dream-like scenery and laid-back vibe in Iceland make it one of the best vacation spots for single women who are looking for the perfect relaxing holiday.  Iceland’s amazing views are postcard-perfect and can definitely leave any woman feeling calm, tranquil, and at peace.  Its glaciers, spas and resorts, lava rock healing pools, volcanoes, Blue Lagoon, waterfalls, and other natural wonders will make you feel like you’re one with nature.

It will let your body and mind unwind in a healthy and natural way. Just a tip: plan your holiday in Iceland during the best time of the year where you can see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis to make it truly amazing and memorable.

Asia’s Best Vacation Spots for Single Women Who Love Art and Culture

get ready because this time, we are giving you Asia’s Top 3 Best Vacation Spots for Single Women who love art and culture.Last time, we gave you some of Europe’s Best Getaways for Artsy Single Women (in The Artsy Wanderlust: A Guide to the Best Vacation Spots in Europe for Single Women who love Art and Culture); now get ready because this time, we are giving you Asia’s Top 3 Best Vacation Spots for Single Women who love art and culture.

Here are some of the places in Asia that are considered the top on the list of vacation spots that every artsy single woman must book a holiday to:

Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia sophia istanbulIstanbul is a city exploding with both ancient and modern art, culture, design, and fashion, which is why it’s one of the best vacation spots for single women who are history buffs.  It’s said that it’s in Istanbul where Asia and Europe collide, since it’s the only city in the world that sits on both continents.

Its history and breathtaking marvels from the Roman to the Byzantine eras will surely keep every artsy woman occupied during her stay in this gleaming city.  Just the myriad of mosques and churches in Istanbul is enough to make it one of the best vacation spots for single women who love art and culture.  What’s more, added attractions like the historic Hagia Sophia, breathtaking Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii), Galata Bridge, Miniaturk Park, The Grand and Egyptian Bazaars, the different festivals that happen all year round, 5th century Theodosius City Walls, Topkapi Palace, Maiden’s tower, the famous Turkish Baths, and many more definitely make Istanbul number one on our list of the best vacation spots.

Beijing, China

vacation spots for single women who love art and cultureChina by itself is considered one of the best vacation spots for single women since it has a lot of natural wonders and it’s also generally safe for women traveling alone.  But what really made it one of the best vacation spots for single women who love art and culture is its glorious history and magnificent traditions. The Chinese culture is really one of the wealthiest and oldest in the world, and going to China for a first-hand experience with this vibrant culture will surely make any artsy wanderlust’s holiday far from being dull and colorless.

When in Beijing, be sure to visit the Great Wall Section, Forbidden City, The Hall of Preserving Harmony, Summer Palace, The Silk Market (for the best silk cloth that women will surely love), National Museum of China, Temple of Heaven, Liulichang Cultural Street, Ming Tombs, Beijing Ancient Observatory, Tanzhe Temple, and many, many more must-see places (that are too many to mention).


taj mahal indiaThe Taj Mahal, which is considered one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, isn’t the only reason why you should go to India.  India is considered one of the best vacation spots for single women who love art and culture because it doesn’t only boast of mountains, beaches, and a wide variety of cultural masterpieces but also because it’s safe to roam around the place and it’s very budget-friendly.

Any artsy wanderlust will have a great time with India’s amalgamation of several cultures.  In India, you’ll be able to visit and see grand palaces (which are totally different from the usual palaces that we’ve been used to seeing in old European cities) and temples and architectural wonders of the ancient civilization like City Palace in Rajasthan, the Himalayas, Lotus Temple in Delhi, Ajanta Ellora Caves, and the temples of Khajuraho in South India.

Best Adventure Vacation Spots for Single Women

Best Adventure Vacation Spots for Single WomenSometimes women have to make their lives more fun and exciting by going somewhere and looking for an adventure. A good dose of adventure is one of the few things that makes a vacation truly memorable and one of a kind. Modern and independent women nowadays love to travel to look for adventures.

A good vacation no longer consists of just touring around the best vacation spots for single women; the trend nowadays is that more and more focused activities and entertainments are offered for all types of women – and some of these types include adventurous gals and thrill seekers.

If you consider yourself as being an adventurous woman, or if you’re just someone who wants an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind holiday, it’s time to take your vacation to new heights with these exciting best adventure vacation spots for single women.

New Zealand

It’s not just the kiwis and the rustic vibe that make New Zealand one of the best vacation spots for single women. The picturesque views of New Zealand and the different exciting activities that it offers also make it one of the best adventure vacation spots for single women.

