Summer Bucket List Ideas For 2022

The sun is out and the temperature is just perfect. It’s the season to seize the longer days, right?

We’re going to present you with fun and exciting summer bucket list items for whether you want to relax, be adventurous, be a shopaholic, seek thrills, be active, go outdoors, stay inside or just work on making yourself a better woman!

There’s something so liberating about summer and wanting to do more things while the sun is seemingly shining endlessly.

15 Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas For Single Women

What better way to celebrate (and appreciate!) summer than to do things you don’t normally do! So, we’ve come up with our own crazy summer bucket list ideas!

Go skydiving!

summer bucket list

So this has been on your bucket list for too long now; it’s time to finally cross it out! Take control of your own fear and take the leap! Literally.

Read a classic novel outside.

This may not strictly classify as a crazy summer bucket list idea, but when was the last time you read and finished a classic work of literature? Head down to the pool or beach or your own backyard with a classic novel.

For ultimate feminism, here are three suggestions: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath; Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte; and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Master a vegetarian dish.

Pick out a simple vegetarian dish. Add a twist or tweak it until it’s so good you can’t wait to brag about it at the next potluck dinner!

Redecorate with color.

diecast cars for gifts
I may have just found the absolute perfect gift for any man or boy in your life! These stunning 1:18 scale metal diecast model cars are mindblowing and I was shocked when I saw the price! There is a model for every car ever made I think. lol (click the pic above or here to see what I mean!)

Grab a brush and paint one whole wall your favorite bright color! This one’s going to be a mood booster. Buying that ottoman with the funky bright print is also a great idea.

Attend a professional baseball game.

Go the whole nine yards with this guys’ activity. Grab all the girlfriends you can and enjoy the game with some beer and hotdogs! Give this a shot even if this is such a regular one for all the guys.


Whether it’s at the local animal shelter or camp for kids to talk about your skills and passion, share your time to help. The experience is fulfilling and rewarding. You get to learn a lot about yourself while giving.

Travel spontaneously.

Grab your best friend and head off somewhere new! Don’t plan it; just get out of your comfort zone and indulge in the unfamiliar. Who knows who you might meet and what adventure awaits. No summer bucket list will be complete without some traveling.

Host a slumber party for your closest girlfriends.

When was the last time you had a slumber party? Exactly. Slumber parties are for kids, but who says you can’t enjoy one? It’s a chance to reconnect with girlfriends now that your priorities have shifted to family and career.

Go on and ask that guy out.

Even if making the first move has never been your thing, remember that the biggest regrets are always what you didn’t do over what you did do. This could be the first step to a summer fling.

A different shot at dating.

Never been on a blind date? Ask help from friends to set you up. Or sign up for a dating site. Give dating a different approach if only just once, and enjoy. It’s summer and you’re single; this has to be among your summer bucket list ideas.

Start an exercise program.

Sign up for a yoga class, or crossfit training. Maybe even tennis. Try to discover an exercise program you truly enjoy.

Attend a music festival or a concert.

Clubs and bars don’t count. Go to a music festival or concert where you get to truly appreciate raw and real music. This idea is definitely for those of us whose idea of music and partying is clubbing.

Camping at the beach.

Rest and relaxation at the beach wouldn’t have cut this list of ideas, and a summer bucket list wouldn’t be complete without some activity at the beach, so camping at the beach it is. No better way to honor the summer season that by enjoying the sand and saltwater haven.

Identify at least three constellations

And while you’re at the beach, take advantage of the night sky, which is only as vibrant and visible away from the city lights.


This may be the most challenging on the list, but our list would not be complete without some serious challenge. Unplug from the Internet and your mobile phone for at least three days. A week would be great. Take time out to live without the gadgets you’ve come to depend on for at least a few days.

Get an idea or take our full list of 15 summer bucket list ideas, and above all, have fun! As the saying goes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas For Self Development

We all have bucket lists.  It’s just that some of us don’t actually have a physical one; it’s all in our heads.  Every single woman should have summer bucket list ideas for self development.  Sometimes, it’s to get to know ourselves more, or simply to recharge.

Take the time to do things by yourself and have the time of your life.  Being single definitely shouldn’t stop you from living your life to the fullest.  Here are some ideas for a fun, fearless, and independent femme:

Travel solo to a dream destination

When would be a better time to go and visit your dream destination than when you’re single and by yourself?  Learn to feel comfortable traveling and discovering new places by yourself and making all the decisions.  The idea of traveling solo may seem like a daunting idea at first, but you’ll discover so many things about yourself.  This is one of the many bucket list ideas for self development that is both liberating and exhilarating.

