Hair Breakage Treatment: Do’s & Don’ts For 2022 [Updated List]

Flipping through those magazines, you can’t help but notice the beautiful and lustrous hair that these gorgeous celebrities flaunt.  Wonder how they do it?

Well, other than the fact that they have their own stylists and that they have the money to pay for eye-catching hair and hairstyle, they also have their hair care secrets that they are willing to share so you can have hair just like theirs.

Celebrity Hair Secrets Unveiled

If that doesn’t get you excited, then I don’t know what will.  So if you’re looking for hair breakage treatments and other hair care advice from celebrities, here’s a list I’ve compiled for you.

Invest in hair extensions

Just so you know, many celebrities keep a minimum of 2 sets of hair extensions.  You want to know why?  Because your normal hair can take a beating from all of the environmental factors that it’s exposed to, but when you use extensions, these minimize the damage that your hair gets.  If you’re looking for a hair breakage treatment that won’t only prevent further damage to your hair but can also add up to the stunning, gorgeous you, then go for extensions.

These hair extensions can really make the difference.  Just take a look at Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, or Jessica and Ashley Simpson who are fans of hair extensions and you’ll know why they walk around like the stars that they are.

hair breakage treatmentNot a fan of hair extensions? Go for wigs

Yes, you heard me right.  You don’t think these celebrities grow those lustrous curls overnight, do you?  You have to remember that hair breakage treatment can take a while.  So while you’re keeping your hair away from all of those heat and hair spray and colors, you can use a wig and still be the beautiful you.

Some celebrities would rather go for a wig than hair extensions because excessive use of hair extensions can also take its toll on your hair.  To give their hair a break while getting hair breakage treatments, celebrities like Tyra Banks, Christina Aguilera, and even Oprah go for wigs.  They’re a little more expensive, but if you can afford them, why not?

Add a touch of oil to your hair care routine

Remember First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her perfect tresses?  To treat hair breakage and dryness, she used lavender oil on her hair.  You can do that too using any kind of rich oil that is packed with all the nutrients that keep your hair hydrated, nourished, and well protected from any further damage.  If you want a hair breakage treatment that works and makes your locks supple and healthy, try this and be amazed!

Deep condition hair at least twice a month

Celebrity Jennifer Aniston likes keeping her hair long.  To keep it long and healthy, she recommends getting deep conditioning treatments at least once or twice a month.  This can definitely treat hair breakage problems and keep them at bay.  You can have this hair breakage treatment done at your favorite spa with your favorite stylists.  But if you’re on a budget, you can also opt for a DIY hair breakage deep conditioning treatment that will save you some bucks while restoring the beauty in your hair.

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These tips from celebrities can really go a long way in terms of getting your hair woes fixed.  Remember, hair breakage treatment can take time.  Never take the easy way out or you might end up having more hair problems than you could ever imagine.  Be patient and always listen to how your body responds to your treatments.

Must-Take Supplements to Prevent Hair Breakage

Must Take Supplements to Prevent Hair BreakageOne of the many issues women are faced with today is the loss of hair, or what is also known as alopecia.  Studies show that one out of three women suffer from this illness in their lifetime.  This alone should make you stop and try to realize how much hair you’re losing a day and that it’s never okay to ignore.

Think about this – if your hair is too weak and easily breaks, or if your hair easily falls out just because you touch it, then you’ve to stop and take some time to try some hair breakage treatments.  Guess what?  We can start with your diet.

Your diet plays a big role in the health and strength of your hair.  If you’re not mindful of what you eat, then you might be missing out on the important nutrients that your hair requires for it to grow beautifully as it should.  The good news is that treatment can be as simple as knowing what supplements and foods to load up on.  The other good news is that I have them listed for you.

Vitamin E

This plays a vital role in the human body.  As a hair breakage treatment, Vitamin E plays the role of a protector that shields your hair from harmful objects that may cause it to weaken.  This includes protection from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun that can be extremely drying not only to the skin but also to the hair.  Take supplements rich in Vitamin E or you can also load up on nuts, spinach, kale, cereal, and some leafy vegetables to treat your hair breakage problems.


You should know that your hair is made up of protein.  And obviously, protein deficiency will weaken your hair, causing your strands to break and fall off.  It’s crucial to ensure you’ve protein in your diet if you’re in search of ways to treat hair breakage.  Protein found in eggs, fish, chicken, legumes, and other foods will make your locks strong and shiny.


You need fats – the right kind of fats.  Omega-3 fatty acids keep your strands hydrated.  Without it, your hair will end up brittle and begin thinning.  Now you’ve to take note that this nutrient is something that the body cannot produce on its own.  That means you really have to make sure you’ve this included in your diet if you’re looking for a way to treat hair breakage.  Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in avocado, salmon, sardines, walnuts, and other food sources.  There are also supplements out there that have high concentration of omega-3.

hair breakageIron

Worried about hair loss?  Hair loss can be caused by a lot of things – that includes a low level of iron in the body.  When your body doesn’t get the required amount of iron to supply the bloods with the nutrients it needs, then you become anemic.

When you’ve anemia, the nutrients that your hair follicles need to grow and become strong don’t get distributed as they should.  When this happens, you start losing your hair.  Treat hair breakage by eating foods such as leafy green vegetables, red meat, lentils, chicken, and others.


If your hair easily breaks and is already prematurely turning grey, then you lack copper in your diet.  You see, copper’s job is to strengthen each hair strand while keeping the right color of your hair.  But if you increase your copper intake by eating foods such as green leafy vegetables, poultry, nuts, and red meat, you’ll see that copper can be a great hair breakage treatment that will stop you from worrying about thinning and graying hair.

