Fuller Lips Naturally: How to Plump Your Pout [New For 2022]

Dreaming of that famous Angelina Jolie pout? I bet a lot of women are.

And if there’s something stopping anyone from getting her dreamy full and luscious lips, it’s probably what it takes and what it costs to get it.

The good news is that you can certainly plump your pout just like Angelina’s. No, it doesn’t require your entire life savings, nor does it require those dreadful needles. You can achieve fuller lips naturally without worrying about nasty side effects and even bankruptcy.

Beginner’s Tips For Fuller Pouty Lips

Are you ready to make your dream come true? Here are some amazing ways to pull off fuller lips naturally.

Take Good Care of your Lips

The lips, just like the rest of the body, require special attention and proper care. The first way to achieve fuller lips naturally is to start from the basics of taking care of your lips. This includes washing and exfoliating to remove the dead skin cells and other impurities from the lips.

Use of makeup and other products on a daily basis can take its toll on your lips. It’s important to clean your lips and get rid of any dirt and dead skin that make your lips look dull and dry. To get fuller lips, simply use a wet cotton cloth and rub it on your lips.

You can also take advantage of natural exfoliants or scrubs to slough the dead skin cells off. When the unnecessary layer of skin is taken off your lips, you’re sure to improve your lips appearance.

After exfoliation, take the extra time to moisturize your lips. Honey, olive oil, and even milk cream are great sources of Vitamin E that provide the kind of moisture that your lips need.

fuller lips naturallyDo Some Lip Workouts

Need an easy and free way to achieve fuller lips? Would you believe it if I told you that in order for you to have fuller lips, your lips would also need to do some workouts? Oh yes, your lips need some regular exercises so they get their fabulous look.

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If you know how to play a flute or any wind instrument, then you’re lucky. Experts say that those who use their lip muscles regularly have fuller lips naturally.

But don’t worry if you can’t play these instruments; you can simply start whistling your favorite tune and that should be good exercise to have fuller lips. Now I understand that not all women can whistle.

Here’s another exercise that I’m sure all women can do and can be pretty good at – smiling. Holding a smile for about 5 seconds can help you achieve fuller and more beautiful lips that you deserve.

So go ahead and keep smiling!

Drink Up

It really can’t be this simple, can it? The truth is that it can. By drinking plenty of water every single day, you keep yourself hydrated. And when you’re hydrated and your skin cells are well fed with the amount of water and nutrients they need, your skin and the skin on your lips will definitely look fuller, redder, and a whole lot better than when it’s dehydrated.

A fuller, more voluptuous pout can start from the amount of water you drink. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

These foolproof ways to plump your pout won’t fail you. So before you run to the cosmetics department to get your lips fuller and more beautiful, I suggest you try these; you won’t regret it. These are totally safe and 100% effective.

Would you like to give it a try?

Three Secrets To Have Fuller Lips Naturally

Three Secrets To Have Fuller Lips NaturallyFuller lips—how a woman can have them without the dangers of lip surgery. While a lot of aesthetic surgeons will announce that there’s absolutely no harm in the lip augmentation process, women still have a lot of worries.

What if my lips turn out to be asymmetrical after the injection? What if the bruising never leaves my lips? What if the infection makes me spend more than what I’m prepared to give out?

These are just some of the girls’ concerns. And you know what, kudos to them for thinking about their decisions very carefully. If you’re one of the smart women out there (sure, you are!), why not try having fuller lips naturally?

There are no dangers involved. All the steps are natural and simple to follow. The best part is you only need to regularly do three things!

Secret #1

Massage your lips. No kidding! Massaging your lips will improve blood circulation (which will make the lips redder and more kissable) and activate cells. It will be a very long and frustrating process, but it’s 100% effective.

To accomplish this, you just need to follow these simple guidelines.

Massage your lips with an ice cube covered in cloth. This will make the lips look fuller and redder. Let the ice cube stay on the lips for 10 minutes at most.

From time to time, massage your lips with Aloe Vera gel. It has a lot of antioxidants that can fight the aging of your lips by decreasing the visible lines. The use of the gel also gets rid of the dirt, making your lips look fresh and well moisturized. I learned to do this at https://www.globosurfer.com/best-aloe-vera-gel/.

