Travel Essentials Checklist For Women [A Comprehensive Guide For 2022]

Traveling can be beneficial in so many ways. It gives you opportunities to meet new people, experience another culture, and change your perspective on life. It can also make you do stuff that you’ve never done before and just experience life as a whole. When you’re planning to take on the world, it’s important to get everything prepared and ready for your adventure. And with the expectation of an upcoming trip comes the pressure of packing and making sure the travel essentials checklist is updated.

When you’re a woman, you may be tempted to pack your complete wardrobe into your luggage. Unfortunately, this will never help you achieve that kind of fun you want to have when traveling.

Getting that checklist done can also be an issue as some might find it difficult to determine which items really are essential when packing. So what should you consider for your travel essentials checklist?

What kind of trip are you taking? When you’re making your travel essentials checklist, you often just think of what you need on normal circumstances – things that you use on a daily basis. When you travel, it becomes a little more complicated than your daily routine essentials. Are you packing for a vacation that requires air travel? Are you aware of your travel destination’s weather and culture? What activities are you going to be involved in for your travel? These are important questions that you need to answer when getting your travel essentials checklist completed.  travel essentials checklist

There are travel restrictions based on what kind of trip you’re taking and where you’re going. While you might feel the need to get everything packed in your luggage just to make sure you’ve all you need, you might actually be packing something that you either can’t bring with you or you can’t use.

Your checklist should include items that you’ll be needing and using in accordance to what you’re going to do and where you’re going. Over-packing doesn’t meet all of your needs when traveling. You have to make the right and smart choice when creating your travel essentials checklist.

What are your conditions? Knowing your health state is also a must for your checklist. If you’ve a medical condition, traveling can be daunting. This means you’ve to pack the right things to ensure your health and safety during your travel. There are also other conditions you’ve to consider for your travel essentials checklist.

What is your skin type? Do you sweat a lot? Do you easily feel cold? Does the AC in the car or the air in the cabin easily dry your skin? Traveling can be a challenge to your immune system and your physical state. If you aren’t ready for it, chances are, your travel can just cause a lot of stress and can potentially make you sick. So always incorporate items that won’t only make your trip convenient but also safe and secure.

Travel Makeup Kit Essentials

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Travel Makeup Kit EssentialsWhether you’re flying halfway around the world for work, driving to another state for a gathering, or touring a city by train, if you’re a woman, you’ll always have that urge to stop and check how you look before you move on to your adventure. For us, travelling means going to new places and meeting new people, which automatically means having that need to look and feel good. That need usually makes us want to pack all of our travel makeup kits when getting ready to go somewhere.

There’s nothing more stressful than packing your beauty products for travel. To make it easier, here is a  travel makeup kit essentials checklist that can help you with your packing issues.


This should always be included on your travel essentials checklist. Flying to your destination can dry your skin due to the cabin pressure, and your moisturizer can help prevent that. Keeping your skin hydrated before and throughout your flight will make you look fresh when you get off the plane.

Foundation / concealer

If you’ve flawless skin and can go without a foundation, then good for you! You can definitely skip this. If you’re not, then this will be a helpful addition to your travel essentials checklist. The rule is that heavy foundation is equal to high effort maintenance, especially when traveling. The trick to avoiding high maintenance on your face when you’re travelling is to avoid slathering the foundation all over your face. Just apply on parts where you see uneven skin tone. These should help you cover under-eye circles and blemishes.

Lip tint / lip balm

Just like your moisturizer, every woman should have this on her travel essentials checklist. Travelling can take its toll on your lips and may cause them to dry. Having one in your purse will help you keep your lips moisturized, making them soft and luscious looking. There are a lot of products that are offered in a variety of colors to keep your lips looking makeup


Another great addition to your travel essentials checklist. This gives your skin coverage and sets your foundation after application. It also helps control shininess caused by oily skin and can be reapplied anytime during the day.

If you’re more of a powder girl as opposed to someone who likes using foundation, then be sure to choose the face powder that matches your skin tone to show the best results.


If you’ve been out for a long day, your eyes may not be as attractive as when you started your day. Keeping mascara on your travel essentials checklist will help you enhance the volume and length of your lashes and make you look alive and fabulous. If your day includes water activities, then make sure to choose a waterproof one.

Remember that your travel makeup kit essentials checklist should be tailored towards your planned activities for the day. If you’re planning to travel in style, what travel makeup kit essentials checklist works for you?

