Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend’s 30th [Updated For 2022]

Thinking of 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend poses a daunting challenge to the giver.  It’s a milestone in your friend’s life, and you want your gift to be remembered with the best memories possible.

A lot of factors come into the picture, but you ultimately end up with the objective of making your best friend the happiest on his or her birthday. Below are gift ideas that you might want to consider.


As the best friend, you’ve a pretty good picture of what your friend is really into and this should be a piece of cake. Of course you’ll deviate from the basics of the hobby, which in all probability would be in your friend’s possession already.

A little research would go a long way on this, especially if it’s meant to be a surprise. Aside from the essentials, you can also go for the collector’s items that your friend has been saving up for. You can ask your other friends to pitch in because these items are pretty expensive by nature. Just be sure to know exactly what you’re buying your friend because this is a pricey investment that should be the perfect one for your great friend.

Name It gift ideas

When we were kids, do you remember those items that would have our names emblazoned all over them? As we grew up, we began to be a bit conscious of them and we would put them away for nobody to see anymore. However, as we grow older, the idea of ownership comes back with a vengeance, and all of a sudden, it’s all right to see your name on your possessions again.

With this idea, you’ve to be subtle. There’s no room for screaming fonts and font sizes. What’s important is to get the name right and to give it without any typo errors.

Vouch for It

diecast cars for gifts
I may have just found the absolute perfect gift for any man or boy in your life! These stunning 1:18 scale metal diecast model cars are mindblowing and I was shocked when I saw the price! There is a model for every car ever made I think. lol (click the pic above or here to see what I mean!)

If you’re at a loss for gift ideas, the freedom to choose your gift can be the most liberating for you and the most impressive for your friend when you gift them with really cool gift vouchers. Some say it’s a lazy gift, but on the contrary, it just allows your friend to make use of the gift to get something that he/she really wants.

While this doesn’t sit well with the purists of the world, it’s a very personalized approach that usually pleases the receiver. As far as the vouchers are concerned, it’s better to get the reputable ones to avoid giving your friend a big headache instead of making him remember the gift with fondness.

These gift ideas are just some ideas that you could use to gather more ideas for your best friend. Just don’t forget to keep these gifts as unique and as special as your friend’s birthday is.

You grew up together in the same community.  You sat (or rolled) on the grass for hours and hours while talking about your favorite things in life.  You spent most of your time doing pretty much the same things you do on a daily basis but you never get bored.  And then life happened.  You start doing things separately and going different directions.  You started dating.  Your friend started living up to her own visions of her life.

But the most amazing thing is that no matter the distance or the differences, you both have somehow taken the extra effort to catch up on your lives so you don’t miss a thing.  You always remember each other’s birthday, and you always keep that day available for each other.  That’s the beauty of real friendship.

So if your best friend is about to celebrate his or her 30th birthday and you need some gift ideas to make the day a little more special, read on to find out some great ideas.  These 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend are sure to keep your friend smiling throughout his or her special day.

Spa Treatment

The idea of turning 30 can be stressful to a lot of people.  This gift idea will help your friend start her thirties without stress.  A relaxing spa treatment (something you can do together) can definitely give her the relaxation and rest she needs before she gears up for whatever challenges life may have in store for him or her.  Another reason why this gift idea is recommended is because this is a good time for you to bond and look back at what you both have accomplished over the years of your friendship.

Anything Personalized

Now, if your best friend is someone who isn’t into spas or that sort of thing, then another gift idea is to come up with something personalized.  It can be a collage album of your younger years, or a compilation of your favorite songs, or anything that reminds him or her of those precious years you’ve shared together.  You see, when you become thirty, you get a little more sentimental over simple and personalized treats.

birthdayAnything Related to Hobby / Interest

You can also consider what your best friend loves to do when thinking about gift ideas.  You must know at least one hobby your friend loves to do.  Simply get the idea from there and you can easily find items that he or she can fall in love with.  You can go crazy with this gift idea, as your choices can be as simple as getting her baking stuff or flying off a plane for a skydive.  It really all depends on what he or she likes.

A Trip Somewhere

Imagine that look on your friend’s face when he or she gets this present from you.  Getting him or her a trip to that place he or she has always dreamt of can be a great start to another amazing year.  I mean, you really can’t go wrong with this gift.  You can choose to either go on that same trip or let your friend enjoy alone time.  Whatever works for both of you.

There are a million things you can get a friend for his or her 30th birthday.  It really isn’t that hard.  You just have to keep in mind that although the expensive stuff counts, what matters most is that you remembered and that you’ve and always will be there for your very best friend – especially on that special day.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best FriendSo your best friend is turning 30 soon and you still don’t have any idea about what gift to surprise him/her with?  Worry no more. There are actually hundreds of unique and wonderful birthday gift ideas for your best friend. If you want to make your best friend feel extra special on his/her big day, you can present him/her with some surprise gifts that he/she will truly remember.

