Conversation Starters With Your Crush [Top 5 For 2022]

Few things give us the butterflies more than talking to our crushes.

You can be the most confident, talkative person in the room and find yourself with nothing to say once your crush is involved.

But worry not! There are a few things that can save you from foggy-headed, tongue-tied embarrassment.

Having a couple of topics on hand to ease your mind and make talking smoother is never a bad thing. Here are a few conversation starters that are almost guaranteed to make talking to your crush easier.

1. Talk about your crush

There are few topics people know more about than themselves. And everyone likes to talk about themselves once in a while. Ask your crush what his or her plans are for the weekend. If he or she is going out, that’s a good time to see if you can get yourself invited to the fun.

Does your crush celebrate different holidays than you? Get him or her to explain what he or she celebrates and what it means to him or her.

Sharing about hobbies is also a good conversation starter with your crush.

Don’t forget to talk about yourself a little as well. Don’t make the conversation a question and answer round. That can get boring and annoying pretty quick. Split your time between letting your crush talk about him or her self and doing the talking yourself.

2. To that end, talk about common interests

Chances are, you’ve at least some things in common with your crush. Since fifteen to twenty percent of couples met at work or school, your crush is probably a co-worker or classmate. Use the things you know you’ve in common as a conversation starter. Talk about the meeting or class you both attended.

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Do you both like a certain sport or team? Talk about the game.

Better still, offer to watch the game together. Use the things you’ve in common with your crush as a launching board to hanging out. Even if you can only manage to suggest doing work together, you’ll still be spending time with him or her. Try it.

3. Talk about HIS interests

Is your crush into Nascar, fancy foreign movies, or hip-hop? Talk about that. It may not be the topic you want to talk about the most, but using that as a conversation starter is a good way to get him to open up. Talking about your crush’s hobbies does two things right off the bat.

First, just like letting him talk about himself gives your crush something to talk about that he knows well, which will make him comfortable and make you out to be a good listener.

Second, talking about topics you know little or nothing about shows your willingness to meet your crush halfway when it comes to your relationship. And who knows, you might find you like fancy foreign films after all.

4. Talk about current events

There’s a lot going on in the world. One conversation starter with your crush is what’s going on in your neighborhood and around the world. Not only do current events give you something to talk about, but it also lets you gauge what sort of person your crush is under her or his adorably kissable facade.

Talk about current events that are important to you, things you’ve a strong opinion about. It’s not a test, of course, because that isn’t fair to your crush, but knowing how he or she feels about issues that matter to you is a good way to see how compatible the two of you really are.

5. Talk about life experiences

This sort of conversation starter can go one of two ways. You could end up telling one another hilarious stories about some embarrassing moments. This is always good f

or fun, light conversation. To get to know one another with a dash of humor can bring you and your crush closer together.

And speaking of bringing you and your crush closer together, the other way this conversation could go is more serious. You could talk about the time you were most scared in your life. Your crush could talk about his or her dreams as a kid or his or her dream job. Not being afraid to get personal is the best way to get close to your crush. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Conversation Starters With A Crush By Texting

how to start off a conversation with a guy over textTalking to your crush can be a nerve-racking experience. Just thinking of something to say can leave your tongue tied. Luckily, there are a lot of conversation starters with your crush that you can use to break the ice.

One of the easiest conversation starters with your crush is to get his or her phone number and text him or her. One of the best times to ask for a number is while you’re in the middle of a good conversation.

Drop the request in casually, making it seem as natural and low pressure as possible. Say something simple like: “Hey, why don’t we trade numbers?” then ask about what sort of cell phone your crush has.

The few moments after asking for a number can be awkward as you both struggle to find something to talk about, so following up the request with a question is a good way to keep the conversation going.

To avoid that awkward-after-request moment altogether, ask for the number while leaving. Again, say something simple like: “I’ll text you later, okay? Can I have your number?”

Once you’ve his or her number, there are a lot of great conversation starters you can use over text to get to know him or her and bring you closer together. As a rule, there are two types of things you can say to get a conversation moving and keep it going. The first is questions. The second is sympathy.

When texting, start off with asking about what your crush is up to. “What are you doing?” or “What are you up to?” are both good conversation starters with your crush. Be ready to reply with interest. Whatever your crush says he is doing, be ready to comment on it. If he says he is listening to music, watching TV, or playing a game, ask about the artist, actors, or gameplay.

conversation starter

If he says he is doing homework, reply with something sympathetic like: “We got a lot today, don’t we?” If your crush doesn’t go to your school, ask what the homework is about. Whatever he says he is doing, be ready to ask about it. It’ll be easy, because you’re already interested in knowing what he is up to.

