Don’t Overstuff Your Hand Bag

Whether it’s Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Chloe, every woman feels a certain kind of connection that she can only find with her favorite purse.  People say that a woman’s bag holds a lot of secrets, and yes, it’s true!  Inside a woman’s handbag is a whole new world.  There are so many things that one can find inside our bags, even things that people haven’t even imagined finding there. The problem starts when we overstuff them.

We women are most often guilty of overstuffing our bags.  How to not put a lot of things inside our bags is definitely a struggle for us.  We tend to just bring everything that we can possibly think of in our bags.  We’re like little Girl Scouts who want to be always ready – you want a make-up kit? You want thread and needle? You want a blower? Name it; I have it in my bag.

Though being ready is okay, bringing your entire house inside your bag is a different thing.  So if you don’t want to always carry a big bag, or to always pay for excess baggage, it’s high time for you to learn how to pack lightly.

What’s in your bag?

First, pour all the contents out of your bag.  Try to look at these items and be honest with yourself.   Do you really need to carry all these things?  Look at every nook and cranny, maybe you’ll find crumpled papers, candy wrappers, receipts, and other things that you really don’t need at all; place them in their proper places, like in the trash can.

A proper lady should not carry litter in her bag.  Aside from filling a lot of space, it’ll also make your bag smell bad. overstuffing our bag

Pack according to the occasion

Whenever you’re putting something in your bag, always keep in mind the place, occasion, or event that you’ll be attending.  You have to make sure that you only bring the things that you need.  So if you were going on a date, it would not be wise to bring your iPad or your other gadgets because you’ll have to devote your time and attention to your date.

If you’re attending a business meeting, it won’t be prudent to bring your entire makeup set.  Or if you were going camping, bringing your laptop with you would not be practical since you won’t have any chance to use it.  You just really have to use your common sense here.

Bring only the necessary items that you need

The urge to carry around almost everything in our handbags is what makes us ladies lose the battle against overstuffing our bags.  What overstuffs our bags is actually the things that we don’t really need and use but we just like to carry with us.

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The key to fight this is to know the essential and necessary things that you need in your day-to-day activities and then carry only these things in your bag; no more, no less.

Little things matter

I always like to bring hand sanitizer, lotion, and perfume in my handbag.  But the problem is that the big packaging bottles take a lot of space and add more weight to my bag.  My solution is that I bought little containers and filled them with my sanitizer, lotion, and perfume; I just refill them every time they run out.

Putting them in small containers has made my bag definitely lighter and also more spacious.  So if you want to carry around a lot of beauty stuff, it’s good to repack them into small containers to not overstuff your bag with big bottles and kits.

Remember: a good and functional bag is one of the best accessories that a woman can have (especially if it’s a designer bag).  Overstuffing not only makes your bag heavier, but it also stretches your bag, making it impossible to restore to its original size and look.  So if you want to look classier with your bag, it’s time for you to say bye-bye to all those unnecessary things that has kept it overstuffed.

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