How To Remove Aztec Clay Mask

Clay masks are a great way to cleanse and detox the body. Clay has been used for skin health and medicinal purposes for thousands of years by indigenous people and Indians since the times of the ancient Egyptians.

Cleopatra is said to have used Indian clay masks to preserve her remarkable complexion. Now in America (for the whole world, actually), there’s the Aztec healing clay mask mud.

Aztec healing clay masks are made from bentonite clay found in Death Valley, California.

Made when volcanic ash is weathered by coming into contact with water and baked in the sun (as in really baked in the sun, with temperatures no one can withstand!), bentonite clay becomes a natural, negatively charged toxin magnet when mixed with water, pulling the positively charged impurities out of the skin as well as absorbing grease and oil.

But before you start slathering on the healing mud, there are a few things to review.

Best Aztec Clay Mask on Amazon

I personally use Aztec Healing Mask. True to its name, it’s a true skin healer. Earthy and honest, it truly provides the world’s most powerful facial.

Without any additives, fragrances or animal products, it rejuvenates the skin through a deep pore cleaning.

It’s easy use, provides for a perfect mask for blackheads, acne and allows you to maintain beautiful skin day in and day out!

Aztec Clay Mask Precautions

First, the mixing process.

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Aztec healing clay masks like these come as a dry powder. Mixing it with water or vinegar activates the charge.

But remember:

Never let your Aztec clay come into contact with metal, as it’ll reduce the effectiveness of the clay.

Add the clay to a glass or plastic bowl and mix it with vinegar until it becomes a smooth mixture. Use raw apple cider vinegar for best results.

However, the clay tends to dry out the skin, as does the vinegar, so water can be mixed with the clay mask powder in place of vinegar for use on sensitive skin. Once the clay is mixed into a mud, apply it to the body.

Aztec clay mask mud can be applied to various parts of the body:

  • Hair: Apply to hair for an hour for soft, manageable locks.
  • Skin Blemishes: For skin blemishes, insect bites, cuts, skin itches or burns, the mud can be applied in a thin layer for instant relief. Leave the layer on until it dries before washing it off with warm water.
  • Facial: The same technique can be applied for using the mud as a facial. When used as a facial, you’ll notice a pulsating sensation as the mud dries. That’s because bentonite is a swelling mud that expands when it comes into contact with water and shrinks as it dries out. The shrinking and tightening creates the pulsating sensations.

How to wash off an Aztec Clay Mask

The best way to wash off any clay mud is to fill a bowl with warm water and wet the clay back into mud before washing it into the bowl or other container.

Avoid washing the mud directly into sinks or showers if you can because the clay can and will clog drains.

The Aztec clay mask mud can also be used as a poultice. For the treatment of more severe cuts or burns, apply a thick layer of mud to the affected area and cover it with a wet gauze or cloth. Make sure to change the poultice every two hours.

The clay is also useful in its dry form. Put a fourth of a cup of the dry Aztec clay powder in warm bathwater for a detox bath. Use it as a replacement for baby powder where there’s infection or redness. Mix it with water for an oral rinse to keep teeth healthy and strong.

Even drinking the dissolved half a teaspoon powder in water can help with morning sickness, digestion, and internal cleansing. It can also be taken by pets that seem distressed or are vomiting. When ingesting Aztec clay powder, make sure to not take it within an hour of eating or within two hours of taking medication.

Ask your health care professional before beginning to use it.

Follow the above recommendations and enjoy the benefits of Aztec healing clay mask powder.

How Bentonite Clay Can Help You Look Forever Young

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on the skin care products you use?  Our guess is that you haven’t.  As long as they keep your skin as healthy as a rosy-cheeked child’s, you would never worry about what goes into these skin care products, would you?

Although it would be silly to worry about an effective skin care product, the next time you shop for yours, it would be wise to study the ingredients.  Since some skin care products are safer to use than the others because they contain certain ingredients, they are more effective than the others.  Take, for example, bentonite clay.

Also called medicinal clays, healing clays are natural substances that consist of soil, minerals, metal oxides, and organic matter.  Indigenous peoples discovered the healing properties of these clays many millenia ago. So effective are these healing clays in treating certain ailments, indigenous peoples all over the world now still use these natural substances for medicinal purposes.