Follow up the conversation by telling him or her what you’re up to. Don’t feel the need to make something up. Just say what you’re actually doing, whether it’s checking Facebook, watching a movie, or just sitting at home being bored.

Once you’ve picked a good conversation starter, make sure you pay attention to how he acts. Look for clues that tell you whether your crush is enjoying texting you. If the responses are clipped and short and if they come few and far in between, your crush may not be into the conversation.

But don’t fret. He may be in a bad mood, stressed, or busy. Just because he doesn’t love talking to you, doesn’t mean it has something to do with you. End the conversation on a high note by leaving willingly with a promise to talk. “Catch you later” or “Talk soon” are both good ways to end a conversation.

Conversely, if he has long responses with lots of questions for you, he is probably interested in continuing the conversation. Let the talking flow naturally. If things get intense or personal, ask to finish the conversation over the phone or make a plan to meet up and talk face to face.

Another conversation starter is asking about shared time together. If you go to school together, ask what he thought about certain teachers or classes. If you work together, ask how he fared or what he thought of the day. Use holidays or other times spent apart as conversation starters.

Text just before or during holidays to wish your crush well. Text late on weekends to ask what your crush is up to. If your crush celebrates different holidays than you, learn about them or ask him or her what the holiday is about. It gives you a chance to talk and shows him or her that you’re interested in his or her life.

Another way to show that you’re interested in his life is to ask about his family. Everyone has family drama, and talking about shared concerns can be a good conversation starter.

It invites your crush to open up to you and tells him or her that if he has problems or complaints, you’re a sympathetic ear for him or her to vent to. Talk about his or her hobbies too; that’s another way to show you’re interested in his or her life.

Overall, when starting a conversation with your crush, be open. Making your crush feel like you’re a good listener and that you care about him or her opinions and values is the key.

Tips of How to Start a Conversation With your Crush in Real Life

how-to-start-a-conversation-with-your-crushCongratulations. You’ve finally worked up the courage to talk to your crush. Good job. Give yourself a hand.

But now what? Striking up conversations can be a real social workout. It gets even harder when you’re talking to someone you’re crushing on.

It’s easy to give into the butterflies in your stomach and the fog in your head. One wrong move and you can make yourself look like a fool, or worse, you can come off as uninteresting. But worry not.

There are lots of conversation starters with your crush that you can rely on to help ease you into a relationship with the object of your affection.

Tip 1: Start the conversation off on a neutral topic

Most likely, your crush is someone you see everyday or almost everyday. You and he or she probably have the same classes, go to the same school, or work at the same place.

Use your overlapping lives to start a conversation.

Ask about the last class you had together or the meeting you both attended. Using these sorts of conversation starters where you get his or her opinion on the shared parts of your life gives you insight into his or her world and asking for his or her opinion shows you care about those opinions.

If you can, use the time you’ve to share to open a door to time you don’t have to share but do anyway.

If you’re in the same classes, offer to work together on the latest piece of homework.

If you work together, see if you can tag-team new projects. It gives you a reason to see your crush during “off hours” and bring you closer together.

Tip 2: Once you’ve gotten your in, switch to a fun topic

Talking to your crush gets easier with time. Once you’ve established a pattern for talking pleasantly with him or her, move away from neutral topics and try to talk about something fun.

Good conversation starters with your crush make the most of upcoming holidays and events. Is some big holiday just around the corner? Ask about his or her plans.

Find out if he or she is going out or going to dress up. Make yourself available for parties and events if you can. If Christmas is coming up, casually ask what he or she is hoping to get for Christmas.

It gives your crush a chance to talk about him or her self and gives you a chance to scout some gift ideas. New Years parties are also great for couples-in-the-making.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to get Personal

Once you’ve started talk to your crush about something other than work, take it to the next level (conversation wise, that is).

Conversation starters with your crush that start off with generals but take the time to turn into something personal can bring you and your crush closer together.

Discussions about local music events can turn into discussing you and your crush’s tastes in music. Maybe you both like the same indie band.

Try talking about vacation destinations that you’ve been to or would like to go to. It’s possible that you and your crush have the same dream vacation or have been to the same European town while backpacking.

Some really good ways to go from talking to doing is to suggest dates that center around shared interests. Go to a music show together. If you like the same sort of food, grab a bite after work. You never know what things you’ll have in common, so ask.