Attend a workshop or class to hone your hobby

Whatever your hobby is, take it a notch higher by attending a workshop or a class.  Being in an environment with people who’ve the same interest as you is definitely going to be fun.  Conversations will come easily, and making friends will be much easier.  Improve your skills at doing something you truly enjoy, and you’ll be one more step closer to being the best version of yourself.

Open an online shop

In this day and age, there are so many platforms that offer free hosting for online shops.  And now that you’ve honed your skills doing something you enjoy, sell whatever you make.  You know what they say, “When you enjoy what you’re doing, you won’t work a day in your life.” You never know what doors this may open for you.

Work toward your dream body

You know how you always have excuses that you’re too busy to head to the gym regularly?  Make time for it.

After all, being physically healthy is essential to taking good care of yourself.  Dedicate time and effort toward your dream body. This idea may require more than just a summer, but do it for your health, do it to feel good, and most importantly, aim to be the best version of yourself inside and out. bucket list ideas for self development

Rock that dream outfit

We all have that certain outfit we only wish from afar to be able to wear.  Achieve that dream and do it today.  Whether it’s too bold for you or you’re simply not comfortable enough, gather all your courage and own that look.

It’s only you being conscious that’s stopping you from achieving this totally reachable goal.  It’s all about being confident.  Enjoy yourself in your dream outfit and have the time of your life.

Go on a day date

Plan something that doesn’t involve alcohol and dim lights.  Instead, plan a date that involves a hobby, sport, or any interest.  A man who agrees to such a date is already potential for serious keeps.  For a change, do an activity on a date so you can discover a whole lot more about each other compared to the usual dinner and drinks.

In this lifetime, we always put off things we really want to do mostly because of our perceived hindrances.  Let your guard down and start doing the things that not only make you a better person but things that can make you happier and more fulfilled.  Tackle your own goals one bucket list idea at a time.

5 Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas For Fitness

5 Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas For FitnessW ith all the crazy summer bucket list ideas you’ve added to your own, there must be at least a few to satisfy the athlete in you.  Whether fitness and sports are part of your daily lifestyle or not, there’s that something you would want to cross off your list that involves an achievement to cap off all the hours and sweat put in.

Here are some of our bucket list ideas for fitness:

1. Hike to Grand Canyon’s Edge

We’re not talking about the Grand Canyon Skywalk.  We mean signing up for an actual hike.  Forget the stair-climber this summer; take it to a whole new level with hiking.  Grand Canyon hikes range from half a day to a full week in which you get to hike across this majestic rock formation.  Walk your way through a trail; there are many to choose from.Whichever you decide on, walk your way to the edge (with your guide’s permission of course!), where you get to appreciate the great view in front of you with the exhilarating feeling of a great drop below you.  Have your picture taken and cross one of your crazy summer bucket list ideas for fitness off your list.

2. Yoga in India

Where else to better experience yoga than its birthplace?  It would be the ultimate experience to practice yoga in an ashram that has been teaching the exercise far longer than we have been living on this earth.  There are walk-in day classes for yoga as well as month-long retreats.

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Yoga has been practiced for centuries as a way of freeing the mind, body, and spirit; it’s an integral part of Hinduism.  Experience yoga in its birthplace and in a traditional setting.  You’ll leave India refreshed, recharged, and relaxed.

3. Nike Women’s Marathon

Join the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.  Getting to complete a marathon is an achievement on its own.  What better way to cap off the achievement than a fire fighter in a tuxedo rewarding you with a Tiffany and Co.’s necklace?  The course runs through San Francisco’s scenic piers, streets, and parks with the finish line at the beautiful Golden Gate Park.  All the days spent pushing yourself to keep running will finally be rewarded.  Instead of the usual medal, you’ll have a Tiffany and Co’s necklace for a souvenir for this momentous achievement. bucket list ideas for fitness

4. Finish A Triathlon

This idea just might become a lifestyle.  Training for a triathlon takes dedication, focus, determination, and time.  It will result in better endurance, strength, and overall health.  Finishing a triathlon will be a lifetime achievement; it’s also a fun and great way to take care of your health.

