Blueprint Cleanse For Weight Loss & Detox [2020 Comprehensive Guide]

Why would I need a Blueprint Cleanse? This was my first reaction and question when I first heard about detoxing or raw juice fasting and about Blueprint Cleanse and its benefits.

Why Do You Need a Blueprint Cleanse?

I used to think that Blueprint Cleanse was just a temporary fad and that detoxing in general was just making noise because of the good marketing and advertising techniques of the different detox programs. I used to think that a detox juice cleanse was unnecessary and was just a waste of money.

I also believed that raw juice fasting was unhealthy because how would I be able to get the right amount of nutrients without eating any food or any balanced meals and by just relying on those juices?

But girl, was I ever wrong! I have to thank my overwhelming curiosity because if not for it, I would have remained ignorant to the wonderful world of detoxing using Blueprint Cleanse and Total Wellness Cleanse and other detox cleanse products. This time, curiosity didn’t kill the cat; it just killed my old and wrong beliefs about detox juice fasting.

1. Because it helps eliminate toxins in the body

The main benefit of having a detox cleanse is to help the body get rid of metabolic wastes and toxins through the excretory organs. Just imagine all of the toxic substances stored up in your body from all the coffee, fatty foods, alcohol, and other unhealthy foods that you feed into it, plus all of the other harmful chemicals that you get from smoking, pollution, medical drugs, and even from cosmetics.

By going through a detox cleanse, you can “clean” your body’s internal organs from these harmful substances, which, if not eliminated, can surely lead to lower immunity, different illnesses, or worse, even disease.

2. Because it helps you lose weight

Helping you achieve your weight loss goal is probably the most sought-for benefit of Blueprint Cleanse among women. Most women really connect detoxing with losing weight. This is because its most obvious benefit is in the physical aspect of the body.

Undergoing a detox cleanse like Blueprint Cleanse will help you lose weight because you won’t eat solid and unhealthy food during the cleanse. Your calorie intake is also controlled, since while having a Blueprint Cleanse, you’ll only have 1200 calories at most in a day, which is the ideal amount of calorie intake for one who wants to lose weight. blueprint cleanse

3. Because it’s healthy

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Contrary to my old belief that detoxing is unhealthy because one has to consume only pure juices, detoxing is 100% healthy and safe (unless of course you’ve an extraordinary case of illness that precludes you from trying it). In a Blueprint Cleanse and Total Wellness Cleanse, for example, each bottle of juice is made with fresh and raw fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, it’s loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need. So even if we’re having pure juices only, our bodies would still get the nutrients that they deserve because each bottle of juice is already packed with nutritious ingredients and just pure healthy stuff.

4. Because it can positively change your lifestyle

You need a cleanse because you want to have a healthy lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of lifestyle? Through detoxing, you can break your bad habits and practices that are not good for your mind and body. Through it, you’ll also become more conscious of what you eat, what you drink, and what you do to your body. The longer your cleanse, the bigger the impact that it’ll have on your current lifestyle.

You need a detox juice cleanse every now and then to ensure that everything inside your body gets the proper “cleaning” that it needs. Don’t wait until you get sick or until you’ve some health problems before becoming more health conscious and before starting to care for your body.

Plan Ahead For a Blueprint Juice Cleanse

blueprint cleanseDetoxing or having juice fasting diets like Blueprint Cleanse is surely the quickest and the most physically effortless way that I have ever tried to lose weight. After three days of undergoing a detox juice fasting, I have lost more than ten pounds.

What’s more amazing is that I have achieved my weight loss goals without doing any extreme workout or exercise, which is a very wonderful thing for someone who’s too lazy to work out and sweat in the gym (like me).

Though detox juice fasting has proved to be the fastest method for having wonderful weight loss effects, it has also proved to be the most psychologically and emotionally challenging way to lose weight for me. This is because surviving a Blueprint Cleanse, or any kind of raw juice fasting for that matter, involves a battle of emotions that one should control and suppress.

However, surviving a Blueprint Cleanse or any kind of cleanse isn’t impossible. It can be easy if you just follow these simple tips:

1. Be Realistic

First, accept the very actual and obvious reality of not having any solid food during your Blueprint Cleanse. You must understand that the moment that you say hello to raw juice fasting is also the moment that you’ll have to say goodbye to burgers, French fries, and all other solid foods (with the exception of a stick of celery or ¼ avocado if you’re REALLY HUNGRY) – and that you won’t be able to taste them during the entire detoxing duration.

