Dating a Motorcycle Man – What you Should Know

Everyone has their own passion, only some are a bit more extreme and prevalent than others.

Motorcyclists, or bikers, definitely fit into that category, which is why dating a motorcycle man comes with a lot of truths you should know.

From his way of life to his view of the world, we’ve got you covered with all you need to know about dating a motorcycle man. You can thank us later.

1. He loves his freedom

Motorcycling allows someone to hop on a bike and do anything, anywhere. It’s about feeling the wind whipping past you, watching sunsets and the break of dawn in the same day. Motorcycling is a passion which fills the souls of adventurous spirits, so you should be prepared for a deep feeling of wanderlust in your relationship.

2. You’ll have plenty of weekends away

Seeing as your motorcycle man lives for adventure and travel, you’ll go on plenty of weekends away during your relationship. Whether it’s a road trip in your home country, or speeding along the hairpin bends of the Alps, you’ll see the world when dating a motorcycle man – and who can complain about that? Sun, beautiful scenery and incredible adventures are not something many adults find for the rest of their lives with the one they love.

3. He is wise with his money

You might think that all of these weekends away are pretty costly – and you’re right, they don’t come dirt cheap. But motorcyclists are great with their money, knowing how to balance the costs of their life and what they need alongside the gratification of another trip out on the bike. They’ll sacrifice some of their wants to save enough for their next journey, or next piece for their bike, so don’t worry about breaking the bank. And while you may not see eye to eye on saving so much for a new motorcycle accessory, it’s all worth it when you experience yet another gorgeous route in another exciting country.


4. Romantic gestures are no problem to him at all

Surprisingly, a motorcycle man is very capable of pulling out all the romantic gestures. He has an eye for detail and is focussed on the little things, making picnics in the Italian sunshine a given, as well as nights spent sleeping under the stars together. It will be better than all of your romantic gesture dreams put together. Oh, and it’ll really make up for all those times you had to save up by sacrificing a night out together.

5. He’s alert and observant

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Seeing as he has an eye for detail, dating a motorcycle man also means he’s very observant. After all, you’ve to be when going the speeds he does on the roads and living the adrenaline-filled lifestyle he craves. But it’s great for you – it means you’re less likely to end up in accidents and mistakes when together. He is attuned to nature at all times. So don’t worry, he’s got it.

6. There’s a whole community out there

You might be surprised to know that dating a motorcycle man brings with it a whole lot of other people. Motorcyclists often belong to their own community, where they’re all motorcycle mad. There are also plenty of partners just like you in those communities who you can bond with and, when they’re away together on the bikes, have your own fun with.


7. He’s not clingy

While romantic gestures may be common for your motorcycle man, he isn’t clingy. You won’t be getting five texts every two hours with him – he’s busy on the bike, or working to pay for the bike. But you’ll be doing your own thing too, so you don’t have to be worried about dealing with a clingy partner who is always demanding your attention. With a motorcycle man, you’re both free to be independent spirits, yet you’re both still joined together by your love of each other’s company.


8. His bikes are his babies, respect that

The one thing a motorcycle man is clingy about is his bikes and his motorcycle gear. He loves them like they are his babies, and although he might wear his biking jacket way too often, and you’ll need to respect that. Everyone has something they love like this, be it books, their dog, computer games, you get it. And his motorcycles, though expensive, are his first loves. But don’t worry, he still has room in his heart for you.

9. He fears very little about the world

Your motorcycle man is such a free spirit at one with nature and danger that he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. To be honest, he barely sweats the big stuff. If you’re a worrier, you’ll be worrying for two, but you can still work like this. Someone does have to be practical, after all.

10. He’ll try to get you hooked too

One day, you might get tired of staring at the back of his helmet or craning your neck to see the mountains. That day, you’ll have finally followed his nagging to get an ‘M’ on your license. After that, you’ll be driving alongside each other. And before you know it, you’re both as hooked as the other.

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