Belly-Fat Burning Smoothies [The Best For 2022]

How do you shed that belly fat without starving and depriving yourself of all your favorite goodies in life?  Well, you can stay fit and healthy minus the stress of having to deal with belly fat.  Want to know how?  By sipping up some belly fat burning smoothies.  Yes, no starving involved.  Just simply whip up, sip up, and then you’ll slim down.

Are you ready?  Here are some amazing smoothies that are sure to get you that kind of body and belly you deserve!

Peanut butter and banana smoothie

You probably read that again.  And yes, you read it right.  Peanut butter can actually help you slim down.  Peanut butter and banana are great sources of protein, which is also very important in losing weight.  If you’re up for peanut buttery goodness, here’s what you do:

What you need:

1 banana

½ cup of crunchy low-fat peanut butter

½ cup of non-fat milk

a handful of ice cubes

1 tablespoon of whey protein

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To make your delicious and belly fat burning smoothie, just blend all these together until smooth.  Enjoy!

belly fat burning smoothieWatermelon smoothie

What better way to spend a hot summer day than to sip up a delectable watermelon smoothie?  Watermelon is high in water content and low in calories and fat.  This makes a watermelon smoothie perfect for your day.

What you need:

6 cups of chopped seedless watermelon

1 cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt

1 cup of ice cubes

First, put the watermelon in a blender and blend it until smooth. Add in half of the low-fat vanilla yogurt and half the ice cubes.  When smooth, add in the rest of the ingredients and continue to blend until smooth.  Sip up and be refreshed!

Kiwi and honeydew smoothie

I love kiwi.  And this is just one of the belly fat burning smoothies I adore!  While kiwi itself doesn’t do the actual burning of fats, it’s packed with Vitamin C and low in calories, which is very good for your weight loss goals.  What kiwi does is it helps fill you up and keeps you full longer, which is important when you’re trying to lose weight.

What you need:

1 peeled and chopped kiwi fruit

2 cups of cubed honeydew

1 green apple

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

1 cup of ice cubes

2 tablespoons of sugar (to taste)

Place the kiwi, honeydew, apple, lemon juice, and sugar (optional) in your blender and blend until smooth.  Add the cup of ice cubes and blend until you get the desired consistency.

Tomato smoothie

When you’re looking for a belly fat burning smoothie that will give you that burst of energy you need to help you last a stressful day, then this tomato smoothie will do just that for you.

What you need:

2 cups of chopped tomato

½ cup of chopped carrots

¼ cup of chopped celery

¼ cup of apple juice

½ cup of tomato juice

1 cup of ice cubes

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth.  You can also add half a teaspoon of hot sauce for a different yet refreshing and nutrient-full belly fat burning smoothie.

Remember that losing weight isn’t about depriving yourself of the foods you’ve to take in.  You just have to be smart enough to use ingredients that are great sources of vitamins and minerals that you need to help you lose weight.

Good health and great shape means loading up on fruits that contain the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function at its best.  Fruits can do so many good things for your body, from cleansing to sustaining your health inside and out.  And the great thing about fruits is their ability to aid in your weight loss program.  Whether eaten raw or made as smoothies, fruits are overflowing with goodness that can keep you healthy and even flab-free.  If I got your attention on the flab-free part, then go ahead and read on to get some fruity ideas for your belly fat blasting fruity smoothies.

Lemon Blueberry

For years, lemons have been used for a variety of health reasons, and this includes weight loss.  Lemons have been regarded as having nutrients that help lose weight and get rid of that fat that makes your tummy bulky. On the other hand, blueberries have also shown great powers on weight loss programs.  It’s packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E that work perfectly in getting you that flab-free belly.

To make your smoothie, blend ¼ cup of blueberries, 1 lemon, and 1 cup of alkaline water.  Enjoy this simple fruity smoothie that also boosts your immune system.

fruity smoothieOrange Banana Mixed Berries

The health benefits you can get from oranges, bananas, and mixed berries are endless and simply amazing.  Combined, these can give you a high dosage and goodness and nutrition that are sure to protect you from diseases and even keep that ugly fat away.  This delectable fruity smoothie can make you go a long way.

