Butt-Sculpting Exercises: Glute Workouts for Women

Every woman (or at least every woman I know of) wants to make her rear view sexier and quite frankly, what woman doesn’t want a head-turning and oh-so-sexy behind?

Although the idea of having that kind of rear view you’ve always dreamt of may be interesting, the work you’ve to put in certainly won’t be a walk in the park.  Yes, unfortunately, it’s not an easy task.  But if you’ve set your goals and have been pretty keen on getting that dream rear, these glute workouts for women should do just the trick for you.  Are you ready?

Squat your way to a well-sculpted behind

glute workout

You have probably seen people squatting in the gym and you’re hesitant to even try it simply because you think it’s going to do some damage to your knees (or stuff of that sort).  Well, not if you’re doing it right.  This glute workout for women comes in so many variations that are great for beginners and even those who’ve been working out for years.  To properly execute this routine, you’ve to squat all the way down until you can’t go any further.

Keep your upper body upright and try to support your knees as much as you can.  Gradually push yourself upwards, keeping the tension on your glutes and your upper body straight.  When back up, pause and do the routine repetitively as desired.  Now don’t get too excited and start picking up some barbells to intensify your workout.

You have to make sure you perfect or master your squat even before you add in some weights to your glute workouts.  When you’re ready for the next level, you can throw in some weights and do a variation of your squats.  These squats should help your glutes and activate your hips to get you that perfectly shaped rear.

Activate your glutes with some hip thrust exercises

Another great glute workout for women is by doing hip thrust exercises.  Hip thrusts improve your glutes and improve the performance of your lower back, hip, foot, knee, and ankle.  Like the squat, hip thrusts can be done in so many variations depending on your expertise and the intensity of your workout.

Options such as weights, bars, and other varieties of positions are available for you to choose from.  To execute this glute workout, you can start by setting up a bench and wedging your body into place.  Get the bar placed over the crease of your hips.

Again, the weight is dependent on your expertise.  Throw in some protection or padding in between to avoid your hips from getting hurt.  Set your feet into position, making sure you’ve them secure on the floor.  Now remember to move the weight using your glutes and not your back.  This is a common mistake done by a lot of people, which strains their lower back.

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And never attempt to jerk it off quickly as this might also do some serious damage to your back.  Push the bar up, putting the pressure of contraction to your glutes while your hips push upward.  The top position should make your torso or your upper body parallel to the floor.

Another mistake for this glute workout for women is that some overextend their back.  Never overextend your back when doing this.  Lower down the bar, still focusing on your glutes working, and repeat the exercise as you desire.

If you’re looking for a great way to start sculpting your behind, these two are the simplest and yet effective glute workouts for women.  Each exercise offers amazing benefits to your glutes, which you’ll certainly love.

Glute Workouts For Women That Tone Your Tush

Glute Workouts For Women That Tone Your TushLooking for some simple yet effective glute workouts for women that tone and enhance your tush?

Search no more!  Here are some great workouts for every woman of any age, color, or individuality.  Busy or not, these routines will work out just fine.


Here’s a glute workout for women that develops your glutes, your hips, and even your thighs.  All you need is a chair and your beautiful self and you’re good to go.

Prepare a chair that will act as your support during this glute workout.  Stand straight and hold the back of the chair with one hand.  Place your feet in a V position, making sure that your heels are pressed together.  Measure about 3-4 inches of space between your left and right toes.  Inhale.

Slowly bend your knees while you elevate your heels to a few inches off the ground.  Squeeze your glutes and push your tush down until you feel the pressure on your quads.  Go back to the original position and then pulse down again.  Complete about 10 -15 up and down or you can do sets of 3.

glute workoutDonkey Kick

This glute workout can definitely do some serious toning on your tush.  No other equipment needed other than a floor and yourself.

Get down on all fours with your hands and your knees.  Position your wrists just below your shoulders.  Keep your knees aligned with your hips.  Keep your torso parallel to the floor and draw your abs in.

With your left foot flexed, lift your left leg until it’s parallel to the floor.  Go back to your original position and repeat the routine for at least twenty times before switching to the other leg.  Remember to keep your back relaxed and let your glutes do the work.

Defy Gravity

Got some steps for your regular workout?  You can definitely use them for this glute workout.

