Be Beautiful and Career Driven in 2022

Busy and career driven women are ugly and stressed out, so if you don’t want to look haggard and tired, don’t bother to do anything with the corporate world.”

I hate it every time my mom’s best friend would say this.  She is a conservativist; for her, beauty and career cannot coexist in a woman’s life.  It’s either you’ll become successful in the business or in the corporate world, but you’ll give up on being beautiful because you’ll become so busy, or you’ll have time to become more beautiful, but you can’t go off chasing your dreams in the corporate world.

For her, both require much time that you’ve choose one over the other. But I don’t really agree with her.  I believe that a woman can look beautiful despite being career drivencareer driven

Being beautiful and career driven can harmoniously coexist in a woman’s life.


What century is she stuck in?

This is the modern world; women nowadays are capable of doing anything. So over the years, it has become my mission to prove her wrong just so I can break that stubborn side of her.

But, I concede that she also had a point.  I guess she was able to say that statement because of her observation that some workaholic women don’t have time to take care of themselves.

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Actually, the key to looking beautiful even amidst the busy environment of the workplace is time management.  Sometimes, because of being too busy at our work, we forget to take care of ourselves, to eat properly and to apply our beauty regimens.

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So it’s not surprising that in effect, we’ll look older than our age, we’ll have eye bags and dark circles around our eyes, and we’ll look pale and sullen.

In my case, in order to avoid everything that I have just mentioned, I really see to it that despite my busy schedule and workload, I also have some time for myself.

I always make sure that I have a good amount of sleep; I also eat healthy meals, and I take my vitamins every day.  I also follow beauty regimen that’s fit for my lifestyle of being a woman on the go.  I also avail of stress relieving techniques and programs so that despite my busy schedule, I’m still stress-free, because really, once stress would seep-in to your system, it can affect your looks.

Lastly, I make sure that I dress properly so that I’ll look good from head to toe even if I’m in the workplace.

It has been a long time since I saw my mom’s best friend, but I really can’t wait to show her the current me.  Just seeing the surprised look on her face would be surely enough to make my day.

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