If you don’t have Aloe Vera gel, you can also scrub your lips using a mixture of sugar and honey. These two can cleanse the lips and can hydrate them to make them more attractive and fuller.

fuller lips naturallySecret #2

Do you like to spend money on lip plumpers? That’s highly understandable. Although most lip plumpers are safe to use, it still depends on a lot of factors, such as the brand of the product and the person using it.

So, if you still want the temporary but instant fuller lips effect of the plumpers, why not try dabbing cinnamon oil on your lips?

This may be a little uncomfortable because the oil is spicy. Just a drop of cinnamon mixed with two drops of water will irritate the lips and make them swell, giving you the natural full lips you want.

If you think that it’s still too spicy, add more drops of water until you reach the comforting mixture.

Secret #3

Remember to moisturize. I’m sure you’ve experienced chapped lips; aside from the fact that it’s irritating, you’ll also notice that they make your dreams of having fuller lips impossible. To have fuller lips naturally, do any of the following:

Use olive oil because it has high moisturizing power and Vitamin E, which is good for the skin.

Apply pure honey on the lips and let it stay there for 20 minutes everyday. Your lips will readily absorb the water in honey, thus making them look bigger.

At night, consider applying milk cream on the lips. Aside from the moisturizing effect, it also makes the lips softer and smoother.

Just follow these three simple guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to having fuller lips naturally. All the ingredients can be found in your pantry; if not, they are still easy to obtain. Remember to make a hobby out of these steps!

Makeup Magic Tricks For Fuller Lips

Makeup Magic Tricks For Fuller LipsDo you want to have fuller lips naturally? Have you heard of lip fillers and wanted nothing to do with them? No one will blame you; the risks involved are just too high.

Did you ever try lip plumpers? I’m sure you’re satisfied to a certain extent but would want the results to show up faster. That dilemma can be instantly solved with just a few magic tricks. A stroke here, color there, and you’ll have fuller lips in just a flash.

Makeup tricks are just exactly that: makeup tricks. They don’t really give you the actual plump on your lips, but who cares? You look in front of the mirror and you see Angelina Jolie’s infamous kissable lips.

Your friends and strangers see you, and that’s also what they will get. The bottom line is it’s a safe solution with magnificent results.

So, here are some tips for you to follow to have the most coveted fuller lips naturally—with makeup:

  • Apply a lip liner. Applying a lip liner will instantly make your lips look bigger. But if you really have thin lips, you can get creative by not following the real contour. Instead, make imaginary lip lines around your actual outline, and depending on your expertise, the line will become extremely convincing. Aside from that perk, applying a lip liner can also make the lipstick last much, much longer.
  • Have fuller lips with lip plumping gloss. Although the results will be temporary, lip plumpers have an instant effect on your lips. In most cases, you don’t even need to outline your lips; just dab a small amount over your lips, and bear the slight stinging sensation. Watch as your lips turn from thin to kissable!
  • Dark lipsticks should be avoided. Just picture this; if a little black dress makes you sexier (read: smaller), your dark lipstick can also make your small lips even smaller. You can experiment with colors; just avoid dark shades in general. A series of trial and error can give you a wonderful outcome!
  • fuller lipsShine so bright. After applying the chosen lipstick, lather your lips with gloss. The shinier, the better. Why? It’s because shiny lips look fuller. Not only that, but the shine also makes your lips so chic and ready for kissing.
  • Pay extra attention to exfoliation. Not all girls know about this little secret. Did you know that it’s possible to exfoliate the lips? All you need are natural ingredients like sugar and honey. They are perfectly safe and edible, so there’s no need to worry about side effects. Regular exfoliation can eventually give you fuller lips naturally. On top of that, the exfoliation process will get rid of the annoying flakes on your lips.
  • Use tinted lip gloss. Instead of using gloss over your applied lipstick, why not directly use the tinted lip gloss. Apply it as you would with your lipstick. This is a good trick to have fuller lips when you’re in a hurry, and outlining the lips is so much hassle.
  • Do you remember the talk about dark shades? Now, you can use warm colors for your lips since they tend to enhance the thickness. Don’t go for too light either. The correct shade of dark red and orange is best suitable for fuller lips.