Using a step with three or four risers on each side, lie face down with your upper body anchored to the steps.  Get your forearms to rest on the floor in front of you while you let your legs dangle at the back.  When you’ve your upper body and your arms nestled properly, lift both legs up with your ankles crossed.

Lift your legs to the same height as the steps or even higher.  Hold your position while you observe proper breathing techniques.  Slowly lower down to your original position.  Repeat this glute workout for about 10-15 times or as many as you can.  This routine should target your glutes, lower back, and hamstrings.

Bridge with Leg Lift

Here’s a simple routine for your butt muscles that will surely keep your behind in its gorgeous shape.

Lie on the floor with your face up.  Bend your knees and keep your feet grounded on the floor.  Keep your arms relaxed at your sides for support.  Squeeze your glutes and tighten your abs.  Raise your hips off the floor at a 45-degree angle.  Use your hips and not your lower back.  Now lift your right foot off the floor and stretch them up in the air.  Hold your position and then lower down your foot and your hips back to the original position.

Enjoy toning your tush!

Famous Myths About how to Have Sexy Behinds

It’s no doubt that an attractive sight to have is a sexy behind. Women crave for it because it gives them more confidence, and more than that, men crave women with sexy butts.  It has long been understood by many that having healthy gluteal muscles also has benefits to overall health.

A strong and toned behind means that your back is much safer from tension and your knees are more capable of supporting you. Every movement of your lower body requires the support from your buttocks—no wonder lots of females are looking patiently for the best glute workouts for women.

Daily, we are exposed to a lot of models openly parading their toned butts, and it’s normal to feel envious. What’s not normal is to delve deep into some “suggestions” that will give you a toned and sexy behind. Why? It’s because some of those “suggestions” are mere myths.

So, before I provide you with the best glute workouts for women, let us first discuss the famous myths about how to have sexy behinds.

sexy behindTarget exercise is the most effective to a get sexier butt

This concept is partially incorrect. Some women, at the desperation to have sexy behinds, get into an overkill workout concentrating only on their butt. They highly believe that doing the hardest of the glute workouts will make their butts smaller and sexier.


If you want to lose weight, your whole body should lose weight. And if you want a sexier butt, you first have to lose the fat from there. Exercising only your behind will most likely build some muscles there, but if there are too many fat deposits, it won’t show up. Your butt will end up bigger—the correct rule is to lose weight first, then tone butt muscles.

Squeezing the butt can get you the most wanted dents

While doing your routine glute workout, you notice that most instructions say that you need to squeeze your gluteal muscles. Don’t mistake that as an instruction to give you the dents. Squeezing the butt during workouts is meant to make it stronger and toned—not to have dents on it. Unfortunately, dents on the butt are decided by your genetic makeup.

Eating certain foods will make my butt smaller and sexier

If there’s no such thing as target exercise to lose fat on just one part of the body, there’s also no such thing as target dieting. If you crash diet (which is really bad for your health), your whole body will suffer, not just your butt. It’s a must that when you perform glute workouts, you do it with a proper and healthy diet, not just for the buttocks, but also for the whole body.

100 squats every night will give you a sexier butt

Oh no. Please don’t do that to yourself, you’ll end up dead by the morning (exaggeration). But seriously, although squats are a mainstay in the regular glute workouts for women, doing 100 of them every night is dangerous. Just imagine how exhausted your body will become. Instead of a hundred, why not try variations of the squats. These workouts have a desired repetition with them so you’ll know exactly how much of it to do every day.

Now that’s cleared up, you can focus your energy more on the workouts that actually count.

Glute Workouts For Women: Don’t Leave These Tips (for your) Behind

Glute Workouts For Women: Don’t Leave These Tips (for your) BehindYou have learned of the five most famous butt myths; now it’s time for you to learn about certain tips that really get you a sexier behind. Don’t worry—these are not myths; they are effective glute workouts for women, and when done correctly and regularly, the results will make you and your behind happy.

Start off with any sports that move your lower body

As mentioned earlier, any performance by your lower body requires activation of your glutes; that being said, any sports or exercises that use your legs can be considered instant glute workouts for women. These workouts don’t have to be complicated—you can run, jog, sprint, or walk. They are a good starting point not just for a sexier behind but also for a healthier you.

glute workouts for womenTry to incorporate weights during your exercise

When performing your chosen glute workouts, try using weights such as dumbbells instead of just carrying yourself. The added weight will also increase the activity in your gluteal muscles, thus burning more calories. It doesn’t mean that you need to choose the heaviest of them all; start with the lighter ones and work your way up.