Travel Essentials Checklist: What Not To Wear on the Plane

Travel Essentials Checklist: What Not To Wear on the PlaneDressing up appropriately is something that everybody has to be aware of, especially women. When travelling, there are several things you need to be reminded of and have to be included on your travel essentials checklist.

So if you’re going on a long flight somewhere, it’s important to know what you should and should not wear on the plane. Other than being stylish and staying fashionable, what you wear should keep you comfortable, safe, and healthy. Here are some tips on what you should NOT wear that should be considered when preparing your travel essentials checklist:

Don’t wear overly warm clothes

While it may keep you warm at some point during your travel, it can also be pretty annoying to have to remove them in such a confined space in the cabin. The key to making sure you stay warm on flights is to layer up. Use lightweight fabrics that will allow you to breathe and be comfortable. If it gets too warm, then all you need to do is remove a few layers and bundle them up as a makeshift pillow.

Don’t wear clothes that will attract the wrong kind of attention

The general rule is if you can’t wear it to church, then you shouldn’t wear it on a flight. Avoid clothes that may be offensive to other people.

Don’t wear high heels or complicated shoes

Aside from that awful discomfort these shoes bring, they also prevent proper blood circulation during your travel, which can cause chronic foot pain. travel essentials checklist

Don’t wear strong-scented perfumes

Remember that once the cabin doors get closed, the air inside is just recycled and any odor is intensified. Avoiding perfumes is mainly beneficial to your fellow passengers who may find your scent too strong or offensive. Try applying perfume when you get off the plane if you really must smell your best.

Don’t wear tight clothing

This should never be removed from your travel essentials checklist as this can put you in great danger if you’re not careful. Wearing tight clothes on a flight can cause blood clots to form in veins – known as deep vein thrombosis or DVT. This can be potentially fatal.

Don’t put on heavy make-up

We all know that heavy make-up requires an unnecessary amount of maintenance and effort that you’ve to exert in that cramped cabin washroom. Avoiding heavy make-up means avoiding stress.

Don’t wear a fancy hairstyle

While it’s understandable that you want to look your best when you reach your destination, it may also be difficult to maintain that kind of hairstyle when you’re travelling for hours. It can get a little messy by the time your flight ends, which may not really work out for you.

Don’t wear contact lenses

The air in the cabin can get really dry, which can dry out your eyes,too. However, if you must wear them, then your travel essentials checklist should include carrying a pair of glasses that you can change into in case your eyes get dry.

Travel Essentials Checklist: Things to Remember When Jetting Off

Travel Essentials Checklist: Things to Remember When Jetting OffIf you’re itching to travel to so many places, it’s important to keep a travel essentials checklist. The comfort of travel is very important.

Here is a travel essentials checklist you may want to consider when you’re jetting off for a vacation:

Wear smart clothes

When you travel on an airplane, knowing what to wear and what not to
wear is very crucial. If you’re dressed up appropriately for your travel, then that means you’ll stay comfortable throughout your flight. Keep your look simple, but you may also want to layer up. Layering up can help you fight discomfort during your travel. You can use your layers to make you feel warmer or cooler, use as a makeshift pillow, and make your luggage a little less heavy as you already have them on your body.

Remember to wear breathable fabrics and avoid tight-fitting clothes. Tight clothes prevent the blood from flowing in your body. While you focus on the functionality of your outfit, don’t throw fashion out the window. Don’t forget to wear your simple yet stylish clothes. Who knows, you might just get an upgrade just because you look smart and stylish? Your travel essentials checklist will never be complete without your smart clothes. travel essentials checklist

Wear comfortable shoes

If you’re out for a long flight, high heels are a big No-No. Just like tight clothes, high heels are also restrictive and may cause foot pain during your travel. You’ll need to wear shoes that will be comfortable as you walk, wait, and stand in line.

Oh, and don’t forget shoes that will make it easy for you to pass through airport security. By avoiding those strappy sandals and buckled boots, you can also avoid unnecessary time spent just preparing for security check. Throw in a pair of socks if you’re one of those ladies who gets freaked out when asked to tiptoe on your bare feet through the security line.

Keep your make-up simple

Yes, this has to be included on your travel essentials checklist. Skip heavy foundation and make-up. Remember that stale air is recycled throughout the cabin and can be incredibly drying to the skin. Dried, flaking make-up is something you don’t want to have. Using a tinted moisturizer can do the trick as it helps prevent the skin from drying out during your entire flight. Look fresh by just adding blush, mascara, and a lip balm.

