Does Age Difference Matter in a Relationship?

Compatibility is a key criterion that most people consider when they think of having a serious relationship. After all, the physical is just on the surface and the sex is as fleeting as it comes. No pun intended. In the ideal and traditional world that we still have, it’s really quite hard for two people with big age difference to find that great mix of the physical with the mental, and this often leads to one relationship crisis after another. Now throw in a huge age gap, say 10-15 years minimum, and you’ve a relationship that easily sets itself up for failure. Or is this all in the mind?

Read on and learn some of the challenges that May-December affairs have.

Health Security

age differenceWomen have ticking clocks that won’t run forever. For people who want to have children, this is a huge issue that you’ve to consider. It’s either the guy resigns to the fact or he strays and is unfaithful in the relationship. This sounds a bit harsh but is the reality of a very natural human need to procreate. Without it, a lot of marriages fail and end miserably. But for those who are after companionship, and are willing to be monogamous, this isn’t the issue.

There are the health issues that one might have over the other completely healthy partner. It doesn’t seem to be so obvious in the beginning because the younger one is usually determined to push for the relationship. But when the lifestyle issue comes in, both of them might find themselves in a very tricky spot. The older ones would have more limitations, like no night-outs, less drinking, a bit slower in movement, and all those things we associate with the foxes and the cougars. The younger ones have more energy, all-nighters are the norm, agility is still on their side, and a whole lifetime seems to be in front of them. Such serious disparities should make it clear to both of them that they should be in this for the same reasons, which are love and companionship.

Society Thinks

Outside the bedroom and your front door are people who live in the same area, are people who are related to you, are people you casually know who would have their own opinions on big age difference relationships. Traditionally a taboo subject, couples with big age gaps have started to receive more acceptance, and for some, it just makes complete sense. However, a big majority would still frown on the topic and use it for lunch fodder, complete with the nasty jokes and unfair criticisms. This is something that both parties should be ready for.

Life Experiences Give Different Priorities

People want growth in their lives, and there’s usually that time when a person reaches that point where everything that needs to be done has been scratched off the list and it’s a pretty comfortable spot. For one of the partners to be in this situation, the other shall adjust and the adjustment part can be tricky and downright damaging to the relationship especially if you’ve bigger age difference. Expectations in this area should be settled before the relationship even continues. Being upfront and having a good imagination can help you see if this kind of relationship is for you or not.

Without being hopelessly romantic, these relationships with big age difference can actually work. There’s just more work needed and the willingness to see things bloom and have a meaningful impact in their lives.

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