Household Alternatives To E-liquid

To quit smoking, so many smokers use electronic cigarettes as a replacement for traditional cigarettes.

To run e-cigarettes or vaping devices, you need e liquid to convert it into vapor. There are various types of e-liquid. But most of them contain nicotine. So what’s the difference between traditional smoking, secondhand smoke, or e-smoking?

All kinds of smoking send nicotine into your body, which is an enormous threat to your health, and everybody knows it. Then what is the solution for someone who eagerly wants to remove the habit of smoking?

If you choose vaporizers or electronic cigarettes, then try to use household items as an alternative to e-liquid.

What is e-liquid?

E-liquid is the liquid that is put into the vaporizers or electronics to create vapor. You may have heard about vape juice, e juice, vape liquid at the same time. These are all the same staff as e-liquid, but in different names. For having different kinds of vaping styles, you will find variations in the name. But the output of all of them is the same. By heating the devices, it turns the liquid into vapor. You would find many options as flavor in e-liquid to reduce the bad smell and toxins of traditional cigarettes. 

How does e-liquid work?

Generally, e-liquid used to create vapor. Most of the vape devices have common parts–a battery, a tank, and a coil. To run a vaporizer at first, you need to pour the liquid into the tank. The coil will soak the liquid. Give some time. Then turn on the battery to heat the liquid. When it heats the liquid, it will create vapor in your mouth.

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What is in e-liquid?

Most of the e-liquid contains four ingredients:

  • Nicotine: The most identified name for the smoker which is an addictive ingredient and also poisonous.
  • PG- Propylene Glycol: A popular chemical for food-safe standard mainly used in the food industry and medicine. 
  • VG- Vegetable Glycerin: Also a natural food-safe chemical. This chemical is derived from vegetable oils, which make a thick and sweetened sensation to vapor. 
  • Flavor: The flavors are usually food-based. You can get different food-grade flavors for e-liquid. 

Is e-liquid harmful

Knowing the key ingredients of e-liquid, you may think there is no harm to inhaling the vapor. But that’s not true. There is no medical clarification on it. But if you compare vaping with smoking, you can consider it as less harmful for your health. People who don’t smoke should not take vaping as it causes addiction.

Natural e-liquid from household items without nicotine

Most of the e-liquid contains nicotine. But you can also get e-liquid with 0mg nicotine. Vapers usually take vaporizers or electronic cigarettes for different types of flavors and to quit traditional smoking. Many of them don’t want nicotine and prefer to make their own e-juice at home, adding no nicotine. Sounds may be hard to make e-liquid, but the fact is it’s not that much tough as you think. You can make your own preferable flavor.

What you need

You need to purchase PG and VG and dropper cape bottles. You can buy them from the store you buy your branded e-liquid. They don’t cost as much as the branded e-juice. Then you need your desired thing- the flavor. You can play with flavor as you want. As a newbie in making your own e-liquid, you may get confused about which flavor you should try. Here are some suggestions for you. You can try your favorite fruit or mixing of different fruit. You can also try ice cream flavor, cake, yogurts, green tea, butter, ketchup, sauce, lavender peppermint, or any other taste you desire.

Mixing of PG and VG

Though PG and VG both are chemical but have different characteristics, you need to use them as a combination. The popular ratio is 50/50, but some vapor also likes the ratio of 70/30 where 70 is for VG and 30 is for PG. There is no perfect ratio; it only depends on vapers.

In a dropper, a cape bottle measures the PG and VG liquid and when you are okay with the ratio, shake it very well, at least for one minute. After mixing the liquid well, add one drop of your desired flavor at a time. Mix it well. When the flavor gets mixed perfectly with liquid, then it is ready to vape.


Keep the e-liquid in sealed bottles. Keep them in a cold and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. It can damage the flavor. If you make different flavors at a time, then use an individual label on the bottles and check here for more details

As a vapor, you know that to continue vaping, you need a regular supply of e-liquid. And to buy it from the branded company or authentic stores, it costs more money than your DIY e-juice. E-liquid with household items can be free from nicotine and also save your money.

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