This is the very reality that you must learn to accept and embrace; otherwise, you’ll really have a hard time going through your juice cleanse.

2. Choose a Good Day to Start Detoxing blueprint cleanse

The first step is always the most important step. You have to choose a good day for you to start your Blueprint Cleanse so that you’ll have an awesome experience on your first day of detoxing. It’s always good to choose a date when you’re not very busy with your work, when you’re not moody because of your period, when you’re not being grumpy because of your menstrual cramps, or when you don’t have to attend any big party or event where you’re sure that you’ll be tempted to eat – a lot.

Any outcome that you’ll have on your first day can greatly affect the way you think about the whole juicing program. So make sure that you start your Blueprint Cleanse on a day that you’re sure that you can focus on detoxing and not on any other issues that you’ve on your body or your work.

3. Don’t Give in to Temptations

I mean FOOD when I say temptation. This is because you’ll definitely be tempted to eat solid food, especially on the 2nd and 3rd day of the Blueprint Juice Cleanse. But fear not. The trick to not giving in to the temptation is to keep your mind and nose out of food’s way. Instead of always thinking about food, keep yourself busy by thinking of other things like your family, love life, and even your travel plans; this is also a good way for you to brainstorm on any work- related tasks and responsibilities.

4. Program Yourself Thin

One of the secrets to survive a Blueprint Cleanse is to get rid of different cravings. Having a lot of cravings is common to women, especially during our periods. We just have that instant urge or longing to eat something even if we are not hungry, which is really not healthy because it tends to mess up our diet and calorie track. These cravings will just come and go, so sheer willpower is needed; after a while, these cravings will just go away whether you satisfy them or not.

However, since I was too anxious to not let any food cravings mess up my Blueprint Cleanse, I went through Program Yourself Thin, which is a mental system transformation, to help me eliminate my food cravings that could well destroy my chances of achieving my weight loss goals.

5. Having a Sense of Determination Never Fails

I would always agree with the saying that “determination is the key to success” because I have seen the extent of what sheer determination alone can give you. If I wasn’t determined to finish my cleanse, I would have just thrown my juices in the bin and then go to the nearest fast food to eat a burger and some French fries. But because of my determination, I was able to go on with my Blueprint Cleanse, and I finally survived it.

It may seem impossible to change your eating habits or your lifestyle, but once you’ve seen the results of your hard work, you’ll definitely come back for more detoxing experiences. Going through a detoxing or juicing like Blueprint Cleanse may seem very hard at first, but once you’ve armed yourself with these five things, you’ll surely survive it (like me!).

An Independent Review of the Blueprint CleanseFinal Steps Before You Start A Blueprint Cleanse

Have you been convinced of the wonderful effects and results of Blueprint Cleanse and detoxing in general? Have you been dying to try it but you’re just worried about whether you’ll survive it or not?

Fear not. Overcoming the challenges that come with Blueprint Cleanse and eventually being able to survive it isn’t an impossible task. Surviving a cleanse is easy if you’ve a goal, a support team, and especially if you’ve these five needed values to arm yourself with throughout your juice journey. Whether you’re having a Blueprint Cleanse, a Total Wellness Cleanse, or even a Get Juicy Cleanse 10 Day Program, these much needed values will help get you to the end of your detoxing journey, i.e. that last bottle of juice.

1. Determination

If there’s a will, there’s a way. True, a strong will can surely lead and take you to greater heights. There’s so much power that one can find in the human will. You can even survive a Blueprint Cleanse by your sheer will alone. Having a strong-will can help us carry out our plans and goals; it pushes us forward to do more and not just easily give up even if so many challenges come our way.

You may have so many good plans and ideas in your head, but these will just remain intangible if you don’t will it. It’s only in willing that you can possibly realize or actualize something.

2. Faithfulness

Being faithful isn’t only good for relationships; it’s also good for going through a detox juice cleanse. You really need to be faithful in your commitment to going through a cleanse, to chugging down your juices one bottle at a time, and to following the steps that you’ve to go through in your cleanse. If you deviate and aren’t faithful to the processes that you need to follow during your cleanse, you really won’t be able to survive it.