There you’ve got it! Seven super easy techniques you can use to have more kissable lips that are bound to get attention. Just keep them in mind while you’re waiting for the long-term effects of the lip plumpers.

Makeup tricks are effective, and you can even share the knowledge with your girlfriends.

Tasty Treats for Naturally Fuller Lips

Tired of your thin lips?  How would you like to have lush, plump, and kissable lips without having to spend so much on treatments while enjoying the goodness of your favorite treats?

Pucker up, ladies.

I got some good stuff you can stock up on that will surely help you get fuller lips naturally.  Not only are these treats great for your lips but they are also beneficial for your overall health.  Ready?

  1. Every household I know of has honey in their kitchen.  Even I never run out of honey.  And this is because honey is so useful that you can use it for your food or you can even use it for beautification purposes.  And if you want to have fuller lips naturally, honey is a great option to moisturize and make your pout a lot more appealing than it usually is.
  2. Another favorite treat that makes fuller lips and most women’s morning better is milk.  It has been proven over time how effective milk is as a beautifying agent.  Even Cleopatra has bathed in milk because of the amazing benefits it offers the skin – and yes, that includes your lips.  Milk boosts the texture of your skin, making it luscious and smoother.
  3. fuller lipsIf you’re looking forward to achieving fuller lips naturally using avocado, you can simply use it as a scrub.  A lot of women make use of avocado for facial masks, and it can also be used to nourish your lips and make them look fuller and more beautiful.  Not only is avocado good as a scrub but it can also be a perfect treat that provides your lips with much-needed hydration.
  4. One of the oldest processed foods that can be of great help in getting fuller lips naturally is yogurt.  It contains ingredients that are highly nourishing and moisturizing when applied on skin, including the skin on your lips.
  5. No woman can have attractive and luscious-looking lips if she has dull and dry lips.  And while everybody knows what benefits we get from oranges, not everyone knows that oranges can actually put the glow back to your lips so you get fuller lips naturally.  The Vitamin C found in oranges kills the germs from the skin and rejuvenates it.  It also repairs the damages caused by external factors such as the sun’s harmful rays.
  6. Green leafy vegetables. Wondering what you can get from your veggies that will get you fuller lips?  Vitamin E.  Although Vitamin E is normally applied topically, it can also be found in your leafy vegetables.  Your daily dose of veggies will certainly fight off negative effects of radicals that cause your lips to be dry and dull.  So you should never wonder why your parents always had you eat your veggies when you were younger.

Nature has the answer to most of our health issues – and that includes achieving those gorgeous lips.  These everyday treats can definitely affect the health and the state of your lips.

Now that you know how important it’s to know what you eat and what you can benefit from what you eat, it’s your turn to stock up on certain foods that contain the right vitamins and minerals to help you sport healthy-looking, smooth, and luscious lips.

Natural Oils for Fuller Lips

Natural Oils for Fuller LipsThey say beauty is priceless.  And the cost to be beautiful may be a bit pricey, too.  A lot of women today are obsessed with improving and enhancing facial beauty, including getting that perfect set of red, kissable lips.

This obsession often leads women to paths that require surgical procedures and other processes in the field of science that provide immediate answers to women’s need for fuller lips.

And while results may be instantaneous, there may be certain dangers and risks that are lurking behind the achievement of your temporary pout.  Fortunately, there are other safer ways to attain fuller lips.  In fact, there are natural ingredients that you can use to get the same effects that you can get from surgical treatments minus the imminent danger.

If you’re on the lookout for ways to get fuller lips naturally, read on to find out how these amazing ingredients can help enhance those adorable lips.

Cinnamon Oil

Wonder what most over-the-counter lip plumpers have in common?  You guessed it right.  Cinnamon oil.  This natural essential oil plays a huge role in helping you achieve fuller lips naturally.  It contains elements that enhance the flow of blood in your lips, making them look red and plump.

Most women say they feel a tingling sensation after application, but it goes away immediately.  You can directly rub cinnamon oil onto your lips or mix it with your favorite lip balm, and your lips are set for the day.