Throw in the following ingredients for your smoothie – orange, banana, a cup of mixed berries, two tablespoons of [thirstylink linkid=”10934″ linktext=”flax seed oil” title=”flax seed”], and a cup of ice (if preferred).

Strawberry Banana Orange

Sip the healthy goodness coming from the combination of these yummy fruits.  This belly fat blasting smoothie can also be a great breakfast meal replacement as the fruits blended will help you feel satisfied longer than usual.  With this said, this smoothie is sure to blast that fat away and keep it at bay.

Blend one banana and a cup of strawberries.  Add half a cup of orange juice and half a cup of nonfat yogurt.  This should make one (1) serving of a smoothie that can also help you last the day.

Take advantage of these belly fat blasting smoothies that also prevent any diseases that can plague the body.  You can get creative and blend in your favorite fruits and add some other elements that can give that tasty twist to your favorite drink.  You see, you can’t go wrong with fruits and fruit smoothies.  You only need to know what your body needs more of so that you can choose the fruit that can offer that kind of benefit to your advantage.

Are you ready to be flab-free by slurping your favorite belly fat blasting smoothie?  Shed that belly fat now while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Smoothies that Blast the Belly Fat AwayWhen the summer heat is up and your ice-cold drink isn’t doing your waistline any good, what do you do?  No, you don’t keep drinking your lemonade.  The good news is that there are plenty of thirst quenching drinks that you can load up on without worrying about packing on some pounds, especially on your belly.  So if you want to stay hydrated while you try to lose weight, here are some great smoothies you can concoct on your own to help blast that belly fat down the drain.

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

If you’re looking for a protein-packed belly fat blasting smoothie, this strawberry-yogurt duo is a powerhouse.  Needless to say, protein plays a big role in the production and repair of muscle fibers.  Plus, the fact that protein actually burns calories makes it a great and necessary element for a belly fat blasting smoothie.

To make your smoothie, blend half a cup of strawberries, half a cup of Greek yogurt, and 3 tablespoons of whey protein.  Add in some ice cubes if you wish.  This is especially designed for those who workout and is recommended to be taken post workout.  Indeed, this will keep that belly fat away!

Watermelon Smoothie

Don’t you just love watermelons on a warm and sunny day?  I love watermelons.  Just looking at it gives me the feeling of refreshment that I love.  If you’re up for a low-calorie and amazingly hydrating smoothie, this one is a must-try.

Cut up your watermelon into cubes and put them in the blender.  About a cup or two will do.  Add half a cup of milk and blend until smooth.  Throw in some ice cubes and blend for a good 20 seconds.  If you’ve the desired consistency watermelon smoothie, pour it in your favorite glass and enjoy your drink!

belly fatPineapple Smoothie

Imagine yourself on the beach, out on the sun, and sipping a mouth-watering smoothie made out of pineapples.  Ahh, the good life.  And yes, that also means a flab-free belly.  Pineapple smoothies contain bromelain, which is an enzyme known for its ability to break down proteins, get rid of bloating, and help out with digestion.

Combine a cup of your sliced pineapples with some ice cream and a tablespoon of flax seed oil.  Blend until you’ve achieved a smooth consistency.  You can add ice and blend it in for a cooler effect.

Smoothies are a great way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day.  What’s great about these smoothies is that these are all simple and very easy to make.  These also don’t require a whole bunch of ingredients that may complicate your process of creating belly fat blasting smoothies for your weight loss goals.  You can also be creative about the ingredients you use.  You only have to remember how each ingredient will actually work to your advantage in terms of helping you get rid of that unwanted fat.

Quench your thirst with any of these belly fat blasting smoothies and you’re sure to say hello to a better and sexier version of you!

Belly-Fat Burning Smoothies Gone Wrong

There are times when you thought you were doing the right thing. Well, you just thought it. The fact is you’re doing it wrong. And instead of gaining the desired benefits, you’re having the exact, unwanted opposite. Take, for example, your belly fat burning smoothies. Just because you throw in fruits and veggies, and you drink it instead of having a meal, you automatically think that you’ll lose weight. After some time, you’ll notice that instead of shedding pounds, you’re gaining weight!

