Bad Habits That Will Make Every Woman Look Unattractive

Every woman is beautiful in her own skin.  Every woman has her own charm, has her own assets, and has her own physical characteristics that add to her beauty and appeal.  However, a woman’s beauty isn’t only measured from the outside but also from the inside. You may have rocked your outfit; you may have nice hair, flawless skin, and a gorgeous style, but you may still be wondering why you’re dateless or why your date nights always turn out bad.  If this is the case, then take some time to consider the following habits and behavior that make a woman unattractive and find out if you’ve been acting this way and have been showing these behaviors and habits to your dates and to other people.

  1.             Excessive Gossiping

Gossiping may seem like an enjoyable past time, but too much of it can become a really bad habit that is difficult to break.  Men don’t like a woman who always spreads rumors around.  Gossiping may create an impression that you’re not very trustworthy or that you always seem to see only the bad side of people.  It may also create a perception that you don’t have anything useful to do with your extra time other than to bitch about people.  Do you really want to be perceived as someone who doesn’t have anything useful to do during her spare time?

  1.             Always Being Drunk and Wasted

Women are expected to have fun and let their hair down every once in a while at different social events and parties.  And most often than not, drinking is always intertwined in these events.  There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but women should also know their limits.  It’s definitely not attractive when people find you slumped in the bar or down in the comfort room, totally wasted.  A drunk and wasted woman tends to laugh and talk loudly and hysterically; she tends to do stupid things that embarrass her man and her friends, which will make her look anything but attractive.

  1.             Too much makeup

Makeup and cosmetics are meant to enhance our beauty and appearance and not cover our entire face.  Makeup should be used by a woman, but it must not be overdone and not be over the top.  Men still prefer our natural beauty and yes, they may love the fact that we want to look beautiful for them, but there’s really a borderline to being a clown (and staining your man’s favorite shirt while you’re made-up face is snuggling him) and being beautiful.

  1.             Pessimistic Attitude

Always having a negative attitude about things can be too much for other people to bear.  It will also make you look unattractive since you’ll look like you’ve the whole world on your shoulders or a dark cloud is hovering above you.  People definitely like a bubbly and happy woman who has a lot of positivity, more than a woman who is always negative;people love someone who can also give them some form of positivity and can give them something to smile about. unattractive

  1.             Excessive Smoking

It’s common knowledge that smoking isn’t good.  More particularly for a woman, smoking makes us look unattractive – literally.  All the bad effects that smoking can give to our teeth, our skin, and our health can take its toll on our physical appearance.  Surely, you’ve heard how smoking can darken and dry our lips (totally not kissable), how it makes our skin dry and flaky (totally not flawless), how it makes our teeth yellowish and dark (ew!), and much more.  You get the picture.  Overall, every effect of smoking spells the word unattractive to us ladies.

It’s not just the pretty face and the nice body that attracts men; it’s also the values and habits that a woman has.  The overrated statement that beauty comes from within is really not that overrated.  There’s truth to it because in the modern world where so many regimens and procedures are already available to make a woman look more beautiful (so no problem with the physical aspect), what men really look closer into is the inner beauty of a woman, and it’s one aspect that we women should put more effort into. 

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