If you’re looking for treatments without having the need to go for expensive remedies that eat up your budget, then all you need to do is look into your diet and make the necessary changes.  After all, you can’t go wrong with healthy foods for healthy hair, right?

Avoid These Habits That Cause Hair Breakage

Avoid These Habits That Cause Hair BreakageI f there’s one thing that can definitely make a girl freak out and run for cover, it’s thinning hair.  It’s no secret how great looking and healthy hair can change your overall look.  And when you get to that point when your hair is easily falling off and thinning out when it shouldn’t, then you know you’ve a lot to work on.

There are several reasons that affect the strength and volume of your hair strands – from the simple act of playing or toying with your hair to the products you use to “pamper” it.  So if you’re looking for hair breakage treatment, here are some things you need to avoid to save your hair.

Hands off

If you’re one of those ladies who can’t seem to last a day without playing with your hair, then you better stop.  Touching your hair every now and then can damage your hair.  How?  Well, we all know how much dirt and bacteria our hands pick up from a lot of things we get in contact with.  Constantly playing with your hair can contaminate it with whatever you may have picked up on, causing your hair to easily break.  So yes, the simplest and very basic hair breakage treatment you can do is to actually just keep your hands away from your hair and leave it alone when you don’t really have to touch it.

hair breakageAvoid steamy showers

Just like the skin, your hair also doesn’t appreciate getting soaked in hot water.  If your hair easily breaks and you know that you love getting a steamy shower every single day, then it’s time you think about the damage you’re causing your hair.  Avoiding steamy hot showers is one of the hair breakage treatments that won’t cost you a thing.

The hot water can be dehydrating to your strands and can even strip the natural oils off your hair, causing it to be dry and brittle.  Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t take a shower.  Of course you can, but take it down to a temperature that is just enough for your skin and your hair.  In fact, if you can skip warm and just rinse your hair with cold water, that’s better.

Don’t brush wet hair

Another hair breakage treatment that you’ve to try is to avoid brushing your hair or even trying to towel-dry your hair.  Remember that when the hair is wet, it’s a lot weaker and is very susceptible to hair breakage.  So when you towel dry or brush your hair while it’s soaking wet, your hair breaks off so easily.  Simply press the water out and carefully detangle your hair using a wide-toothed comb and that should do the trick.

Say no to heat

Let’s get this straight.  Heat damages your hair.  That is a four-word sentence you’ve to make sure you remember.  So while your goal may be to make your hair look gorgeous by using heat-styling tools, you may actually be doing real damage to your hair.  Exposing your hair to these heat styling tools disturbs the balance of your hair’s moisture making it super dry and prone to breakage.  If you must use these tools, you can limit the number of times you use them and that you’ve to make sure you apply some moisturizer or anything that will protect your strands from the heat.

Do away with tight hairstyles

Sure you must be a fan of tight buns or tight ponytails for your hair.  And that is probably why you always wear your hair that way.  Guess what?  You can cause so much damage to your hair that will make hair breakage the least of your problems – alopecia.  You see, the tension that your hair and hair follicles go through when they’re tied so tightly is extensive that it can even cause your hair to not grow at all.

So if you’re looking for a hair breakage treatment that you can immediately do, that’s doing away with tight hairstyles.  Give your hair a break and some space too!

Hair breakage treatment can really be as easy as any of these.  These are just but a few of the bad habits women are so used to but need to stay away from to get that gorgeous look back to your hair.  Break any of these habits, and you’re sure to enjoy the benefits your hair can give you!

How to Eliminate Hair Breakage Problems

How to Eliminate Hair Breakage ProblemsHair breakage is a common problem among women.  And just so you know, your hair problems now did not grow overnight.  Unfortunately, hair breakage is a result of the many things you do or don’t do to your hair or your overall health that takes its toll on your hair.

If you’re looking for hair breakage treatments or any other way to eliminate the misery that your damaged hair is giving you, then you’re in luck.  Here are some tips that can help your quest for hair breakage treatments.

Start with the basics – hydrate

They say water is the world’s best beauty elixir.  With this said, keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best hair breakage treatments I can give you.  Water does a lot of great and amazing things to the body.  It helps flush out the toxins and keeps your skin and scalp moisturized, which in turn will result in stronger hair strands.  So if you want shiny, healthy, and gorgeous looking hair, never fail to drink lots of water every single day.  Indeed, this is the best treatment!

Splurge on your hair

I know how expensive it’s to go to a salon and get some treatment.  Just thinking about the price you’ve to pay to get some color done will probably tempt you to just do things on your own.  Don’t even think about it.  Anything applied on your hair that contains chemicals can cause some serious damage to your hair, let alone having someone do it without any expertise on the matter.

Do the right thing and let the expert apply permanent color or do some treatment to your hair to avoid some serious damage.  Remember, you might end up spending more on hair breakage treatment because you went cheap on your hair treatments.

Use products that are right for your hair type

Yes, hair breakage treatment can be as easy as reading the labels before putting it on your hair.  Consider the type of hair you’ve and look for products that contain ingredients such as replenishing natural oils that do wonders on your hair strands.  Reading the labels will also help you avoid products that contain harsh chemicals causing your hair to thin and easily break.  Now if you’ve been using products that are not helping your hair at all, then it may be high time that you switch products before it’s too late.

hair breakageGo for a regular trim

If you’re looking for a good way to treat hair breakage, regular trims actually do the job, too.  Trimming will save your hair from getting super dry and brittle.  It removes those dead ends that may get out of control when neglected.

Although there are other women who would never even consider trimming because they automatically think of their hair getting cut, know that when trimming is done right, it can be beneficial to getting your hair healthier and stronger.