Carry a simple, functional, and cute carry-on

At the airport, you’re sure to be surrounded by a sea of black, brown, and gray carry-on luggage. This is exactly why cute was added to your travel essentials checklist for a carry-on. Brighten things up by adding color and print to that kind of crowd. Make sure to include bags with zippers and pockets as they come handy when you need to pick up a magazine or a bag of candy from the airport.

Is Your Travel Essentials Checklist Complete?

Is Your Travel Essentials Checklist Complete?Who wouldn’t get excited going to a foreign country? Of course most of us would love to see other places, especially those tourist spots. Traveling isn’t only an experience-filled adventure but a stress buster as well.

However, sometimes going on a trip outside the country could also bring more pressures and not pleasure. You should prepare for it and don’t relax until you’ve done your homework. Work out a list of the things you need to have for this trip. And when you’re done, review your travel essentials checklist if it’s complete.

Contents of the List

There are some travelers who prefer to move with a single backpack only and source their other needs when they reach their destinations. Others would love bringing all the basic things they require whenever their purse allows it. A travel essentials checklist could contain a few items or could comprise several pages that even a single woman traveler would dare to bring on her trip. So, the contents of the list depend on the traveler’s budget, preferences, and needs in most cases.

However, basically the travel essentials checklist is divided into pre-departure requirements, on-board travel, and on-site locations’ requirements. Let’s find out below the items that fall under each category. travel essentials checklist

Pre-departure items

 These are the things that you’ll need prior to boarding.

  • Travel tickets required by plane, ship, or train companies that are required before you’re allowed to board your craft for your planned destinations.
  • Travel documents like passport and visas and identifications cards including your driver’s license if you’ve one.
  • Bookings and reservations’ proof for your hotels, on-site accommodations, bus transfers, or other modes of transportation requiring prior bookings.
  • Cash on hand, which you may need to buy something at the airport or pay for other fees before final check-in. Verify the amount of currency that you may bring or declare before entering the country you’ll visit.
  • Debit and credit cards are vital financial tools you’ll need in your travel. See to it that you’ve left a list of their numbers at your home so that you can immediately retrieve them if something untoward happens to your credit cards.
  • Traveling luggage that contains the stuff that you’ll need while traveling and when you reach your destination.

On-board and on-site travel items

These should be part of your check-in luggage while on board to your destination.

  • Clothes, including your shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, underwear, and shorts or swimming accessories that must be included on your luggage on-board.
  • Shoes, sandals, backpack, or belt bag for your cell phone, camera, and other valuable items that you’ll use when visiting the places in your itinerary.
  • Jacket, shawl, hat, and neck pillow for your travel to protect you from harsh environments while on-board the aircraft, boat, or bus.
  • Camera, cell phone, or other similar gadgets for communication and event recordings for preservation of memories on time spent while on travel.
  • Golf, diving, surfing, or other equipment used for hobby fulfillment on the place of visit, which could provide more satisfaction and savings while enjoying your travel.

Finally, after finishing your listing of items to bring, a review is mandatory. This is the time to determine whether your travel essentials checklist is complete or not. If you feel that putting more stuff in your baggage is manageable and worthy of your efforts, then do it. There’s no limitation on the items that you should have. What is necessary is drawing up the travel essentials checklist before you start packing up for the trip.

Travel Essentials Checklist: Staying Fresh on the Road

Travel Essentials Checklist: Staying Fresh on the RoadStaying clean, rested, and fresh on the road is always a must. If you’re a woman who loves to travel, I’m sure looking fresh and fab is one factor you consider when getting your travel essentials checklist ready. Here are some tips to staying fresh and fab on the road.

Get some sleep

This should always be the top priority on your travel essentials checklist. Before setting out on the road, be sure you had enough sleep to bring you positive energy. Leaving sleepy and light-headed will never make you enjoy your trip. A well-rested body means a clear mind, which can be really helpful during your trip.


Traveling requires touching a lot of things that have been touched by a lot of people. You never know what kind of germs or bacteria are on those things you touched, and if you’ve the habit of touching your face or mouth afterward, then you may be in a lot of trouble. Your travel essentials checklist should always include something that can sanitize your hands. While washing hands with soap and water are best for removing germs, it may not always be an option when you travel.

Cleanse and moisturize

When you’re making your travel essentials checklist, you should take two things into consideration – the climate and your skin. Remember to avoid starting your journey with full make-up as this can dry your skin during your trip. Dry skin doesn’t and will never make you look and feel fresh. The AC in the car can get really dry, so it’s important to hydrate your skin using a moisturizer. When you go out in the sun, sunscreen is your best friend. When you need to freshen up your face, your facial cleanser should do the trick. travel essentials checklist

Freshen your breath

All travel essentials checklists should have this included. Remember, nothing feels better than fresh breath. If you’re out on the road and you get that look of loathing from your seatmate, try smelling your breath and do something about it. While the obvious quick fix would be mints and gums, there are a lot of products that can help you keep your breath fresh while on the road.