Picking a gift for someone can be very challenging, especially if you don’t know the person. However, if you’re buying a gift for your best friend, then there’s nothing or little to worry about. If you’re searching for the perfect gift, you should consider the following factors:

  • What he/she likes or doesn’t like
  • His/her size when buying any garments (e.g. shoes, tops, pants, etc.)
  • His/her collection (e.g. shoes, toys, cars, perfumes, books, gadgets, games, etc.)
  • What he/she already has
  • His/her age
  • His/her profession birthday gift ideas

So, if you’re still having trouble with what to get for your best friend, then below are the top 30th birthday gift ideas:

  • Spa date for women – This is one of the best birthday gift ideas. Giving your best friend a day to relax and rejuvenate is the best thing you can ever give.
  • Customized gift items- A personalized gift item is a great gift. A custom-made gift can make your best friend feel extra special.
  • Handbag or purse – Women love to own a brand new bag or purse on her birthday. A fashionably beautiful and durable handbag is a gift she will surely appreciate.
  • Concert ticket- A concert ticket to his/her favorite band or artist is a gift he/she will absolutely love.
  • Pet or pet accessories- If your best friend is a pet lover, then consider giving him a new pet or pet accessories for his beloved house pet.
  • Flowers- Give a female best friend a basket or a bouquet of flowers that she loves. This simple present will be greatly appreciated.
  • Jewelry for women or a branded wristwatch for men- If you’ve a bigger budget for a gift, you can give your best friend jewelry or a branded watch.
  • Books- If your best friend is a bookworm, then you can give her the latest book by her favorite writer.
  • Gadgets – Some people love to own the latest gadgets. If your best friend is one of them, you can give him/her the latest tablet, cell phone, etc. on the market.

Giving your best friend a birthday present can sometimes be very difficult. But always remember that the price doesn’t really matter. It’s always the thought behind each gift that really matters most.

Wonderful 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best FriendWhen a person reaches 30, there are a lot of expectations that are supposed to be met, especially in this day and age when people can earn their first million in their 20s. Don’t add to the pressure by giving a birthday gift that would make your best friend cringe on how your friendship came about. Make it special and make it memorable with these gift ideas that you can find below.

The Item

As good friends who’ve known each other for the longest time, you’re intimately in the know with the things that your best friend already has and what your friend has been longing for with desperation. Such information is crucial to the item that you would like to give, and the gift should focus more on this.

Need shall always triumph over want, and this is the first thing to consider. No matter how pricey the item is or how fantastic it appears to be, it shall just be stored in some nondescript closet and left to rot if there’s no use or need for it. birthday gift

The Cost

All  gifts have costs, and the common notion is that you’ve to spend a lot for the gift to be really appreciated. It’s a good thing that this is the furthest from the truth. A simple chocolate bar that you enjoyed when you were in elementary school that is still around today can evoke memories that your best friend has shared with you and only you. An unfinished project that was left with you can be your project. The effort that you give to finish it shall be deeply appreciated. You just have to be creative to avoid spending oodles of money for this.

Now if you really want to go all out and the gift you’ve in mind really needs major funding, then you’ve no choice but to involve family and friends in your endeavor. Though a bit more complicated, it definitely gets the job done and the participation of your best friend’s other loved ones shall make the gift a lot more meaningful.

The Experience

Aside from the gift itself, the birthday gift can also revolve around the way it was given too. Packaging can help a lot in this, and at the same time, the act itself can be well planned to make your best friend’s gift a really special one.

The said tips for birthday gift ideas are meant to give you a lot of room for personalizing and creativity. Couple them with your desire to please and you can never go wrong.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best FriendAs far as gift-giving is concerned, a lot are still in the dark as to what gift to give for special milestones in a person’s life. It doesn’t get any easier if the person happens to be your best friend who is about to turn 30 years old, the age that is considered by many to be the turning point of any human being’s life. For 30th birthday gift ideas, you need to really take into consideration the kind of person your friend is.  Below are some ideas that you can use to find the best gift for your beloved friend.

For Hobbyists

Such people spend a lot of time and money on their hobbies and would appreciate any gift that would help them improve on their craft or skill. Good gift ideas include really helpful resource materials for them, which you can easily find in your local bookstore. A little research would let you find websites that would give you an abundance of helpful ideas. gift ideas

For Artists

These folks are the easiest and the hardest to please. They have a good idea of who they are and what they want and would easily see the intention of the gift, rather than the price or the brand. Such souls would be happy to get anything they receive, but you don’t want to push that idea.

