Aztec Clay Mask For Acne

Clay is a natural substance that may be used for various purposes.  There are clays that may be turned into pottery, clays that may be ingested to treat certain illnesses, clays that may be applied onto the skin to treat certain skin conditions, and clays that may be turned into skin care products (e.g., Aztec Clay Mask).

We don’t know who first rubbed clay onto his skin and discovered its healing qualities, but we’re sure women the world over couldn’t be happier for his bravery. But do we all know how the clay masks we use work?  We doubt it.  As long as yours keeps your face blemish-free, it’s likely that you wouldn’t bother learning how it works, would you?  While there’s no need to worry about an effective skin care product, we believe it would be best for you to learn how it works.  Having such knowledge will enable you to find a more suitable skin care product if you ever decide to replace yours.

The Fundamentals

Allow us to begin by discussing healing clays, the key ingredient in most of the skin care products currently available on the market.  Healing clays have properties that are beneficial to health.  In fact, indigenous peoples started using them for detoxification, as well as self-treatment for certain skin conditions (e.g., eczema, psoriasisas, and chicken pox), as early as the period during which Ancient Mesopotamia existed.  Skin care products become capable of these treatments once the clays are added to them.

According to authors, bentonite clay is the healing clay that is currently added as the key ingredient to many skin care products for being the most efficacious among all the known healing clays.  If you’ve never seen it before, bentonite clay is flour-like in texture, delicate to the touch, and can be cream or grey in color.  The color is a result of its composition.  It consists of aged volcanic ash containing some iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and silica.  It, however, emits no odor and leaves no stains.

When it mixes with a fluid, bentonite clay expands like a sponge and then absorbs the harmful substances from the body (e.g., toxins) through the pores, thereby removing them.  It’s able to do so through electrical attraction.  It has a strong negative charge, and most toxins have a positive charge.  When it comes in contact with some toxins, it’ll draw in the latter, like how opposing magnetic poles are drawn to each other, and then absorbs it.

When you use a clay mask that has some bentonite clay as its main ingredient, it’ll absorb the harmful substances on, as well as beneath, your skin’s surface (e.g., toxins, bacteria, and excess sebum).  Since it’s a substance found in nature, it could cause no damage to your skin. It could also exfoliate dead skin cells without generating friction.  Thus, we believe using such a clay mask will significantly improve your chances for keeping your face flawless and acne-free.

But don’t just take our word for it.  You should get an Aztec Clay Mask to prove this skin care product’s effectiveness for yourself.  We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

All-Purpose Aztec Clay Mask

Although an Aztec clay mask is only known for its effects on the face, only few people know that there are also other uses for it. In fact, you can customize an Aztec clay mask recipe depending on your purpose.  This is possible because when you receive the product, you’ll have a jar of ash. In powder form, the clay will have to be mixed with liquid for you to create a pasty substance suitable for a mask.

As we discuss the recipes for the Aztec clay mask, we will also learn about its benefits. I’m sure that by the end of this article, you’ll be inspired to try the clay yourself.

  1. Antioxidant Mask – For those who want to have younger looking skin, this recipe is perfect. In a bowl, mix in equal amounts of the clay powder and apple cider vinegar. Remember to use plastic, glass, or wood for the bowl and the stirrer. The clay reacts negatively with metals! When the pasty mixture is ready, apply it on the face or all over the body. Let it dry for 45 minutes and then rinse!
  1. Sweet foot facial – Who would have thought that feet can also get a facial? Mix equal amounts of the clay powder with brewed tea; any tea will do. And then add a few drops of tea tree oil. Apply it on your feet, especially on the area between your toes. Leave it to dry.
  1. Moisturizing and antibacterial – Aztec clay masks have a natural moisturizing effect, but once you add honey, the effect will be upped—and an antibacterial effect will be added. Honey has natural antibacterial effects that make it really good in treating pimples and acne.
  1. Even if you’ve sensitive skin – If you’ve extra sensitive skin, this clay mask can still do wonders on your face. All you need to do is mix the clay with equal amounts of water, add a few drops of lavender oil, and lather it thickly on your face. You can also use this mixture for sunburns; just add more water and remove the lavender oil. The mixture will improve the stinging.
  1. aztec clay maskCleansing scrub – Simply mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar or water with the Aztec clay powder and then add two tablespoons of uncooked oatmeal. Just measure it carefully and see if you’ll need to add more water or vinegar. Lather carefully on the skin and let it stay there for 15 minutes before rinsing.
  1. Calming bath – Just mix one and a half cups of clay powder in your bath water and soak your whole body for 20 minutes. Not only will you feel relaxed, but the clay will also detoxify the skin on your body. After calming you, this bath will energize you right away.
  1. For light skin injuries – If you’ve insect bites or stings, or even a mild wound, you can use the Aztec clay mask to prevent infection. Just make a small amount of paste (distilled water and clay powder). Apply it on the skin. This is especially good for rashes, abrasions, acne, and pimples.

As you can see, there are many uses for Aztec clay masks. One jar will surely go a very long way for you!

Detox Your Skin, The Aztec Way

So, you got this new intel that the newest facial sensation has arrived. And what’s more, it’s called the “World’s Most Powerful Facial.” What girl in her right mind wouldn’t be intrigued with that? Another good factor is the name—Aztec clay mask; it sounds so mysterious. It’s like a secret has been revealed from over a century ago.