Pause and feel the tension

When doing any form of exercise for your glutes, try to hold the contracting position for a few seconds. This step will ensure that you’re making your muscles feel the pressure. You’ll also feel the burn when you do this. The trick is to take time while performing the workout; in other words, instead of hastening up, make it slower.

Isometric workouts help

Even if you feel like a lazy ass (normal, especially when workouts become more challenging), you can still perform glute workouts for women in the form of isometric exercises. These exercises require little to no movement. All you need to do is hold a certain position for as long as you can until you feel the burn.  Not only is it good for your buttocks, but it’s also good for your core muscles, which can give you better stamina and balance.

The subtle gluteal flexing

This is perhaps the simplest of all the glute workouts for women. All you need to do is squeeze your butt for as long as you can, and for as hard as you can, until you feel the contraction. Rest for a few seconds and do it again. You can do this exercise anywhere, although you still need to use your judgment, especially if you’re in public.

Sneak in short bursts of exercises

The best way for you to keep the motivation is to not exhaust yourself. Whenever you can, try to sneak in a mini glute workout. You can do a simple squat during your lunch break, or squeeze your butt while preparing breakfast. The last one may sound awkward, but the point is, you can make the most out of your time everyday. No need to dedicate several full, uninterrupted hours.

The mirror trick

While working out, try to see your butt as you squeeze it. It’s simple; just place a big mirror on your side. And no, I don’t mean during the sneaking workouts; I mean when you really do a full-blown glute workout.  Seeing your behind as it contracts can give you the motivation. This principle applies to all kinds of workouts. Did you ever wonder why there are a lot of mirrors in the gym? Yes, it’s for accuracy, but also for inspiration.

With these suggestions, you’ll never be bored about your gluteal training. Just be patient and match all these steps with proper diet and timely breaks; your butt will love the result!

Glute Workouts for Women: Rules for your Behind

Glute Workouts for Women Rules for your BehindA healthy physique and well-built body can be tracked down from having strong and healthy glutes.  Yes, your glutes aren’t just there for aesthetic reasons.  Although your glutes make up the appearance and shape of your hips, your glutes actually do more than just that.

Weak and feeble gluteal muscles cause a plethora of problems in your body.  This means you’ve to take care, train, and exercise your glutes just like the rest of your body.  And if you’re just like me and the many women I know who spend most of their day sitting down on office chairs, here are some rules and glute workouts.

Move your booty!

I can’t stress this enough, especially for those who sit all day on their butts.  A great glute workout for women is to keep moving your booty.  There are several exercises that you can choose from – glute bridge, squats, hip thrusts, glute squeeze, hip-lift progression, and a whole lot more.

Just because you stay in the office an entire day doesn’t mean you’re required to just sit.  Be creative and move your butt around.  Whether you’ve tools or not, you can still do any of these routines.  Trust me, these glute workouts will do your butt some good and you’ll thank them for it.

Do your workouts right

When you’ve finally set your mind to making sure you move your booty with those glute workouts, make sure you do them right.  The reason why glute workouts fail is because they are not done right.  It’s really not enough that you’re moving your butt around.

You have to make sure you’re moving the right way and following the right routines; otherwise, you’re throwing your efforts down the drain.  You can consult a trainer or a gym instructor for some expert advice.  You can also read through articles online that will give you all the ways to do your glute workouts right.  It’s all up to you.  Just do them right.

glute workoutsIntensify your workouts

Now that you’ve your glute workouts planned and set up, do some variations and intensify your workouts.  You see, when your body gets used to your regular routine, it won’t give you the results you need.  Add some extra weight and do a variation of your routine.

Your workout should challenge you.  Do a combination of this and that.  Spice it up a bit.  Make it interesting and intensify it every time.  When you do these things, you’ll see great improvement on the overall look of your butt; plus, you get healthier and stronger glutes.

Don’t overdo it

Workouts will definitely do some good to your glutes, but if you’re overdoing them, you’re more likely to end up exhausted than getting beautifully carved and healthy glutes.  Give your butt time to relax, recover, and rejuvenate.

If you don’t give that time that your glutes need to do what it’s supposed to do after your workout, then the only thing you’re doing is exhausting yourself.  So, relax.  Three to four times a week is okay, especially for beginners.  Don’t overdo it.

