Tips on Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins in Marriage

For many relationship experts and family court lawyers, one of the best ways to avoid divorce is to avoid the seven deadly sins in marriage. These deadly sins include common behavioral problems such as envy, sloth or indifference, and pride, which are also the issues for many unmarried couples. This just goes to show that these deadly sins can wreak havoc in any type of relationship. This is why it’s important to learn how to avoid these sins. Here are some tips on how to do just that.


Out of all the deadly sins in marriage, pride remains one of the most dreadful and destructive because of its ability to cause the other deadly sins and other marital problems to arise. This is why it’s advisable for couples to always take their pride down a notch. Never be afraid to apologize and to ask for an apology.


Statistics show that more than 40% of couples admit to having at least one affair that their partner may or may not know about. This just goes to show that [thirstylink linkid=”11890″ linktext=”infidelity” title=”infidelity“] due to lust and other issues is a prominent problem. One great way to avoid this problem is to avoid harboring negative feelings toward your partner and to be honest regarding the romantic or flirtatious advances of other people.

Sloth and Gluttonymarriage

Sloth and gluttony or having a vice or addiction to anything is the most common sin for couples who’ve been together for more than four years. Being sloth-like is similar to being indifferent in the sense that the effort to look great and to have a happy and enthusiastic relationship is no longer there. This is also the case for those who’ve an addiction since the partner who has a vice or addiction no longer makes the effort to put his or her 100% in the relationship. To avoid this sin, couples should keep making the effort to swoon and look their best for each other. The flirting and the romantic dates should never stop regardless of the length of the relationship. Making the effort to look great can also help avoid gluttony.

Envy and Greed

It’s normal to feel envious toward a partner who is earning more money and recognition or who has a more positive and happy life in general. It’s also normal to want to earn more than the other. However, these thoughts turn into deadly sins once envy and greed starts creating turmoil in the relationship. To avoid this escalation, always give heartfelt praises when necessary. It also helps to voice out the feeling of being envious in order to create an open and nonjudgmental relationship and to feel content.

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Most of the time, all of these sins reach a boiling point, which gives birth to another sin called wrath or anger. The best way to avoid this deadly sin is to be patient. By being patient, couples will learn to be tolerant of his or her partner’s flaws. This is also the best way to resolve conflicts, which can prevent the escalation that can result in anger.

Despite being the most notorious, these seven deadly sins are not the only sins or behavioral problems that couples should avoid. However, putting an effort to avoid these seven sins is a great start in ensuring that other problems or sins are avoided as well.

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