5. Surfing In Hawaii

Aside from exploring the beautiful island of Hawaii, you should go surfing in the island dubbed as the birthplace of modern surfing.  Have a blast learning to ride the waves on the island that is home to some of the best places to catch some waves.  Available in Hawaii is a range of surfing conditions ideal for first timers to skilled professionals.  E

njoy the rush and adrenaline of dropping into the glassy warm blue waters of Hawaii.  Surfing is a recreational activity that doubles as a workout as it’s physically demanding. Feel the thrill of successfully standing up on the surfboard.  Then when you fall, you just can’t wait to get up again!

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you had fun.  And you burned calories while you were at it.  Staying fit and healthy is just as important as learning to enjoy yourself.  With these bucket list ideas for fitness fulfilled, take a moment and enjoy the achievement.  Then tomorrow is another day.  Get up and train for the next idea on the list

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas For Dating

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas For DatingW hen planning summer bucket list ideas for dating, you still want the setting to encourage conversation yet throw you a bit off the usual routine and common comfort zones so you get to know each other more.

The only way to discover new things about each other is for you to do something totally different.

With these bucket list ideas for dating, we hope you get plenty of opportunities to know and nurture each other.

Get Lost In Venice

You know how you’ve always wanted to discover a new place with no maps, GPS, or any sort of itinerary?  There are bucket list ideas for dating you can and can’t do when traveling alone.  With the security of having a man by your side, it’s the perfect opportunity to get lost in Venice with all its blind corners and identical-looking bridges and canals.

Picnic on a field

Go have a picnic on a football field, baseball field, or even a basketball court.  Ideally, whichever sport your man is a fan of just to impress him some more and show him that you made the effort.  It’s also a chance for you to show off your culinary prowess.  And you probably will need to tap into your connections to pull this off.

Kiss Under The Northern Lights

Go on a very, very special date at the night sky theatre with its spectacular and mystical Aurora Borealis dancing lights.This will be an unforgettable experience.  You’ve probably been kissed in a conventional theatre, but nothing compares to this.

Sunset from up high

Watch the sunset on a chopper.  This idea is both romantic and exciting.  Schedule this trip just a few minutes before the sunset so you get to see the sky in all its different and amazing colors.  You and your date will also get to see the city night lights blossom bit by bit from way up high.  You won’t get to talk much, but it’ll leave you breathless.

Record Your First Single As A Duet

Rent a recording studio to complete this crazy idea and record a song you both co-wrote.  Discover just how much fun you can have when you work as a team.  Whether your song sounds silly or one for the charts, it’s for keeps.

Attend A Poetry Slam

Experience an intense set of performances of original works from poets who are then judged by the audience or a panel of judges.  Bringing your date to this creative and intense atmosphere might bring out characteristics and traits you never knew you both had. bucket list ideas for dating

A Weekend In Paris

No romantic dating list would be complete without a visit to the City of Love and La Ville-Lumière (City of Lights).  Go from the many historical buildings to having champagne at the end of the day by the River Seine.  Walk its cobblestone streets at night when you get to fully experience the City of Lights in all its twinkling glory.  There’s no better way to experience the City of Love than to be with a special man by your side.

Take your time to get to know each other really well.  An unusual date once in a while is helpful, too, as it puts you in unfamiliar and new situations where you get to see different sides of each other.  Experience these crazy summer bucket list ideas for dating with your very special man while discovering more about each other.  Accept your differences and cherish your common interests and traits.

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas – Thrill Seekers

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas - Thrill SeekersWhen your summer bucket list doesn’t seem complete without some activities that take you completely out of your comfort zone for a few thrilling minutes, consult this list of ideas we have come up with.

These activities will challenge just how far you’re willing to go to get an adrenaline high.  Our world has so many things to offer, so here are some ideas to get your adrenaline pumping and your heart pounding.

Cage of death, Australia

Climb into a 9 ft. cage made of only 4 centimeters of acrylic glass and spend 15 minutes watching massive saltwater crocodiles attempting to take a bite out of you.  Teeth scratches are visible on the edges of the glass cage deterring some tourists from participating.  This crazy summer bucket list idea at Crocosaurus Cove has rave reviews from adrenaline junkies.

Running of the bulls, Spain

summer bucket list

The biggest Running of the Bulls event occurs during the 9-day San Fermin Festival in Spain in July of each year.  Get your adrenaline rushing and heart pounding running away from the bulls’ path while avoiding getting trampled.  The festival is one big party; there’s the bull running in the morning and you can party all night, and as the Spanish say, “No one is a stranger during San Fermin.”

