Colon Hydrotherapy Weight Loss: The Craze For Colonics

The function of the colon is pretty simple– to absorb the nutrients not accommodated by the small intestine, and to expel the waste products not needed by the body. The problem is when the colon becomes incapable of doing that function. You should understand that the colon isn’t always at its best. When you pass stool, some of the waste matters are imbedded in the corners and the walls of the large intestine. If they stay there for long, the chances that they will be reabsorbed in the blood becomes high. When these toxic matters are reabsorbed, illnesses ensue. So the principle of colon hydrotherapy is to clean the colon, making the chances of waste matter reabsorption slim.

So, what’s the craze about colon hydrotherapy weight loss?

Ah. Colon hydrotherapy weight loss is deemed as the new way of shedding pounds without dieting and exercise. You have to be careful, though. Although to a degree, a colonic some effect (up to 3 kilograms!), you cannot use it as your main aid in weight loss.

Having a colonic only results in weight loss initially because it helps you get rid of excess waste. And it can regularly help increase your metabolic rate. But experts still suggest that you undergo healthy dieting and exercise. Why? It’s because having a colonic has its fair share of risks.

Let’s discuss them one by one:

  1. It can cause you dehydration – Yes, colon hydrotherapy can lead to dehydration. The procedure entails that water will be “kept” in the colon for a few minutes, and that can slightly alter the colon’s ability to maintain a balance of electrolytes.
  2. If the practitioner isn’t careful, it may injure your anus – For the water to flow in the large intestine, a tube has to be inserted. Negligent insertion can lead to anal perforation. A colonic weight loss has to be performed by a careful person, preferably one who already has experience. This perforation can lead to infection, so be very cautious. On top of that, infection can also happen when the practitioner uses already used equipment.
  3. May be bad for people with diabetes – Having a colonic and the process that comes with it can cause hypoglycemia. That’s why it’s advised for a person to take fruit juices or suck on hard candy either before or after the procedure.

colon hydrotherapyWhat to do if I want to experience the effects of colon hydrotherapy weight loss?

  1. If you’re currently taking medications, consult your physician first before undergoing the procedure.
  2. Be certain that the practitioner uses disposable equipment.
  3. Before and after the procedure, hydrate yourself by drinking water to avoid electrolyte imbalances.

Although colon hydrotherapy weight loss can become complicated when not properly done, the benefits it can give you (when properly done) are all worth the effort. Aside from the fact that it can give you a healthy colon and a better bowel movement, it can also help you lose weight!

Just follow the reminders and you’ll be safe!

Colon Hydrotherapy: Irrigate Your Colon to Sexiness!

Colon hydrotherapy seems like a very heavy word– so we will have to make things simple. To be honest, colon hydrotherapy is a process of cleansing the colon by “inducing” passage of stool. How do you induce stool passage? It’s by inserting a tube in the rectum and letting water flow in the large intestine. The water should stay there for a couple of minutes before you release it.

What is colon hydrotherapy weight loss?

Okay, another honest fact is this– it is not recommended for long-term use. Let’s explain that further.

Is it effective?

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Yes, colon hydrotherapy for weight loss is effective. In fact, studies made by medical experts suggest that you can lose up to 3 kilograms! But that can only happen during the initial stage. You have to understand that colon hydrotherapy (or simply called a colonic) cannot burn fat, so there’s no way it can ALWAYS make you lose weight.

Colon therapy results in weight loss because the act of cleansing the large intestine paves the way for proper food absorption and expulsion of waste matter.

If you’re a first timer, you really are bound to lose weight since there’s a lot of impacted waste in the corners and walls of the colon. But, over time, it’ll lose the effect. It will still have a slight weight loss effect but only because colonics can improve metabolism. Athletes actually perform a colonic for this effect.

Let us consider weight loss a very good side effect. It’s not really made to shed pounds, but to clean the colon.

colon hydrotherapyWhat is the principle behind colon hydrotherapy?

A colonic is rooted in the notion of autointoxication. So, how does autointoxication happens? It’s believed that even though the human body can expel waste matter, some of that waste will remain in the large intestine. And over time, the chances that they will be reabsorbed by the body and contaminate the blood are becoming high.

Although there isn’t one scientific study that dictates the reality of autointoxication, it’s valid in the eyes of medical experts. In fact, many of them suggest that should people regularly perform colonics, the world would be a healthier place.