Tip 4: Compliments are always a good idea

One conversation starter that is almost guaranteed to put you in her or his good graces is a compliment.

Even if it’s something minor, a well-placed compliment can brighten anyone’s day.

Be tactful and polite, and don’t overdo it. Saying, “That was a good point you made in there” after a meeting isn’t that same as singing his or her praises for twenty minutes.

When done well, a compliment can give your crush an ego boost that’s sure to have him or her remembering you fondly.

Tip 5: Share

Careful questioning can make for good conversation starters with your crush, but be careful not to make it a Q and A session.

Talk about yourself as much as you ask about your crush. Respond to her or his answers to your questions with answers of your own. If your crush is into the conversation, he or she will most likely ask you about yourself anyway. Don’t be afraid to get a little chatty. You’re interesting; make sure your crush knows that.

You don’t always have to talk about things your crush likes or things you both like. Educate him or her about topics you’re passionate about. Do you play an instrument? Talk about it.

Avoid sounding like a know-it-all, but make it clear that you’ve passionate opinions that are important to you.

Conversation Starters With Your Crush: Get Closer, Break The Ice

Conversation Starters With Your Crush Get Closer, Break The IceTalking to a crush is tough. You can be the most confident guy or girl in the room on a normal day but completely clam up whenever your crush enters the room.

If this is you, you’re not alone. Lots of people simply seem to lose their grip on the social skills when it really matters. But don’t worry. It’s just nerves.

There are lots of conversation starters you can use to turn yourself back into the easygoing and fun conversationalist you naturally are. Remember to take things slow and not to be too hard on yourself. Focus on the chances of your success rather than the chances of your failure to calm yourself down and make yourself feel more at ease.

If you want a reason to talk to your crush, try asking him or her for help. Asking for help is a great conversation starter because it gives you a legitimate reason to talk to without it seeming forced. Pretend to be looking for something or someone. Be a little dramatic but don’t go too big. You don’t want to have to act out a whole scene for a simple hello. Pretend not to notice your crush as you look for whatever it’s you’re pretending to look for.

After a few minutes, turn to your crush and ask if he or she has seen the person or thing. If he or she says no, you could complain lightly about having to look for it to keep the conversation going. But make sure it’s light complaining. Don’t bore your crush with tons and tons of it. If he or she say she or she has seen it, make sure to thank him or her for the help before leaving.

Another conversation starter with your crush is dropping something. You don’t have to make a huge mess when you do it. Just drop one unimportant and non-breakable thing in front of him or her while you’re walking. If he or she stops to pick it up, you can thank him or her and strike up a conversation. Ask where he or she is going or where he or she is coming from. Talk about where you’re going. But don’t make the conversation too long.

It’s best to act like you weren’t planning on talking to him or her at all. Keep the conversation quick and light before leaving. Upside to this method: if he or she doesn’t notice that you dropped something, there’s no harm done; you can just pick it up yourself and keep going.

Social media is a new age and reliable conversation starter. You don’t have to comment back to him or her on every status update or tweet either. Just try commenting on the same thing he or she comments on if you and he or she has a common friend. He or she is sure to see it and might check out your page to see what else you’ve to say.

Make sure to list yourself as single on your profile pages. You can also use social media as a springboard for face-to-face conversations. You might comment briefly on a post he or she commented on and then bring it up in a face-to-face conversation later, just for something to talk about.

conversation starterSometimes you don’t want a full conversation starter. At times, it’s better to just let him or her know you’re around and keep it moving.

For times like those, rely on your smile. If you see your crush coming towards you, prepare to smile and say hi. Don’t grin like you’ve just won a million dollars; just use a light, small smile, like you’re pleased to see him or her but you’re busy with your own life at the same time.

Smile quickly and say hi and then keep going. Resist the urge to stop and chat. Remember, the trick to turn a one-sided crush into mutual attraction is making your crush as curious about you as you’re about him or her.

Sometimes the best conversation starters are your crush’s friends. Do you and your crush have common friends? If you do, hang out with them. You’re likely to bump into your crush, and it’ll seem like a coincidence, giving you a chance to hang out with him or her without forcing it.

Besides that, having friends in common gives you a chance to find out more about your crush without looking too obvious. Listen. What do your crush’s friends have to say about him or her? Play detective a little.

Starting a conversation with your crush is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be the hardest thing you do all day either. Keep yourself open to opportunities to talk to him or her and don’t try too hard, and you’ll have your crush falling for you in no time.

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