The Friend Zone [Top Harry Potter Spells To Help You Escape]

You’re basically living your single life and you’ve no problem with it.  Until one morning, you wake up realizing you’re in love.  The worst part is it’s with your best guy friend.  Now that’s a problem.  Here’s the thing, the world knows that only Ron Weasley escaped the friend zone with Hermione Granger.  Surely that’s because J.K. Rowling made it a point to end the Harry Potter book series with the clichéd happily-ever-after scene.  That’s not your life – wake up!

7  Harry Potter Spells To Help You Escape The Friend Zone

This is reality.  You know you can’t make a polyjuice and wear the face of the girl your guy friend is obsessively in love with.  But you know as well that with the right move at the right time, you’ve the chance to take it to the next level – or simply get out of it.  Get your wand, and flex your fingers.  These spells are aids to escape the friend zone in both worlds.

1. Alohomora (used to open and/or unlock doors)

Unbolt the possibility!

If you’re always doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got, so they say.   Why don’t you throw all the doubts out the window and unlock the doors of what could be beyond the padlocked chances of taking things to the next level?

2. Legilimens (allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim)

Think.  Listen.  Understand.  Think again.

It isn’t only about you.  There’s you and your best guy friend (plus some beauty queens he’s drooling over) in the picture.  You can’t just barge in and say what’s on your mind.  Listen to his words first – what he thinks or how he feels about someone (if there’s any) or about you (if you’re lucky to be mentioned).   Then get into his mind.  Weigh your chances before doing something stupid. escape the friend zone

3. Reducio (makes an enlarged object smaller)

Don’t think too much.

It’s not yet the end of the world if you want to get out of the friend zone.  Just live a simple life and don’t complicate things.  If you’re in love, you’re in love.  If you don’t want to be friends anymore, then tell him straight to his face.  The more you think about it, the more you waste your time living the stagnant life you’re presently living.  Think of the bigger picture!  There’s no easier way to escape the friend zone than acceptance.

4. Rennervate (brings someone out of unconsciousness)

Wake him up.

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There are some guys who are so insensitive that even when you splash the red paint all over, he will still fail to see what’s really going on.  State the obvious.  You’re in love and make sure he sees that.  Do the things you don’t usually do.  Be sweeter, more caring, and show him you’re a girl after all.  Flash him the news that you want more.

5. Expecto Patronum (conjures an incarnation of the caster’s innermost positive feelings, such as joy or hope)

Be positive – all the time.

Shooting for the immediate answer may give you a thrill before you actually say the word.  In goal setting, learn to somehow set positive insights about the outcome of the whole situation.  Or, appreciate the little time spent with your guy best friend.

You can be able to escape the friend zone by simply radiating a positive ambiance no one could ever possess.  Now, that’s real beauty!

6. Silencio (Silencing Charm)

Absence means silence.

Get distance.  Make him realize your importance by going away.  Give him time to feel your temporary absence.  The more you’re not around, the more he wonders where you could be.  It will dawn on him that life is better with you in the picture, and he won’t take you for granted next time.

7. Avada Kedavra (Killing Curse)

Put an end to it.

You cannot dictate what you really feel, but you cannot just sit around and wait for a miracle to happen.   You have to work for it.  It will hurt – that is a guarantee.

Don’t fake your life.  If he cannot see it, he isn’t worth it.

7 Deadly Friend Zone Sins

7 Deadly Friend Zone SinsBeing trapped in the friend zone is one of the most devastating relationship mess-ups that could happen for ladies.  First, this is because of the fact that the friend zone has been intended solely for men since day one.  Another reason is that it is such an irrational thing that only girls could turn around.

If you’re already glued in a dreadful situation, there are still solutions to get rid of its hurtful stinks.  However, in order for these solutions to effectively carry out their purpose, you should never draw closer to the seven deadly sins that could ruin your romantic life.

1. Lust

If you’re only after the physical touch, everyone will bet that there’s no way to escape the friend zone.  The physical touch comes after the acceptance of both lovers to stay in love no matter what.  Mind you, physical touch is nothing without love.

Forget the lust and build the love inside.

2  Anger

First of all, you’ve no right to be mad.  No one ever told you to fall in love with your guy best friend.  It’s also not his fault that he’s unable to notice you.

