How to Manage Grief in a Healthy Way

cheating-womanThe loss of someone or something particularly precious or cherished almost always triggers grief.

Grief is traditionally associated with the loss of a loved one. This is, in fact, a widespread source of grief. However, any big loss might cause grief. In other words, grieving does not have to be about death or include another person. It doesn’t even have to be “large” or “important” in the eyes of most people.

While there is no easy way to get through a major loss, there are a few things you can do to manage your grief in a healthy way.

Accept some loneliness

Loneliness is natural, but it’s crucial to avoid becoming too isolated. Seek out people and support groups who are familiar with grieving and who will allow you to get through it at your own time.

Be gentle with yourself

Take it easy on yourself. Try not to berate yourself for not “keeping it together” or “doing better.” It will become simpler to return to your normal self with time.

Embrace all the emotions

Accept all feelings. Recognize that sensations are inevitable, whether we like them or not. Feeling these waves is not weak nor unusual. There are numerous ways of emotional self-regulation that fall under the label of “mindfulness.” 

Get rest

Be consistent, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Allow yourself plenty of time to recover, but be wary of sleeping too much to escape the difficult job of grieving. Exhaustion, both physical and emotional, is typical. You’ll require more sleep than normal.

Take care of your needs

Make time to connect with things that inspire you and help you preserve your feeling of meaning and purpose, whether through a spiritual practice or a creative outlet. You may write a song, poem, or message to your loved one in a journal.

Spend time with family/friends

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Look for old and new friends that understand sadness and can let you be “alone but not alone” when you merely need company without adding to your worries or expectations.

Grief is not the same as depression. Grief, on the other hand, can lead to despair. If you begin to experience symptoms of clinical depression, check out grief counseling near me. Don’t dismiss emotions of depression as “natural grieving” if you experience them at any point.

You don’t have to suffer through them just because they’re a part of your grieving process. Grief counseling can be beneficial.

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