5 Ways a Sensual Massage Can Rouse Your Better Half’s Pleasure Triggers

Whether we admit it or not, what most (if not all) of us really know about how to sexually please our better halves ranges between little to next to nothing.  Indeed, sex is likely the only way we know how.  Now, don’t get us wrong.  We know that having an orgasm is the only sexually gratifying act, which is normally achieved by way of sex.  But it would be most beneficial for all of us to know that there are several ways of stimulating our better halves’ pleasure triggers that can be quite gratifying for them—even more so than sex.  Having a sensual massage is one such way.

Pleasure Trigger Defined

To explain how a sensual message can rouse your loved one’s pleasure triggers, it’ll be best to explain what pleasure triggers are first.  Pleasure triggers are certain ‘spots’ or ‘areas’ of a man’s or a woman’s body that can cause him or her to have an orgasm when these are stimulated.  Some of them are more sensitive to touch than others, so mere finger strokes across one can lead your better half to climax.

A Sensual Massage Can be More Gratifying Than Sexsensual massage

You may stimulate your loved one’s pleasure triggers as you give him, or her, a [thirstylink linkid=”13351″ linktext=”sensual massage” title=”sensual massage”]. While such a message mainly serves as a sexual act (i.e. foreplay), relaxation is its secondary purpose.  Thus, unlike sex, a sensual message can be both sexually gratifying and relaxing.  If you do this regularly for your better half, we assure you, your relationship will significantly improve.  To help you start, here are some ways that you can rouse your better half’s pleasure triggers:

  1. Make circles upon your better half’s palms with your fingers. Found within our palms, close to the skin’s surface, are many nerve endings. When these nerve endings are stimulated in a sensual way, feelings of sexual pleasure are produced.
  2. Lightly stroke both of your significant other’s ears. Many nerve endings are located within our ears, close to the skin’s surface, as well. The skin of our ears is thin, so stroking them in a sexual way can produce sexual pleasure as well.
  3. Using your hands, apply pressure upon the small recesses found halfway between your loved one’s anklebones and heels. These pleasure triggers are directly connected to his, or her, sex organ. Thus, stimulating them will be quite sexually pleasurable for him or her.
  4. Apply some pressure upon your better half’s sacrum. The sacrum is the area of our bodies where our buttocks and spines meet. Underneath this area, close to the surface of the skin, are the vertebrae within which the sacral nerves are found. The sacral nerves are directly connected to our genitals, so stimulation of the former leads to stimulation of the latter.

While being able to satisfy your significant other’s sexual needs is necessary in keeping your relationship harmonious, sex isn’t the only way to do so.  Indeed, by having had explained to you how a sensual massage can rouse your better half’s pleasure triggers, we hope to have had convinced you that certain sexual but holistic acts can stimulate your loved one in more ways than one, which can add spice to your lives together unlike anything you’ve tried before.

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