Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider a Doctorate in Education

Evening-classes-for-womens-career-boostIf you’re thinking about going back to school for an advanced degree and you have a knack for leadership and a heart for helping others, you may want to consider getting a doctorate in education, or EdD.

This degree can sometimes fly under the radar but is useful for a wide range of careers and could help you make a real difference. After all, when you’re an expert in education, you understand how to make a wide variety of concepts understandable and meaningful.

To learn more about the top four reasons you should consider getting your education doctorate, read on.

It’s Useful for Many Careers

One of the clearest career paths for holders of education doctorates is, of course, going into the teaching profession.

While teaching is incredibly rewarding, as well as very important for shaping the next generation of leaders, there are many other career paths open to those with an EdD that you might never have thought of.

For instance, your high level of education and expertise could make you the right fit for roles like college professor of education, consultant, director of a nonprofit, curriculum specialist or even CEO!

Whatever path you choose, with an EdD under your belt, you’ll be in high demand in a wide range of industries.

You Learn Transferrable Skills

One of the reasons an EdD is useful not only in teaching but in other areas as well is that you learn several transferrable skills throughout the program. You won’t just become an expert in education, but a true leader with exceptional organizational and problem-solving skills as well.

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This is a great asset to have in any work environment, and means you can adapt to just about any workspace!

You Can Specialize

If you’re really interested in one specific area of education, completing a doctorate affords you the chance to not just master general knowledge, but to become a true expert in your niche.

For instance, depending on the EdD program you choose, you could specialize in fields like early childhood education, educational policy, curriculum and instruction, learning technology, a particular subject matter like math or English, and more!

It Can Boost Lifelong Earnings

With a doctorate-level education, you’ll have an exceptional worth for employers, and this can translate to higher earnings over the course of your lifetime.

While teachers are sometimes known for not having particularly high pay, earning a doctorate can help solve this problem and boost your earning potential!

Relatively few careers these days allow you to apply your skills to a wide range of topics and achieve a great work-life balance while making a real difference in people’s lives. Education is one of them. If you’re a natural-born leader and love helping others, developing your expertise by getting a doctorate in education could be the right choice for you.

With this knowledge about the little-known but deeply important EdD under your belt, you’ll be well prepared to make the right choices for your future career with confidence.

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