Keep your hair well moisturized

Yes, water can definitely keep your hair hydrated, but it’s also important to note that in order to treat hair breakage, you also have to use something that can lock in the water in your hair.  There are great products out in the market that promise to seal in the moisture and keep your hair strands from drying out fast.  Pay special attention to the part of your hair that is dry – especially your ends.  By moisturizing your hair, you maintain beautiful hair that will make you feel beautiful too.

Protect your hair now by doing any of these tips that will help eliminate and treat hair breakage issues you have.  You don’t have to suffer from dry hair that easily breaks.  So go ahead and create that soft and healthy hair you’ve been dreaming of.  You know you deserve it.

Home Remedies for Hair Breakage

Home Remedies for Hair BreakageW hen you wake up to hair that’s unmanageable, frizzy, dry, and definitely out of control, you don’t run straight to the salon to get it fixed, do you?

If you just said, “Heck, no!” then you’re probably just like me and would rather save up for something else on your priority list and work your magic in concocting something that will serve as a healing balm and hair breakage treatment.  Well then, if you’re ready to put together a little bit of this and that with things you can find in your home, then here are some remedies that are sure to work their magic.

Eggs + Honey + Olive oil

These ingredients are great sources of protein and antioxidants that work together as a great treatment for hair breakage.  The powerful trio can definitely do some serious repair to your hair strands that will leave your hair looking grand and healthy.

Combine 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Mix them well in a bowl.  Apply the mixture onto your moist hair, making sure you also apply some to your scalp.  Pay special attention to the dry ends of your hair.  Wrap your hair in a shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes.

Let all these three miraculous ingredients make their way to your follicles and nourish each hair strand with their goodness.  If you can spare some time to quickly and gently massage your scalp, you can also throw that in as an added bonus to your hair breakage treatment.  Rinse it off with lukewarm water, use a gentle shampoo on your scalp, and then condition your hair strands.  Finally, rinse off with cold water to seal the moisture in.

Banana + Avocado + Almond Oil

As yummy as these may all sound, these can actually make up one effective hair breakage treatment straight from your kitchen.  Bananas are packed with nutrients that will help treat hair breakage while leaving your hair soft and smooth.  Avocado moisturizes the scalp and your follicles.  Almond oil contributes to added nourishment necessary for healing and hair growth.

Mash one banana and one avocado.  You can make use of a food processor or blender to come up with a better texture.  Mix them together also adding half a tablespoon of almond oil. Spread them all over your hair and scalp.  Gently massage your scalp as you apply the mixture.  Leave the mixture on for 20-30 minutes and let your scalp and hair absorb all the good stuff.  Rinse off following the proper shampooing and conditioning techniques.  This should be one yummy hair breakage treatment that will do wonders on your hair.

hair breakageYogurt + Aloe Vera

If you’ve not tried experimenting with yogurt and aloe vera, then you better start now.  This duo can be one effective treatment for hair breakage.  Both of these contain enzymes and elements that are very good at moisturizing and conditioning your lustrous locks.

Mix 3 tablespoons of yogurt with 4 tablespoons of aloe vera.  Mix them well.  Apply the mixture to your moist hair, making sure everything is covered – from roots to tips.  It’s recommended that you apply this hair breakage treatment about half an hour before taking a shower or washing your hair.  Wear a shower cap and leave it on.  When done, follow the proper washing techniques and you should be all set.

You see, creating your own treatment is really not as complicated as you think.  So if your hair is thinning and is easily breaking off, you can simply run to your kitchen and work your magic there.  Have fun!

Hair Breakage Treatment Advice From the Experts

Hair Breakage Treatment Advice From the ExpertsAre you tired of having to always go through a bad hair day every single day?  I know how frustrating that can be.  Your hair or the condition of your hair is a reflection of how good you’re at taking care of yourself.

The truth is, no matter how pretty your face is or how amazing your outfit looks on you, if your hair is dry, thinning out, and breaking off, then this can ruin your entire look.  So if you want to end your bad hair days, go for these hair care tips and hair breakage treatments coming from the experts.

Healthier hair means shampooing less

This advice for hair breakage treatment is from the director of Cutler Salon and Redken Brand Ambassador, Rodney Cutler.  Shampoo contains elements that can strip off your hair’s natural oils, causing them to dry out and break off easily.  It’s advisable to wash your hair with shampoo not more than three times a week.

Now I know there’s a lot of you who would be appalled at the thought of not washing your hair as often as you do, but you can actually just rinse your hair off with water and then condition it.  That should treat hair breakage issues you have.

“Exercising and eating healthy helps hair grow faster and more beautiful”

says health consultant Khaleeqa Rouse about hair breakage treatments.  The key to nourishing your hair is to start from within.  When you load up on foods that are packed with all the right nutrients that are essential for your hair’s healthy growth, then you’re sure to look forward to those bright days ahead.

Exercising can also offer great benefits to your health and your hair.  You see, exercising does a whole lot of good to your skin.  And when your skin is in its best shape, it certainly affects your scalp and of course your hair follicles, leaving you with hair that’s smooth, shiny, and healthy.

Treat and prevent further hair breakage by using a silk pillowcase while sleeping

This may seem a bit odd for most people, but if you look at it, this hair breakage treatment from a stylist and hair expert from NYC Salon makes a lot of sense.  Even when you’re sleeping, your hair can still take a beating from the pillowcase you use.  The friction from you rolling off your pillow the entire night can greatly damage the hair.  What is a few dollars more than the price you normally pay for a regular pillowcase when that means the silk pillowcase will serve as your hair breakage treatment?  Try it and be amazed at the difference that you’ll see.

hair breakage treatmentProtect your hair from the sun

That’s the hair breakage treatment advice coming from a British celebrity hairstylist, John Frieda.  Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the sun’s rays, too.  It’s never okay to just expose your hair to the rays of the sun, so you need a few tricks to make sure your hair strands don’t get toasted by its heat.  Wear protective hats or if that doesn’t suit you, then make sure you apply a conditioner that will help nourish your strands.

