Important Routines For Women in the Time of Coronavirus [Top 5]

Stages-of-Divorce-Grief-5All around the world, people’s daily lives and routines have been upended by COVID-19 and its countless effects.

Many of us are suddenly working from home with spouses or children around. Days are bleeding into each other, and we can’t recall if it’s Monday or Friday because every day looks the same when you can’t leave the house. 

At least it’s all making for some very funny memes.

You might be surprised to learn that daily routines can be an anchor in a time when everything seems monotonous.

It’s tempting to think that you can just sit on the couch in your pajamas all day since you don’t have anywhere to be, but keeping up with your daily routines as best as you can will help keep you healthy and keep a positive attitude.

Of course, routines may look different than they did when you were going to work five days a week, but even if they might be a bit different, these five routines in particular definitely need to be done daily.


You might not be wearing makeup every day anymore, but keeping up with your routine of face cleansers and toners is still important.

Your face will not appreciate being neglected, and you’ll feel better knowing that you’re keeping your skin looking its best. At some point, we will be leaving the house again, and you will be ready!


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This might look different than it used to, but it’s still important to get your heart rate up and strengthen your body. If you’re able to leave the house, spend a few minutes walking around your neighborhood in the fresh air and sunshine.

It’s still spring, so let yourself enjoy the flowers of the season if you can. If not, try some of these workout at home exercises to keep in shape without leaving home.

Get dressed

An object in motion stays in motion.

While that’s science, it’s also common sense – if you get up and get dressed, you’ll be more likely to keep moving and cross a few things off your to-do list and get some work done.

Getting dressed isn’t necessary most days anymore, but for your mental health, it’s a habit that you should keep up with.


An irregular schedule may tempt you to stay up late or take naps during the day, but the importance of maintaining a regular sleep cycle is well documented.

Normal sleep schedules keep you eating less, improves your immune system, and even helps you live longer.

Time away from work

Working from home can be great, but the constant incoming emails and messages can have you working around the clock if you allow it to. Make sure that you have work-free time scheduled each day and set working hours.

Sometimes it can be nice to break out of a routine, but too much time away will have you feeling sluggish and unproductive.

Keeping up with a few basic routines can bring some normality to a time that is otherwise very not-normal, and make it easier to slip back into normal daily life as soon as the Coronavirus lets us.

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