If you get cold feet, you’ll have a total of 7 attempts as this Running of the Bulls happens for 7 consecutive mornings.

World’s longest zipline, Africa

Get your adrenaline fix as you become a human torpedo as you ride the world’s longest zipline in Sun City, Africa.  At a height of 280 meters and the length of 2 kilometers, riders can hit speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.  There are no skills required for this activity; you just have to be brave enough.

Insanity, Las Vegas

Insanity, the word, completely captures what Insanity, the Ride, is all about.  Atop the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, get buckled up on a massive mechanical arm extending out 64 feet over the edge of the building at around the height of 900 feet.  The ride will spin you and propel you to an angle of 70 degrees in which your body will be tilted to face down on Sin City below. If you’re brave enough to open your eyes, you’ll be rewarded with the sight of downtown Las Vegas with all its sparkling lights below you.

Base Jumping, Malaysia

If free falling from 984 feet high won’t make your heart pound hard, then I doubt anything ever will.  Considered one of the craziest activities, especially for extreme daredevils, take your shot with this crazy summer bucket list idea.  Jump off of KL Tower’s open deck and free fall until you open your parachute.

Takabisha, Japan

If you’re a rollercoaster enthusiast, the odds are you’re planning a trip to Japan or have already experienced Takabisha, the steepest rollercoaster with a 141 feet drop and 121 degree freefall.  If you haven’t yet, you’ve to seriously consider it.  The steepest rollercoaster drop in the world comes with seven stomach-flipping twists with over two miles of track.  The coaster accelerates to the speed of 100 kilometers an hour, compressing all the crazy drops and flips to only 112 seconds.

There are times when we want to let our adventurous spirits run high and free.  We seek to push our limits to see just how far we can go.  These crazy summer bucket list ideas are extreme thrills to feel the blood thumping through your veins, life-affirming adventures to try before you hit the bucket.

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas – Lifestyle Changes

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas – Lifestyle ChangesBucket lists are made usually as an excuse to do things we don’t have the courage to pursue on a regular day.  And it’s all for the best when the long-term results of these summer bucket lists change us for the better.

So in the spirit of becoming our best selves, taking care of our health and getting most out of this life, we have come up with a list of ideas to challenge some permanent lifestyle changes, and it’s all for the better.

Give up sweetened and instant coffee

We know that sugar is bad for us; that’s one of the very first things you learn when you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Another is that processed food is the enemy.  But who can give up coffee? Besides, coffee has tons of antioxidants and is good for the body.  What makes it bad, though, is when we order sugared coffee with a heap of whipped cream, too.  The challenge with this idea is to order ONLY brewed coffee from this day forward.  No more unnecessary sugar and dairy trimmings.

Get enough sleep every night

The number of hours of sleep we need varies depending on age, lifestyle, health, and the quality of sleep that you get.  For adults, the healthy range required is around 7 to 9 hours a night.  Getting sufficient sleep has a lot of benefits, and as follows, lack of sleep has negative effects on our health, too.  A lifestyle that doesn’t benefit from a healthy dose of sleep each night suffers an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and obesity.

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Getting enough sleep every night will boost your metabolism and regularize eating patterns, which will make losing or maintaining weight so much easier.  This summer bucket list idea may seem a bit challenging to those of us who’ve an active social night life, but your health will thank you for it.

Give up soda

In any weight loss program, cutting back on soda is one of the first things to do.  For general healthy lifestyle overhaul, completely cut soda from your diet.  Diet sodas are no exception, either.  Even if they hardly contain any calories, the sweetener used is believed to cause kidney problems.  Don’t hesitate giving up on soda; nowhere on this list is the challenge to cut back on wine.

Cardio workout regularly

If you’re trying to lose weight, a 20-minute cardio workout every day is all your body needs to boost metabolism.  We all know that a faster metabolism means burning more calories, which means shedding pounds is easier.  But the reason why we have included this idea is primarily for the goal of a healthier you.  Cardiovascular workouts enhanc our brains’ memory, problem solving, and decision making functions.  You’ll also notice that working out regularly will work wonders on your stress levels. summer bucket list

Give up fast food

Take-aways are a single woman’s best friend.  Fifteen minutes is all it takes to come up with a meal.  But then again, have we not heard enough bad things to finally give up fast food?  Now is your chance to permanently give up fast food with this summer bucket list idea.  Fast food offers no nutritional benefits. None.