Queenstown, New Zealand, has often been called the “Adventure Capital of the World”, where a lot of thrilling activities are available for women – and indeed is a must-see destination for those women seeking adventure. In New Zealand they can choose between hiking, sky diving, horseback riding, bungee jumping, skiing, heli-skiing, sandboarding, paragliding and many other adventure sports.

Siargao Island, Philippines

Another in the list of best adventure vacation spots for single women who love adventure is Siargao Island in the Philippines. If you’re a gal who loves the tropical climate, quiet beaches, surfing and other water activities, but hate the overcrowded surfing spots like Hawaii and Bali, then come to this secluded island in the Philippines. This small island which faces the Pacific Ocean is known for its big waves called “Cloud 9”.

Aside from surfing, one can also enjoy other activities such as mangrove and countryside tours, eco-adventure tours, island-hopping, tidal flats and lagoon adventures, cliff diving in the Sohoton Caves, the internationally famous Game Fishing Tournament every summer, exploring the mysterious Pygmy Forest, and many more.


It’s not just the photo-perfect views, shopping, exciting nightlife, art and culture, and delicious cuisine that make Arizona one of the best vacation spots for single women who love adventure, but also the chance for the ladies to safely explore the Grand Canyon. Many hiking activities for women abound there.

Other activities, such as swimming, water rafting, boating, biking, spelunking, skiing, hot air ballooning, camping and other outdoor adventures in Arizona’s iconic desert landscapes also add to the reasons why Arizona is considered to be one of the best vacation spots for single women.  best adventure vacation spots

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those places which you wouldn’t initially think to be women-friendly, or to be one of the best adventure vacation spots for single women – until you experience it for yourself. Costa Rica is actually one of the safest places to travel to; and that alone can make it one of the best vacation destinations for single women. The natural beauty of the country and the completely relaxing lifestyle make women fall in love with this place over and over again.

Adventurous women are also lured by its waters, volcanoes, jungles, rivers and the diverse wildlife. Activities like horseback riding on the beach, boating, hiking in the rainforest or on a smoking volcano, trying a chair-lift ride through the jungle, canopy zip-lining, walking through the waterfalls, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, surfing, and many more all make it one of the best vacation spots for single women who love adventure.

African Safari

Just hearing the words “African Safari” would make anyone imagine of a wild and adventurous excursion. Nothing beats a trip to see the wildlife under the hot African sun when it comes to looking for something exciting and unexpected. The best adventure vacation spots for single women who want to experience an African Safari adventure include Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania.

Other must-experience adventures also include hiking the tallest sand dunes in Namibia, driving ATVs, camping, boating, hot air balloon riding in the Namib desert, skydiving, and dune and sand boarding make traveling to this place truly an ultimate adventure experience.

Vacations for Single Women: Cities Worth Visiting Again

Vacations for Single Women: Cities Worth Visiting AgainThere are cities that will make those who’ve had vacations for single women there say, Wow! There are also cities that inspire women to do things during their vacations which are slightly out of their comfort zones. There are also cities which are quite popular with others, but which will cause you to say, “Never again!”

There are many reasons why ladies who’ve enjoyed vacations for single women would go back to a certain city. Perhaps they left something there. Maybe they want to experience the place all over again, or maybe visit other areas they were not able to see during their previous vacations. It isn’t about the reason after all; it’s about the experience.

That said, here are the top cities that many women would like to return to.


London is having a revival of late – first, there was the royal wedding of Prince William and his Kate; and then the city hosted the Summer Olympics. Who knows what the next event will be? Hopefully, you’ll be a part of it. Even if there are no major events, it would take more than two vacations for single women to really explore the entirety of this city which is so rich in history. It has gardens, parks, museums, cathedrals, theater, and night life.

There are many ways to experience this city, whether you’re taking a historical walk or having the grandest of times driving a Mini – even just for a day.


If anyone asked a group of women the question about what they considered to be the most romantic place on earth, Paris is definitely going to be in the top three. The City of Light is indeed delightful to explore. If you want to go off the beaten track, so to speak, there’s the Night Bike Tour that you can take, and cycle past famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre for some amazing views at night.


Vacations for single women in Amsterdam are certainly something worth remembering. If you want to experience the arts, this is the place to be. Amsterdam would accept you with open arms. Return to this city to experience the canals and the gabled houses standing side by side.