You may include in your travel kit a disposable toothbrush, mouthwash, and other products that’ll keep the stink away. Stay away from foods that promote that awful smell. Try including a pack of apples or lemons to help you clean your mouth when traveling.

Freshen your body

When on a trip, your travel essentials checklist should always include clothes that are light and breathable. These help you feel relaxed and avoid the foul smell that may be caused by sweating. When you feel sweaty and uncomfortable and taking a shower isn’t an option, wet wipes and cleansing cloths can help you feel fresh. There are a lot of brands you can choose from. Remember, when you feel fresh and clean, you look fresh, clean, and fab!

Have You Done Your Travel Essentials Checklist?

Have You Done Your Travel Essentials Checklist?Women, like men, are also excited when topics about beautiful places to visit are being discussed. Whether they have families to bring along or are still single, the desire to see new tourist attractions doesn’t change.

Even single woman can enjoy embarking on a group trip with her friends. They may also convince a sibling to come along if their perceived company isn’t available. After deciding on their trip’s schedule, the next important thing to work out is their travel essentials checklist. It’s one of the best tools to make every visit more enjoyable.

What It Provides

Many well-planned travels have turned into nightmares because there were important things that were left behind. Some have forgotten to check and bring their plane tickets or passports. Others have misplaced their debit or credit cards. All of these items are very vital in our travels.

However, we can avoid these nasty situations if we spend quality time jotting down our requirements days or weeks before our scheduled trips. And once you’ve listed all the items that you would like to bring, review it for the final draft. A checklist that was given much thinking is your best guide when packing up for your destination.

Reminder and Instructions

If you’re traveling with your spouse and children, make it a point to instruct them to prepare their individual travel essentials checklists. And if you’re a single woman, you can dutifully do your own listing as well as your friends’ or brothers’ and sisters’ if they tag along. When you’re thrilled with the idea of seeing new travel spots, there are instances when you’ll miss bringing even the basic things that you’ll need. So a reminder like a checklist is needed to help you in preventing this common pitfall to happen to you when you travel.

The list contains the basic things that you need when you’ll be out of your home for a few days or weeks. In preparing it, use your baggage booking limitation as a guide so you won’t bring unnecessary stuff. If you don’t mind paying extra for excess baggage, then you’re free to take what you want to enjoy while on that trip.    travel essentials checklist

What the Checklist Contains

Depending on several factors like budget, travel duration, location, and needs, the checklist could be short or kilometric. Below are some of the common items that travelers, including single women, would have to include on their travel essentials checklist.

  • Pre-departure documents. These include your plane, ship, or train tickets or booking reservation documents required by other transportation facilities that you’ve to present before you can board their vessels. You also need to produce your passport and visa as well as other identification documents like a birth certificate or driver’s license in some cases.
  • Cash and debit/credit cards. When traveling, you’ll definitely need cash or debit/credit cards for outright purchases or payment of fees, tickets, and other daily needs. You should know the amount of cash that you’re allowed to bring into the country that you intend to visit. For your own safety, limit the money that you’ll carry. Pay your bills through a debit or credit card.
  • Bags. You need luggage for your main travel itinerary and bags for your daily trip while visiting places. A belt bag for your cash, debit or credit cards, travel documents, cell phone, and other important gadgets is likewise a necessity.
  • Clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Choose the appropriate and comfortable clothes that will suit you while you’re traveling. Bring only apparels that you’ll need during your stay in hotels or beaches. Pack the shoes or sandals and other accessories like eyewear that would best serve the purpose while on locations that you’re about to see.
  • Personal items like toiletries. Don’t forget to bring your soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume, and other hygienic products to meet your personal necessities while on the trip.

You may add more items to your travel essentials checklist. However, you must check them one by one as you start packing up for your destination. After carefully reviewing the list and determining that each item listed therein was packed in your baggage, you’re assured then of a hassle-free voyage. So before setting out on a trip, ask this question to yourself: have you done your travel essentials checklist?

7 Essentials for a Road trip

7 Essentials for a Road tripIt’s that time of the year again, when all the stress from work has put its toll on you.  What better way to get away from it all for just a little while than to hit the road with a couple of your close girlfriends?

