How to Spot a Shy Type

Shy people may not be able to talk loudly in public, but they have a unique way to be noticeable. Being a little shy is cute, but taking your shyness to the extreme is no good at all; it’s actually unhealthy.  That’s why the majority of shy types are willing to take chances just to get a dose of confidence for self-improvement.

So if you think you belong in the said struggling group of girls, don’t panic.  Rather, identify how to overcome shyness without having to jump to critical situations.  The following are characteristics shy types have in common: 

Shy Types Flock Together

Having a group of shy people is highly an attention grabber in a crowd.  They are defined as quiet, reserved with their heads down, and most of the time occupied. 

How do you overcome shyness through this situation? 

The solution is easy.  You should either include a more confident person in the group or get another group.  Just make sure to get back to your girls as soon as you’ve confidence by your side.  Not only are you going to help yourself in this process but your click as well. 

shy typeShyness Makes your Head Heavy

Shyness lets you overthink everything.  Even the most harmless situation can turn into a blood bath in your head because of a lack of confidence. Just stop thinking about it. 

There might be no absolute explanation as to why shy types always have their heads down, but there’s still a logical solution to get rid of this habit – that is, to stand tall. 

Bear in my mind that you’ve no other enemy but yourself.  The crowd has nothing against you – remember that!  If it does, you’ve your own beauty to back you up. 

Shy Types Cannot Start Any Conversation

Stuttering, hands shaking, words clouding – do these words sound familiar?  Well, it’s forgivable if you’ve tried to start a conversation with your ultimate crush and this has been the reaction of your body.  However, if you just try to ask for some ketchup from the counter and this thing had you walk back to your seat with empty hands, you’ve a real problem, girl! 

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How do you overcome shyness with conversations

An expert’s advice would be for you to always read books about overcoming nervousness – or, you could just go with it.  The start is always the hardest part.  Remember that people cannot hurt you – that is illegal.  You have no other enemy but your lack of confidence. 

Shy Types Are Scared to Go Out

Well, why don’t you go out?  If you don’t have someone to hang out with, ask your family and friends to hang out and catch up. 

How do you overcome shyness along this process? 

Just have fun!  People who tend to go out more don’t have a hard time getting along with the crowd.  Go to a party and don’t be bothered if no one talks to you at first.  New friends might just be checking you out at the moment.  Don’t worry, for there will always be that one person with over-the-top friendly skills to give you company. 

Shy Types Don’t Have an Ounce of Reasonable Confidence 

Even in emergencies, extreme shyness is of no help.  How do you overcome shyness by encouraging reasonable confidence? 

This process might be tricky.  But for starters, you could change your state of mind.  If you can’t even think to be confident enough for yourself in the first place, then it’ll always be a challenge to overcome shyness.

There’s nothing to really be shy about. Just remember that shyness is a wrecking ball that crushes your dream in every second that you tolerate it.  Stand tall and walk into the spotlight.  The story of how you’ve overcome shyness is worth reading over those moments when you’re always thinking twice about yourself.


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