3. Obedience

Along with faithfulness, obedience is also needed. You have to follow the instructions that Blueprint Cleanse will give you in order for you to have a smooth and successful detoxing. This is really not the time for you to be hardheaded, unless you want to spend a lot of money without receiving any benefits and achieving the results of the cleanse. That’s why you really have to be obedient enough to follow the instructions before, during, and even after doing your cleanse. blueprint cleanse

4. Self- Control

One of the values that you really need to have during your cleanse is self-control. For me, this is also the most important value because in the end, everything boils down to it. During every minute of your detoxing, you’ll be bombarded with a lot of temptations like food cravings and bad habits, and succumbing to these would surely break your detox juice cleanse.

So what you really need is to have a great amount of control to not eat your favorite meals, to not drink alcoholic and other unhealthy beverages, and to control your cravings, eventually overcoming binge eating.

5. Determination

Without the right amount of determination, one can never survive any juice fasting diets. I have always emphasized to my friends, who are planning to try a raw juice fasting, that determination is the key. Because once you’re determined to do something, no difficulty or challenge can dishearten you, and whatever happens, you’ll have the desire to push through, until you accomplish the thing that you want.

My final questions: Are you one of the thousands of people who want to have a healthy lifestyle, and are you curious about trying a Blueprint Cleanse in order to achieve it? Are you one of those who seek its help in order to achieve some weight loss goals?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then before ordering your first Blueprint Cleanse, make sure that you’re well-equipped with these much needed values, in order for you to have a wonderful and memorable detoxing experience.

detoxing and juicingTop 3 Things That Will Make a Woman Cheat on Her Blueprint Cleanse

Detoxing or going through a raw juice fasting like the Blueprint Cleanse has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

Living on juices, even for just three days, can make you lose an incredible amount of weight, (even more than what you can possibly lose after one or two weeks of exercising and dieting).

With the fast results that detoxing has on weight loss, no wonder people, more than ever, are crazing over raw juice fasting programs like the Blueprint Cleanse. Even though detoxing can be very effective with great results, it would be ineffective if you cheat.

So in order to have a successful detoxification, you’ve to first be aware of things that will make you cheat on your Blueprint Cleanse. Get to know your would-be enemies that can, and will, break your detox juice fasting for you to better prepare yourself before undergoing a Blueprint Cleanse, or any other kind of juice fasting diets.

1. Sweet Tooth

blueprint cleanseWe women like sweets such as chocolates, candies, cupcakes, and pastries more than men. Yet it has already been established by studies that eating a lot of sugar can cause weight gain. This is because when we eat food with lots of sugar, especially the type of sugar called fructose, the sugar is assimilated into the body and is then converted into fat. Also, the more you eat sweets and sugar, the more you’ll feel hungry, so you’ll also eat more food.

That’s why, if you’ve a sweet tooth, it would be best to stay away from your favorite patisserie during your Blueprint Cleanse. Or just tell your suitors to give you a teddy bear instead of chocolates; otherwise, you’ll just be tempted to eat those sweets, which will totally disrupt your detox juice fasting.

2. Uncontrolled Food Cravings

Having a lot of food cravings is common to us women because of our hormones. These cravings are usually at their maximum level one week before or during our period. Being so, it would be best for us to not time our cleanse with our period or even a week before it.

Actually, it’s perfectly fine to have cravings as long as we can control them. And it’s also okay to give in to these food cravings once in a while. But having uncontrolled cravings and giving in to these cravings during your cleanse is another matter. Having uncontrollable cravings can definitely make you cheat on your Blueprint Juice Cleanse.

The thing is, once you give in to these cravings during your detoxification, you’ll just want more. And remember, you can’t and must not eat solid foods and other drinks with lots of sugar while having your Blueprint Cleanse, unless you want to defeat the purpose of doing a detoxification in the first place.

3. Carbonated and Caffeinated Drinks

You might think that it’s okay to drink your favorite drinks during a cleanse as long as you don’t eat any solid food, but I’m sorry to burst your bubble – it’s definitely not okay. Drinking carbonated and caffeinated drinks such as soft drinks, coffee, or alcoholic beverages is also not allowed while undergoing a detoxification.