Whether it’s planned or something out of the blue, road trips are a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy wherever the road may take you.  But before you venture out, let me share with you a single woman’s essentials for a road trip to help you be aware of what to and what not to do on the road to ensure you and your girlfriends a pleasant trip.

Here are 7 essentials for a road trip that single women should remember while on the road:

      Pack Smart

Before you zip up your duffel bag, make sure you’ve everything you’ll need.  Keep in mind where you’re headed to and also all the other places that you’ll pass by to get to your final destination so that you’ll bring proper attire.  Bring something to keep you warm, may it be a light blanket or a jacket; you’ll never know how the weather may surprise you.  Also, don’t carry every single piece of clothing you own from your closet, choose your essentials for a road trip, you wouldn’t want to take up all the space in the trunk just, remember that you’re not traveling alone.

      Leave Your Boyfriends at Home

If you and your girlfriends planned this trip then please, leave your boyfriends at home.  They may not tell you face to your face but some single women don’t like the idea of a man tagging along if it’s an exclusive all girls trip.  Be considerate of each other’s feelings.

      Pitch In

So you ladies are all in one car going in the same direction, the refined way to bring something to the table is to pitch in money for gas.  It may not be your car and it may not have been your idea to start out with, but you’re hitching along with them.  The courteous thing to do is help pay for gas or buy everyone lunch. essentials for a road trip

      Take Turns Driving

Driving isn’t easy especially if you’re driving for miles and miles, dusk till dawn.  Help your girlfriends out a bit by taking turns driving if the other person is tired and wants to rest.  It’s better to prevent anyone from sleeping behind the wheel and causing harm to everyone so please, take turns driving.  If one of your friends though is known to be a bad driver than it’s best to let them stay in the backseat.

      Pack a Healthy Snack

Eating while on the road is one of the essentials for a road trip. It keeps you energized and helps to keep you away from boredom.  If you’re going to be constantly munching on food then the smart thing to munch on are healthy snacks that don’t have a lot of calories and sodium.

Foods that are loaded with sodium can be bad for you while on the road because of water retention; don’t be surprised if you feel a bit bloated after eating a bag of potato chips.  So if you want to eat and not feel guilty then pack healthy snacks such as fruits, bite-sized vegetables, and low sodium snacks.  Also, avoid eating at restaurants that serve fried foods; you’ll thank me later.

      Be Respectful

Although you ladies may have known each other since you were little or you swear that you get along very well, being stuck inside a car for the next couple of days can be quite intense.  Everyone’s true personality start to come out and sometimes, not everyone will be pleased.  So in order to remain friends after the road trip, please be respectful towards one another.  You’re all grown women who are here for a good time; let’s keep it that way.

      Leave the Drama Behind

I know us ladies love to talk and gossip about everything and anything going on in our lives, but in order to have a wonderful and successful road trip please leave your issues behind.  Talking about problem during a trip can really put a gray cloud over the entire trip so it’s best to just relax and focus on having a great time.

Wherever the load may take you, no matter what obstacles, detours, and wrong turns your may encounter, make sure that you don’t lose sight of what is important – having the best time of your life.  With these 7 simple essentials for a road trip, I assure you that you’ll have one heck of a road trip experience with your girlfriends.  So go on, hit the road!

Road Trip Travel Essentials

Road Trip Travel EssentialsGoing on a road trip and enjoying Mother Nature is one thing to do to unwind and leave the stressful environment of your workplace.

To be able to make the most of it, you must have a travel essentials checklist. Here are a few tips to help you out with that list.


Your travel essentials checklist will never be complete without this. The only thing you’ve to consider is how big and how heavy your luggage is going to be. If you’ve to pack light to avoid unnecessary extra weight, then go ahead and do so. Use what you can easily carry.

Food and water

A long road trip is dehydrating, and it really makes you hungry. You don’t always see a restaurant or a one-stop shop after every one mile. It’s a necessity to have the basics in a handy bag where they can easily be taken out, especially when you’re in a not-so-wide car with your entire family.

Hygiene stuff

Traveling along the road is dirtifying (if there’s such a word). You always have to keep yourself clean. Be honest; you don’t really feel fresh when you’re not clean. Traveling smelly and dirty won’t make you (or others) enjoy the trip.

Back-up fuel

Same with restaurants, gasoline stations are not located everywhere. You’ll never know when you’ll run out of gasoline, so you always need to have a back-up plan. Fill up your tank, but take that container and have it filled too in case your tank goes empty with no gas station in sight.

