Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe This Summer [Top Tips]

puppy and girlThe COVID-19 pandemic sparked a global wave of concern surrounding health and security.

As vaccinations roll out and the world reopens, individuals must establish new summer safety standards. Currently, the vaccine is available to anyone 12 years and older, leaving children without protection.

Fortunately, there are steps parents can take to ensure the protection of their children while school is out of session. Summer provides a time for family connection and engagement with fun activities. Parents can instill safety measures to protect all family members, whether you are socially distanced at the beach or in close quarters on the playground.  


Many families head to the beach, a pool or a boat when escaping the summer heat. Cooling off in the water is essential for heatstroke prevention and family connection. You can optimize your children’s safety in the water by evaluating their level of swimming and lifejacket regulations.

While on a boat, all children under 13 years of age must wear a lifejacket. If they are in an enclosed cabin, they may remove their floatation devices. Similarly, there are protection measures parents may take at the pool.

All children become tired after some time swimming, and their passion for play may keep them in the pool. Parents can place fun floatation devices, like noodles and tubes, in the water to encourage breaks and support. They may also supervise little ones in or near the water, limiting any running on wet surfaces.

Water activities do present some potential dangers, and they improve children’s and parent’s health. Children who learn to swim at young ages have greater mobility and perform better in school. Parents who swim regularly improve blood flow by increasing their heart size.

Increasing your and your family’s health and well-being decreases your risk of illness. Connecting socially is also essential to the mental wellness of families.

Outdoor Play

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After a house-bound year, children may crave interaction with other kids. Social connection is essential to little ones’ development. Parents may install new play equipment to promote those connections.

If you have a playset that is outdated, expired materials may decrease its safety. When looking to replace your set, you may search for easy-to-clean materials. Until children receive vaccinations, it is essential to wipe down equipment often, reducing the spread of illnesses.

Parents can additionally increase the safety of their children outside by actively supervising. Rather than sitting down on your phone, you may stand or interact with kids, leaving your electronic devices inside. You may also search for hazards on the playset before allowing little ones to play freely.

Additionally, you may ensure your children are wearing adequate play clothes. You can increase safety by removing necklaces, scarfs and drawstrings from one’s outfit before one moves outside.

Sun Exposure

Solar radiation poses significant concerns to the safety of children and their skin. In the U.S., a fifth of citizens develop melanoma by the age of 70, and two individuals die every hour from the disease. Parents may protect their children from exposure by applying sunscreen and protective clothing and accessories.

Additionally, high sun exposure degrades eye health. Without proper protection, individuals can develop cataracts, keratitis, pterygium and more. Fortunately, parents can protect their children’s eyes with ultraviolet protection sunglasses.

Almost all sunglasses provide a layer of protection from the sun. Sunscreen, on the other hand, may contain harmful elements that parents should look out for. The organic filters in sunscreen are absorbed through the skin, eventually entering the bloodstream.

Many of the blockers contain oxybenzone, an endocrine disruptor. The element significantly disrupts hormone balances. Parents trying to conceive have a 30% lower success rate than individuals without oxybenzone in their system.

Fortunately, many sunscreen companies recognized the impact and took action. Now you can purchase oxybenzone-free products, enhancing your and your child’s safety.


Fireworks are a staple of the summertime experience. With the proper safety precautions in place, fireworks shows can increase happiness and community. When attending a show, parents should keep their children at a safe distance in case accidents occur.

If you are conducting a firework show on your property or around a children’s park, you may invest in sustainable options. The colorful combustion product contains large quantities of plastic. After ignition, shards of plastic may litter the surface, decreasing children’s safety.

During combustion, conventional fireworks also put off air pollutants, interfering with lung health. The additives giving the products their colors remain in the environment after a show. Metal atoms dispersed as aerosols, disrupting the atmospheric composition.

If children inhale the polluted, localized air, they may develop unpleasant short- or long-term reactions. Common symptoms are asthma attacks, vomiting, kidney disease and cancer. Parents may reduce a child’s exposure to harmful air pollutants by watching a fireworks show off-site.


Many families also attend campfires during the summertime. Roasting marshmallows and singing generational tunes can increase the sense of community and connection. There are various measures parents may take when developing a family-safe bonfire.

Hardwoods produce the least spark-producing fire, unlike pine or other softwoods. Before building a fire, you may check your community guidelines, attaining any necessary permits.

During a bonfire, parents must supervise children at all times. You may teach your little one’s safety precautions and responses before attending an event. Stop-drop and roll is an effective method of preventing a burn for kids.

Additionally, parents may keep a bucket of water, hose and fire blanket nearby when attending a campfire. When your night comes to an end, completely defusing the fire is essential. It would help if you first waited for the logs to finish burning, then drown excess embers in water.

General Safety

Summertime activities are essential to a child’s development and a family’s connection. Before attending community events, parents may evaluate the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines. Keeping a safe distance between unvaccinated individuals is essential. 

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