Following these basic rules will certainly help you achieve that healthy, strong, and great looking behind!

Glute Workouts for Women: How to Look Beautiful from Behind

Glute Workouts for Women How to Look Beautiful from BehindKeeping up with today’s aesthetic and superficial standards can be a little overwhelming.  When you want to look good, you obviously have to make a serious effort to look and feel good at any angle.

And when all you need is a little tweaking from behind to get you in your perfect shape and form, what do you do?  Easy!  Get these steps done and you’re well on your way to a complete package of awesomeness.  Here are some tips to get your behind amazingly beautiful when doing glute workouts.

Focus on your butt

You read that right.  If you want to tone your butt to get that beautiful effect you’ve always wanted, you can start by focusing on your butt.  If you can’t see your butt during your workouts, you’ll be less motivated to actually do some work to improve it.  This applies for any other part of your body that you need to enhance.  Get it in plain view while working out to give that motivation and drive you need.

Take it slow

When doing glute workouts, there’s no need to rush through your routines.  When you rush through your workouts, you’ll probably end your routine a lot faster than you should.  Take your training slow and take those extra few seconds to pause in between.  Glute workouts that are taken slow and properly will provide your gluteal muscles to fully contract and maximize every move you make.  So yes, take it slow.

glute workoutsWalking beautifies your butt

This may sound a little too simple to do anything to your butt, but in reality, walking helps tone your glutes.  If time is something you don’t have much of but you can definitely do a quick walk to get your coffee or any errand you might think of, then go right ahead and walk.  Stretch your legs once in a while and get some walking done.  Glute workouts can be as simple as just walking around.

Take advantage of your free time

Glute workouts don’t necessarily have to consume half of your time.  You can do mini workouts during the day when you’ve time to spare.  Stand up and do some squats while you’re on the phone.  Lift your heel and squeeze your glutes while standing in line for any appointment.  Do some lunges during your break time.  These little workouts can go a long way at helping you achieve a beautiful behind.

Keep yourself focused and motivated

Another tip to achieving that beautifully-sculpted behind is to keep you focused on your goal and keep yourself motivated.  Glute workouts can do a hell of a job at getting you that tush you’ve always imagined yourself in.  But if you’ve enough motivation, then your success at whatever workout plans you’ve is just a few sweats away.

Imagine yourself flaunting that beautiful booty on the beach and everyone else who sees it just stops in their tracks.  If you’ve that on your mind, you’re definitely going to do whatever you can to get that dream to materialize.

So what are you waiting for?  Look and feel good at any angle with any of these tips.  Start now!

Easy Glute Workouts You Can Do At Home

Easy Glute Workouts You Can Do At HomeWe’re aware how gym time can be time consuming, especially for busy women like you.  If there’s just no way you can squeeze in gym time into your hectic schedule, there’s no need to worry.  You can still get your butt in shape by doing these amazing and incredibly easy glute workouts for women.  Let’s kick those heels off and do some booty workouts in the comfort of your homes!


The great thing about this glute workout is that it isn’t only focused on getting your butt tight and perfectly sculpted but also gets some serious work done on your abs and your legs.  If you’ve a yoga mat, then set it up on the floor.  If you don’t, there’s really no need to worry about it, as a firm and flat surface on the floor will do just fine.  You can also lay some towels down if you wish.

To begin this glute workout for women, simply lay down with your back set and relaxed on the floor or the mat.  Keep your hands straight on the ground for support.  Bend your knees up and plant your feet firmly on the floor.  When you’re ready, squeeze those glutes and push your hips up.

Don’t use your back to push.  Use your hips and let those gluteal muscles burn.  Slowly lower down your hips into the original position.  Repeat the routine until you can feel the burning effect on your glutes.  That should be a good sign that you’re doing it right.

glute workoutChair Squat

Now I don’t know of any house that doesn’t have a single chair so this should be pretty easy for you.  In fact, you can do this at the office if you’ve time.  If you’ve a chair (for your safety, avoid those that have wheels) and the desire to get a gorgeous looking rear, these are all you need to start your mission.  To start this glute workout, stand straight with your back to the chair.  Keep your feet hip-width apart.

Let your heels carry your weight.  Slowly push your hips backward while lowering down your butt onto the chair.  Remember to keep your back in an upright position.  You may also stretch your arms upwards as you push your hips down to the chair.

