Clinical Support Every Woman Needs [Top 6 for 2022]

fitness passion businessAs a woman, you probably use intuition as a key way to assess the state of your health.

You’re not alone; many females (and males!) do. Your daily check-ins with your body, mind, and spirit are an important part of maintaining wellness. Keep in mind, though, that you also need the background and expertise of supportive professionals.

Wondering what types of clinicians you should focus on if you’re a woman? Read on for several. 

Women’s Health

Find a great practitioner who specializes in women’s health through the lifespan. If you have particular issues, it’s a simple process to figure out a professional’s areas of expertise. Be sure to make regular appointments, and find a person who’s a good fit for you personality-wise so you can have a long-lasting relationship.

Are you dealing with unexpected events? Do a search using terms like unplanned pregnancy resources for additional guidance. 

Mental Health

You probably do a lot to protect your emotional and mental health already. Sometimes, circumstances, family of origin issues, or relational issues can interfere with living in a healthy, positive way. It’s a good idea to have a few counselors or therapists in mind who you can call on in case you need help.

Some of the online searches meant for this purpose are detailed and contain filters so you can find the perfect mental health professional for you. 

General Health

Your women’s clinician might be able to do bloodwork and run tests that have to do with your general health. Also, consider having a PCP (primary care provider) on hand to deal with major illnesses or chronic conditions.

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If you happen to be hospitalized, continuity of care improves if hospital staff can access your PCP’s records. 

Dental Health

Don’t forget the health of your mouth and teeth! Far too many people delay or skip these crucial exams.

Not only do you get thorough teeth cleaning, but you also receive screening that will catch minor problems before they become major (and expensive). Dental health has a strong correlation with overall health; many diseases originate in the mouth.                                                  

Vision Health

Do you have perfect vision?


There’s more to eye health than 20/20 vision, and going to an optometrist regularly can give you a good baseline to work from as you get older and your vision changes. 

Skin Health

While you might not want to get fancy with your skincare yet, it’s good to visit a dermatologist (or esthetician) regularly to get a jump on interventions that slow aging, and to identify lesions that might cause you problems later.

Also, going to a skin specialist is a wonderful way to slow down and allow yourself to be nurtured. 

Getting your clinical support system together is an important part of staying healthy.

Keep these specialists in mind as you create your wellness plan.

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