Venice vacations for single women

Experience Venetian life all over again. Take a ride in a gondola – and if you’re lucky, the gondolier will sing to you as you pass under some of the 400-plus bridges of Venice. Traverse the long and winding streets – yes, Venice does have streets – to see how the locals perform their daily tasks amidst the hustle and bustle of the tourists.

Don’t forget to visit the Piazza San Marco and the Doge’s Palace – and take a trip to the islands of Murano to buy some amazing works of art created from glass.

Rio de Janeiro

What better time to revisit this iconic city but right now? The FIFA World Cup is coming soon. Aside from that, if you miss the authentic caipirinha brasil – the famous cocktail of Brazil – then you’ve a perfect reason to come back to this city. Rio de Janeiro may be warm, but you can relax on the stunning beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Don’t forget to get your samba lessons before you set off to return for your vacations for single women in this city.

There will always be a reason why certain cities are more memorable than others – and there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t return and experience their wonders again and again.

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women – Ireland

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women - IrelandLocated in the North Atlantic, to the west of Great Britain, is Ireland—one of the best vacation spots for single women, offering much in terms of picturesque landscapes, a rich culture, spellbinding artwork, and savory cuisine.

Indeed, in Ireland you’ll find the 3 world heritage sites Brú na Boinne, Skellig Michael, and the Giant’s Causeway; an ancient yet surviving Celtic national character; Neolithic carvings, celebrated traditional Irish music, and paintings by masters like John Butler Yeats, William Orpen, and Louis le Brocquy; and a so-called new Irish cuisine in which traditional ingredients are used in ways that incorporate influences from all around the world.

All of these features could prove to most of us that Ireland truly is a place to which even single women should take a trip. But there may be some of them who wish to be assured that it’s among the best vacation spots. To help them rest assured that Ireland is indeed such a place, here is some proof:

1. The Local Pubs are Great, Safe Ways to Mingle ireland

To begin with, Ireland has a prevalent pub culture that, unlike those in other certain countries, doesn’t cater predominantly to men. In this country, not only are women allowed to sample all of the local beers freely without worrying about certain social stigmas, they could enjoy them as much as the men.

Hence, single women may visit any local pub in order to drink, enjoy themselves, and perhaps even meet a nice guy. You don’t need to worry about walking into a pub full of incoherent, potentially violent drunks because most Irish men are good guys who won’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with a woman drinking alone.

2. There are Several Great Local Bed-and-Breakfasts

When traveling alone, it would be nice to stay for a few days at a grand local hotel, what with the several creature comforts available here that could make your trip even more satisfying. But when you’re alone in your room, you might feel lonely, having no one to talk to, share meals with, and hang out with. To avoid feeling this way, it would be best for you to stay at a local bed and breakfast.

Bed and breakfasts are usually private homes with 10 rooms or fewer all made available for overnight accommodation. Only breakfast is offered at these establishments. You might find the lack of readily available lunch and dinner troublesome at first blush, but the homey atmosphere in which you’d feel like you’re just staying at a friend’s house may help you forget about this.

Besides, it’s likely you’ll be eating out for most of your stay, rendering the lack of readily available lunch and dinner trivial. Moreover, the cozy size of the bed and breakfast you choose to stay at places you close to the rest of the visitors for most of the time, improving your chances of making a new friend or even meeting a nice guy.

3. Ireland is Such a Beautiful Place

Ireland boasts of having a countryside that could rival others in beauty. Indeed, not only is this country listed as among the most-forested regions in Europe, but many species of wild flowers also grow here. So, if you’re a shutterbug, a trekker, or a lover of picnics in verdant fields, you’ll surely love to take a vacation here.

Such has been the progress of women’s liberation that every single woman can now go wherever she wants on her own. But having to choose among such a wide variety of choices might be overwhelming for such women, who’ve more things to consider than other women, such as their safety, security, and so on.

Given the 3 reasons why Ireland is one of the best vacation spots for single women, we hope to help them make an easy decision, by beginning their adventure here.

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women – Taiwan

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women - TaiwanYou may have been to Paris, Spain, and Italy already, but if you haven’t been to Taiwan, it’s likely you’ve no idea of Asia’s distinct beauty, which could equal, if not rival, that of Europe. Indeed, with its striking landscapes and bodies of water, as well as rich culture and savory cuisine, we would even say with confidence that this country is one of the best vacation spots for single women.

But it’s likely that not all single women out there would be convinced so easily. When a woman travels alone, security becomes one of the most important—if not the most important—things for her. All of the dangers out there become even more seemingly life-threatening once a woman is out and about alone.