Bring yourself to a halt right before your butt touches the chair.  Pause and slowly go back up to your original position.  Always remember to keep the focus on your glutes and let it contract as you go up and down.  Repeat as many times as you wish.  This is a great workout for beginners!

Toe Taps

The rule is, if you can tap, you can definitely tap your way to a great looking butt.  Again, just like the rest of the glute workouts already mentioned here, this routine doesn’t need anything but you and the floor (and you can add a yoga mat).  No gym time required, just a few minutes of your time on a daily basis.  This butt workout is executed by laying flat on the floor with your hands stretched on your sides.  Bend both of your knees to a 90-degree position.

Lift your feet until they are both perpendicular to the floor.  Slowly bring one foot down while keeping the same position for your knees.  Start with your left foot.  Tap the floor with your left toes while your right foot is still perpendicular to the floor. Then put your left foot up and let the right foot do the tapping.  Do this alternately and you should feel your glutes working as hard as they can to give you that butt you deserve.

No time for the gym doesn’t necessarily mean no time to make yourself and your behind look good.  With these three glute workouts for women, you’ve no excuse for an ugly behind.

From Lazy Ass To Sassy Ass – 4-Second Glute Workouts

From Lazy Ass To Sassy Ass - 4-Second Glute WorkoutsHave you heard about the lazy exercise? It may sound ironic, but they do exist. Enthusiasts call them isometric workouts because you’ll hardly move while performing the exercise!

But that’s not all. If you’re worried that you’ll have to do isometric exercises for hours and hours in one day, take a deep breath because that’s not the case. In fact, you only need minutes! Isometric exercises can give you a flat tummy, toned legs, and a strong back. There are also glute workouts for women that require minimal movement, and it’ll only take you 15 short minutes. They may be intense, but they are also very effective.

Glute workout for women #1 – Full leg contraction


  • Begin with a wide squat position. Make sure that your back is straight and that you’re almost assuming a sitting position. Your knees should be wide apart. Take time in doing this starting position correctly.
  • Now, push the ball of your right foot hard onto the floor. While doing this, squeeze your leg and gluteal muscles. Hold this position for 4 seconds only.
  • Repeat the process with your other foot.

Glute workout for women #2 – The super lazy glute squeeze


  • Stand with your back straight and your knees only shoulder-width apart.
  • Squeeze your butt as hard as you can. Hold the squeeze for 4 seconds. That’s it!

glute workoutGlute workout for women #3 –The hamstring curl


  • Stand in front of a wall so that you’ll have support while doing the hamstring curl. You can also use the back of a sturdy chair. For support, place one hand on the wall or at the back of the chair.
  • Start lifting your right foot towards your butt. Do it slowly so that you’ll feel the contraction. Once you feel it, hold your position for 4 seconds.
  • Do the same with the other side.

Glute workout for women #4 – Simple leg abduction


  • Begin by standing up straight. Your knees should again be shoulder-width apart.
  • Slowly lift your right foot backwards until it reaches a 45-degreeangle or about 6 inches off the floor. Make sure that your toe is pointed.
  • Squeeze your leg and gluteal muscles and hold the contraction for 4 seconds.
  • Do the same with the other leg.

Glute workout for women #5 – Simple leg adduction


  • As with simple leg abduction, start in a standing position. Your knees should also be shoulder-width apart.
  • Slowly lift your right foot in front of you—about 6 inches off the floor or a 45-degree angle.
  • Once lifted, cross it in front of you—again, make sure that your toe is pointed. Hold the position for 4 seconds.
  • Repeat instructions for the other leg.

Glute workout for women #6 –Seated abduction and adduction


  • Start in a sitting position. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Make a fist out of your hands and place it between your legs.
  • While resisting with your fisted hands, squeeze your glutes and legs inward. Hold the position for 4 seconds.
  • Place your fisted hands on either side of your hips and squeeze your glutes and legs outward while resisting with your fists. Hold the position for 4 seconds.

See? These exercises are very simple. You can do each of these workouts for 15 minutes. If things get boring, you can switch from one movement to another. Just make sure that you workout for 15 minutes in one day. Match it up with a healthy diet. You’ll notice after several weeks that your butt is becoming strong and toned.

The Sexy (And Healthy) Perks Of Toned Glutes

The Sexy (And Healthy) Perks Of Toned GlutesJust because you can’t see them (unless you really twist in front of the mirror), doesn’t mean that your glutes cannot grab others’ attention. In fact, a sexy and toned glute is one of men’s criteria when it comes to physical attractiveness of women.