Even when you order a salad, the dressing is full of sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavorings.  Learn how to prepare your own meals, and if your excuse is that you don’t have the time to cook on weekdays, do it on weekends.  Portion your food into re-heatable containers.  There are so many answers to all our excuses.  Just get on it.

Whatever your reasons are for taking on a bucket list, remember that lifestyle changes take dedication, effort, and discipline.  Embark on lifestyle changes with a friend or a family member to support you.  It definitely won’t be easy, but for all the excuses, there’s always a solution.

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas For The Traveling Shopaholic

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas For The Traveling ShopaholicLet’s be honest here.  Shopping is a lovely sport.  And let’s not fight the fact that shopping is embedded in our gene code.  In almost every society in the world, women are primary caregivers for their families, for the children, elderly, and practically everyone else in between.  To fulfill this caregiving role, we unconsciously often find ourselves buying for everyone else in our lives.

We go to great lengths to discover the best bargains, the exciting finds.  Two of our most favorite words must be traveling and shopping.  To offer the best of both worlds, we have come up with the best shopping destinations in exotic places for the best shopping experience.  For every woman’s dream, here is a list of summer bucket list ideas for the traveling shopaholic in you.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

One of the world’s oldest and largest markets with more than 300 shops, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar should definitely be on your summer bucket list.  You’re bound to find interesting and exotic pieces of clothing, accessories, décor, or any unpredictable sort of goods in this massive city-like maze of shops.  You’ll also get to practice your haggling skills to get the best prices.  Walking through this grand market is an experience in itself, so don’t forget to put this one down on your list.

Le Marais, Paris

The historic Marais quarter houses boutiques featuring up-and-coming French designers, eclectic vintage stores, unique antique shops, and beautiful art. Explore this fabulous neighborhood where locals go to see and be seen.  Every woman needs something vintage in her closet, and there’s no better place to look for that special vintage piece than in a fashionable neighborhood famous for vintage shopping.  Or you could purchase a finely crafted antique knick-knack to decorate your flat.

Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza, Asia’s biggest upscale shopping district has more to offer than high-end designer goods.  Tucked in between high-rises and imposing buildings are smaller shops where you can find anything from fine papers to whimsical toys.  The shopping choices in Ginza reflect the best of the Japanese consumer culture, which is equal parts high fashion and dedication to craft.  As you purchase a nifty find, witness the Japanese gift wrapping called furoshiki.  This summer bucket list idea is equal parts culture and shopping. summer bucket list

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

A 35-acre market housing more than 8,000 stalls with more than 200,000 shoppers, it’s a summer bucket list idea that can bring any seasoned shopper to her knees.  With the number of garment-manufacturing factories located all over Southeast Asia, there are stalls selling American and even European clothing brands at discounted prices.

Practice your haggling skills and be prepared to walk away when the deal doesn’t go your way.  You’ll most likely find the exact same merchandise at another stall.

Marrakesh Souk, Morroco

Renowned throughout the world as one of the most exotic places in the world to shop, the souks of Marrakesh are a mixture of vibrant colors and lively energy fueled by centuries-old culture.  Before embarking on this adventure, research is key.  The sheer number and extensive variety of shops found in this single market can be overwhelming.  You’ll find anything from colorful fabrics and exquisite bead jewelry to streets-side tanneries and skillful blacksmiths.  Go on the most exotic shopping destination and cross it off your bucket list.

Who can blame us if we have adapted to this role in such a way that we have come to enjoy shopping?  Enjoy the different places and the different shopping experiences.  Even if half of the things you buy are for yourself, at least the other half are for the special people in your life.

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas To Enjoy Outdoors

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas To Enjoy OutdoorsWe’ve compiled our crazy summer bucket list ideas to enjoy the outdoors ideal for the busy woman who’s looking to have fun under the summer sun.

Go Glamping

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than camping, right? Much like when we were kids when camping only meant loads of fun. Only now, roughing it up for the sake of the great outdoors doesn’t seem worth skipping a comfortable bed and bath over. This is where glamping, short for glamorous camping, comes in. No need to worry about flying and crawling creatures as glamping offers the full luxury of a hotel. Campers can enjoy the perks of camping without having to worry about its disadvantages. This summer bucket list idea offers the best of both worlds – camping and a luxurious hotel.