Not only has she no one else to protect her except herself, but there are those who might prey on her, believing she is helpless. But if you take a vacation to Taiwan, we assure you, you wouldn’t have to worry this much.

Taiwan is Among the Countries with the Lowest Crime Rates

To begin with, you don’t need to worry that you might become a victim of crime, as this country is currently one of the countries with the lowest crime rates. Indeed, not only is it currently ranked among the top 10 safest Asian countries for female travelers, but it’s also currently ranked the 40th safest place in the world.

The Locals are Friendly People

While you may no longer worry over whether Taiwan is a safe placetaiwan, you might worry about feeling lonely here. There might not be anything worse than feeling lonely during a vacation in a foreign country. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry over the possibility of feeling so because the locals are friendly and won’t hesitate to help you if you ask them for assistance.

Their being this approachable improves your chances of making friends and perhaps even meeting a nice guy.

Taiwan is a Shopper’s Paradise

Another unfortunate thing that could ruin your vacation here is a very tight budget. Worrying over blowing it the entire time will render you not able to fully enjoy yourself. You’d always be hesitant to go into fancy-looking stores, restaurants, and bars. When you do, you’d always worry over spending too much.

Fortunately, the reality is that there’s no need for you to worry because the prices and rates in this country are much lower than those in several other countries. In Taiwan, you could find scarves made of authentic silk, have delicious 3-course dinners, and enjoy unforgettable coastal boat tours all for a few dollars each.

Europe may forever be a tourist destination. But its allure shouldn’t make you dismiss the other places around the world with as much to offer as the places in this region. Having been given much of what it has to offer single female travelers, we hope we have not only convinced you that this country truly is one of the best vacation spots, but we also hope to have piqued your interest in starting your exploration of Asia here.

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women – Las Vegas

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women - Las VegasWhen planning for a vacation, it’s unlikely you’d include Las Vegas on the list of places to check out. It’s likely both its nickname of Sin City and its reputation of being the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah wouldn’t really make you consider this city as one of the best vacation spots for single women. But if I were you, I’d think again.

Las Vegas is the USA’s Entertainment Hub

To begin with, you wouldn’t be bored during a vacation to Las Vegas. This city offers a wide variety of entertainment that could satisfy virtually anyone’s taste. Indeed, apart from the casinos and grand hotels, there are various restaurants, including ones that have been awarded with Michelin stars, and districts where you could find spas, museums, parks, and more.

It Isn’t Really Expensive Overall  las vegas

The main draw of Las Vegas has been, and most likely ever will be, the casinos. If you’re worried over the possibility of blowing your budget at these establishments, don’t be, because the variety of entertainment offered here has grown to such a degree in order to continuously attract visitors that you’re almost assured of finding entertainment that could fit your budget. Indeed, there are several districts here now, which are a way’s away from The Strip, where you could find forms of entertainment other than the excessive forms of entertainment commonplace in the city.

You’ll Definitely Meet New People in Las Vegas

From millionaire Japanese tycoons to college seniors, almost everybody goes to Las Vegas. If you take a vacation here, it’s likely you’ll make new friends and perhaps even meet a nice guy. Since the circumstances in which the people you’d meet here aren’t exactly the usual circumstances, the bonds you’d form could be stronger than the other bonds you share with other people back home as your trip to the city was exciting, amazing, and memorable.

Las Vegas is Safe

Since many VIPs come to Las Vegas regularly, Mayor Carolyn Goodman beefed up the overall security and keeps it at optimal levels in order to keep the visitors safe throughout their stay here. For example, it’s unlikely that there’s a part of the city that’s not being monitored on a 24/7 basis using closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. As such, if you stay away from the seedy parts of the city (all cities have such parts; it’s unavoidable), rest assured that you’ll be okay during your vacation here.

Just because a place has a bad reputation doesn’t mean you should assume that it could never become one of the best vacation spots for single women. It may forever be called Sin City, its seedy places may never be closed up, it may always have a reputation for being the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, but none of these mean that this city wouldn’t be a great place where single women could take a vacation.

If you’d only take a chance, hop into your car, speed off towards it, and never look back, you might be well on your way for one hell of an adventure.

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women – Thailand

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women - ThailandAt the heart of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia is Thailand—one of the best vacation spots for single women, where they’ll find amazing landscapes, a rich culture, and a savory cuisine.