Aside from achieving your weight loss goals, the aim of a detoxification is to help the body eliminate accumulated toxins and other waste matter. In other words, detoxing is like giving your liver, kidney, intestines, and other organs a holiday from the usual unhealthy foods that they are processing every day.

So if you still continue drinking very unhealthy drinks, the organic and raw juices won’t have any effect as it’ll just be offset by the caffeinated, carbonated, and alcoholic drinks. This also applies to other addictive habits that you have, like smoking. You’ll just be paying a lot, but you won’t get anything from your cleanse. So, you better stay away from these unhealthy drinks and habits while detoxing.

Cheating during your Blueprint Cleanse (like cheating during exams) is a big no-no. This is because the success of your juice fasting rests on your faithfulness and compliance with the steps that you’ve to follow while you’re on your detox cleanse. If you don’t faithfully follow these instructions, like if you still eat solid food during a Blueprint Cleanse, then for sure, you won’t achieve the results that it can supposedly give you; you’ll just be wasting your time and your money.

Recreate the Blueprint Cleanse with these homemade recipes!If you absolutely can’t do the Blueprint Cleanse, Try These 3 Simple Lifestyle Changes

Blueprint Cleanse has taken women and men alike by storm. Whether it’s because of weight loss goals, a desire to shift to a healthier lifestyle, or just for pure cleansing, more and more professionals, stay-at-home moms, and health-conscious women have been hooked to the Blueprint Cleanse. From a simple idea, it has become one of the most sought after juice fasting diets on the market to date.

However, after 4 months of buying it and with just under $300 overall cost, I’m still not quite there with my weight.

I’ve tried various diets, low-card, no-carb, 5:2 fasting and lots of different supplements. And in all honesty no one solution works. Instead, I suggest revising the entire approach, and step away from trying to buy that magical elixir that would dissolve all the excess fat in your body.

If you’re serious about shedding some excess weight, I’d recommend have a more serious think about your approach. There’s no one recipe for success, and you’d need a few changes in your lifestyle before you can see real results.

I’d recommend reading or watching a few videos on the Two Week Diet site, to see what you’d have to do to achieve your goal. Then define your exact goal, and write down a 10-step plan to reach it. If you’ve any questions, drop us a line.

1. Three Levels of Cleansing

Diet, movement (not necessarily exercise) and super food supplements or meal replacements.

This is pretty much it. Take one component away, and the pyramid falls. Yes, movement might be the most annoying of them all, but this is why I didn’t call for exercising per se.

Movement could imply a lot of things:

  • Takins steps instead of the lift at work or in other public places
  • Fidgeting
  • House work
  • Standing up at your desk every hour
  • Walks
  • Dancing in front of the mirror
  • Sex

Any movement is good for you, and it’s not about getting a gym membership or running dear out, but about changing your mentality around movement.

The most important thing to remember to get your weight under control is that what matters here is no what you do occasionally, like going for a run, but what you do every single day. So make those little movements count. They will eventually add up, if you let them!


If movement accounts for about 20% of your success, a good diet would add another 50%. Choose a plan that is effective and tasty. Don’t try to memorize all the things you can’t eat, but focus on the ones you should. Changing the way you see food isn’t that difficult, it’s choosing to do so that’s actually very hard.

Learn to cook a few dishes that work for you. See how you can transform your favorite meals into healthier variants. There’s a youtube video for everything these days. I’m sure you can find some exciting stuff on there!

SuperFood Supplements

Now this one is the easiest component of your weigh loss success. However, it only accounts for the remaining 30%.

The good news is, the solution is easily available online. Instead of spending hundreds on blueprint cleanse, try 100 servings of Amazing Grass SuperFood Powders for about $40 for all! That’s 40 cents per serving. Try finding a drink that cheap, let alone good for you.

You can read more about the detoxing and purifying cocktails they make, which taste a bit gross, but work wonderfully. I usually have them with my berry or fruit smoothies, so I don’t even remember how they taste. Just add a scoop to your blender it should do the trick.

Alternatively, you could read about slimming shakes, fat-burning smoothies and metabolic cooking in our articles.