If you ever had the inkling of losing weight and you’ve done your homework on finding workouts for a flat tummy, you surely came across glute workouts for women. I will also bet on it that you definitely ignored said workouts if they don’t also exercise your abs.

Wrong move.

The truth is a sexy and toned glute is as noticeable as a flat tummy is. If you’ve both, you definitely define “sexy.”So you need to work on your buttocks too; don’t leave it behind. No pun intended.

Before learning about the different glute workouts for women, you’ve to understand first why having toned glutes are important.  You may think that it’s all aesthetic, but it’s so not.

Strong buttocks make you more powerful

Glutes, if you still have not noticed, are the largest muscle group in the body. One of the reasons why you’ve to start on glute workouts now is because almost every movement your lower body performs requires activation of your gluteal muscles. If you want to move (run, jog, sprint, cut from side to side, bend, etc.) with grace, efficiency, and ease, you’ve to exercise your glutes.

Strong glutes protect you from back pain

No joke! Reason number two on why you should start on glute workouts is because it keeps you away from the irritating backache! Since your buttocks help ease movements, it also prevents the back from suffering painful consequences. This is according to medical experts.

It also protects your knee joints

And there’s absolutely no surprise in that! The largest muscle group in the body (buttocks) has the ability to support the largest bone (femur or thigh bone). For this reason, your knee joints become more in-tuned with the thigh. And when it’s more in-tuned, it’s less likely to be stressed. Regularly subjecting yourself to glute workouts will make you free of knee joint-pain.

toned gluteIt helps you’ve a regular monthly period

I’m sure it never crossed your mind that your butt can also help you regulate your menstrual flow. I won’t blame you. What most women know is that menstruation is all about hormones, how can a toned butt seriously affect it?

Experts say that a toned butt gives a woman a lower waist-to-hip ratio. And according to studies, women who’ve lower waist-to-hip ratio rarely suffer from irregular menstrual flow.

What more? It makes you sexy

Who can possibly forget the number one most visible benefits of undergoing glute workouts? Of course, a toned glute gives a woman the confidence that she is sexy in all angles. Forward, backward, and sideways, complete with a witty and fun personality. There’s no doubt that toned glutes add to a woman’s sex appeal.

Now that you know the benefits of having a strong and toned butt, the next best thing to do is figure out what kinds of exercise will suit you.  It won’t be that hard, considering that there are a lot of them available on the internet. But since you came across this article, you’re in luck.

The next post will be showing you examples of glute workouts for women. You’ll be really delighted because these moves are very easy, and they won’t take hours for you to perform. If you’ve a few minutes to spare (morning, afternoon, evening, or whenever), you’re definitely good to go.

Start Butting In! – Top 3 Glute Workouts For Women

Start Butting In! – Top 3 Glute Workouts For WomenAre you one of those girls who’ve decided that today is the day that you’ll start getting fit? It doesn’t matter what triggered this revelation; what matters is that you’ve finally come to your sweet acceptance that being fit should not be delayed. It should commence now. And of course, aside from being fit and healthy, you also want to be sexy.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Although you’ve to constantly remind yourself that being sexy doesn’t only center on your flat tummy, don’t forget your butt. A healthy and sexy butt can give you a healthy back and strong knees. That’s why we’ll give you the top five glute workouts for women. These exercises are simple and quick. You’ll sweat, but it won’t stress you out!

Glute workout for women #1 – Hip-lift progression

Are you suffering from frequent and irritating lower back pain? If you are, this exercise is perfect for you; not only does it tone your butt, but it also relieves lower backache.


  1. Lie on the floor; make sure that your back is flat. Your knees should be bent and your feet flat on the ground. Your arms and hands should be at your side, also flat on the floor.
  2. Slowly, so you’ll feel the tension, lift your hips up. Lift as high as you can (just make sure that your back is doing okay) and hold the position for just one count on the first try. Bring it back down. This step is done so that you’ll be accustomed to the movement.
  3. Now, you can perform the movement again. This time, try to hold the hip lift for one full minute. If you can’t last that long, it’s also okay.

Glute workout for women #2 – Squat with back kick

This glute workout is a little more challenging and you’ll need further body coordination as well as a strong will to balance yourself. You’ll know what I mean.