They practice geophagy, the ancient medical treatment in which a patient consumes some healing clay, chalk, or other similar soil-like material to treat what ails him.  For instance, by consuming some healing clay, a patient will be able to get rid of the poisonous substance or substances within his body.

Due to their capability of drawing out and then absorbing the toxins within the body through the skin, healing clays are used as poultices to help treat skin conditions like chicken pox, eczema, and psoriasis.  Due to their restorative effects in the body, healing clays are also added to the mud baths offered at spas all over the world, as well as skin care products.

bentonite clayNowadays, healing clays are used for skin care more than for treating infections.  For instance, bentonite clay is used as a poultice as well as the main ingredient in commercial mud baths and skin care products.  This healing clay is the popular healing clay because it’s the most effective.

Apart from containing several substances that all have beneficial effects in health, bentonite clay has certain properties that together enable it to produce larger positive effects in the body than the other healing clays.

While chemical-based skin care products have been proven to be as effective as all-natural skin care products, as far as we’re concerned, the latter should be preferred over the former.

While all-natural skin care products appear to pose no threat to health, chemical-based skin care products can give no guarantee of being safe to use for everybody.

In fact, there are many reports throughout the history of skin care products that tell of people who’ve suffered horrible side effects or worse.  Natural-ingredients-based skin care products aren’t known to cause such problems.  Thus, when in search of a skin care product that will be safe to use and easy to wash off and remove, we strongly suggest you seek one that contains some bentonite clay.

The Beauty Benefits Behind Bentonite Clay

Being extra beautiful these days seems to require more and more money from anyone who desires it.

But if you’re on a tight budget, the options you see from the ads on the television and the posters you see that stop you on your tracks may be a little far-fetched.

Should that stop you from getting the kind of beauty you deserve?  Definitely not. And this is probably the reason why you’re on this site – looking for DIY remedies that also promise to give you the results you’ve been dreaming of.

While a lot of DIY beauty options are focused on some food groups as treatment, this time, let’s focus on the magic of bentonite clay.

The wide range of uses of bentonite clay has been documented for thousands of years.  It has been used for medicinal and industrial purposes.  Today, the word bentonite is widely used in the cosmetics industry.  But what exactly is bentonite and what does it do to enhance your already beautiful self?  Read on to find out.

bentonite clayAll about Bentonite

Bentonite is generally a volcanic ash formed form years and years of volcanic activity.  Bentonite is part of a family of clays that are packed with minerals that interact well with living organisms.

Also referred to as the “living clay,” it has the capability of exchanging elements with whatever it comes in contact with.

The clay’s ability to absorb all the toxins, heavy metals, and all other impurities makes this a powerful element used for a variety of purposes.  While it draws out all the bad stuff from you, it also leaves elements in your body that you’ll find beneficial.  For this reason, the world of cosmetics has revived the forgotten use of bentonite.

So what exactly does bentonite do that people are raving about the beauty effects it promises?

Believe it or not, the uses of bentonite in the beauty industry are endless.  In a nutshell, here are some general beauty benefits you get from using bentonite clay:

  • One common word used in the beauty industry is detoxify. This is one powerful and famous use of bentonite clay that offers amazing results for your overall physique.  Whether taken internally or just applied topically, bentonite clay acts as a sponge that draws out the toxins from the body.  When this happens, your body is cleansed, your pores get cleared, and new skin cells are encouraged to grow.  This obviously promotes very good skin quality that makes you look young and fresh.
  • Another use of bentonite clay is for healing. If you’re suffering from any skin condition that makes you look older and stressed out more than you actually are, bentonite can give you the healing elements you require to look and feel better.
  • I know this will excite you – it helps you lose weight. And no, I’m not making this up.  One of the uses of bentonite is to bring the balance back to your system.  When your body is in better shape to properly do its job of breaking down fats, distributing nutrients, and just basically doing what it’s supposed to be doing, it’ll have an enormous impact on your weight loss goals.

The list can go on when it comes to the beauty benefits you can get from using bentonite clay. We’ve even told you the best and easiest way to wash the mask off to safely remove it.

But before you start going crazy over the number of masks and other remedies you can do out of your bentonite, it’s important to note that bentonite should not be in contact with anything metal.


For the very simple reason that it loses its effectivity.  Now that we have that covered, go ahead and make up your potion that will answer your beauty needs without breaking your bank.

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