Belt / sling bag travel essentials

When you’re on the road and you need to stop to appreciate the nature, it’s not good to leave your money and your phones (or other means of communication) in the car. Bring a bag where you can secure these things. Thieves are everywhere, and they take opportunities when they see them.


Having to camp outside after a long drive calls for the help of a knife or scissors. There are many things that you cannot cut using your hands or your teeth, and you’ll surely need the cutting abilities of these items. Make sure you include these on your travel essentials checklist.


Unless you’ve the ability to magically know the route to a place you’ve never been to, you’ll need the help of a map. Of course, no one wants to be lost, and knowing that you aren’t will cause less problems.

Spare key

I know adding this to your travel essentials checklist may be weird. You may have never lost your key, but what if you do? One can never be too careful … or cautious. Bring a spare key and hand it to someone you’re with. You may be clumsy enough to lose it in a hotel or in your tent. A back-up plan includes everything- even this. But make sure you get it back once you’re home. Be a boy scout and always “be prepared.”

Travel Essentials Checklist, A Must Have For Single Women

Travel Essentials Checklist, A Must Have For Single WomenSingle women should enjoy their trips regardless of the company they have. The vital thing when traveling is the right preparation that has been done beforehand.

It’s not a problem for a single woman traveler to appreciate the places she wants to visit as long as a travel essentials checklist is on hand. It’s an indispensable reminder that could save her from a lot of possible troubles. It’s a must have, especially when traveling alone.

Why Is It A Necessity?

When you plan to visit a place for the first time, you tend to get overwhelmed by the excitement of your trip. And when you’re in a state of amazement, you suffer mental lapses and forget to bring important things. If you missed your trip due to a missing plane ticket, that’s a problem that could ruin your day. Instead of enjoying the travel, stress could pin you down on your knees. A simple travel essentials checklist can get you going unhampered.

There’s no stress and no pressure if you keep one before you start sorting out what to put in your luggage. The list is necessary before anything else. You need it to countercheck every item you would like to bring and definitely need while on that trip.

If you’re a single woman who likes to travel, you don’t need someone to remind you what to bring. The checklist, if done with your full attention, can do the trick. It will keep you away from worrying about unseen problems on the trip. You can sit well and relax from the time you board the car to the airport until you reach your destination. It’s a necessity that you can’t do without when going to travel either in or out of your country. It provides a great help to make your trip not only memorable but free of troubles. travel essentials checklist

How toMake It

You don’t need expert guidance to draw up your travel essentials checklist. All you need to do is list all the items that you think will make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable. Of course, the only limitation on that checklist is your budget for luggage fees and your willingness to drag an extra baggage.

If you love bringing along with you even the secondary items that you might need in your travel, then why not do it? After all, your full satisfaction is of great concern.

When you finish the list that comprises all the things to make you happy, it’s important to take a second look at it. Start your checklist with the things you need before embarking on a plane or a ship, which you can classify as pre-departure requirements.

If you’re taking a plane for your travel, be sure that the number one item on your list is your plane ticket. Similarly, you need a passport and visa if you’re traveling abroad before you can book your trip.

Of course, you need cash when heading to the airport to pay for your baggage and terminal fees. You’ll also need your credit cards to meet your financial necessities while traveling.

Women travelers, especially those who are single, can have a more elaborate travel essentials checklist if they so desire. Depending on their needs, their list could include even trivial things that they can source easily at the place that they will visit. This is done so that they can save time and money in not buying it locally. They can spend what is saved on extra locations to see. The list, regardless of its length, is a must have for single women while traveling. Draw up one if you love going places.

Travel Essentials Checklist: Foods to Avoid Before You Board

Travel Essentials Checklist: Foods to Avoid Before You Board1You are about to board a plane and you might be thinking that you shouldn’t fly on an empty stomach. Great idea! But what food should you eat? I think the better question is, “What should you not eat?”

Knowing what not to eat before you board a plane should be considered when creating your travel essentials checklist. Believe me, the food you take and the food you need to avoid should always be part of your travel essentials checklist. While this is something you don’t necessarily bring with you, it’s something very important that will help you get through your flight. With that being said, try to avoid the following:

1. Carbonated drinks.

As refreshing as it sounds, this can cause belching, which will in turn cause the acid to go up your food pipe and cause heartburn.

2. Beans.

Beans are great sources of a lot of vitamins and minerals; they also are the culprit for the excess gas that builds up in your stomach. If you don’t want to spend your entire flight feeling bloated, make sure this food is crossed out from the foods to eat when getting your travel essentials checklist completed.