  1. Start in a standing position. Your legs should be shoulder-width distance from each other.
  2. And then squat, with your hands fisted and positioned near your chin (this is like assuming a boxer’s position when he is ready to fight).
  3. Slowly lift your left leg behind and at the same time extend both your arms in front of you. As you do this, avoid leaning your hips to the side that is grounded to the floor. Just keep your hips square.
  4. Return to the squatting position and repeat the procedure with your other leg.

glute workoutGlute workout for women #3 – Squats with dumbbells

You’ll need an 8-pound dumbbell for this workout. The good news is, this is a very quick and simple exercise, but the power stays even after you perform it.


  1. Start with a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbells at both sides by your thighs.
  2. Then start squatting down—like how you would do it when you’re just about to sit on the chair. While doing this, remember to bear your weight on the heels of your feet.
  3. That’s it! The key here is to squeeze your gluteal muscles as hard as you can before going back to the starting position.
  4. Each time you do this exercise, repeat the movement15 to 20 times. When you’re feeling comfortable and the 10-pound dumbbell is becoming somewhat light, switch to dumbbells with heavier pounds.

Now, what can you say about that? These workouts are super easy, and it won’t make you look like you’ve run a thousand miles. Do these workouts regularly and you’ll notice the beautiful change to your behind.

Butt It Matters! Simple Butt Toning Exercises for Women

“She needs some butt toning exercises.”

Butt It Matters! Simple Butt Toning Exercises for WomenThis is the first thing that came to my mind as photos of singer-actress Miley Cyrus’ infamous twerking in the recent VMA 2013 flooded my timeline. Her booty shaking and twerking wasn’t as shocking as when her butt was compared by netizens to a raw naked chicken butt.

That may sound a bit harsh, but I guess the singer-actress just brought it on herself. This is because if you’ve to show some skin, then you better make sure that every part of you looks good in whatever you’re wearing. You have to take care of your body in order for it to be fit and to look good; that way, you’ll surely avoid all the criticism and unwanted remarks that people may throw at you.

However, the tendency is we tend to focus only on our bellies and our arms and forget our bums. But our butts matter! It’s one of the sexiest female body parts, which means we have to work on it by doing some bum toning exercises for it to look more beautiful (especially if we are wearing bikinis during the summer).

It’s time for you to work your ass off by doing some butt toning exercises. But instead of plunging headfirst into a Brazilian butt lift workout, why not start from something simple, then work your way into heavier buttock exercises? Here are some of the simplest butt toning exercises that you can start with:

1. Walk (and Run) the Talk

One of the simplest butt toning exercises is walking and running. Walk as much as you can, take the stairs, or do some hill walking. Walking up and down will help tone and incline your buttocks, as well as your backside and legs. Having a long run regularly is also fabulous for your bums. It will tone your buttocks, and you’ll also be burning fat.

2. Dance the Night Away butt toning

If you love dancing, then here’s one reason for you to go out and dance more often. Sway your hips from left to right, or make circular motions and movements with your hips. You can even include some grinding and bum shaking in the club as part of it. Or if you want, you can even enroll in a belly dancing class.

Dancing is my personal favorite among these exercises because it doesn’t feel like doing any exercise at all; you’ll be toning your bum while enjoying every moment of it at the same time. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Be like a mermaid

Swimming is also a great way to exercise your entire body, including your bum. It’s also one of the most enjoyable exercises. Swimming gives your butt a good workout and gives it more shape. Any style of swimming will do, but if you really want to put more emphasis on your butt, then try the mermaid style of swimming.

4. The Classic Squats

Squats are really one of the most effective butt exercises. It’s also a good exercise for your hips and thighs and a functional exercise to achieve more strength for your lower body. Just make sure that you keep your back straight while doing it. Do it 15-20 times, then rest for 20 seconds and do it again. You can even hold some dumbbells while doing your squats for a more intense workout.

5. Squeeze your glutes

Whatever exercises you’re doing, it would be more effective if you add some butt squeezes to it. While doing any butt toning exercises, just squeeze or contract your bum muscles for as long as you can. This way, you’ll be working your glutes and your buttocks. This is also a simple but great exercise if you’re always busy with your work since you can do this even if you’re just sitting down in the office.

Your new road to a sexier, firmer, and better looking bum starts with these simple exercises. I assure you that with these exercises and with your commitment in doing them, you’ll surely achieve better results in no time!

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