Clove Oil

Another natural ingredient to make fuller lips naturally is clove oil.  This is similar to the cinnamon oil as it causes slight irritation so it gives you that tingling sensation upon application but goes away immediately.  This gives a minor swelling effect on your lips that enhances your voluptuous pout.

This is a little bit stronger than the cinnamon oil, so it’s recommended that you mix it with a few drops of honey and leave it on your lips for about a minute or two before rinsing it with cold water.  This should definitely give you fuller lips naturally.

fuller lipsOlive Oil

You have probably heard of olive oil and its countless uses – including helping you achieve fuller lips naturally.  Olive oil has played a huge role in the beauty industry for decades.

Rich in Vitamin E, among all the other great elements, olive oil provides moisture to the skin.  When the lip skin is well hydrated and moisturized, it looks beautifully smooth and soft.  Moisturized lips also means getting bigger and fuller lips.

Coconut Oil

If anything, this oil can be easily found anywhere.  This also acts as a moisturizing balm to your lips that makes them fuller and softer.  Now if you’ve almond oil available, you can also add in a few drops and mix these powerful oils together to form a potent lip balm that will surely get the blood flowing in your lips and make them look luscious and plump.

Your quest for fuller lips will be considerably easy and cheap with these amazing oils.  You can certainly achieve those kissable lips in the comfort of your home at your own convenience.  Try any of these oils and you’ll be very much surprised at how good your lips will be looking in just a short amount of time.  Oil away and good luck!

Simple Tricks for Fuller Lips

Simple Tricks for Fuller LipsNot every woman is gifted with luscious lips to enhance one’s beautiful face.

And while the latest technology offers a variety of options that women can choose from to improve the fullness of their lips, unfortunately, it’s something that may not be feasible for most, considering the price they have to pay for it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fuller lips.  You can.  And if budget is an issue, no problem!  Here are some tricks you can do at home to achieve fuller lips naturally.

Brush your lips

If you’ve never heard of this, know that brushing your lips after brushing your teeth can actually get you fuller lips.  How?  Well, this trick helps get rid of dead skin cells and other dirt stuck on your skin that greatly affect the texture of your lips.

Other than getting smoother lips, brushing also improves the circulation of blood, which makes your lips fuller.  So before you put your toothbrush down after your regular brushing session, get your lips brushed and you’ll feel and see a great improvement on your lips.

Exfoliate your lips

Just like the rest of the skin, exfoliation improves blood circulation, which in turn enhances the overall look of your lips. Brushing is one way of exfoliating, but if you’re looking for another way to get fuller lips naturally through exfoliation, try using sugar and water.

These are ingredients you can easily find anywhere, especially when you’re at home. Mix a small amount of water and sugar into a paste.

If you’ve moisturizing oil available, add a few drops before massaging the paste onto your lips.  Massage the mixture onto your lips in a circular motion.  When done, simply wipe off and you’re good to go.

fuller lipsMassage your lips

You can also get fuller lips naturally by simply massaging them.  Massages work best by keeping the blood flowing through your lips and improving the texture, making them look redder and fuller.  There are different techniques available.

A mixture of water and lemon is great for keeping your lips full and healthy when massaging.  The antioxidants found in lemons will work by removing any dead skin cells and other dirt that make your lips chapped and dry.

Moisturize your lips

Moisturizing is one of the essential steps to achieving lips that are fuller, smoother, and oh-so-kissable.  When your lips are dehydrated, you run the risk of running around with dry, cracked lips, which is something you’re probably going to regret, especially when you’re trying to look cute for someone.

Moisturizing keeps your pouts soft, smooth, and yes, kissable.  If you’re wondering what you can use, try using honey.  Yes, this golden syrup does a whole lot, and that includes getting you those hydrated and gorgeous looking lips.  Simply apply honey onto your lips on a daily basis, and you’ll never live a day with cracked and dry lips.

There are a thousand other ways to get fuller lips naturally without spending a chunk of your savings.  You shouldn’t get stuck with medical procedures that may enhance your looks but will eventually damage your health and your wealth.  These tricks should do the trick!

Did you ever wonder why some women shy away from lip augmentation?

