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Let’s find out a little bit more about this fun and exciting product for girls now.

The GlamSpin Product

The GlamSpin is an ingenious combination of a fun and trendy fidget spinner toy and makeup, specifically moisturizing lip gloss. It’s like a fidget spinner with three compacts of cosmetics. How fun is that? Obviously Fiona, in the video above, was very excited to receive and test hers!

Amie Erica had seen the Glam Spin on Sephora and glamspin.com and had to check it out so she ordered one and posted her video review (above). She thinks it makes a great gift for young girls and teenage girls who love makeup, fashion and cosmetics and tells how she really likes the different lip gloss flavors of Peach Whirl, Strawberry Cyclone, and Grape Twist.

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In the video review she tells how creamy, rich and emollient the included makeup is, even on top of her 8-hour lipstick. It feels great on her skin, too!

In the above review, Lexington noticed right away the pleasant smell of the fragrance of the lipgloss as well as the bright colors of pink, purple, and light yellow.

Additionally, as a self-proclaimed “fidget spinner professional” she immediately gave the actual spinner part of the product two thumbs up and felt that it passed with flying colors. You’ll even see in the video that she spins it for a long time on her forehead and seems to enjoy it a little too much, blaming this on the fact that she “had a little too much espresso this morning.”

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The big question for Lexington is “will it pass the novelty, taste, scent, and lip balm test?” She had concerns with the durability of the different tabs for each section of the little compacts and also said it tasted way too “fragrant.” Not bad, she said, just too “tasty.”

A nifty little discovery she made that I haven’t seen in other reviews is that you can actually pop out each little plastic compact to carry with you. Of course, if you choose to do so, the spinner will be unbalanced and won’t work but pretty slick nonetheless isn’t it?

An idea Lexington has is to actually make replacement compacts available so that when you run out of the lip gloss, you can pop in a new interchangeable compact!

Whether you actually like the fidget spinner or not, Lexington thinks you’ll “look really cool” when you pull it out, get everyone’s attention with the spinner but then start putting lip gloss on. What teen or tween girl wouldn’t want to do that?!

The GlamSpin Is Perfect For Lip Balm Addicts

Meet Glamspin – a new fidget spinner with LIP GLOSS on the inside. Buy yours now at: http://bzfd.it/2te0CsR (Just a heads up we'll make some money if you use this link).

Posted by As/Is on Monday, June 26, 2017

Get your Glam Spin for about $9.99 on Sephora from Buzzfeed Product Labs and Taste Beauty! Vogue Magazine even said about GlamSpin: “Glamspin’s retro branding is a bit reminiscent of the colorful and sugary ChapSticks.”

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