The 3 Types of Single Women that Men Don’t Want to Spend the Rest of their Lives With

Just like single women, there are plenty of single men out there who are also seeking the right woman to come into their lives.  The problem is that many single women out there are often difficult to get along with.  If you don’t want to be amongst these women, then look over the list of the 3 types of single women that men don’t want to spend the rest of their lives with so that you can reassess yourself.

1. Materialistic Type

This type of woman wears expensive designer clothes from head to toe, from her head accessory all the way to her 5-inch heels.  You can usually spot this type of woman from afar; she will look like a million bucks just by her outfit as well as her movie star-like makeup and her polished nails.  A woman like this knows fashion; she lives and breathes fashion and basically loves anything that only money can buy.

Most men will be attracted to these types of women physically, and that’s about it.  Trying to keep up with their lifestyle and even spending plenty of money in order to make a woman like this happy and content will be a man’s dilemma; this is the reason why men try to avoid women who are the materialistic type. types of single women

2. Hopeless Romantic Type

The hopeless romantic type is a woman who likes to read volumes and volumes of romantic novels and books that encourage women that there’s a prince charming out there for them who will sweep them off of their feet and carry them off into the sunset on their horse and carriage.  These types of women want to find love and will follow the step-by-step instructions on how to find love from the books that they read; if they spot a slight flaw that isn’t dictated in their how-to books, then they will do whatever they can to change the man they are dating and transform them into the man they want them to be.

Although these hopeless romantic types of single women are sweet and very lovable, some men can’t stand a woman who lives by the book, someone who follows what a supposed “love expert” tells them to do.  Men like adventure, mystery, and most of all, they love a woman who follows what she believes in, not what others push down her throat.

3. The Clingy Type

A woman who calls every few minutes “just to check up” or wants to go to every single appointment that their man is going to should not be mistaken for being sweet and caring; rather, this type of woman should be called the clingy type.  Women who dedicate their lives to the man they are currently dating give off a vibe that they are too overly dependent on their man that they can’t even go to the grocery store to buy food or pick out an outfit without the assistance of their significant other.  Clingy women shower their love and dedication to a man that more than often he will start to feel like he is being suffocated and being told what he can and can’t do.  Men still want their independence even though they may be dating a woman; they don’t want to feel like every move they make is being monitored.

Reevaluate Yourself

If you’re a single woman who is hoping for the right man to come into your life, then it’s time to reevaluate yourself; are you the type of woman a man will want to spend the rest of his life with?

Men has their own preference to what types of single women they see themselves with; whether you’re this type or that type, the best type of person to be is yourself.  Men love a woman who reveals her natural self – a woman who has flaws yet still remains beautiful.

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