You know what? That’s exactly what the Aztec clay mask is: a secret from a long time ago, making its name known now in our time. So, if you’re worried about off-the-grid expectations, relax. This article is meant to set your expectations about Aztec clay masks—the right way.

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What does the product look like?

Okay, nothing is special with the product’s appearance. What you’ll see is the powder form of clay, plain and simple. The product is fine in texture, light grey in color, and, well, smooth to touch. If you were shocked because it seems eerily similar to Bentonite clay, relax. Because the Aztec clay mask is also composed of bentonite clay; the difference is the specialty of use. Bentonite clay can be used internally; Aztec clay is used for the face alone.

For those who are still not familiar with Bentonite clay, it’s the clay to end all your pimples and acne. On top of that, it’s also used by others to detoxify their bodies from within.

Money matters!

Here’s the good bit: the Aztec clay mask is cheap. There’s no other way to describe the price of this product other than that it’s super affordable. A pound of healing clay will most likely cost you more than 20 bucks, but Aztec clay is priced under $10! How cool is that?!

The million-dollar question—does it work on acne?

Of course! As mentioned, the main composition is bentonite, and you’ve to know that bentonite is a very effective healing clay.

The thing is, the impurities on your face (pimples, acne, blackheads, name it!) are all negatively charged. And since positively charged particles attract negatively charged articles, the Aztec clay mask is perfect. Apply it on your face and watch it swell. The negative charge in the mask will absorb all the impurities—making your skin clearer and more youthful.

clay maskHow do I use Aztec clay masks for acne?

Well, it’s also simple, although quite messy. Just mix a portion of the clay with water (but you can also go for apple cider vinegar) until you form a pasty substance. Cover your face with the mask and let it dry for 20 minutes.

While the mask is drying, you’ll feel your skin tighten. Once the 20 minutes is done, be careful when removing it. You don’t want to damage your skin more by being too harsh.

When rinsing it off, be careful because the clay tends to clog sinks. So make sure you dispose it little by little.

Skin type?

No need to worry even if your skin is sensitive. The Aztec clay mask is all natural, so there are no harmful elements that can ruin your skin. This is best for women who frequently have facial breakouts. Or, if your skin is too oily for your liking, bentonite is also perfect for that!

The verdict

This is the facial to end all facials; at least most women will tell you that. The product is cheap, easy to apply, and really effective! This is also close to a no-risk purchase, considering the small amount of money that you’ll be spending and the amount of time the product will last.

If you’re not fond of Aztec clay masks, you can also use a tiny bit to just cover the breakouts.

Blast Those Blemishes Away with Bentonite Clay Masks

Do you wonder why more and more people are taking advantage of a natural remedy that was actually used even centuries ago?  Bentonite clay has recently made its way back to the skin care line and is again becoming a go-to product for anything that has to do with beauty and skin.  Bentonite clay uses range from healing to beautification and a whole lot more.

Looking back at history, it has been widely used for medicinal purposes, but the grand effect it has on the skin has also caught the attention of some great women, including the beautiful Cleopatra.  Yes, this clay has indeed become one of the most famous elements in the world of beauty.

So how exactly does bentonite clay work?  Simply put, this amazing clay is like a sponge that absorbs any toxin or bacteria that it gets in contact with, drawing out all kinds of impurities.  As it works in getting rid of those unwanted materials, it also leaves some of its important minerals that the body can take advantage of. One great uses of it is a face mask.

I know a lot of you love to pamper yourselves and indulge in some extra expensive masks to get a refreshed look on your face.  But if you can’t afford to run to the nearest spa and get a facial done, then I suggest that you run to your kitchen and put together your very own bentonite clay masks that are sure to blast those blemishes away.  Here are the top 3 bentonite clay uses that have been proven effective.

Bentonite + Honey + Water Mask

Two amazing products that work wonders on the skin.  If this doesn’t make your skin happy, I don’t know what will.  One of the many uses of bentonite clay on Amazon is as a moisturizing face mask.  Mix a tablespoon of the clay with a teaspoon of honey and enough water to make a paste.  (If you want to make more for your future applications, you’re free to do so.  The honey in the mixture should keep your mask preserved for a few days.)

You don’t have to be particular with the brand of honey.  Any raw organic honey will do.  As soon as you’ve achieved a pasty consistency, apply the mask onto your face.  Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes.  Rinse it off and feel that goodness on your skin!

bentonite clayBentonite + Apple Cider + Water Mask

Another great use of it’s as a cleansing mask.  If your goal is to really cleanse and remove all the dirt that may have already accumulated in your skin, then this cleansing mask can do this job for you.  Mix equal parts of the clay with apple cider vinegar.  If you’ve that smooth and creamy consistency, then you may evenly apply the mixture onto your face.

Let the bentonite and apple cider work together in drawing all the dirt out from your pores and giving you that deep cleanse you’ve always wanted.  When the mixture has dried on your face, rinse off with warm water.  For better results, immediately apply your favorite moisturizer.

Bentonite + Water Mask

The use of bentonite clay can be as simple as relieving itchiness you may have on your face.  All you need to do is mix equal parts of water and the clay.  When you’ve a creamy paste, apply the mixture onto your face and let it dry.  Gently cleanse your face with warm water and apply your favorite toner and moisturizer.

Now these are very simple recipes that offer to blast those blemishes away.  If you experience redness after the application, this is normal, so don’t you freak out.  Just remember the endless uses of bentonite clay and that it’s an incredible ingredient for your facial masks.

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