Maybe you’re doing something wrong in your preparation. Or maybe, in your ingredients!

So, for the benefits of those girls who want to do it right, here are the 5 common mistakes you do when preparing your belly fat burning smoothies:

When there’s not enough fiber – This is one of the most common misconceptions when doing a belly fat burning smoothie. Girls think that just because they throw in fruits and veggies, they are having enough fiber. Not exactly.

Some fruits have more fiber than others, and some veggies also stand out. So, do your homework first and gather all the ingredients with high fiber content.

Fiber is important to “keep you sated.” When you are, you’ll less likely eat food whenever you see it. On top of that, fiber helps you eliminate the waste inside the body. It literally acts as a broom that sweeps off the dirt.

When there’s not enough protein – Unfortunately girls, you cannot live off fiber alone. You need energy, and since carbs are almost out of the picture, your belly fat burning smoothies shall at least contain proteins.

Instead of using ice as the base for your smoothies, why not use yogurt that contains more protein. It has been said that Greek yogurt is a very good choice. Instead of using ordinary milk, use almond or soy milk because they have higher protein content.

belly fat burning smoothieAnd don’t forget to munch on other foods that also contain energy-giving protein.

When there’s too much sugar – Admit it; the reason why belly fat burning smoothies appear to be very enticing to you is because of the sweet fruits that you can use. But, wait a minute. The goal here is to lose weight. How can you do that if you use as many fruits as you can?

Remember, fruits also have glucose in them, and some fruits have too much sugar in them. Plus, they also contain a lot of calories! So, again, choose carefully.

It’ll also help if you don’t add scoop after scoop of table sugar. And please don’t add sweetened milk.

When it’s all about smoothies – Some women resort to smoothies to lose weight; that’s a given. The problem is when they ONLY use belly fat burning smoothies and nothing else.

This happens when the woman drinks smoothies for meals, and then they become lazy and just lie down. Come on! You know you also have to do your end of the bargain. You have to exercise, and you’ve to add more substance other than smoothies. So, don’t just rely on these sweet recipes!

When you just have them at home – Another good quality of smoothies is this: you prepare it, store it, and take it with you. Most women only have their fat belly burning smoothies at home, when they can take it with them to their workplace or gym.

This is important because having the smoothies by your side means you won’t “look” somewhere else to munch on something that isn’t healthy. Instead of buying empty snacks, grab your thermo glass and take a gulp of healthy goodness.

Belly Fat Burning Smoothies: Bellyciously Smooth Oatmeal

Belly Fat Burning Smoothies Bellyciously Smooth OatmealOne of the most sought after companions when it comes to weight loss is oatmeal. But be honest; after a few weeks (sometimes, even just days!), oatmeal becomes super boring that you just raise the white flag and swear off dieting using oats.

Your reaction is highly understandable; oatmeal (even the ones with flavor) can be boring as the days go by. But please don’t give up on our reliable companion; you just need to add style when it comes to “consuming” oatmeal. Before we move onto the delicious belly fat burning smoothies using oatmeal, let us first discuss the benefits of the said food.

Here are the benefits of oatmeal that make it a very suitable ingredient for belly fat burning smoothies:

Oatmeal is low in calories – Oh, yes. That’s a very appealing benefit. Imagine the amount of time you need to spend just to “burn” the excessive calories that you had when you ate sinful foods? You won’t suffer that stress anymore if you regularly include oatmeal in your diet!

Just make sure that when you prepare your smoothies, you use oatmeal along with other low-calorie (but very delicious) foods like apples, berries, and peaches!

Low in fat

It cannot be made into belly fat burning smoothies if oatmeal has a lot of fat! Sure you cannot say that it’s fat-free, but hey! The small amounts of fat that oatmeal contains are actually the good kinds, so there’s no harm in there!