Blueprint CleanseAlternatives to the Blueprint Cleanse

Today, a lot of people are becoming more interested in juice fasting diets like Blueprint Cleanse. Now, more than ever, detoxing has become a common method for people to not just lose weight but also to remain healthy.

More people have switched to raw juice fasting instead of relying on unnatural ways to lose weight, and many have also basked and enjoyed its different health benefits.

One of the detox juice cleanses that has been making a lot of loud noise in the market is Blueprint Cleanse. Many women, including Hollywood stars, have become faithful consumers and recipients of its well-proven benefits. Many reviews on the internet have also vouched for its effectiveness.

However, not everything about Blueprint Cleanse is picture perfect. Aside from having a limited availability (Blueprint Cleanse is only available in selected areas, which are mostly in the United States), it’s also one of the most expensive juice fasting diets in the market.

But don’t be depressed, because there are still a lot of other detox juice cleanses available on the market, which have the same, if not more, juicy goodness as Blueprint Cleanse. And what’s more wonderful is that they come with a much cheaper price and are far less expensive than Blueprint Cleanse. blueprint cleanse

1. Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse is probably one of my most favorite detox diets. This is because its brand name captures the whole essence of the detox cleanse, which is to provide total wellness to our bodies and to our overall health.

Another aspect that needs rejoicing is that Total Wellness Cleanse is the only food-based cleanse on the market. This means no dangerous fasting protocols and colonic irrigation, which makes it the safest and simplest detox cleanse.

Total Wellness Cleanse provides a combination of whole-food nutrition (with over 100 recipes) that doesn’t only help provide nourishment to the body, but it also helps eliminate toxic and poisonous substances in it.

What’s more, it also helps you lose all that stubborn fat in your body, discover which foods would best work with your body, overcome uncontrolled cravings, and even helps you boost your immune system. Its benefits can best be summed up into three words: Clean, Restore, and Maintain. The reviews are in and it’s pretty solid!

2. Eat, Drink, and Shrink

If you want to go on a juice diet like Blueprint Cleanse, but you feel like you won’t be able to survive on juice alone, then Eat, Drink, and Shrink is the program for you.

Eat, Drink, and Shrink is mainly focused on fat burning. The program involves over 120 delicious recipes with only five ingredients or less! These ingredients are nutrient-dense foods that have low calories but would still make you feel full, and they also are not expensive.

This isn’t a regular diet or a recipe book in the ordinary sense of the word. Here, you don’t need to starve yourself in order to stay healthy and, more importantly, in order to lose weight. The program is also designed for busy people; therefore, it’ll really suit well with the lifestyle of independent women on the go.

3. Get Juicy Cleanse 10 Day Program

Get Juicy Cleanse 10 Day Program is definitely one of the most challenging and absolutely effective raw juice fasting programs on the market today. Blueprint Cleanse’s Excavation level isn’t even close to it.

For women who love challenges and who’ve been used to detoxing, this program will best fit you. However, those inexperienced in detoxing can still undergo this cleanse, provided that you prepare well for it.

Through Get Juicy Cleanse 10 Day Program’s tasty juices, you can just drink your way to your weight loss goal, to a more radiant and glowing skin, and to a renewed energy and a healthy body. Its benefits include helping you achieve your weight loss goals, flushing out harmful toxins in the body, overcoming eating urges, and having a healthy and beautiful body.

Aside from that, upon enrolling in their program, you’ll also get a lot of freebies, like training videos, powerful coaching audios, and a comprehensive guidebook with menu plans and much more.

Though Blueprint Cleanse is an effective program for detoxing, it isn’t the only one that is available on the market. A lot of detox diets with the same juicy goodness, minus the expense, abound in the market. Before committing your heart and money to a particular detox diet, it’s best if you first take time to try the other alternatives for you to find out which among the top detox cleanses will best suit your goals and your lifestyle.

Grabbing and gulping down a single bottle of juice may seem like a very simple and ordinary act, but remember, it’s already a big step towards changing your lifestyle and getting rid of your other unhealthy habits.

DIY Blueprint Cleanse Recipes

I’m in love with Blueprint Cleanse, with detoxing, and with its overall benefits. My relationship with Blueprint Cleanse and with raw juice fasting in general was really love at first sip. That’s why it’s not surprising that after having my cleanse, I was actually craving for more Blueprint Cleanse juices.