Who can perform a colonic?

Because of the craze about having a colonic for weight loss, a lot of patients who avail of the procedure are women at the age of 25. But colon hydrotherapy can be done to almost all people, from the age of 13– both boys and girls.

To inspire you more about a colonic, look closely to the list. It will outline who should opt to perform the procedure and why:

  1. People suffering from any kind of intestinal distress
  2. Those who always experience headaches
  3. People who’ve autoimmune disorders such as Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis
  4. People who will undergo surgeries
  5. Those people who’ve problems with bacterial and viral infection

Again, it’s important to understand that colon hydrotherapy isn’t a cure, but doing this can prevent you from suffering diseases. And the fact that you’ll have a healthier colon means you can improve your health.

The frequency for you to do it’s dependent on your need, so it’s highly suggested to consult a physician. And for those “hoping” that performing a colonic is the answer to their fat loss problems, experts still firmly believe that diet and exercise are the keys.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy An Effective Weight Loss Strategy?

Any woman who has tried to lose some weight knows how difficult it’s to follow a strict diet or exercise program. Food temptations are everywhere. And the willpower to hit the gym or do some form of physical activity is continually tested. That’s why if there’s a new diet craze or strategy that promises weight loss with minimal effort, many of us are willing to try it and see for ourselves if it really works.

Take, for example, the case of colon hydrotherapy. Its advocates say that you can lose about six pounds of body weight  immediately after undergoing the procedure, and several sessions can result in a flat stomach. But is there really some basis to these claims?

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is recommended by alternative health practitioners to clean the colon. They believe that some fecal matter isn’t fully eliminated from the body, thus toxins build up over time and they are absorbed into the bloodstream.Accordingly, removing these toxins, and some parasites and mucous present in the colon, is important to maintaining a healthy body.

A colonic may aid in treating some ailments such as indigestion, constipation, hemorrhoids, bloating, flatulence, headache, yeast overgrowth, skin conditions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc. Colon hydrotherapy’s main purpose is to detoxify the body, but some people believe, and promote the idea, that it also aids in weight loss. This is maybe due to the fact that people feel lighter with their empty colons after the procedure, and indeed they have lost a few pounds due to the elimination of fecal matter and other body fluids.

How is colonic hydrotherapy performed?

If you’re considering colonic hydrotherapy, here is the procedure on how it’s done in wellness clinics:

  1. Avoid eating two hours before your scheduled procedure/colonic irrigation.Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  2. After laying down on a comfortable bed or medical table, a small tube will be inserted into your rectum. Through this tube, a slow stream of filtered water (sometimes infused with herbs) fills and washes your colon.
  3. The water will stimulate contractions in the colon (large intestine) such that the fecal matter and other toxic substances will be eliminated from the body.These wastes are collected into a tube, which is also transparent so you can see the actual substances that are expelled from your body.

Although naturopathic doctors recommend having a colonic to improve your health, bear in mind though that there isn’t much scientific evidence to back up the assertions of colon hydrotherapy advocates and practitioners. Most traditional doctors would say that the human body is perfectly designed to get rid of wastes on its own and there’s no need for such intervention as colonic irrigation.

colon hydrotherapySome claims of six-pound weight loss (or any amount of weight for that matter) due to colonic hydrotherapy should also be treated with caution. This weight loss may be attributed to the fecal matter and other fluids that were expelled from the large intestine during the colonic irrigation procedure. Besides, it isn’t fat, but rather colon waste, that is being eliminated; this may be considered as a laxative instead of an effective weight loss strategy. In the end, the best weight loss strategy is really through permanent lifestyle changes, and not through any quick fixes.

As a woman whose goal is to lose weight and have a healthier body, the best strategy is to adopt some beneficial lifestyle changes. These include having a healthier and better diet of lean protein, whole grains, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Being physically active goes hand-in-hand with your improved diet. You can only effectively lose weight if you move some more. So go to the gym or run around your neighborhood for a slimmer you. And forget about those quick-fix methods that are not really convenient or effective.