Just a quick reminder, though. So as not to ruin the oatmeal’s “low fat” beauty, you must not take the smoothie with fat-laden foods like butter and whole cream. Try skim milk because it contains fewer fats.

belly fat burning smoothieIt keeps you satisfied

Perhaps one of the best reasons why you need to turn oatmeal into a smoothie is because it keeps your tummy satisfied. The reason behind this is the fiber. The fiber in oatmeal makes it so that you won’t crave for food time and time again; it keeps you full.

With this, you’ll only have to control your emotions. No more eating just because you’re sad. And don’t eat just because you’re stressed! Control your cravings and separate foods and emotions.

Replacement approved

Unlike other foods that cannot pass for a meal replacement, oatmeal is different. More than just keeping you full, it also keeps you nourished. It’s safe to say that when you use oatmeal in your smoothies, you’re drinking your food!

Money matters

Admit it; some diets need deep pockets, but when you use oatmeal, you don’t have to worry. It’s affordable, easy to find, and there’s a lot to choose from. No need to invest in pills that’ll be hit and miss; just patience, determination, and oatmeal.

Now, it’s time for one belly fat burning recipe using oatmeal!


Frozen blueberries


Unsweetened almonds

Skim milk


Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor together with crushed ice. Process until you’ve reached the perfect consistency for you!

And one last reminder: yes, it’s true that belly fat burning smoothies can be used as a meal replacement, but don’t forget to nourish yourself with cooked meals. Pull out your web browser and search for the fruits and food that can go well with the smoothies that you have. Experiment with the ingredients; as long as they taste good and they don’t add empty calories, carbs, and fats, then there’s no problem!

Belly Fat Burning Smoothies Featuring Greens

Belly Fat Burning Smoothies Featuring GreensThere’s a reason why women are suddenly all about the green revolution. And there’s also a reason why they want to drink their meals instead of eat them. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why girls of all ages suddenly want to lose weight not by “restrictive” dieting and “torturing” workouts.

They opt to choose the much relaxed and healthier alternative, which is consuming belly fat burning smoothies featuring greens.

So, when it all comes down to advantages, what are the supreme edges of green belly fat burning smoothies?

Moisture and hydration

Experts say that people with sufficient water in the body are more likely to lose weight. And you cannot make belly fat burning smoothies without crushed ice and milk, so that’s a really good benefit. Consuming smoothies will break your habit of only drinking when you feel the thirst. Sometimes, you even become too lazy to gulp a glass of water because it’s boring. When you’ve smoothies, drinking/eating time is far from boring.

Light for your body

Since smoothies are already “physically processed” either by a blender or food processor, your body will need less stress to digest it. This is also a very good advantage for people who’ve trouble swallowing or digesting.


Your smoothies are high in water. Check. They are also high in nutrients. Check. They are most definitely packed in fibers. Check. In other words, consuming smoothies will keep your belly satisfied. You’ll no longer feel hungry very frequently. When you eat less, you’ll gain less fat!


Believe it or not, veggies can be a good source of energy. Okay, let me explain that one. Sure, fruits are the one bearing the sugar, but they only make you “active” for a short period of time, and then their effects will run out. Green smoothies, on the other hand, have balanced sugar content. When you take them regularly, they will work on increasing your stamina for the long haul.

Money saver

Nothing much should be said; your veggies are definitely more inexpensive than diet pills and intricate meal plan ingredients. Sure, you’ll have to add milk and ice to make your smoothies, but those are not that expensive either.

belly fat burning smoothieConvenient

Green smoothies are actually health on the go. You can make it and take it wherever you’re going. On top of that, making your smoothies isn’t complicated. You just need a blender or a food processor (don’t forget the companion fruits and milk) and all’s well. Store them in the fridge and drink it whenever you like!

Nourishment at its finest

Veggies are pure nutrition. There’s no doubt about that. That makes them perfect for a healthy weight loss regimen.

With all these benefits of belly fat burning smoothies, you must remember that it also lacks other essential nutrients like protein. So don’t completely rely on smoothies. And of course, do your part on becoming fit by engaging in a healthy workout regimen.

The best thing about making smoothies is that it gives you the freedom. You get to play with the ingredients and you’ll choose what you eat. It’s fun, never boring, and relaxing!

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