As someone who is artistically challenged, it would be good to do some research before you buy anything for your best friend. Find out your friend’s favorite painter, the photographer he idolizes, or the singer he watches all the time and then build from there. Autographed items would be very endearing as well as the works of their favorites.

However, if you move in the same circle, something that you can actually make would be a great idea. Paintings, do-it-yourself stuff, musical recordings, or even a video of your finest moments together shall easily melt the heart of your best friend.

For Average People

Most of these don’t want repeats, and this makes it a little more challenging than the others. So, for your best friends of this kind, you’ve to dig deep into who they are as people and find the gift that would interpret their interest in a very special way. Most people of this age would be into different things and your knowledge of this would definitely make it easier for you.

Buy the bag that your friend has been dreaming of, or the camera that your pal would gladly take anywhere. The inspirations are endless and you just have to be sensitive enough to know what these items are.

So, the next time you need some 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend, focus on the person and just take it from the friendship that you cherish and love.

Gift Ideas For A Male Best Friend

Gift Ideas For A Male Best FriendIs your best bud’s 30th birthday fast approaching and you still haven’t gotten anything for him? Then worry no more as there are tons of gift ideas available on the market today.  There’s no need to give your best pal a very luxurious gift as long as you’re able to make him feel very special on his special day. A little token of appreciation can actually make your guy best friend feel wonderful.

Giving a present to a guy can be a dilemma for some people. However, if you know your best pal too well, then searching for a perfect gift will never be hard. To make sure that your best friend will really love your gift, go for items that are functional that he can really use and enjoy as well.

To assist you in picking a birthday present, below are just some of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend: gift ideas

  • Liquor- If your friend loves to drink some kind of liquor, then giving him his favorite brand of drink will be greatly appreciated.
  • Wallet- A wallet is one of the most functional birthday gifts for your guy best friend.
  • Gadgets- Most guys love to own the latest released gadgets. If you’ve a budget, you can get him the latest game console, tablet, or cellphone. Presenting your best bud with the latest gadget in town is a great birthday gift.
  • A nice winter coat, scarf, and gloves set- A nice winter set is one of the best birthday gift ideas. Getting him a matching coat, scarf, and gloves for this incoming winter season will surely be appreciated.
  • Wristwatch- You have a budget, so get your best pal a reliable wristwatch. You can get him a mid-end to high-end watch, and this special token will surely make him feel extra special.
  • A front row concert ticket- If your best friend’s favorite band, singer, or musician is coming into town for a concert, then it’s best to give him a front row ticket. A concert ticket to see his favorite singer or musician is a great gift.
  • Sports gear or attire – If your best friend is into sports, then give him any sports accessories that he can really use for his hobby. This can be anything from a new ball or bag for his equipment, to a golf accessory or lacrosse goal so that he can practice in his backyard, it all just depends on what sport he is into. He will truly appreciate this gesture and will always remember you when he plays.
  • Shoes – Some men love shoes. If your best friend loves to collect some of the greatest pairs of shoes, then get him a pair that will really awe him.
  • If your friend is a tech-savvy person gift him a hosted citrix xendesktop vdi from CloudDesktopOnline that lets you access your windows apps and data remotely from anywhere on any device with add-ons such as QuickBooks Hosting, Office 365 etc.

These are just some of the best birthday gift ideas for your best friend. Always remember that it is the thought that counts. What matters most is that you’ve shown your best friend that he is one of your most favorite people in this world and you’ve never forgotten about his special day.

Gift Ideas For Your Female Best Friend

30th birthday giftTrying to get a gift for a woman who doesn’t actually want or need anything can be very challenging. However, there are tons of gift ideas that would be perfect for any woman who is currently in her 30s or so.If your girl best friend’s birthday is fast approaching, then you should start searching for the most perfect gift for her.

Below are some of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend:

A spa date

Giving your best friend a whole day of relaxation in a spa center can be one of the best gifts ever. A day at a spa will provide her an opportunity to pamper herself through massages, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures, and much more.

Nice jewelry

Jewelry as a gift will always be appreciated. You can give your best friend a nice necklace, a bracelet, or a locket to make her feel really special.

Any customized item

You can commission someone to create a personalized gift item for your girl best friend. To make this customized creation more special, give her something she would really love and use most days.  If she loves drinking coffee, you can give her a mug, and if she likes to travel a lot, then give her some personalized travel gear.

Concert ticket

If her favorite musician, band, or singer is coming near her for a concert, you can give her a front row ticket for the concert.

A bag or purse

You can never go wrong with a nice handbag or purse. Every woman loves to own a new bag or purse on her birthday.

A new set of clothes or garments

Most women love to shop.  Giving your best friend a nice top, bottom, or jacket will be greatly appreciated.