Maybe, in this case, convert your anger into a positive energy that could develop yourself more.  Use your potentials to push love along with friendship – but now in a mutual manner.

3. Greed

The world isn’t always about you.  Don’t demand for anything that isn’t yet earned by your efforts and sacrifices.  This is a big no-no if you’re stuck in the friend zone.  Everyone knows that space is so hurtful to bear, but you’ve to straighten your head and look at the bigger picture.

Instead, be generous. With a little care given to someone once in a while, much will be appreciated.

4. Gluttony

Stop your hunger for him.  To escape the friend zone is to get out of it.  How?  Take what’s good and spit out what’s not – that is the general rule.  Eat up only the constructive criticisms or situations you’re sure about producing good fruits upon your harvest. friend zone

5. Pride

Only the humblest could love the person with the highest pride.  It’s safe to say that in order to be fashionably acceptable due to pride, the humblest person must appreciate your beauty.  In this case, the humblest person doesn’t exist.  So, there’s no way for pride.

If you’re suffering from being in the friend zone and with pride at the same time, it’s a good reason to walk away rather than stay.  It’s rather a good combination to escape the friend zone without feeling the regret and greater sadness about it.

6. Envy

Jealousy is the most destructive monster alive. Get up and finally see yourself as a beautiful young lady capable of conquering the world.  Break free and make him realize that you’re worth more than winning a million dollar lottery.

7. Sloth

Don’t just stand there.  Do something!

Don’t just give up and let an unproductive day go.  He is just your best friend.  The best way to escape the friend zone is to stand up for yourself and let him know you can be way more than just his friend.

Two things may happen.  First, you may end up with a romantic relationship with your guy best friend; or, second, you’ll be able to find someone better.  Either way, you’re the winner.

5 Unfailing Chic Strategies for the Friend Zone

5 Unfailing Chic Strategies for the Friend ZoneIf you’re at war, you’ve no other friends but your resources.  The friend zone is a war between reality and what you think is ideal. There’s nothing on earth achievable without putting in a little effort.  To escape the friend zone, make use of the handy resources on your hands and flip the table to your favor.

Use Your Girl Friends

Never underestimate the power of endorsement.  It could somehow introduce you as a potential partner to your guy.  Who else could do it most effectively?  Of course, you’ll go down to your loyal girlfriends to help you out with the guy you love.  Maybe a little recognition would make him notice the hotness of your aura.

Use Your Guy Friends

Make him jealous!  That is real advice from men themselves.

Men are territorial; therefore, they value you much, and they are more likely to set up a sturdy barrier so other people can’t get to you.  In order to do this, you’ll have to make yourself available to others and a little bit limited to him.  He will miss you, and that is a guarantee. friend zone

Use Your Wardrobe

Change your style.  From time to time, in order to get noticed, you’ve to wear something other than what is usual.  Maybe your guy has seen you as a girl he can play video games with for a long time.  A little mash-up of different clothing would reflect another good image.

A simple dress way different from your prevalent style would keep him wondering about your new change.  Use that chance to your advantage.

Use Your Wits

If all else fails, then you’ve to analyze.  Your wits sometimes could intimidate men in a way that they will find you as someone who can match their masculinity.  Don’t be afraid to scare them.  The more you push a man’s ego down, the more he gets the challenge and finds you attractive.  Men like competition by nature.  However, if it’s done with women, something magical usually happens.

Use Your Rival

One important rule in the art of war – know your enemy.  Study the kind of girl he always goes out with.  Make a checklist of the qualities common to them and somehow, develop them to make you better.

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If she wears high heels, make him understand that sneakers are more than just convenient.  If she always wears make-up, introduce to him a healthy kind of living with less cosmetics, commerciality, and exaggeration.  Simplicity is beauty.  Back it up with some attitude to persuade him.

There are no absolute ways to escape the friend zone.  However, if you’re already a victim, ask yourself whether it’s good to still stay or just go away.

5 Dauntless Leaps in Surpassing Friend Zones

5 Dauntless Leaps in Surpassing Friend ZonesThe friend zone is a place on earth men originally made up with their imaginations.  Sad to say, a number of single ladies out there have found the term meaningful with their current friendship status.