It may be because of their aversion to needles—who can blame them?

No one wants to have their skin being poked at by invasive instruments. Personally though, I think it’s more than just about injections.

It’s ultimately because of the unpredictability of lip fillers when it comes to results. Although the result of the lip filling process can give you an illusion that you gained fuller lips naturally, the dangers in the results say otherwise.

Yes, it’ll start out great. The doctor will give you a numbing agent (so it’s kind of painless). Then he will inject the main filler (in most cases, it’s hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found ‘inside’ the body), and after that, he will give you ice to lessen the discomfort.

If all things go according to plan, then great! Welcome to fuller lips!

What if something goes amiss?

Normal discomforts in the lip augmentation process include bleeding from the injection site (nothing much you can do about it, so if you’re afraid of blood, be prepared), swelling, and sometimes, bruising. This will also be accompanied by tenderness and redness.

All these discomforts should only last a couple of days; longer than a week can mean danger.

fuller lips naturallyThe dangers of unnatural fully lips

You risk having asymmetrical lips

If your doctor was distracted while injecting the filler, the right side of your upper lip may become ‘too full’. And surely it doesn’t reflect having fuller lips naturally.

You wouldn’t want that, would you? In some cases, patients reported ugly bumps and lumps on their lips after the augmentation process.

Blood vessel damage

If the doctor makes a mistake and the filler is injected in the blood vessel, two things can happen, but having natural full lips isn’t one of them. The first is prolonged bruising like you’ve been punched quite strongly by a bouncer (slight exaggeration), and the second is there may be some tissue loss.

Scarring and ulceration

Depending on the quality of the artificial filler, your lips may suffer scarring either from the injection or from the swelling and bruising, or there may be ugly ulceration.


If you’re too sensitive to have the lip augmentation, you may experience an allergic reaction to the filler. Acceptable if the results are temporary, but what if it causes you permanent damage. Wouldn’t you rather have fuller lips naturally?

It may take you to the cleaners

Depending on a lot of things, such as the doctor’s credentials and type of procedure, the cost of lip augmentation is unpredictable.

With lip filling, you can only give your full trust to three types of professionals: plastic surgeons, cosmetic facial surgeons, or skin experts/dermatologists. If the person you’re consulting with isn’t one of the three, you better find another professional.

Fuller lips naturally is better

Knowing all the dangers, why not opt for the natural remedies? Sure, the results may not be as head-turning as the clinically produced lips, but the safety is worth everything. Remember that beauty should never demand danger, especially not your lips.

So, before jumping to decisions, think hard about it. Do you really need super plump lips?

If so, why?

If there’s no serious need for you to put yourself in danger, opt for safe and instant solutions, such as makeup tricks or lip plumpers. They can also give you fuller lips naturally, but they won’t give you the stress and the scare.

Fuller Lips Naturally: Kiss Artificial Lip Fillers Goodbye!

Fuller Lips Naturally How to Plump your PoutDid you know that aging can cause a significant thinning of the lips? So, just imagine if you really have small lips from the start—what will happen when you get older?

It’s a good thing that you’ve come across this superb article because we will provide you with a lip hack: secret techniques that can get you those fuller lips, naturally!

For some women, it may be trivial, but come to think of it,fuller lips can be a symbol of youth and beauty. Who doesn’t want that? So… let’s start!

Rejuvenate the lips

If you’re wondering how, just browse online for lip rejuvenators. They are beauty products that can be applied directly over the lips like how you apply lipstick.

They mostly contain hyaluronic acid, the substance used by surgeons for lip augmentation. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have fuller lips without having to undergo any lip filling procedure. These lip rejuvenators are used mostly at night.

Exfoliate regularly

Did you know that exfoliation can also be performed on your lips? No kidding! Aside from the fact that it removes dead skin cells and flakes on your lips, exfoliation can improve blood circulation—making your lips fuller and redder.

A washcloth is enough or you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush. If you’ve more time, make a scrub out of honey and sugar and lather it on your lips at least twice a week.

To have fuller lips, you really have to resort to makeup

The start is to define the lips first. Aside from solidifying the contour of the lips, it also makes them fuller. There are also available lip liners that contain plumping agents. You can use it together with lip plumping glosses. As for colors, choose the ones that are closest to your lip hue—this will give the natural effect you want.