These tips from the experts are sure to help you relieve your issues with hair breakage.  So whether you’re suffering from hair breakage or you’re afraid of experiencing sad and bad hair days, then these tips should work out right for you!

Best Herbs For Hair Breakage Treatment

Herbs Natural Hair Breakage TreatmentThe world of cosmetics today offers a variety of solutions to all kinds of beauty problems you may be faced with.  Yes, there’s a wide range of solutions for everything you can think of – from the callus on your heel to the split ends on your hair.

But what if you’re just not into all these mixtures of chemicals A and B that are scientifically concocted to give you the beauty treatment you wish?  Ah, you can always go back to nature and its healing powers.

When you’re worried about hair breakage and all the damage that your hair has accumulated for the past years, you can look into the healing that can be brought about by the use of herbs.  For centuries, herbs have been infused in beauty treatments.  This is one thing that nature can offer to soothe your aching strands.

Herbs are very gentle and provide the kind of nourishment your hair needs minus the synthetic ingredients offered by cosmetics.  So if you’re wondering what herbs can work best in giving you a hair breakage treatment that leaves your hair healthy and nourished, I have listed some of the best herbs you can use.


You think this is just good for your kitchen?  Think again.  This herb is great as a hair breakage treatment.  It contains a high concentration of protein that strengthens your strands without leaving it dry.  Rosemary gives your hair the shine and smoothness similar to that effect you get fresh from the salon.

hair breakage treatmentAloe Vera

Did you say you wanted manageable and smooth hair that doesn’t fall out?  Aloe vera can do all that and more for you.  Used for centuries, aloe vera has been proven effective, as it conditions, moisturizes, and nourishes your hair.


Another common herb in your kitchen, you say?  Yes, a common herb yet with a great variety of uses. It contains magnesium that prevents hair breakage, and it’s also packed with nutrients that stimulate and promote the growth of hair.


You may not have heard of this before, but this herb can contribute great things to your hair.  Just like rosemary, fenugreek contains proteins that nourish the hair. It also does a very good job at encouraging proper distribution of blood and other nutrients so that the hair grows healthy and strong.


If you’re looking for treatment that is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed is the answer.  We all know the importance of having these essential fatty acids in our system, as these play a great role in keeping each hair strand strong and healthy.


If your hair is falling out due to possible scalp issues or fungal infections, then go for lavender.  Lavender contains elements that kill bacteria or any fungus that may have thrived on your scalp.  The antiseptic and antifungal properties found in lavender will act as effective hair breakage treatment as it prevents further damage to your hair.


Another herbal remedy that was made famous in India for its amazing result in the hair care field is licorice.  It’s mainly used for hair growth while maintaining moisture in the scalp and the strands.

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If you’re overwhelmed with the vast array of chemicals and products that offer hair breakage treatment, then you can try any of these herbs.  These have been tried and proven to be effective over the years.  Truly, nature has its own way of healing.

How to Stop Hair Breakage Before it Stops You

How to Stop Hair Breakage Before it Stops YouMany women today are challenged by hair breakage resulting in a premature thinning of their hair.  If you’re one of them who are struggling to keep all your hair in one piece, then I’m sure this is exactly why you’re on this page.

Fortunately, hair breakage can be treated.  But before you summon all the energy you’ve left to come up with treatments, the very first thing you can do is understand what causes this kind of predicament.  Fixing this issue without any knowledge of what causes it’s like giving a temporary solution to a permanent problem.  To help you better understand, here are some causes of hair problems that you may be intentionally or unintentionally doing on a daily basis:

  • Poor diet
  • Unmanaged stress and lack of sleep
  • Dumping so much harsh products on your hair
  • Soaking in hot water or taking steamy showers
  • Inappropriate hairstyles
  • Excessive use of heat on your hair
  • Medical condition
  • A lot more

These are just a few things that cause your hair to fall off and easily break.  Now the next question is, how do you stop or treat hair breakage?  Here are some simple treatments that will definitely go a long way in helping you solve this mystery.

  • Stop and treat hair breakage by eating the right kind of foods. Stay away from processed and junk foods.  Chomp on your fruits and your veggies each day as these have several vitamins and minerals that are helpful in keeping your strands strong.
  • Believe it or not, your hair issues can be caused by your lack of sleep or stress caused by extreme events in your life. So if you’re stressing over the endless list of treatments that may seem impossible to do, why not relax and just take a break?  Your hair will thank you for breakage
  • Too much of anything is evil. That holds true for your hair, too.  Too many chemicals, too much heat, too much pressure applied on your hair – these will all take its toll on the condition of your hair.  If you want to stop and treat hair breakage, go easy on your hair.  Learn to practice the art of moderation in everything you do.  The key to strengthening your strands and keeping it from falling off and falling apart is to take time to go through what you put on your hair.
  • Pay attention to your body. There are instances when your problems are not caused by your daily habits or anything you do.  If you’ve tried the basic treatments and your condition isn’t improving as it should, then it’s better to consult with an expert.  You might need medical assistance as opposed to a simple hair breakage treatment.

You can stop hair breakage.  It’s just a matter of making sure you understand what you’re going through before jumping into the pit full of remedies that you think will help you.  While it may be a simple problem, it can actually lead to a series of serious problems if not treated properly.

