How to Attract Men at Work

When you’re too busy writing a report, sending out emails or encoding data into the computer, you might miss out on the opportunity to take a look around and discover that there are plenty of young, attractive men in your workplace that could possibly become your future boyfriend.  How can you take advantage of this opportunity? How can you attract men at work?  It all begins with your appearance.

We all know that men all about physical appearance, especially when it comes to women; they think with their eyes rather than their heart.  So, what do you’ve to do to attract men at work and increase your chances of being asked out?  – Here’s how:

Dress to Impress

We all know that men are not really experts when it comes to women’s fashion, but one thing’s for sure, if whatever you’re wearing looks good on you then they will most definitely think you’ll look stunning and could even compliment you every now and then.  Wear clothes that will accentuate your body and also lift up your self-confidence.  Remember to dress classy, not trashy so you can rule out anything in your closet that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Just a Touch of Makeup

Makeup was made to cover-up flaws and imperfections as well as to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, not to make anyone look like a total different person (or look fake).  Use foundation wisely – don’t abuse it – when choosing colors for your eye shadow, choose neutral colors that will bring out the color of your eyes, the same goes with your lips, shades of pink will give you a sweet appearance.

attract men at workChange Is Good

When it comes to appearance, changing something about your look can be a good thing.  Whether it’s a new hairstyle, a new fashion style, new manicure, or a new tan; your co-workers (especially men) will notice it and will successively keep their eyes glued on you to see what else you’ll change next.  Men love surprises.

Keep them Guessing

While men love surprises, they also love a little mystery.  Men are attracted to a woman who doesn’t lay everything out on the table right away.  Keep them guessing and anticipating what else they can know about you; flirt a little, laugh often, and just have fun.

Laugh a lot

They say laughter is the best medicine, so why not laugh a lot?  Having a good sense of humor is something that attract men to women; a gorgeous woman who knows how to have fun and just be herself.  So, laugh often and make others laugh also.

Smile Often

Lastly, don’t forget to smile often.  A beautiful smile is what attracts people to one another, how much more of it’s a smile from a beautiful woman, right?  A smile gives men the impression that you’re a happy, contented, and pleasant woman who not only has a beautiful appearance, but also a bountiful heart. A good start to attract men at work.

To really attract men at work , you just really need to be yourself and your physical appearance will mesh well with your overall package.  Dress presentably, be classy, and treat other well and before you know it you’ll be the most popular and most adored woman in your workplace.  Go on, get started!  You’ve got some work to do!

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