3. Fast food. travel essentials checklist

No matter how tempting and how convenient it’s to grab fries and a cheeseburger before you board, fast food will never be a good choice when considering foods to eat. These foods are loaded with saturated fats and sodium that your body won’t be able to digest, especially when you’re at an altitude of more than 30,000 feet.

4. Chewing gum.

Though the idea of chewing gum is to help pop that air out of your ears when you’re flying, chewing gum makes you swallow more air and makes you gassy. You don’t want a bloated stomach while on the plane.

5. Alcohol.

The air in the cabin is dry and can be dehydrating. Drinking alcohol can also leave you dehydrated, despite how calm your nerves are after drinking it.

6. Garlic.

Eating garlic before your flight can cause bad breath and body odor – something that might be really embarrassing when you’re stuck in a cramped space with other people for hours.

7. Sugar-free candy.

Our bodies are not designed to digest artificial sweeteners that are the main ingredients of these so-called sugar-free candies. When you take in artificial sugar and add it to your travel essentials checklist, you also add up the possibility of getting gassy and bloated all throughout your flight.

8. Fibrous fruits.

You know what fiber does to your digestion so you might want to take that after the flight. Eating apples, oranges, and other fibrous fruits will leave you gassy and can even cause heartburn. Plus, the Vitamin C that these foods contain will make you go for more treks up and down that airplane aisle.

Having a trip requires a lot of planning – from the things you need to bring and all the other things you need to consider for your travel essentials checklist. If you’ve everything planned, then you sure are going to get that problem-free trip you’ve always dreamt of.

Why Prioritize A Travel Essentials Checklist?

Why Prioritize A Travel Essentials ChecklistWith today’s fast-paced lifestyle, stress is a common health-impairing issue. To address it, people find travelling a good form of relief. But there are times when instead of finding a solution to the negative effects of stressful situations, going on a trip can even add more to it. Why?

Carelessness and lack of planning before packing up for the scheduled vacation are some of its causes. This is the reason why you need to give priority to drawing up a travel essentials checklist. It’s the best counter-measure to avoid leaving behind important things before heading to the airport for your trip.

The Importance

You should not overlook the importance of a well-studied travel essentials checklist. You need to prepare itwith your utmost attention. It’s a fact that time is of the essence once you fall in line at that check-in counter. You can miss your plane if you can’t present your ticket or passport. And one problem could lead to another, which could bring chaos to your trip. Here are some of the reasons why a travel essentials checklist is important. travel essentials checklist

  • Makes you calm and confident. Aside from saving you the unnecessary stress and pressures while on your trip, a checklist guarantees you to have a hassle-free trip if you’ve one in your pocket. The list provides the aid you need to counter-check the things you’ve to bring while packing up. If you’re sure that you’ve personally seen each item on your baggage before you left for the airport, then there’s no reason to worry about. You’ll feel calm and confident that everything is in order as you approach the check-in counter.
  • Saves you a lot of time and money. If you were able to bring even the basic things you need while out of your home, buying the itemsat the place where you travel is no longer necessary. In the process, you can save time and money. You can visit many spots if you don’t have to look for a shopper’s mart to source what you need. Besides, it’s common that tourists’ attractions carry items that are pricey compared to your local purchases in your community. You can save money, which you can use to buy souvenir items from the wonderful places that you’ll visit.
  • Helps in providing protection and security. With the travel essentials checklist, you won’t miss securing travel insurance for your protection while on vacation. Of course, you also won’t fail to have all your important documents photocopied so that you can have references if you lost the originals. If you’ve kept in your home a list of your credit card numbers, you can immediately communicate with the credit companies to request for a cancellation if your cards were misplaced. It’s easier and faster to put them on hold or raise a warning at once.
  • Makes you more creative. If you’re on a budget trip, the preparation of a travel essential checklist will make you think about alternatives to stay within your budget. The first thing you’ll find out is the baggage limit you’re entitled to. If you’re allowed 20 kilos only, your initial list would most likely get trimmed down to your real basic needs for your travel. If you’re planning to bring four sets of clothes, perhaps you’ll be content with bringing two instead in order to accommodate other basic stuff.

While there are other factors to make your trip more enjoyable, having a travel essentials checklist will help you to experience it with less pressure. Make it a point to draft one when you’re planning to see other places.

Travel Essentials Checklist Guarantees Hassle-Free Trips

Travel Essentials Checklist Guarantees Hassle-Free TripsHave you ever imagined having financial troubles while traveling thousands of miles away from home? It’s definitely devastating and a nerve-wrecking experience. This situation could be a shortage of cash or a missing credit card that you could have missed checking if you brought it along or not.

