Cabbage – An Incredible Laxative for Weight Loss [2022 Update]

How much cabbage do you consume a day?

If you aren’t on a diet, our guess is less than you’d like to admit.

While this vegetable is an ingredient of almost all salads, it’s found in only a few other dishes.  We find this unfortunate, because cabbage is one of the most effective natural laxatives for weight loss!

The majority of the food items that act as natural laxatives are able to do so by way of the certain natural substance they contain.  It’s called digestive fiber.  Also called dietary fiber and roughage, digestive fiber is found in cabbage in abundance.

For instance, 100 g of cabbage contains 2.5 g of digestive fiber.  This amount of roughage is a tenth of the daily requirement of dietary fiber to remain healthy.

The digestive fiber cabbage contains enables this vegetable to act as a natural laxative by way of its component, soluble fiber.  Not only does soluble fiber soften stool; it can be dissolved easily in the bodily fluids and thus easy to eliminate.

The number of times you eliminate a day, the easier it’s for your body to do so.  The more you eliminate, the faster you’ll be able to digest.  The faster you digest, the more calories you’ll be able to burn.

cabbage is a natural laxative for weight loss

Consuming cabbage regularly has even more benefits pertaining to weight loss.

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For instance, a cup of chopped raw cabbage (89 g) is rich in nutrients—vitamins A and C, as well as calcium, iron, potassium, and protein, to mention some of them—but low in calories (65 Kcal, 39 of which is calories from fat), so consuming a lot of it’s great for health but won’t cause you to gain weight.

Since cabbage is rich in dietary fiber as well, consuming some will make you feel full fast, thereby preventing you from overeating.

No matter how nutritious and effective cabbage is, keep your diet balanced.

Consuming nothing but cabbage is harmful for several reasons, needless to say.  Since it’s a cruciferous vegetable, cabbage will cause gas, bloating, and abdominal pain when consumed in excessive amounts.

You’ll lose weight if you consume nothing but cabbage, but doing so isn’t a healthful way of becoming slim.  Although they are nutritious, cabbages lack the rest of the nutrients you need regularly to remain healthy.

For instance, a cup of chopped raw cabbage contains only 1.53 g of protein.  Women 19 and older need 46 g of protein a day to remain healthy.

Even if you’d consume a cup of it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you wouldn’t come close to gaining the daily requirement of protein to remain healthy.

If you want to lose weight fast but safe, consult a doctor or nutritionist.

But what if you abhor cabbage and won’t likely be on the Cabbage Soup Diet anytime soon?  Are there other natural laxatives you may consume to lose weight safely?

Don’t worry; there are many more natural laxatives and we’ll soon discuss them here, so do pay us a visit again.

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