Scuba Diving

Enjoy warmer waters and see all the glory of a coral reef in all its abundance of marine life. It’s a different world underwater, and it’s time to discover it. It may seem scary at first, but once you experience the underwater world, you’ll wish you could go in all day. Pick a tropical destination where coral reefs come in rainbows of colors; it may leave you breathless, but one of the most important rules your scuba instructor will tell you is to never hold your breath. summer bucket list

Visit A Celebrity Studded Beach

We’re social creatures and the sun is shining in all its warm glory; this bucket list wouldn’t be complete without the social scene. St. Barts, St. Tropez, Maui, Cabo San Lucas, Malbu and Playa del Carmen or Tulum, Mexico to name a few. These amazing beach destinations offer some of the best club nightlife. Take your pick and sunbathe among celebrities this summer.

Famous people flock to these beaches for a reason; enjoy the warm waters and watch the sunset sipping your favorite cocktail among the chicest crowds.

Host A Party On A Yacht

Would it be crazy to party like a celebrity, too? Make the summer parties top notch by moving the party from the beach to a yacht. Celebrate the summer with the coolest party you won’t soon forget. Pop that champagne and enjoy the day and night away.

Cruise Around In A Luxury Sports Car

You know you’ve always wanted to drive around in a luxury sports car with your girlfriends. This dream isn’t exclusive to men, no. But buying a Porsche Carrera may not be for every woman. Go ahead and rent one instead. Enjoy owning one just for a day; maybe it’ll serve as that extra push to work harder to reach this dream faster. Instead of just being a summer bucket list idea, this may just be the extra motivation you need.

After all the extra hours at the office, summer is the time to reward all the hard work that usually goes into the rest of the year. You’ve most likely spent all of your time at home, a friend’s place, the local coffee shop, the bar, the club, and of course, the office. It’s summer and it’s time to let the sun kiss your skin. Take full advantage of the summer weather and head outdoors with these crazy summer bucket list ideas.

Creating a Crazy Summer Bucket List

Creating a Crazy Summer Bucket ListI was born to a family of religious and God-focused people.  I was brought up wearing dresses and skirts and sporting long hair and observing modesty in everything I do, no matter where I’m and what the weather conditions are.

Don’t get me wrong; I love what I’m and what I have become, and I’m still loving and enjoying it.  It’s just that there are a lot of things that I cannot do that I wish I could do.  Creating a crazy summer bucket list is new to me.

I have always been amazed by people who list a lot of things they want to do or accomplish in their lifetime.  As I grew up always believing that I only have to worry about today, I have never really thought about creating a bucket list or any kind of list that I want to do or be able to do in my lifetime, well, until today.  At first, I never really understood the idea of creating a bucket list, only because it sounded negative to me.

While I don’t personally love the idea of using the term “bucket list” as it was derived from the idiom “kick the bucket” which means “to die,” I have understood the importance of enjoying what I can before I die.  The concept of creating a bucket list, particularly a crazy summer bucket list, actually taught me a few things:

It inspires me to work for a goal

Having a to-do list, like a bucket list, gives me something to look forward to and makes me want to work harder so I can achieve it.  It gives me something to focus on.

It helps me organize

During summer, when everybody else is doing their own thing, I usually just end up staying at home and avoiding the crowd and the heat of the sun simply because I have nothing planned.  When you’ve a list to do, you’ve a goal.  When you’ve a goal, you’ve to think about how you’re going to achieve it.

It teaches me the value of achievements

Crossing something off your list makes you feel that kind of accomplishment.  One down and a few more to go, but definitely fewer than when you started.  Just the thought of completing something you’ve never tried before will give you that sense of pride.

So here is what is on top of my own version of a crazy summer bucket list, which may not be so crazy for most of you but a whole lot of crazy for me. summer bucket list

Join a marathon or do mountain climbing

I know this sounds ridiculous and simple and weird, but have you ever seen a participant in the marathon running in a dress or a skirt?  Or have you seen someone doing mountain climbing with their sandals on?

I have not and I’m sure most of you haven’t either.  So if you ever see one, you can safely assume that it’s me.

Have you started creating your summer bucket list yet?

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer Bucket List IdeasThe sky is blue, the scorching heat of the sun surrounds the entire land, and the beaches and the sand are waiting for your arrival.  Summer.  Most people would like to play on the beach, build sand castles, wear bathing suits, and soak under the sun and get a tan.