For boys, yes, this is possible.  However, for a single woman who has all the potential and liberty to fly higher than the birds in the sky, this is a call for a total reality check and constant monitoring.

As a general rule, girls should be chased, loved, and cared for by boys since they got all the charm, wit, and beauty stuck in one body that every goodness in this world values.  If you feel like being friend zoned by a guy friend, girl, you need some help.

To free yourself from this prison, it takes a real brave heart to escape the friend zone.  The following steps are the most dauntless leaps you may do in your whole life.  Remember, you may cry for the first tries.

1. Prevention is better than cure

As much as possible, if you’re not yet at the risk of being locked in the shadows of eternal friendship with the man you love, prevent the situation from happening.  If you drop some hints about how you like him – not to the extent to appear so available – he might get the signal.

Before you know it, your friendship may turn out to be a foundation of something more than dating; perhaps, confessions will be made after a day or two!

2. Solution is an acceptable notion

If after your reality check a diagnosis of being at the edge of the brink comes your way, speed up!  The friend zone is like disease!  It’s a silent disease that eats up your chances for a romantic relationship.  End it as early as you can.  Treat it with a little touch of your adorable side by batting your eyes, being thoughtful enough – anything!  Don’t stop until someone yells to put out the fire. friend zone

3. Avoidance is annoyance

Believe me, the ignoring scheme still works for guys.  Girls don’t mean something bad when they seek attention by ignoring or avoiding men, especially those who matter to them.  This is to make them feel that women should never be taken for granted – that they should be treated right.

If he likes you, he will miss you.  He should realize how much he needs your presence in his life.  But if the same treatment is given as a reply, please proceed to #5 automatically.

4.  Acceptance: Recover your stance!

You have been through a lot.  You deserve a break.  If the evaluation gives you nothing but negative reports, then it’s time to accept the truth.  For sure, you’ll cry, eat chocolates, shout, and stay in bed for years.  This is all right as long as you get up one day and stand up to pull yourself together.

Remember the one rule in fashion modeling: if you fall hard, always stand up and recover.

5. Leave to live

It wasn’t your fault to fall in love with your best friend.  But it’ll always be your fault if you let this man destroy you as a person and prevent you from finding the one true love destined for your future.  It’s just a psychological effect of being too close to that guy – nothing special.  So, in case you’re finally planning to move on, bear in mind that there will alwaysbe more fish in the sea.

What Not to Think When Escaping the Friend Zone

What Not to Think When Escaping the Friend ZoneWhen preparing your escape from the friend zone, solely focusing on the time and place where you’ll divulge your romantic feelings to your guy friend is the worst mistake that you can make. This is because you also need to focus on what not to think when escaping the friend zone or attempting to do so.

These are the thoughts, outlooks, or perspectives on being in the friend zone or in a romantic relationship that can make you seem less attractive to the guy or the things that can make it harder for you to move on if things go south. Here are some of the topics that you should not think about when escaping the friend zone:

He is out of my league

Many women who are trying to escape the friend zone are willing to take the risk of losing their friend because they think that the guy they are in love or infatuated with is the perfect guy. They begin putting these men on such a high pedestal that they think that they could not do any better.

When this happens, they lose sight of the truth that these men are just as every bit of imperfect as they are. Women then think that they should concentrate on being the object of the guy’s affection and they come off as needy and clingy, which is highly unattractive for any type of guy. escaping the friend zone

I’m a nice girl; therefore, he must like me

Whenever you like a person, whether he is your friend or not, it’s normal and socially acceptable to want to put your best foot forward and make sure that he only sees your positive qualities. However, what isn’t acceptable is when you show kindness to another person solely because of your romantic motives.

When this happens, you develop the mentality that the guy should automatically choose you because you’re “nice.” This type of outlook will also lead you to think negatively of your crush if he rejects you even though there’s really no need to see him in a bad light. This is why you should make sure that before escaping the friend zone, your crush sees you for who you really are and that you should not expect a positive reaction just because you showed kindness.

We’re physically intimate and that is enough

Another reason why you should never put a guy on such a high pedestal is that doing so can make it impossible for you to see that he is already taking advantage of the situation. There are guys out there who will demand physical intimacy from you even though they are incapable of agreeing to a committed and serious relationship because they know that you’re hopelessly in love with them.

