Taking a Polygraph [Top 4 Things to Know]

Natural Cures for AnxietyThere is nothing magical about a polygraph test.

You go in, follow the rules, and then hope for the best outcome.

Instead of getting worked up over future results, keep these four tips in mind before taking the test. 

1. Stress Works Against You

One of the leading causes of polygraph test failure is stress. Tough sex crime attorneys can give you great advice about de-stressing before the test.

But all of that knowledge may go out the window once you are alone in the room with a polygraph examiner. Stress is a natural, and the examiner will account for that while asking questions.

What’s important is the amount of stress you allow to take over your mind. If your mind and body react to specific questions, then it will be a domino effect each time a tough one is asked. Don’t let tough questions gain momentum, or else stress will completely take over the test. 

2. Don’t Study

A lot of people fail this part of the examination by trying to outsmart the system. They look up ways to beat a polygraph instead of going in naturally.

So, guess what the first question becomes when a polygraph examiner hooks you up? The look of bewilderment and annoyance on the face of the test taker is priceless. 

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If you’re trying to figure out a way to beat a polygraph, then you’ve already failed the test. The point of the test is to figure out if you’re lying.

There is no studying for a test where the only requirement is that you tell the truth. 

3. Alcohol Won’t Relax You

A small sip of alcohol before a big test is something that college students have tried for years. It is meant to relax you, and has even become a popular method for athletes before a big game.

A polygraph test is not a good time to practice the alcohol de-stressing technique. In fact, it is the beginning of an awful decision that will snowball into you failing the test. 

The polygraph examiner will usually ask if you’ve studied for the test. At some point during the test, they may even inquire about drug use.

If you’ve sipped alcohol before the test, your brain will do some quick calculations by wanting to clarify what qualifies as drugs. By the time you’ve stopped talking, the sweats begin and your stress level is at an all time high. 

4. Keep It Simple

Don’t volunteer information unless it is asked. If the polygraph examiner says to only answer with a yes or a no, then stick to that.

When a test taker asks for clarification on a question, it opens up a lot of doors for probing. The examiner will usually keep the clarification answer open ended so that the test taker can bury themselves by filling in the blanks. Don’t fall for this by keeping it simple at all times. 

Don’t Lie

It’s tempting to mask things that you are embarrassed about during a polygraph interview. But the thing to remember is that the polygraph examiner is there to do their job, and nothing beyond that.

Be a professional, and the test will always work in your favor. 

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