Like anything else, awareness is the key to getting things corrected.  If you’re not sure about your issue, remember that it’s never wrong to seek help and ask.

Using Fruit as Hair Breakage Treatment

Using Fruits as Hair Breakage TreatmentO ne of the most effective hair breakage treatments is using fruits as hair masks, shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products. However, keeping track of all these recipes can be confusing; there are simply too many of them and the fruit combinations are endless.

This is why it’s better to know the basic principles of making your own shampoos and products so that you don’t need to remember specific fruit and product combinations. Here are some of these basic principles.

Fruit Packs or Masks

Some DIY hair breakage treatment regimens should be washed off while others should be left on the hair in order to achieve maximum results. However, there are certain products that can be left to dry or washed off the hair without losing its efficiency. These products are hair fruit masks or packs.

In order for these masks to adhere onto the hair, any type of oil or yogurt is normally added. Even though it might not smell as good as the previous alternatives, eggs make excellent binding materials to these fruit packs.  For this type of hair breakage treatment, less-acidic fruits should be used.

Leave-On Conditioner

When it comes to choosing the right types of fruits that you should use in making your DIY hair breakage treatment leave-on conditioner, you should make sure that that these fruits are not too acidic. This is because leaving a fruit on your hair that is too acidic can actually induce hair damage instead of fixing it since it’s too harsh to leave on the scalp and hair for a long perhair breakage treatmentiod of time. The less acidic fruits that can be used on the hair as leave-on conditioners include sweet potatoes, bananas, and avocados.

Wash-Off Hair Salad

Even though they can reverse hair damage and facilitate healthier hair growth, some fruits are too acidic to leave on the hair for a long period of time. This is why it’s best to use these fruits as wash-off hair salads in which they should be adequately washed off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water to ensure that they are fully removed. Some of these fruits include apples, strawberries, blueberries, and oranges.


To make sure that your DIY hair breakage treatment shampoo is frothy enough for the job, it’s best to use a blender to mix all of your fruits and other ingredients together. When it comes to choosing other ingredients aside from fruits to ensure that your DIY product actually works as a shampoo, it’s best to stay away from chemicals that can effectively clean yet damage the hair.

These chemicals include formaldehyde, sulfates, and sodium chloride. In lieu of these ingredients, you can use natural products that can also effectively clean and detoxify the scalp, such as honey, green tea, and olive oil.

Direct Application

If you don’t want to use other ingredients or if you don’t want to use your blender and other tools, you can always apply fruits directly to your hair in order to reap their hair breakage treatment benefits. Just make sure that you wash them off, even if they are non-acidic, for hygienic purposes and that you chop them up into very little pieces to ensure easier application

When choosing the right type of DIY hair breakage treatment product to use on your hair, you should heavily consider your preference and comfort level. Since natural fruit-based shampoos don’t clean as well as the shampoos that are being sold in stores, you should settle for store-bought shampoos if you feel that your hair isn’t clean enough after using DIY shampoos. This will ensure that you can use these products without feeling inadequately clean or icky at the end of the day.

Hair Breakage Treatment Through FruitsA side from keeping the body healthy, what most people don’t realize about fruits is that eating and using these food types as hair masks is an efficient hair breakage treatment. However, choosing the right types of fruits is important in order for this treatment to work. Here are some of the fruits that can help you achieve damage and breakage-free hair.


According to many researchers, blueberries contain more antioxidants than other fruits. Because of the fact that antioxidants play a very important part in hair repair, which is why it’s a staple in every hair breakage treatment techniques out there, eating blueberries is very helpful for people who are trying to strengthen their hair and avoid hair damage that can lead to breakage.


Eating watermelon on a regular basis can lessen the sebum production all over your body, including your scalp. Considering the fact that excess sebum in the hair can make your scalp susceptible to skin infections and irritations that can lead to hair damage, eating watermelon and using it on your hair can be a very effective hair breakage treatment.


Aside from reducing sebum production like watermelons, applying oranges directly to the scalp in the form of a pack can prevent dandruff. Dandruff can cause itching, which can make you scratch your hair and scalp more. Since scratching the scalp can cause hair damage, using oranges is an effective hair breakage treatment that directly solves the cause of your weak hair. hair breakage treatment


Even though blueberries contain more antioxidants than strawberries, strawberries contain a wider variety of antioxidants that can directly aid in hair breakage treatment. Some of these antioxidants include Resveratrol, Hydroxy-cinnamic acids, and certain types of Flavonoids.

According to the European Research Society, strawberries can also prevent alopecia since it contains Ellagic acid. It also contains more Vitamin C than oranges, which is one of the vitamins that directly support hair growth and health. Strawberries can also prevent hair loss due to Vitamin B5, B6 and B9, or Folic Acid since strawberries are rich in these vitamins.


It’s common knowledge that bananas are excellent sources of potassium, which is why it’s considered an effective treatment for patients with potassium deficiencies. What isn’t common knowledge is that potassium can lessen hair breakage since this element can moisturize the hair, restore elasticity, and minimize breakage. Aside from potassium, bananas are also rich in B-vitamins and other minerals that can facilitate hair growth and serve as an excellent hair breakage treatment.


Apples are rich in Procyanidin, which is a flavonoid that can facilitate hair growth by properly synthesizing proteins. Apples also contain small amounts of Caffeine, which can trigger hair growth by promoting overall hair strength. Eating apples can also increase the diameter of hair strands, which can make your hair look more voluminous and bouncy instead of looking lifeless and flat.

