How A Water Fixture Can Bring Feng Shui Into Your Home

feng shui fountainEverybody wants to make their home an oasis of sorts.

A place where we can go after being out in the world where it is set up exactly the way that makes us happy.

For most, that means a serene space where you can relieve your stress at the end of the day.

For many, this means incorporating the idea of feng shui into their homes. What is feng shui? It is a principle that started in China thousands of years ago. It holds that your surrounding environment can give you harmony in your life since the objects have an energy force. By designing a space using these principles, you can harness these forces to improve your life.

Water is a primary feature in feng shui designs, so adding a water feature into your home is an ideal way to achieve the harmony you are looking for. 

In this article, I will go over how a water feature can be used for the ideal feng shui design.

Benefits of a fountain for feng shui

There are five elements in feng shui with water being one of them. The other four are fire, earth, wood, and metal. 

Water is important as it is reported to bring prosperity to your life. It is a very powerful element since it has the ability to transform itself from liquid to gas to solid. It has freedom that some of the other elements don’t have.

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Water is full of chi energy and can nourish you with abundance when you use it in your home or office space.

Aside from the feng shui benefits, it can also help you relax and focus. The sound of running water from wall mounted fountains ease you into a trance like state that helps relieve stress from your life.

How to choose the right fountain

Although feng shui is a Chinese principle, the fountain itself doesn’t haven’t to be Asian inspired or designed. It can be any type of water fixture that will fit into the general style of your home.

In fact, the more harmonious it is with your home decoration, the better as it is all about harmony. Any material is also fine, but the more natural the better. Wood and stone will bring in two more of the five elements of feng shui and will help bring about better harmony.

Try to avoid a fountain that has too many sharp or jagged edges. The more rounded the fountain the better it works to allow for the flow of energy. The pump motor should be quiet so as to not cause a distraction. You want to be able to hear the water and not the motor.

Also, make sure that there is enough water to not have to refill it too often.

Where to place the fountain

There is an energy map of your space that needs to be considered. It will indicate where you want the energy to flow. These maps are called bagua and will show the areas connected with your life.

There are eight areas so you will want to place certain elements in the areas that will most help you in your life. 

To promote healing of your mental health, a water fixture should be placed in the east. A water fixture that has some wood elements will enhance the feng shui considerably when it is positioned in the east.

If you are looking to improve your career then placing the fountain in the north is the ideal position. Then, if you want to improve your finances, the southeast is the area where your fountain will do the most good.

Where not to place the fountain

Since we are looking to create harmony, you’ll want to avoid placing the fountain in an area that would disrupt harmony rather than improve it.

Placing a water fixture in a bedroom may seem like a good idea, but it is not where you should place it. This can lead to worries and sorrows in your life as it brings the wrong energy to your bedroom. 

Also, avoid placing in the south area of your home. This is a fire element area and will end up conflicting with the water. You’ll end up putting out the fire and this will impede the flow of energy in the home. 

Lastly, putting it under a staircase is not a good idea. This will create a negative energy that can bring misfortune into your house. 

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