Health Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

A healthy colon can mean so much to you and your overall wellness.  In fact, your health can also start from your colon.  And if you’re to start your journey to wellness, creating a healthy colon is the very first step you need to take.  In case you’re not aware, your colon plays a vital role for your good health.  Your colon works on deciding whether it needs to get rid of something or it needs to get something redistributed to the body.  This means that when your colon is blocked with bad bacteria, it isn’t able to function at its best, leaving some needed work untouched until it simply gets stuck in your colon. Today, one way of doing a colon cleanse is through colon hydrotherapy.  This process basically bathes your entire colon using pure water and cleanses all the impurities and bad bacteria from your colon.  Here are the health benefits that one can derive from colon hydrotherapy:

  • colon hydrotherapyColon Hydrotherapy promotes healthy digestion. Because this process washes out all the impurities, this allows for more space for the colon to absorb good and healthy nutrients.  A clean colon will definitely do a better job at getting rid of those undigested material rather than keeping them lined up on your intestinal walls.
  • It promotes weight loss. Of all the benefits I have come across, this is something that definitely got me totally excited. Colon hydrotherapy is a significant process to weight loss because it gets rid of the undigested material that got literally stuck on the linings of your intestines.  And in case you don’t know, when your colon is lined up with pounds of waste, that certainly adds up to your weight.  When your colon is cleansed, this kick starts metabolism following a great improvement of your overall wellness.
  • It also decreases the risk of getting colon disease. An unhealthy and bad bacteria-filled colon can wreak havoc on your body’s system.  By cleansing your colon, you’re not just promoting the release of unwanted waste that weighs you down but also preventing colon disease.
  • Colon hydrotherapy also increases fertility. If you’ve been having issues with getting pregnant, you might have overlooked something – your colon.  Yes, even your eggs are affected by your colon.  An unhealthy colon lined up with fat causes strain to your reproductive organs.  Before attempting to start any medication or undergoing some serious therapy for fertility, you should try colon hydrotherapy.

Cleansing your colon may be one thing that grosses some people out.  But the gravity of the benefits will always outweigh the negative thoughts your brain might have conjured just from the thought of having something attached to your rectum for the cleansing process.  Aside from colon hydrotherapy, you can also restore your intestinal health by drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, not neglecting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, chewing your food properly, and other sorts of cleansing such as fasting.  Take note: your body’s overall wellness starts from your colon, so handle and cleanse it with care.

What is colon hydrotherapy weight loss?

Let us be clear, there’s no study that confirms the effectiveness of colon cleansing weight loss. It may be slightly effective, but only at some point. Keep in mind that a colonic only removes the waste matters in the colon; it doesn’t have any ability to destroy fat. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your fat problems, colon therapy may not be the process for you.

colon hydrotherapyHow much will I lose with colon hydrotherapy weight loss?

This one is more scientifically based. There’s a study created by medical experts, and the result is still something to look forward to. Science dictates that with the correct method, a person can lose 2 to 3 kilograms! Yes, it cannot make you wear a two-piece swimsuit, but it does account for something good.

How do I make a colonic more effective?

To make colon hydrotherapy weight loss more effective, you’ll be asked to drink water before and after the procedure. This is also necessary so you can avoid electrolyte imbalances. Some even use water with enhanced electrolytes.

Experts on colonic weight loss:

Experts insist that weight loss will be more effective if you match it with lifestyle modifications. Eating a healthy diet and doing proper exercise are still the best ways to lose weight.

Other benefits of colon hydrotherapy:

Aside from weight loss, you should see the other health benefits of a colonic:

  1. It prevents you from having constipation – people with constipation often feel uncomfortable; by undergoing colonics, you’ll be able to have better bowel movements.
  2. It makes you healthier – Just imagine what those waste matters in the colon can do to your system! When those wastes are imbedded in the corners of the colon, they are bound to be reabsorbed by the blood.
  3. It helps you absorb the nutrients more effectively – If your colon is clean, it’ll be more effective in absorbing the nutrients– this means your cells will be more energized, and it’ll show in your day-to-day living!
  4. It protects you from colon disease – if you’re an avid fan of health news, you’ll know that more and more people are being affected by colon disease. One of the most common reasons for that is the fact that we have a dirty large intestine. Clean your colon and be able to avoid the consequences of disease!

How often should I undergo colon hydrotherapy?

For weight loss to happen, the initial stage is to perform 3-4 sessions. But of course, you’ll also have to consult with your physician, especially if you’ve underlying health issues. And make sure that the practitioner who will assist you is experienced and careful.

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