By regularly eating and using these fruits on your hair, you’ll be able to solve your hair breakage problems while having a satiated stomach. This is why it’s better to opt for a natural and non-toxic hair breakage treatment like eating certain fruits on a regular basis instead of opting for hair products that contain harmful chemicals.

Helpful Nutrients for a Hair Breakage Treatment

Helpful Nutrients for a Hair Breakage TreatmentO ne of the best ways to prevent hair breakage is to eat foods that are packed with the right nutrients that can strengthen your hair. However, keeping tabs of all these food types can be arduous.

This is why it’s better to remember the nutrients that you’ve to watch out for when it comes to looking for food that can strengthen your hair. Here are some of the nutrients that can strengthen your hair and make your hair breakage treatment more potent.


According to the research that was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and was conducted by professionals at the Cleveland Clinic, which is comprised of 40 years’ worth of clinical studies and surveys, it was revealed that iron or ferrous sulfate may actually play a larger role in overall health growth.

Researchers involved in this study claim that iron deficiency can worsen hair breakage, which will ultimately result in hair loss. Hence, they claim that increasing the iron intake of patients who are seeking an effective hair breakage treatment or are actually undergoing one can be highly beneficial.

The easiest way to increase the iron in your body is to eat green and leafy vegetables since they contain the most amount of iron in comparison to other food groups. Dried fruits and liver are also excellent sources of iron.


Because of the fact that hair loss due to breakage and other factors is one of the most common symptoms of Zinc deficiency, ensuring that you ingest the recommended amount of Zinc every single day can help prevent hair breakage. Oysters and red meat are excellent sources of this element. hair breakage treatment


Aside from protecting your hair and body from the harmful UV rays and other environmental factors that can cause hair breakage, Selenium also promotes more efficient bodily functions such as hair growth. This is why it’s highly recommended to increase your intake of Selenium if you’re undergoing any type of hair breakage treatment since this element can aid or help in this treatment process.

Ensuring that you’ve proper amounts of Selenium in your diet can be tricky since the common sources of this element contain varying amounts of Selenium.  This is why experts suggest taking Selenium supplements instead of solely relying on eating food types that contain this element.


Even though all of the vitamins that are grouped under B-complex can aid in hair growth, Biotin or Vitamin B7 is regarded as the most potent when it comes to promoting healthier hair. This is why taking Biotin supplements is regarded as a very effective hair breakage treatment by many professionals. It’s also used to treat alopecia. Some of the foods that are rich in Biotin include chicken eggs, carrots, berries, and cow’s milk.

When it comes to using any type of hair breakage treatment, always remember that the products that you use on your hair is just as important as the food that you ingest on a daily basis. This is why it’s best to make a grocery list that contains food that are rich in these nutrients.

Hair Breakage Treatment Basics: Tools to Avoid

Hair Breakage Treatment Basics: Tools to AvoidT o ensure the efficiency of any hair breakage treatment, you should avoid certain hair styling tools that can either worsen your hair’s problems or counteract the beneficial effects of the hair serums and other hair breakage products that you might be using to revive and revitalize your damaged hair.

Here are some of these tools.

Flat Iron

Perhaps one of the most notorious tools that can cause hair breakage is a flat iron. Regardless of its coating, flat irons can still cause substantial damage to the hair, especially if you use it on a regular basis. This is because a flat iron applies direct heat to your hair, which can cause hair breakage and other hair problems that can be very difficult to treat.

Curling Iron

Because of the fact that curling irons expose less hair strands to direct heat in comparison to flat irons, many consumers think that they are not as damaging as flat irons. However, the truth of the matter is that they can be as damaging as flat irons simply because of the fact that curling hair strands takes more time than straightening them. This means that you press your hair onto these products for a longer period of time than you do on a regular flat iron. This is why using curling irons is also prohibited for those who are undergoing hair breakage treatment.

Blow Dryer

The chemical premise behind the fact that blow dryers or hair blowers can cause hair damage is that indirect heat can still cause damage to hydrogen bonds. Since hydrogen bonds are what mainly hold hair strands together, using blow dryers can cause the hair to become brittle and extremely dry, which can lead to breakage. The heat that these blow dryers emit can also counteract the beneficial effects of certain hair breakage treatment products, which can make them useless. hair breakage treatment


Even though putting your hair in a tight ponytail or braid might feel and look good in hot and humid weather, doing so isn’t recommended by hair and beauty experts regardless of the type of tools that you’re going to use to secure these hair styles in place.

This is because consistently tugging and pulling your hair, especially if it’s wet, can cause hair breakage. Considering that tugging the hair is a must if you want to put it in a ponytail or braid, using these tools can be counterintuitive to any hair breakage treatment.

Narrow-Tooth Comb

These types of combs are normally used to untangle bangs, fringes, and other small portions of hair that require more meticulous combing. However, this doesn’t mean that these types of combs don’t cause hair damage. Fine-tooth combs, especially when used in wet hair, can cause damage since these hair tools cannot easily remove knots and tangles, which can make you tug your hair even harder. This is why using a narrow-tooth comb is never advisable, even if you use it as a tool to apply a hair breakage treatment cream or product.

Instead of using these tools, consider healthier alternatives such as letting your hair dry on its own or using non-heat curling tools to style your hair. This way, you can avoid inflicting more damage to your hair and making it harder for y

Hair Breakage Treatment Basics: Chemicals to Avoid

Hair Breakage Treatment Basics Chemicals to AvoidE ven the most effective type of hair breakage treatment can fail if you don’t stop using products that contain harmful chemicals that can cause hair fall and damage.

This is why it’s important to know the names of these chemicals in order to make it easier for you to spot the products that you should stop using immediately. Here are some of these chemicals.


