The Pros and Cons of Having a Micro Wedding in 2022

micro wedding

Wedding planning generally takes a significant amount of work, time, and money.

Choosing a dress, venue, food, decor, and making a guestlist can be time-consuming, overwhelming and expensive.

COVID-19 has changed the way couples plan their weddings and will likely continue to do so well into 2022 and beyond.

For example, many brides will find their wedding dresses online, rather than purchasing one from a brick-and-mortar bridal store or boutique. COVID-19 has contributed to the rise of micro weddings out of necessity.

A micro wedding is essentially a smaller and more intimate event, with no more than 30 guests.

Because the future is unpredictable, and COVID-19 may continue to be a concern, micro weddings are becoming more common. Micro weddings come with their unique pros and cons, and you should weigh them if you’re considering planning a wedding at all.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of microweddings now!

Pro: A More Intimate Affair

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Micro weddings are much more intimate because of the reduced number of guests, which can be a significant advantage for many.

Having fewer guests can result in opportunities for everyone to interact more. There is also less risk of missing out on interacting with each guest, and each interaction can be more meaningful.

A more personal wedding can also make guests have a more positive experience overall as it will be a lot less socially challenging to interact with fewer people throughout the wedding event. 

Pro: Fewer People to Please

Another advantage of having a micro wedding is that there are fewer people to please.


Fewer people to please means fewer accommodations and more choice in terms of location, which means fewer expenses. 

Some of these accommodations include invitations, food, decor, and venue space. Fewer guests affect these accommodations because it may allow for the renting of smaller and more affordable venues.

It’s a great way to budget money, save time, and reduce stress!

Pro: A Budget-Friendly Experience

Probably the most significant advantage of hosting a micro wedding is the cost and how inexpensive it can be.

Less food, less need for decor, and less seating and tables at a venue are a few ways a micro wedding can shed costs. If saving money is a priority, a micro wedding would be the no-brainer ideal option.

You’ll need less of everything and what you do offer can be higher quality!

Con: Forgoing the Full Guestlist

A micro wedding is not without disadvantages, however.

One of them includes forgoing the full guestlist and not being able to invite everyone. Choosing who to cut out of the wedding can be difficult, especially if the initial guestlist is long.

Cutting guests out may be less of an issue for guestlists that are already small. 

Having to cut some friends and family out of the list means that sharing the wedding experience with these individuals won’t be possible. Choose carefully, especially since those cut from the guestlist may not be happy that they will not attend. 

There may be some solutions to this issue, like having guests attend virtually. Even though this won’t be the same as attending in person, it may be preferable compared to not attending the event at all. 

Con: Having to Make Other Sacrifices

Unfortunately, having a micro wedding comes with sacrifices.

For starters, it may not be as extravagant of an event. You may also need to give on other wedding features, like a full dance floor packed with guests, a bigger venue, an enormous buffet, or your ideal location. 

However, this doesn’t mean that micro weddings can’t have beautiful venues, flowers, food, and attire. If you know how to select them in a budget-friendly way, you can still enjoy all aspects of your wedding.

Micro Weddings Can Be Simple Yet Effective

With recent global events and restrictions, traditional weddings may see a partial or significant decline. Micro weddings can still serve an equal purpose to traditional weddings, without excess stress and high costs.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference, and micro weddings are but one of the options available for those wanting to plan an alternative event.

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