Knock Out Acne for Good and Finally Enjoy Your Skin

clogged poresIf you have never had problems with your skin, you are probably not from this planet.

Everyone was a teenager, had unhealthy diet, anxiety and stress, and, probably, another hundred reasons leading to skin issues.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what is really important to your skin to be as healthy as you want. All the time people have been looking for skincare and cosmetic products by seeing advertisements or hearing advice from some Instagram beauty gurus.

And all of them have one right point – a beautiful face is a process that needs time and effort.

Know yourself

Firstly, you need to know what type of skin you have as your daily skincare regimen should be chosen correctly. And if you have some issues with skin, the treatment also depends on the type.

Of course, it’s tricky to figure out your true skin type because it can change over time and can be affected by climate, hormones, and diet.

But it’s still possible. Dermatologists and cosmetologists found the main skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, combination, and normal.

Know your problem

It’s not a secret that acne treatment is impossible without knowing the reason for it.

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You should know what type of acne you have – the next steps depend on it. This could be a medication prescribed by your doctor, or an over-the-counter acne gel or cream.

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Depending on the type of acne you have, recommends are the following:

– Comedonal acne (blackheads and similar bumps) – you need gels with retinoids like adapalene gel

– Mild acne – topical benzoyl peroxide can be useful

– Inflammatory acne – topical dapsone 5 percent gel is recommended

– Acne with scarring – azelaic acid preparations can help reduce acne and the risks of acne scarring

And the last solution is the most popular and useful.

What is Azelaic Acid?

Azelaic acid is a natural acid, which could be taken from grains such as barley, wheat, and rye.

It can prevent future outbreaks and clean bacteria from your pores that cause acne.

Also, one of its benefits is that it’s available in different formats – you can buy azelaic acid 20% skincare cream or strong azelaic acid acne treatment gel, or even in foam format. But it is highly important to be careful with this solution as it has a few side effects like dryness, skin burning, and peeling. So, you need to be prepared before using it.

How it works?

Azelaic acid clears your pores of bacteria that may be causing acne and breakouts. It also reduces inflammation so acne becomes less red, less visible, and less irritated. And one of the important things is that it’s gently encouraging cell turnover so your skin heals more quickly and it helps to minimize scarring.

Consult your doctor first and choose the best option for you.

And remember – your face should smile even without a smile, so take care of your skin and it will thank you!

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