Spa gift basket

If you’re about to give your best friend a day at the spa, then a spa gift basket is another great idea. This basket may include some bath soaps, lotions, bath salts, and much more. Place everything in a nice basket, put on a ribbon and gift card, and you’ve a very pleasant gift. gift ideas


If she loves to read, then a good book can be one of the best birthday gift ideas. Get her the latest book of her most favorite writer, and you’ll never go wrong with this idea.

Always remember that the thought behind the gift is what matters most. It doesn’t matter if your gift is expensive or cheap, as long as it’s given from the heart.  So, if you’re wondering what present to get for your best pal, then always remember the above list.

As people get older, they begin to see things differently, and it’s mostly true when you reach the age of 30. Supposedly,it’s the age when you mature or need to mature; you begin to feel the pressure to live life more responsibly and there’s no more room to make your juvenile mistakes.

For this reason, it becomes doubly hard to come up with the best birthday gift for a person who you consider to be your best friend. You really take the time and effort to come up with the right one. For this situation, below are some birthday gift ideas for your best friend that would help you make this day more special.

Get the Character

Everyone has a personality that is unique to that person. This makes us special and easy for people to come up with birthday gift ideas. With the years that you’ve known your best friend, you’re the best person to ask about your friend’s character, and this makes or breaks any gift.

Take note of the things that define your friend.  Clothes and accessories would always work for this category. If your friend has a hobby or sport, one of the best gifts is something pretty useful for his favorite activity. Choose the ones that would last instead of the disposable ones like shuttlecocks for badminton aficionados.

Simple Birthday Gift Ideas For Your BFFStatus is Everything

Friendships happen between different individuals, regardless of their social standings. But for your affluent friends, you tend to overthink. The reality is that they are the ones who are easier to please because with their good breeding, they’d be more aware of the thought than the gift itself.

Some gift ideas that belong in this category would be the ones that you actually make. A painting, a poem, or even some homemade cookies would definitely warm their hearts. Sometimes, it’s really the effort that you put into something that makes it really stand out among the gifts of the other well-wishers. Hard-to-find items can also bring in the charm, and they don’t need to cost that much. birthday gift ideas

Again, it’s the effort of looking for it that makes it more memorable.  Examples could be a picture of you and your best pal when you were in kindergarten or the toy that he used to borrow a lot while you were still in grade school. These are guaranteed to bring back some really nice memories.

If you’ve the budget for it, go for collector items that would complete your best friend’s collection. Luxury items are a dime a dozen, but a special engraving of a message or name on it just makes it a really nice 30th birthday gift for your best friend.

Such ideas can energize or revive friendships that you’ve had for ages, and these birthday gift ideas should make your friendships last.

Would-be 30-year-old celebrants are usually a bit giddy. This is the age that tells them being juvenile isn’tgoing to cut it anymore and it’s time to face life in a mature manner. Don’t add to the stress by disappointing your best friend with a mediocre birthday gift that would just be stored in some closet immediately after you give it. I know that you might have some limitations and these gift ideas shall discuss all the possible walls that you need to climb to be able to give a birthday gift of a lifetime.

The Friendship

You’ve known your best friend longer than anybody in the room, except for the parents and siblings of course. Such a bond cannot be denied and this should show with the gift that you’re about to give. Good 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend should be anchored on this.

With the kind of friendship you have, the gift is actually immaterial. What counts is how well you know your best friend and how much you’re willing to give to make the occasion really memorable. Most of the time, favorite items would do the trick. But for this particular milestone, you’ve to go beyond and really know what your friend wants or needs. It would be a good idea to incorporate the opinions of your friend’s family and other close friends. Sometimes you need other people’s perspectives to find the best idea. The more heads, the better.

The Cost birthday gift

This factor totally depends on you. You can scrimp for the whole year to buy whatever your best friend wants or you can do a bit more. This actually isn’t the best approach, but it’s entirely up to you. Friends don’t normally care about the cost, especially for birthdays, so you’re pretty safe with this.

If you do decide to get a big gift for your best friend, like a trip or swimming equipment, always remember that you’re not the only friend he or she has. Your friend probably also has some relatives who would gladly help out with the cost of the gift.

The Effect

It’s all in the presentation. Even the smallest gifts can become the most remembered. The birthday gift doesn’t need to be really expensive. You get the chance to be creative and find new ways to doing old things. For example, instead of just giving a book, you can insert notes of different milestones in your friendship and in the life of your friend. Or instead of just giving flowers, put the flowers and its petals inside an item that you would never use as a vase. Possibilities are endless in this area, and it’s definitely fun to do.

Don’t just stand there. Be the best friend that you’re and think of some gift ideas that would truly make her/him proud of you.

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