Beauty Defined: The Facial Features of Perfection

As much as we all like to find beauty in many things, human beauty tends to be defined by physical looks. While it can be hard to pinpoint what’s considered perfectly beautiful, we’re sure that you’re interested.

In fact, it’s quite funny that a group of people can all just look at a few pictures and each one will tell you the same one is the most beautiful. What is it in our human nature that defines beauty to all? Today, we’re going to break out the facial area of the body and explain the features that create perfection.

Bone Structure

The elements of beauty start out with the typical bone structure of those considered extremely beautiful. For women, this is the narrower facial structure with high cheekbones. These ladies will sport a defined facial cut with a tapering chain. Also, expect to see some prominent dimples shining through.


When it comes to defining the ideal beauty of the face, a pointed nose brings it home. Those wider and rounder noses tend to detract from the face. It’s enough to keep the best Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons busy all year-round, but the demand for beautifully shaped noses has spread to less posh parts of the world.


When it comes to eyes, there are a couple of features that are specific to beautiful women. First, blue, gray and hazel eyes are the most desirable. Next, we have the eyelashes. These should be thick, curled, and dark. Sorry ladies who have thinning lashes as those won’t help to define your eyes.


There are many different mouth shapes out there which can attract the opposite sex. However, only one of these shapes is rated as the most beautiful. This is the pout mouth style. More specifically, the symmetrical pout where the top lip and the bottom lip are of the same thickness. Don’t mistake this for the asymmetrical pout where the bottom lip is larger than the top lip.

Skin Quality

Defining perfect skin quality can be summed up in simply saying ‘flawless’. This type of skin doesn’t have any sort of visible damage to it. No pimples, no dark spots, no large pores and no freckles at all. The flawless face offers a very clean and supple look. Adding a dash of golden tan brown can help you to achieve this flawless look.


Eyebrows can make or break your look. When it comes to defining the most beautiful ones of the planet, it comes down to the way they’re styled. The perfect eyebrows are those that fall in the medium-sized range. They’re not too overgrow but not to receding either. The perfect brow starts at the center of the nostril and arches over the back third of the eye.


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Teeth are another factor that helps to define beauty when it comes to the face. The perfect teeth are those which are in the right proportions. The formula you need to know is that the width of your two front teeth should be equal to 70 percent of their height. Additionally, the rule applies in perspective to all the remaining teeth starting from the gap between your two front teeth.

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The makeup of a beautiful woman has many different qualities. The above are the most popular ways to break down the facial genetics of those who are considered perfectly beautiful in today’s society. There are many more specific features that can help to identify a naturally beautiful person from an average specimen.

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