A little repetitive, don’t you think? If you had the entire summer free to do what you want, would you consider the following crazy summer bucket list ideas?

  1. Have you tried playing Ring and Run?  Let this be a good one.  Pick some flowers, leave them on other people’s doorsteps, and run!  This version can probably bring a smile to someone who has been having a long, rough day.
  2. Walk around town waving and smiling at every single person you meet like you’ve known them for years.  You’ll be amazed at the number of people who wave back and smile.  Consider this as sharing happiness and spreading joy (or confusion to some).
  3. Go to the beach with your boots on or your winter jacket.  If you’re into losing weight, this will help you sweat – a lot.  Don’t forget to keep drinking water.  Fainting due to dehydration isn’t part of your list.  Oh, and remember to take note of people’s reactions to how you look.summer bucket list
  4. Find the largest puzzle and put it together throughout the summer.  Try doing it with your eyes covered.  This game tests your patience and perseverance.  Remember, all things are difficult before they become easy.
  5. Write a song.  To complete your composition, get ideas or lines from other people you’ve never met.  Who knows, you might end up finding a friend or someone special who probably likes writing songs, too.
  6. Set up a portable kiddie-pool on the beach and just stay in it.  You don’t need all of that salt water, do you?
  7. Follow a random group and be in the background of all their photos.  It would be amazing to be remembered by someone whom you never met and who will most likely never meet you.
  8. Sit under a tree and sip a sweating glass of iced tea.  Relax and see the day as a problem-free life.  You’ll know how tired you’ve become and how this day makes the difference.
  9. Call friends and invite them out to lunch or dinner with the weirdest voice you can make and notice who still recognizes you.  Your real friends should, unless you’re an expert at changing your voice!
  10. Convince someone to write his/her own version of a crazy summer bucket list of ideas.

Life is short.  Make a little fun out of the things you normally do.  Create different versions of your crazy summer bucket list if you’ve to.  Don’t do things just because everybody is doing them.  After all, the whole point of living is to make sure you’ve a smile on your face at the end of the day.

Summer Bucket List for Single Women

summer bucket list for single womenAs the love month continues and summer approaches, single women are staying single.  No worries.  There’s a lot to do when you’re single and free, things that make you appreciate the status you’re currently in.

For all the awesome single women out there, here are some crazy summer bucket list ideas for you:

  1. Watch a movie you’ve been waiting for, alone.  This will build up your confidence and give you the realization that you can do one thing alone and you don’t need someone to be there all the time.
  2. Try to get a new hobby, like baking.  Once you get a new hobby, you’re helping yourself make the most of your free time.
  3. Go on an adventure that seeks thrill.   After appreciating the wonders of Mother Nature, you’ll certainly be able to look back and say you actually had fun.
  4. Spend your days with your friends.  Who says you’re alone when you’re single?  Chill out with your friends and go spend some time together. You’ll realize that friends can provide the same happiness a guy can bring.
  5. Buy yourself a bundle of flowers. You’ll realize that it doesn’t matter who buys them. They’ll look just as good.
  6. Go to a gym.  Have the best body and learn how to defend yourself.  Going to a gym enhances coordination and discipline.  This will make you a better person and definitely a better partner in the future.
  7. Buy something you completely love and can hardly afford.  You live for yourself when you’re single, and once you get the idea of being able to indulge yourself with something you desire, you’ll feel content and satisfied.
  8. Join a group or an organization.  Loving is shared in many ways.  There are many people who needsingle women your help.  Go on and share the love you can give and the hand you can offer.  This will give you a fresh new perspective.
  9. Redecorate.  Redecorate your room or your entire house and develop your creative skills.  This is a start for the future relationship you’ll have.
  10. Adopt a pet.  Learn how to be responsible and how to take care of things or animals that you have.  This helps you in a lot of ways that you never imagined.
  11. Get a job.  Make yourself busy.  Even workmates can help you’ve the time of your life and activate your social life.
  12. Attend wedding ceremonies.  This will make you appreciate the next guy who comes into your life.
  13. Wear a smile every day.  Like they always say, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Your smile will brighten your day and everyone else’s.  You’re worth it.

Looking at all these ideas for a single women will probably make you wonder where the crazy part is on this crazy summer bucket list.  Believe it or not, all these can be pretty tough and crazy for some people.  So try to carry out these ideas and let me know how it works out for you.

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If you have experiences to share, questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else, please leave a comment.
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