Ammonia is widely used in many hair-coloring products because of its ability to increase the pH level in the scalp up to the point that hair cuticles open up. Once they are open, hair colorants can fully enter the hair shaft, which leads to more vibrant hair color. However, this effect causes the hair to lose a substantial amount of protein and moisture, which can lead to hair fall and damage.

In fact, the chemical is proven to be so damaging to the hair that even big brands such as L’Oreal have introduced ammonia-free hair products to the market in spite of the higher manufacturing price for these products. This is why most hair breakage treatment products that aim to restore moisture are highly recommended for those who are fond of frequently changing their hair color. hair breakage treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide

For those who want to lighten the color of their hair, using products with hydrogen peroxide is the most effective option. This is because this chemical can soften the hair cuticle and break down color molecules, which results in the lightening process. However, if a chemical is strong enough to break down colorants, it’s also strong enough to cause substantial damage to the hair.

This is why a longer and more tedious hair breakage treatment is strongly recommended for people who’ve incurred hair damage by using too much hydrogen peroxide on their hair.

Metallic Salts

When it comes to the chemicals that have been used on the hair for the longest period of time, metallic salts take the cake. This chemical has been used as an ingredient in hair coloring products since the 1800s because of its efficiency. Nowadays, it’s slowly becoming obsolete since it’s proven to cause severe damage to the hair. The damage can be so severe that even the most experienced hair specialists can find it hard to reverse the process. However, consumers, especially those who are undergoing hair breakage treatment, should still watch out for this product since a lot of companies make use of this product to manufacture cheap hair-coloring products.

Thioglycolic Acid

This widely used perming chemical can also cause severe damage to the hair and scalp, which can come in the form of severe skin irritations, burns, and infections through open wounds. It can also severely dry out the hair by stripping its moisture completely off, which can lead to brittle hair that is easily damaged. It can even cause hair to directly fall off from the scalp. This is why all clients who are undergoing any type of hair breakage treatment are advised to stay away from this product.

By avoiding these chemicals completely, you can increase the efficiency of your hair breakage treatment, which can help you save time and money, especially if you’re using an expensive hair treatment product.

Top Products for Hair Breakage Treatment on Amazon

top products for hair breakage treatmentSeeing and experiencing hair breakage can be stressful and disheartening.  The sad part is that once your hair gets damaged and falls off or easily breaks, there’s no overnight solution to the problem.

Yes, unfortunately, there’s no miracle treatment that will make all those frays go away in just one use.  The good news is that there are a lot of products now that are focused on getting the treatment that your hair and scalp deserve to bring them back to their healthy state.

Amazon offers top products that are best for your hair breakage problems.  Read through the following amazing hair breakage treatments that will give you the kind of treatment you need.

Global Keratin

global keratin hair breakage treatmentIf there’s one description I have for this product, it’s this – it works!  This product offers a whole lot of benefits in just one bottle.  The top benefits of using this hair breakage treatment include the following:

  • Prevents and reduces the stiffness in your hair
  • Penetrates throughout the hair shaft and delivers important conditioning and moisturizing elements
  • Leaves the hair healthier using a high concentration of Juvexin – a special blend of proteins necessary for healthy hair
  • Acts as an effective hair breakage treatment by putting back the same properties found in young, healthy, and vibrant hair
  • Easier application and reduced styling tim

Global Keratin is the answer to your hair taming concerns.  Although it may be a little pricey for a lot of people, the results you get out of using it’s really worth it.  Try Global Keratin now and see for yourself how amazing this product can be!

Aveda Invati Thickening Conditioner

hair breakageGot thinning hair due to excessive falling hair and all other hair and scalp issues?  Aveda Invati Thickening Conditioner may just work for you as it has for all other customers who’ve tried it and rated it 5 out of 5 stars!

Aveda Invati Thickening Conditioner is considered an effective hair breakage treatment because of the many benefits it offers to anyone who has issues with their hair.  What makes this product work is the list of effective ingredients that are needed to repair damaged hair and thicken hair, too.  As a hair breakage treatment, it has arganine and turmeric that promotes healthy hair growth; guar that provides the protective layering to each hair strand; rapeseed that provides that healthy glow to your hair; and kukui nut oil that heals and repairs any damage to your hair.

The price you’ve to pay for this product may be expensive considering you’re only paying for a conditioner, but would you rather run around with your thinning hair than pay for something that will definitely make your hair look healthy and gorgeous?   It’s your choice.

Living Proof Restore Recovery Regimen

living proofLet’s face it.  Your daily hair routine and all the products you apply to your hair can do damage to what can also be considered one of your best assets – your hair.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to maintain healthy hair, all the styling, coloring, and all other applications done to your hair can be extremely drying and can cause your hair to break.

Living Proof Restore Recovery Regimen can be the best hair breakage treatment for your hair problems brought about by all these daily treatments.  What it does is it restores your hair’s natural shine, strength, and moisture, which were lost and removed due to excessive exposure to external elements.  This clinically tested hair breakage treatment shows that even extremely damaged hair is improved after use and application of this product.

This product comes in 4 5oz bottles that are designed for a 4-week course of therapy.  Priced at $64.95 plus shipping, Living Proof Restore Recovery Regimen indeed is one great way to bring back that amazing hair you once had.  If you don’t believe me, you can always ask the customers who tried it and gave this product a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Redken Intra Force Shampoo and Toner

redken intra forceDo you’ve thinning hair that is color treated and you’re worried that anything you apply to your hair to improve volume and density will actually just worsen your hair thinning issues?  Worry no more.  Redken Intra Force Shampoo and Toner can turn all your hair woes away.

