What Is Dressy Casual For Men? [Decoding Dress Codes]

Everyone wants to look good when attending an event.  Nobody wants to go through the embarrassment caused by not being properly dressed.

This is the reason why we have dress codes – to ensure that we’re neither overdressed nor underdressed.

And normally, invitations will state the dress code, which you must faithfully follow. However, not all dress codes are easy to decipher.  Sometimes, you need to do a lot of research because of the many dress code categories that we have.

For example, there are times When Casual is more than just Casual, so we have categories of casual attire like ordinary casual attire, elegant casual, business casual, and of course dressy casual attire. Here are some of the best dressy casual attire ideas for him and her.

When it comes to dressy casual attire, what we should always remember is that it is somewhere in between formal and casual.

It’s not too casual like your ordinary street wear but a dressed-up version of your casual attire.  If there’s a visible line between formal and casual, that’s where dressy casual attire lies.

Dressy casual attire must therefore be semi-formal and semi-casual at the same time.  If you still find it confusing, read more in Decoding Dress Codes: What is Dressy Casual Attire.

So, while anything goes for casual attire, there are certain don’ts in dressy casual attire like denims, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and miniskirts.

What Is Dressy Casual For A Man?

For dressy casual attire ideas, men can wear khaki pants, mens trousers, slacks, jeans, or any more or less comfotrable pants.

Dressy casual attire ideas for him

There’s a lot of debate about whether men can wear jeans, but in my opinion, dark, stylish, and formal-looking jeans will do the job; just stay away from rugged, faded, or patched jeans.

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For the top, men can wear a turtleneck sweater or a white shirt with a blazer or a seasonal sports coat.  A polo shirt or an open-collar shirt without a tie is also a good option.

A casual button-down shirt or a dress shirt can also be worn.

For footwear, avoid sandals and loafers.

But leather loafers are acceptable.  Shined and patent leather shoes, however, are the best option for a dressier feel.  You can also consider quality leather mens square toe cowboy boots for a more rugged, dressed-up look.

For Her

There are more options for women when it comes to dressy casual attire ideas.

But is it a good or a bad thing?

You tell me, after you’ve spent a few hours looking at your wardrobe with nothing to wear!

Dressy casual attire ideas for her

A woman can choose between wearing a dressy pants outfit or pantsuit, a knee-length dress, fitted or slim slacks, trousers, and knee-length skirts.

Though it’s still debatable, like in men’s outfits, I still believe that a woman can also wear jeans as long as it’s nice and formal-looking, and especially if it’s paired with a silk blouse and a tailored blazer because it really just looks very chic.

For the top, women can choose between a formal-looking blouse and any kind of a silk top, but preferebly with sleeves, if you’re not planning on having another layer on.

A cashmere shell, a sweater set, or a blouse with a scarf are also worthy picks.

However, women must avoid T-shirts and shirts with plunging necklines, which reveal too much skin.  It’s also good to take note of the fabric of the clothes you’re wearing.  For a dressier feel, wear those with darker colors and those with richer and dressier fabrics.

Whether it’s for him or her, always remember that dressy casual attire must be well-coordinated and also well-accessorized.

Next time you’re preparing for a dressy casual event, it’s good to always take note of these points so that you won’t be confused or you won’t have a hard time preparing for a dressy casual outfit.

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