Once you start asking about the possibility of actually having a physical and emotional relationship, they will then say that they prefer just being friends or they prefer things to stay just the way they are in the politest and nicest way possible. If this is the case, escaping the friend zone is simply a must, and seeking a serious relationship from them should not be an option.

By keeping all of these outlooks and perspectives in mind when escaping the friend zone, you won’t just be able to find your way out of this situation. You’ll also be able to find out if your crush is truly right for you and if a romantic relationship should really be pursued.

Basic Guide to Escaping the Friend Zone

Basic Guide to Escaping the Friend ZoneDespite the recent breakthroughs in neurology, psychology, and other bodies of science that study the human brain and behavior, escaping the friend zone is still not yet broken down into a series of scientific steps that guarantees success. However, there are a few basic tips that can increase your chances of actually getting out of this zone with minimal heartbreak. Here are some of the basics:

Assess your actual status

It has been proven by many scientists and researchers that women are more likely to over-think or over-analyze things than men. When this happens, they misread the signals that are given to them by their crush or the person who is actually interested in them. Hence, they tend to think that they are in the friend zone even though they are really not and the guy is just waiting for them to make the first move.

To make sure that you’re indeed in the friend zone, listen to how he actually talks to you. When he talks about the opposite sex, try to analyze if he is just trying to make you jealous. Whenever you go out, try to figure out if he actually makes the effort to look good for you. These are just some of the behavioral cues that can help you identify if you’re indeed in the friend zone. escaping the friend zone

Figure out what you really feel inside

One of the things that most women are afraid of when it comes to escaping the friend zone or attempting to do so is the risk that they may lose the friendship that they have with their guy. The truth of the matter is that even if you do successfully escape the friend zone, you’ll still lose the friendly relationship that you’ve with your guy in exchange for a more romantic one.

If you don’t get out of the zone successfully, he won’t look at you the same way ever again, no matter how hard he tries. The bottom line is that you’ll still lose something regardless of the outcome of your attempt. This is why you should find out for yourself if you’re really ready to be in a romantic relationship with your friend or if what you’re feeling is just a false sense of intimacy caused by the misconception that he is the perfect guy for you. If this is the case, then escaping the friend zone isn’t worth it.

Take other people into consideration

It’s one thing to make yourself experience the kind of heartbreak that can be caused by losing the friendship that you’ve with your friend or being turned down completely. It’s another thing to directly cause the heartbreak of another person who may or may not deserve it, which is what you might do if your friend is already in a relationship with another person.

This is also the case if you’ve a lot of common and close friends who may end up taking sides if you admit your feelings and not everything goes as well as planned. Even though escaping the friend zone is more about liberating yourself from what you’re feeling, thinking about other people helps put things into perspective, which can help you determine if the guy is really worth going through all that trouble.

Escape the Friend Zone: Convert Friendship to Romance

friend zoneThere are no absolute answers on how to escape the friend zone. For women, the friend zone is even worse than a face full of pimples or unshaved legs.  It could impair self-confidence and lower self-esteem in the long run.

Fortunately, the easy way to escape the friend zone is by starting change.  This is going to be tough, but as you take these seven steps wisely, you’ll eventually survive its tight grip.

1. Make sure he’s the one you really want

When entering into a romantic relationship, the first step will always be making sure if that person is really the “one.”  So, know the person well, all his likes and dislikes, his personality, and his attitude. Then, you’ll be able to see what used to be unseen.  You never know, the qualities you thought were beautiful might just be an overrated attraction.

2. Feel great about yourself

No one can show the best of you but you!

Everybody needs to feel great about themselves for them to be likable. How would you expect a person to like you when you don’t like yourself, right?  Make yourself attractive.  It will always show if a lady has enough confidence to appear adorable.  That is a good start to grasp some attention from your guy best friend.

3. Be brave and honest about your feelings

There are times when we try to ignore our feelings, or decide to keep them to ourselves.  Some are afraid to feel rejected or are too scared of the unknown things that could happen.   As a result, some may fill their lives with regrets and what ifs.  Questions will haunt them forever, like asking what went wrong.