Redken Intra Force Shampoo and Toner are made for thinning and treated hair that needs special care.  It contains very important ingredients that make it an effective hair breakage treatment.  Redken shampoo contains zinc that detoxifies and cleanses the scalp and hair, arginine that accelerates healthy hair growth, and of course the very much needed nutrient Vitamin E that provides nourishment to your hair.

On the other hand, Redken Toner also contains ingredients that help detangle the hair and keeps the hair strong and moisturized.  What makes this hair breakage treatment even better is that it’s safe to use for all types of hair – including color-treated hair.

This duo only costs $59.99 with free shipping and comes with awesome customer reviews.  Simply the best shampoo and toner one can ever ask for!

Kerastase Ciment Anti Usure Complex Cylane Shampoo

kerastase ciment anti usureGot long hair but you’re not sure if you’re going to keep it long no matter how much you love it just because you can’t maintain healthy mid lengths and ends?  I know how that feels.

Kerastese Shampoo is simply applied to towel-dried hair focusing on the mid lengths and the damaged ends.  Massage it onto your scalp and hair thoroughly and leaving it for about 3 minutes.  This gives the product time to repair the internal damage done to your hair while giving each hair strand a coating that serves as a protective layer against all other elements that may cause further damage to your hair.

Unlike other shampoos that weigh your hair down, Kerastese Shampoo simply cleanses and repairs your hair, especially the mid lengths and the ends.

When I first saw this product, I thought the price you’ve to pay for it was just simply ridiculous considering you’re only paying for a bottle of shampoo.  But then I realized that at 34oz and the quarter-sized amount you’re only going to use for each application, this product will actually go a long way.  So every penny spent is actually worth it.

Organix Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil

organix anti breakageIf you’re looking for oils that act as effective hair breakage treatment, Organix Keratin Oil is what I highly recommend.  It comes in a set of 6 and at an affordable cost – a great deal for a great product.

Here’s what I love about this product:

  • It’s all natural.
  • It smells really good.
  • It doesn’t weigh your hair down and make it look oily.
  • It leaves the hair soft and well moisturized.
  • It treats hair breakage problems.
  • It works great with any shampoo and conditioner.

This hair breakage treatment is made of keratin proteins that protect the hair from easily breaking.  It penetrates through the roots and keeps the hair strong from inside out.  The argan oil it also has is responsible for adding the softness and natural shine that your hair deserves.

If you’re looking for an instant repair to your weakened hair, Organix Anti Breakage Keratin Oil will work best for you!

Stopping hair breakage problems can take some time and a whole lot of TLC.  It’s important to note that while we aim for that glamorous hair every single day, we should always be careful of how we handle our hair and what we feed our hair.

Remembering the basic tips such as not brushing your hair while it’s wet, easing up on the heat and other chemicals, and just making sure your hair gets that proper nourishment it needs will definitely help you with your hair issues.  However, when the damage has been done and your hair is just a total mess, cheer up; there are still a lot of remedies for you!

Breaking the Hair Breakage Problems with Pantene Pro V

Hair Breakage ProblemsA lot of women suffer from dry, damaged, and unmanageable hair.  It’s a common problem most women encounter due to the number of hair treatments and hair products plus other environmental factors that affect the beauty of the hair.

Are you bothered by the split ends and the strands that seem to branch out like roots of old trees?

Do you need an affordable hair breakage treatment?  Search no more for a solution because we have the best hair product to repair all your hair woes! Pantene Pro V Fine Hair Solutions Moisture Renewal Conditioner helps transform the hair you’ve into the hair you want.

Fueled by science, Pantene ensures each collection is specially designed to give your hair exactly what it needs to achieve the beautiful results you want and have always dreamt of.

When Pantene was born in 1945, it became famous for its hair care line with unique scents and abundant glass bottles across Europe.  Its main objective was to give customers healthy and lustrous hair that everyone deserves.  To this day, Pantene Pro V’s main focus stays the same but with a boundless search for more innovative improvements.

Product Description

Pantene Pro V Fine Hair Solutions Moisture Renewal Conditioner is the best alternative solution for expensive hair breakage treatment because it has promising results!  Aside from its cost being at an arm’s reach, it actually does what other expensive products offer – it moisturizes and strengthens hair against damage and breakage.  It also helps protect against split ends and is gentle enough for color-treated or permed hair.

Here are the benefits you can get from using Pantene Pro V

  • Perfect for your hair breakage treatment
  • Intensely moisturizes your hair
  • Helps repair dry and unmanageable hair by sealing and smoothing hair cuticles that leave your hair shiny and healthy
  • Replenishes hair from root to tip to help prevent split ends from forming
  • Helps repair damage brought about by a lot of factors and helps reveal light, bouncy, and revitalized hair.

No rocket science

There’s really no rocket science involved.  All you need to do after shampooing is squeeze excess water from your hair and then massage conditioner into wet hair. Comb through with fingers along the length of your hair, paying particular attention to the ends.  Leave it on for about a minute and rinse thoroughly.   To get the best results, simply include this in your daily hair care routine and you’ll be set in no time!

What I think about this product

I’m an avid fan of Pantene products! From shampoo to conditioner to styling products or hair care, it never fails to disappoint me. So when it comes to Pantene Pro V Fine Hair Solutions Moisture Renewal Conditioner, it’s the best!


Because you’ll feel the difference before and after application. As soon as I apply this hair breakage treatment, my hair becomes soft and silky. I love how my fingers can glide in between my hair without a fuss.

My smooth, flawless hair also gives off this soothing fragrance that gives a refreshing smell. I get a lot of compliments because of it.

Check it out in my bio picture below. I’m more than a little proud of my hair and I know you can be, too!

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