Try the long-term plumping. Lip plumpers are famous among women who want fuller lips naturally. The trick is that plumpers irritate the skin, making it swell temporarily.

The active ingredient in lip plumpers is capsaicin. While women refer to using plumpers as like eating extremely spicy food, they also attest to the effectiveness. The stinging sensation may be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.

Aside from that, did you know that there are lip plumpers that are meant to be used for longer periods? Using them constantly and regularly will eventually give you fuller lips.

How does that happen? Simple.

They ‘reorganize’ your collagen production, and in time will make your lips plumper. Of course, you’ve to choose the right brand for you.

fuller lipsAll the other techniques. The minute details provided here can also give you the fuller lips you so want:

  1. Glossing rules. It’s a known fact that the shinier the lips are, the fuller they will look. So, in choosing a lip gloss, select the one with a chic feel, and of course, the one with the right amount of gloss.
  2. Warm kisses. To have fuller lips, use lipsticks with warm shades. Darker hues tend to make your lips smaller. It won’t be a difficult feat, seeing that beauty stores have testers. Make sure you choose the correct shade.
  3. Biting it. Aha! Did you count on that? Biting your lips (especially when you’ve forgotten to apply lipstick) can make your lips look redder and fuller. Just don’t torture your lips too much and don’t bite too hard.

Protect your lips. Albeit this tip won’t make you’ve fuller lips naturally, it’s still helpful to have healthy lips. When choosing lip balms, select the ones with SPF, so that even your lips will be protected from the sun.

Lip Hack: Secret Tips To Have Fuller Lips, Naturally

Lip Hack: Secret Tips To Have Fuller Lips, NaturallyOur lips enhance our overall beauty.  Unfortunately, aging can definitely affect the beauty of our lips, making them look smaller.  Don’t be sad.

While aging is inevitable, you can still achieve fuller lips naturally that will also make you look and feel younger.  No, it doesn’t require Botox or fillers or any surgical procedures, but if you read on, you’ll find out how to get the splendor back to your lips and reclaim fuller lips naturally.

Eliminate the Flakes

If you’ve flaky and scaly lips, your lips will look smaller.  Slough the outer layer of your skin with gentle scrubs and exfoliant.  You get fuller lips naturally by getting rid of the dead skin cells that are making your lips dry and dull.  And if you’re not aware that exfoliating the lips actually paves way for fuller and smoother lips, then now is the best time to try taking the flakes off your lips.

There are several ways to exfoliate your lips.  Remember to use ingredients that are gentle.  The skin on the lips is a little more sensitive than the regular skin you find covering the rest of your body.  And because our lips don’t have oil glands, they are susceptible to looking dry and parched, especially when exposed to dirt and other chemicals from our daily use of makeup.

Always go for natural products for exfoliation and apply them with caution and care.  By exfoliating, you also boost and improve the blood circulation around your lips, which will promote fuller lips naturally.  Always remember to moisturize your lips after exfoliation.

fuller lipsPlump Up

Now there are many products that are created to plump up your pout.  While these may sound promising, they may be a little expensive and out of your budget.

They may also have side effects that won’t do you any good at all.  If you want to get fuller lips naturally, you may use natural ingredients that also offer lip enhancing treatment.

Your bigger and plumper pout can come from the use of a honey and cinnamon mixture used as a lip balm.  By using this powerful duo, you’ll achieve fullness on your lips that you’ll certainly appreciate.

You can also achieve fuller lips naturally by taking advantage of products that make use of natural ingredients such as peppermint or spearmint.  These are also designed to give you that desired pout.

Avoid the Dark Shade

So now that you’ve sloughed away the flaky part of your skin, applied a bit of moisturizer, and applied on a plumper to get you your desired lips, you can go ahead and use your favorite lipstick.  However, always read the labels of your skin care products (including your lipstick) to make sure that you’re not putting on something that is harmful for your skin and your health.  And when you put some lipstick on, avoid using darker shades.