If you’ve found yourself at the edge of escaping the friend zone, don’t you ever pause and think.  Go ahead and jump!

Never allow yourself to refrain from achieving an opportunity out of fear or denial, especially if it’s about the man you love. escape the friend zone

4. Show affection and love

If you’re already sure that he is the one, or you’re willing to take the risks of identifying what goes beyond friendship, then go a step ahead to the distribution of efforts.

Make placid and obvious acts or deeds that could notify your guy best friend that he is special to you.  Only the numbest person on earth wouldn’t be able to recognize a sincere affection shown with willingness.  Don’t waste time.  Always do them now.

5. Make time for each other

Time will always be the most unaffordable commodity one person can have.  No money can buy it.  It’s the best investment in converting friendship to romance.

If you value a person, he will never get just the spare time you get after a day’s schedule.  At some point, he becomes your priority.  In case he doesn’t know that, let him know by being too available in case he needs you.  It will make a difference.

6. Find common interests

This may be a tricky part.  A common interest may be mistaken to be inside the boundaries of friendship than of love.

The strategy here is to find things that interest both of you, which can also be included in a romantic set-up.  It may be going to the movies, enjoying food that could be treated as dates, hanging out on a Saturday night out, and more!  Your imagination is your limit.

7. Make it work

Well, no plan will ever come to its goal without the actualization of the plan.  If you’re willing to take every sacrifice to stay in romance rather than friendship, then you’ve no choice but to make it work.

If you love the person, it shall be easy.  If he loves you back, you’re lucky.  However, learn your limitations.  Loving yourself first is an ultimate rule

Escaping the Friend Zone: Facing the Consequences

Escaping the Friend Zone Facing the ConsequencesFor many, attempting to escape the friend zone isn’t as daunting as facing the consequence of even trying, especially if the guy they are pining for is one of their closest friends. This is why there are those who prefer to keep their feelings to themselves despite being extremely unhappy about doing so.

When this happens, they stop realizing the benefits of escaping the friend zone and start accepting the next best thing, which might not be good for them after all. This is why constantly reminding yourself of the reasons why facing the consequences of escaping the friend zone is important to avoid being sidetracked by your fear. Here are some of these reasons:

Freedom is worth it

Always remember that suppressing your emotions and feelings isn’t healthy for your mind and body. According to researchers, repressed or suppressed feelings intensify whenever a person doesn’t make use of a healthy outlet. This means that the more you hold your romantic feelings in, the more they intensify and the grief or pain that goes along with it’s amplified as well. Holding these feelings in can also make you physically ill. By attempting to get out of the friend zone, you can let go of these feelings, which can be highly beneficial for you both physically and mentally. This is why escaping the friend zone is worth it.

You’re not the problem

There are times wherein no matter how hard a person tries, escaping the friend zone is just not possible. When this happens, people often think that they are the ones who did something wrong. They think that they did not put enough effort into it or they did not approach the situation in the right way. What you need to realize is that emotionally unavailable people will never be attainable unless their issues are resolved. Hence, the problem may not actually be you. escaping the friend zone

You can do better

Most often than not, people who are in the friend zone put their crush or man on such a high pedestal that they erase the possibility that they can do better. They also begin to look down on themselves and think that they would not be able to catch another guy’s attention. If your guy friend rejects you after escaping the friend zone, always remember that you can always find someone who would be a better fit for you. Your rejection will lead you toward the right guy who will truly make you happy.

Friendship isn’t always the best thing

Never settle for friendship if this is the only type of relationship that the guy can offer you if you cannot commit. Don’t make it seem like you’re perfectly fine with staying as friends even though you’re really not since this is the same as suppressing or repressing your emotions. When this happens, saying yes to a friendship isn’t the best thing. Escaping the friend zone and never returning is.

By remembering these reasons, you’ll eventually realize that making any attempts to escape the friend zone is worth it and that the consequences of holding it in are greater than letting your feelings out.

Escaping the Friend Zone: When Should You Start Trying?

Escaping the Friend Zone: When Should You Start Trying?Contrary to what most people think, attempting to escape the friend zone should not be initiated once you realize that you’ve deeper feelings for a friend who doesn’t see you in a romantic light.