After undergoing a detox juice cleanse for the first time, I just went from one juice level to the next. At first, I started with Blueprint Cleanse’s Renovation level; after a few weeks, I moved on to the Foundation level, then all the way to the Excavation level. As if all this raw juice fasting wasn’t enough, I even challenged myself and went through the Get Juicy Cleanse 10 Day Program.

I know, right? I’m really addicted to detoxing. But this is just because I was able to maintain my healthy body and amazing physique, and what’s more, I achieved my weight loss goals. However, despite the amazing benefits of a detox juice cleanse, the main problem that I had with incorporating it in my current lifestyle is that it’s really expensive.

Even though I have a stable job and a rising career, the prudent and thrifty side of me is just complaining about all of the expenses that I’m incurring because of my juicy interests. So in order to have a juice fasting diet that is guilt-free, I looked for ways and other alternatives to the expensive Blueprint Cleanse. And my search has led me to making my own recipes and recreating the juices using the available fruits and vegetables in my kitchen.

Here are my own recreations of the Blueprint Cleanse Juices:

Green Juice for Beginners

The green juice is considered the staple juice of the Blueprint Cleanse, so you’ll have to drink this more often than the other juices. If you want to make a lot of servings, just double or triple the amount of the ingredients.


A handful of romaine leaves (or young cabbages instead of romaine)

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1/2 ounce of lemon juice
  • 2 – 4 slices of ginger (depending on your taste)
  • 1 ounce of orange juice (optional)
  • 5 stalks of celery
  • A handful of spinach
  • 1 big apple

Put all of the ingredients in the juicer in whatever manner or order that you like, except for the orange and lemon juice, which you can just add later on. Depending on the kind of juicer that you have, you may need to pre-chop the ingredients first (such as the apple and cucumber) before putting them in the juicer.

Beat the Beet Juice

Because I’m not a fan of the taste of beet, I made sure that I get more sweet tastes from the apples and the carrots. But if you love the taste of beet, you can lessen the number of the apples or the carrots, depending on the level of sweetness that you would like it to have. You can even add a thumb of ginger just to give it a little bit of a kick. blueprint cleanse


  • 1 beet root
  • 4 beet greens (optional)
  • 3 medium apples
  • 5 medium carrots
  • A handful of parsley
  • 1 ounce of lemon juice

Just mix everything in the juicer. Depending on the kind of juicer that you have, you may need to pre-chop the ingredients first before putting them in the juicer.

Pump Your P.A.M.

Blueprint Cleanse’s P.A.M. is lovely just the way it is, but add a little pear and some watermelons and you’ll be pumping it up to a whole new level. It’s like a cocktail juice, and I was even tempted to put some gin in it because it tastes really good.


  • 2 large apples
  • 1 medium fruit pineapple
  • 15 peppermint leaves
  • 1 medium pear (optional)
  • Few slices of watermelon (optional)

Just mix everything in the juicer. Depending on the kind of juicer that you have, you may also need to pre-chop the ingredients first before putting them in it.

Cause It’s You Cashew

The Cashew Milk is TO. DIE. FOR. This juice is my most favorite among the Blueprint Cleanse Juices. However, it also takes the most work, but just remember that patience is a virtue (its taste is worth all of the work in the end).

  • 4 ounces of unsalted cashews (you can also use almonds instead)
  • 1 tsp grounded cinnamon
  • 1 tsp agave nectar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 12 ounces of filtered water

The night before making the Cashew Milk Juice, you must soak the cashew overnight in water. For this juice, you can use either a juicer or a blender. Whichever you use, you must put the cashews in first, while slowly pouring the water thereafter. Then add and mix the rest of the ingredients. You can also add soya milk or almond milk to it to make it taste more heavenly than it already is.

You may just follow these recipes or you can also make your own recipes. Your imagination and creativity, and of course your taste buds, are the only limit in making these juices. But one thing is for sure; with these simple homemade recipes, I was able to save a lot of money, and I have also been detoxing at my own pace and leisure (no need to wait for orders made online and FedEx to deliver my Blueprint Cleanse Juices).

Like me, you can do this too!

Check back soon as we’re going to be posting an exclusive Independent Femme coupon code for the Blueprint Cleanse.

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