Well, because darker hues for your lipstick will only accentuate your thin lips, instead of making them plump.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Last and certainly not the least, achieve fuller lips by making sure you keep yourself hydrated.  Always bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go.  Well-hydrated skin gives you that kind of glow and freshness you need, especially on your lips.

If you’re dehydrated, your lips dry out a lot faster and will look notably thin.  So help yourself out and drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to keep that beautiful look on your skin and your lips.

Stay young, fresh, and beautiful with these beauty tips that promise to give you plump and fuller lips naturally.  Have fun!

Beauty Tips for Luscious and Fuller Lips

five ways to have smooth and soft lipsEver envied Angelina Jolie for having a smooth and soft lips?  Do you love kissing but are having problems because you don’t have soft, kissable lips?

Or are you shy about going out on a date because you’ve chapped lips?

Worry no more because these five things will surely help you’ve the smooth and soft lips that you’ve been wanting all along.

Drink a lot of water

There’s a reason why we need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Water helps hydrate our skin and our bodies, including our lips since they dry out faster than other areas of our bodies. One of the causes of chapped lips is dehydration and the cold weather, to the extent that our lips become cracked and dry.

Drinking a lot of water will help instantly moisturize our chapped and dry lips because the small amounts of water that are left on our lips can linger there, providing instant moisture from the outside so that we can have those smooth and soft lips that we wanted.

smooth and soft lipsExfoliate at least once a week

Exfoliating your lips at least once or twice a week is also a great way to have smooth and soft lips. Exfoliating is a process of getting rid of those dead cells on your lips that make them look dry and not kissable at all.

Once the dead cells are removed, the healthier cells underneath are exposed, also revealing your smooth and soft lips.

There are many ways to exfoliate your lips. I, for one, use a mixture of sugar and olive oil, and I just rub it on my lips to exfoliate them.

You can also do an exfoliation by gently rubbing a wet wash cloth over your lips, or you can put petroleum jelly over your lips (it sounds gross, but I promise you it works!), or try a mixture of petroleum jelly and honey and just rub a toothbrush over it.

Moisturize your lips.

Moisturizing your lips can keep them from being dry and make them look smoother and softer. A great way to get smooth and soft lips is to put an ample amount of petroleum jelly on your lips (but make sure that you’re not into the habit of biting your lips, or else you’ll be eating the petroleum jelly!).

The petroleum jelly can instantly have soothing effects on your lips while keeping them from being dry. But if you want to go all natural or just don’t like the sound of putting petroleum jelly on your lips, the best alternative would be to put shea butter on them. Whether you put it on overnight or just before applying your lipstick, it’ll help you’ve smooth and soft lips.

And the best thing is that aside from giving you luscious lips, it also contains nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties that will help heal your chapped lips.

lip careChoose lipsticks and lip balms wisely.

Choosing a good lipstick and lip balm is critical to having smooth, soft lips.

When choosing a lipstick or a lip balm, color shouldn’t be the only factor; we must also take into account if it has SPF (which will afford the necessary protection to our lips from the sun’s UV rays), or if it has the essential nutrients like Vitamin E lip care to help keep our lips moisturized, preventing dry lips.

I, for one, have been a victim of cheap lipstick because I was only concerned with its cute colors. Little did I know that it has been laden with chemicals that make my lips dry and unattractive.

So now, I make sure that I only choose all-natural lipsticks to avoid irritating my sensitive lips and to have smooth lips.

Thou shalt not smoke.

Smoking has many bad effects to our health, and having dry, unattractive, rough lips is one of those effects. If you always smoke, you really won’t have soft, kissable lips.

Smoking not only dries your lips, but it also makes your lips darker and causes unattractive lines around them. Plus, the smoker’s pucker doesn’t help you’ve smooth, soft lips. Ever see a smoker puffing a cigarette? When they smoke, they wrinkle their lips tightly around the cigarette, making the lips tight and rough, hence very uninviting and definitely not kissable.

Having smooth and soft lips can boost a woman’s attractiveness and desirability. It also gives a woman more self-confidence. And with these five simple ways, your key to having smooth and soft lips is just an arm’s length away.

Now you can confidently go on a date or to a party and have those men dying to kiss your luscious lips! xoxo

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