Indeed, you’ll find several distinct geographic regions, such as the narrow Kra Isthmus to the south, which widens into the Malay Peninsula; the mountainous highlands in the north; Is an in the northeast, consisting of the Khorat Plateau, which is bordered to the east by the Mekong River; and the predominantly flat Chao Phraya river valley in the center that runs into the Gulf of Thailand.

You’ll also find a unique Asian cuisine, where nearly every dish can stimulate the 5 fundamental tastes(sweet, spicy, sour, salty, and bitter);as well as a multi-ethnic culture influenced by the Chinese, the Indians, the Burmese, the Cambodians, and the Laos.

Given some of its features, only a few of us would be left in doubt of how this country truly is a place where single women should take a much-needed vacation. But there may be some of them who would like to be shown more evidence.Safety is one of the things that every woman should be assured of when traveling alone. They have no one to depend on for safety except themselves during such a trip. To show you that it is a safe and great vacation spot for you, here are some more pieces of such evidence:

1. Thailand is a Shopper’s Paradise

Several marketplaces are located all over Thailand, where you’ll find various exotic wares, including jewelry inlaid with several precious stones, silk scarves, and stunning statues. If you’re worried over the possibility that you wouldn’t be able to afford much of these, don’t be, because the prices are much lower than those in several other countries, enabling you to shop to your heart’s content during your vacation here.

2. The Rates in Thailand are Low, Too thailand

When you take a vacation in Thailand, your spending spree doesn’t have to stop at the local marketplaces. You may go on a guided trek into the jungle, go parasailing, go scuba diving, and then have a massage at a spa without worrying about spending too much, because the rates in this country are much lower than those in several other countries.

3. The Local Culture Places Women in High Regard

The most widely practiced religion here is Buddhism. The core beliefs of this religion include abstinence from worldly desires like material wealth, liquor, lavish food, and sex. As a result, there’s a prevailing respect in this country for women that could be more deeply ingrained in Thai men than that of the men from other countries. Since Thai men are more respectful toward women than the men of other nationalities, you’ll feel secure in most areas of the country, enabling you to truly enjoy your stay here.

If you’re planning on taking a vacation, you may do so virtually wherever you want. Given the 3 reasons why Thailand is one of the best vacation spots for single women, we hope to pique your interest in having an adventure here.

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women – Costa Rica

Best Vacation Spots for Single Women - Costa RicaWhen you hear someone mention Costa Rica, you might not think of taking a vacation to this country any time soon. With its history marred by several years of bloody civil war, those who know of this aren’t likely to consider ever taking a trip to this country either. But so much has changed here since its former dictator General Federico Tinoco Granados was toppled. Indeed, the country is now one of the best vacation spots for single women, where they’ll find a surprisingly amazing cuisine, stunning landscapes, and a rich culture.

Given all of its features, few would be left doubtful that this country truly is a place where single women ought to have a vacation. But there may be some of them who would like to be given more pieces of evidence. For a woman traveling alone, safety is more important than fun and comfort. Although it is much safer now than it used to be, all of the dangers out there become worse once a woman is alone.

Women traveling by themselves have no one else to rely on for safety except themselves. So, to help them rest assured that Costa Rica is a great destination, here is some more proof:

1. The Locals are Warm, Friendly People

Apart from your safety, it’s possible you’d also worry about being alone during your entire trip. There may not be anything worse than feeling lonely in a foreign country. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that if you take a vacation in Costa Rica. Indeed, the locals are warm, friendly people, with whom you may easily strike a conversation with or even make friends of.

2. The Rates in Costa Rica are Lowcosta rica

Apart from feeling lonely, a tight budget can stop you from having as much fun as you want during a vacation abroad. If you’re going to travel on a shoestring budget, you ought to visit Costa Rica to get the most for your money. The rates here are lower than those in several other countries, allowing you to indulge yourself a little without worrying that you’ll blow your budget.

3.  You’d be Able to Enjoy Adventurous Activities

Given that it used to be a dangerous place, it’s likely you’ve never been here and know little about it. So if you’ve a vacation here, it’s possible that you could go on a sort of adventure to unveil all that the country has to offer visitors, making your trip exciting, amazing, and unforgettable.

Paris, Spain, and Italy are some of the places almost everybody would like to take a vacation to some day. Due to the allure of such tourist destinations, places like Costa Rica are not able to prove that they are also places everybody should check out as well. Given the 3 reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best vacation spots for single women, we hope to pique your interest in proving this for yourself.

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