In most likelihood, you’ve failed to anticipate this untoward happening because you lack the needed preparations. You can avoid such stressful experiences by just sitting for a while to plan. Writing down the stuff that you’ll need in a travel essentials checklist is the best approach to do it. It guarantees your travel free from unnecessary worries and problems.

Preparation Is Best

If you’re fully prepared for something, chances are the unexpected problems are reduced if not totally eradicated. The same is true when planning to visit a certain place to unwind. Traveling is a way of taking a break from stress and to recharge our strength. But how could you escape away from tension if you lost your plane ticket somewhere on your way to the airport to take a respite from work?

This is a common pitfall to people who are busy and lack the time to plan ahead. There’s a way to avoid this unnecessary evil. The solution is simple. Take a good seat, think, and jot down the things that you need in a travel essentials checklist before you pick your luggage. You don’t need to rush doing it.

You have to come up with a complete list. Start with your pre-departure documents, then your financial supports, down to the simplest thing you need when you’re already at your destination. There’s no better substitute for preparation.

It Assures Full Enjoyment travel essentials checklist

A travel essentials checklist doesn’t only help you in packing up for the trip. It provides you assurances that your trip will be enjoyable and problem-free. You definitely won’t experience discovering that you’ve left your plane ticket at home while at the check-in counter. You won’t get bothered of the thought of running out of cash to pay for something you like.

Your credit cards are always on your side to assist you to settle whatever item you wish to buy. The clothes you love to wear are neatly packed up in your luggage. These assurances are only possible if you’ve done well and counter-checked your travel essentials checklist before leaving for your flight.

If you fully know that every item that you need in your trip is well secured in your person and baggage, what else would you be worried about? Nothing can stop you from enjoying your travel to the fullest. Surely, your travel would be hassle-free and this is what everybody is looking for.

Every traveler would prefer enjoying every minute of their trip regardless of its purpose. No one would like to experience embarrassing situations like losing a ticket or a credit card while on a trip. We always desire to have a pleasurable and hassle-free travel. And one good tool to have is a complete travel essentials checklist. Prepare one before planning out your next trip.

Carry-On Travel Essentials

Carry-On Travel EssentialsWhen you’re going on a long haul flight, having certain items on your travel essentials checklist will help you get through it.

As air travel can become inconvenient, taking items that can help you feel more comfortable is a must.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

When your seat becomes uncomfortable during long flights, travel pillows can provide neck support and lumbar support. Adding this to your travel essentials checklist can help you rest and sleep comfortably.

Eye Mask

Just like the travel pillows, eye masks can help you get that sleep you need after a long day of walking and standing in line to get ready for your flight

Money Bag/Belt

It can sometimes be annoying to have to look through your entire bag just to find your card or your wallet or even your passport. Use a money bag or a purse so you can get these very important documents stored safely. All travel essentials checklists should contain this.


When temperatures become inconsistent on the plane, large scarves can function in so many ways.


If there’s one thing that you don’t like feeling while on the plane, it’s having cold feet, literally. Cold feet can make your entire trip such a bummer, so packing an extra pair of socks can help you be more comfortable while you’re seated. This can also be helpful for people who like to take off their shoes while seated.

Glasses and Eye drops

Long haul flights can dry out your eyes, which is why these two have to be part of the travel essentials checklist for women who use contact lenses.

Chapstick and Lotion travel essentials

The air in the cabin can also cause dry lips and dry skin. Bringing these two can avoid issues brought on by the recycled air in the cabin.

Ear plugs or any noise-cancelling headphones

This can drown out any noise from the plane or even from the person next to you. This can be helpful for people who would like to sleep soundly.

Medication and basic toiletries

These items from your travel essentials checklist may vary depending on you. Make sure to bring small, three-ounce bottles of liquids and gels if you intend to pack your toiletries in your carry-on bag.

Reading Materials

It can be your Kindle, iPad, magazines, newspaper, and any other material that can entertain you for the rest of your trip.


Yes, this should be included on your travel essentials checklist. At some point during your flight, you’ll need something to munch on, and if you’ve food ready in your carry-on, then you’re going to be okay. Remember, if you’re hungry, then you get grumpy. And nobody wants a grumpy you when you’re up in the air.


Believe me, this isn’t optional. You’ll need a pen to fill out all of the required forms for your travel. You might be annoying someone just by borrowing their pen, so you better be ready with your own.

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