It should begin when you and the man you’re after are both ready for the process. Here are some of the cues that can help you identify the right time to start escaping the friend zone.

He is emotionally available

Every man is capable of being emotionally unavailable regardless of his upbringing, financial stability, or college degree. Most of these men do a great job of concealing this problem even to their closest friends, and the only ones who can discover this problem are those who actually seek a romantic relationship with them. This means that the man you’re pining for might not want to be in a relationship as much as you do. When this happens, all of your valiant efforts of escaping the friend zone will go to waste. This is why waiting until he becomes emotionally available is important.

He is mature

Through the power of social media and countless internet memes, the concept of sending a guy to the friend zone and getting out of it has received much attention. However, the same cannot be said when the roles are reversed and the woman is the one who is trying to escape because some men are not yet open to the idea that women can be the first ones to profess their romantic feelings to another person. Hence, it’s best to ensure that your guy is mature enough to accept the fact that women have the right to make the first move and that they should not be labeled as clingy, obsessive, or even crazy for doing so before escaping the friend zone. escaping the friend zone

He isn’t in the friend zone himself

Many psychologists believe that people who’ve the same emotional burden or problem are more likely to feel an attraction toward each other either mutually or one-sidedly. This is why there’s a big chance that the person who is sending you to the friend zone is also being sent to the same place by another person. Waiting for them to try and work their way out of the friend zone or even lending a helping hand to hasten the process is essential to ensure that you don’t end up as someone’s plan B. Always remember that escaping the friend zone or an attempt to do so should only be made if you’re certain that the person won’t see you as a consolation prize.

You’re no longer obsessed

There’s nothing more unattractive than a girl who is obsessed with a man or with the idea of having a romantic relationship with him. Even if you manage to find a guy who is actually interested in you, you’ll immediately lose his interest the moment you begin exhibiting early signs of obsession. This will also make it harder for you to move on in case of a rejection. This is why you should make sure that you’re no longer obsessed before escaping the friend zone.

By making sure that all of these conditions are met before escaping the friend zone, you can ensure that you end up with the right man who will treat you justly and that you’re emotionally healthy enough for this task.

Escaping the Friend Zone: Common Misconceptions for Girls

Basic Guide to Escaping the Friend ZoneWhen it comes to escaping the friend zone, one of the most common misconceptions out there’s that men are the only ones who are attempting this feat. What many people don’t realize is that there are a lot of women who want to get out of the friend zone as well. However, because of the fact that this isn’t a popular occurrence, very little is known on how women can get out of this dreaded zone. Hence, there are a lot of misconceptions that can lessen your chances of escaping the friend zone. Here are some examples:

Men can never be as fragile as women

Even though society dictates that the definition of masculinity is centered on being an emotional and physical rock, this doesn’t mean that men are devoid of emotions that can cripple them relationship-wise. Men can still suffer from heartbreak, and when they do, some take it harder than women. When this happens, they become emotionally unavailable even if you’re a perfect match for each other. This is why it’s a good idea to remember that men can be as fragile as women, and when this happens, escaping the friend zone at this time isn’t a good idea. Unlike most women, these men need to resolve their issues on their own before entering another relationship. escaping the friend zone

Men welcome all forms of advances

One of the most common preconceived notions regarding men is that they will say yes to any woman who expresses romantic interest in them. Women should remember that men don’t friend zone women who they are interested in.

This means that if he doesn’t see you in a romantic light, his perception won’t change no matter what you say. When this happens, escaping the friend zone becomes an impossible task. This is why you should never approach the subject with an outlook that he will accept you as a romantic partner.

Your appearance doesn’t matter

Even the most chivalrous and genuine men take appearances into consideration when it comes to looking for women who they want to have a romantic relationship with regardless of their personality. It has been an established fact that men are more visual than women.

In a study that was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, it was determined that men are more likely to respond to visual stimulation than women. This is why as superficial as it may seem, upgrading your look is one of the basic steps in escaping the friend zone for women.

By keeping all of these misconceptions in mind, you’ll be able to increase your chances of making it out of the friend zone and entering a healthy relationship either with your crush or with another person. You’ll also learn how to deal with men and their fragility, which can make it easier for you to understand men.

This can help you configure your platonic relationship with other men, such as your friends and family.

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