Taking Your Yoga To The Next Level in 2022

So you haven’t decided if you’re signing up for a yoga class or not because you’re simply intimidated by the fact that you’ll be practicing yoga in a strange room with strange different people you might have never seen in your entire life. I can totally relate.

That’s why I go for online classes or just follow the Kundalini Yoga DVD version – perfect for people like me who would rather practice yoga on my own terms and my own schedule.

Since we’re on the yoga DVD topic, let’s start by looking at this version – Kundalini Yoga: A Journey Through the 7 Mantras and 7 Chakras with Maya Fiennes.

If you’re new at yoga, the term Kundalini means spiritual energy; therefore, this type of yoga is focused on awakening the spiritual energy through habitual meditation, breathing practices (pranayama), chanting of mantras, and yoga asana (which basically refers to different body positions). This Exclusive Collector’s Edition yoga DVD consists of 14 lessons that are divided into two sets of 6 yoga DVDs.

Breaking it down

Set 1 – A Journey Through the 7 Mantras with Maya Fiennes

Focusing on mantras or sacred utterances that are believed to have positive psychological and spiritual effects on the body, the first DVD set aims to give you the following benefits:

  • Clears your mind from all or any negative thoughts that afflict the body
  • Awakens the body’s natural healing properties
  • Relaxes the body and the mind while promoting inner peace and a sense of freedom

The 7 mantras are divided into the following 6 yoga DVDs

Disc 1 – Be Happy
Disc 2 – Achieve Wealth
Disc 3 – Heal Yourself
Disc 4 – Balance the Hormones
Disc 5 – Accept Love
Disc 6 – Energize & Peace and Freedom

Set 2 – A Journey Through the 7 Chakras with Maya Fiennes

The second set of yoga DVDs focuses on the 7 chakras. Chakras, or otherwise known as energy points or centers in the body, are channels where energy flows through.

Although there are several chakras in the body, these 7 chakras are deemed as the most significant ones.

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When any of these chakras or energy points is blocked, this brings about certain illnesses. This second set of yoga DVDs will help you release and keep the energy flowing through these chakras to maintain good health – physically and spiritually. Divided into 6 yoga DVDs, set 2 contains the following:

Disc 1 – Courage
Disc 2 – Creativity
Disc 3 – Willpower
Disc 4 – Wisdom
Disc 5 – Bliss
Disc 6 – Love & Truth

And then of course, there’s Maya Fiennes.

Who can teach Kundalini Yoga better than Maya Fiennes? She is a world-renowned yoga guru who started out as a classical pianist. Her upbeat personality and healthy living have made her one of the most in demand yoga teachers and transformational guides.

But wait, there’s more!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, this product is manufactured on demand and is worth every penny you spend.

3 Prevailing Assumptions Preventing You From Reaping the Benefits of Doing Yoga

The benefits a person could get depend on his mindset.  For instance, because many people find it girly or weird, not everybody does yoga. How odd, since Yogalosophy—a yoga-based handbook, written by yogi-to-Hollywood-stars Mandy Ingber, on how to have a mind-body makeover within a month—has improved many people’s lives already.  In fact, this handbook has made Ms. Ingber a New York Times best-selling author.  We could only imagine how much people are missing out on by jumping to conclusions.

If we’ve piqued your interest in checking out Yogalosophy, we believe it would be best that we disprove some of the prevailing assumptions about yoga for you. Once you know what it’s all about, we trust you’ll be able to do yoga without reservation, enabling you to practice it properly.

Yoga Isn’t Intended Only for Women to Practice

It would be nice to have to share yoga only with your bosom buddies, wouldn’t it?  The reality, however, is that yoga is intended to be practiced by everybody.  As a matter of fact, the first practitioners of yoga weren’t all women.  Buddhists are among the people who first practiced yoga.Only men were allowed to become Buddhists.

The reason there are more women who practice yoga than men is that the former are normally more concerned about health and fitness than the latter.  But since living a healthy lifestyle has gained popularity all over the world in recent years, more men now than before practice yoga, including policemen, soldiers, construction workers, athletes, and university professors.

yogaYoga Isn’t Just Glorified Stretching

There are people who assume that yoga is just exaggerated posing, because they just see a bunch of people posing in a room.  It’s likely that they don’t know there are differentstyles of yoga, and some are surprisingly challenging.  For example, there’s Ashtanga yoga, which is intended to improve strength, stamina, and flexibility significantly.

Yoga Isn’t Intended to Make You Sexy or Give You a Rock-hard Body

Unlike Pilates and Zumba, yoga wasn’t invented to help people attain their dream psyches.  As we’ve mentioned already about Yogalosophy, yoga is intended to change you in mind and body for the better, by uniting them.  Yogis believe having a strong, deep connection between a person’s body and mind will bring harmony, as well as happiness, to his life.  This connection is formed by holding the yoga poses.  Since each pose is an exercise with a meditative effect on the person holding it, both his mind and body will be made stronger in the course of practicing yoga,enabling them to function even more harmoniously.

We shouldn’t dismiss something just because we find it strange.  More often than not, good things come by way of unlikely things, people, and situations.  Having disproved for you some of the prevailing assumptions about yoga, we hope we were able to interest you in giving it a shot.  For all you know, you might become healthier, as well as sharper in mind, than you’ve ever been before.

To increase your chances of success, we suggest you get a copy of Yogalosophy.  Not only is this handbook currently being sold here for a good price, but we also trust there’s no one who could help you better achieve a mind-body makeover than Ms. Ingber.


Yogalosophy is the new tidal wave which hit the fitness world – from the true health buffs up to the wannabe fitness fanatics. With Jennifer Anniston showing off that sexy body, no wonder why women are crazing over it as the new method to achieve their weight loss goals. But what is Yogalosophy? And what are its benefits to the body?

Yogalosophy is actually a term coined by Mandy Ingber, a popular yoga and fitness instructor, (who is also Jennifer Anniston’s longtime friend and yoga instructor). The term was first introduced by Ingber in her book and DVD, but it made much noise only after people have seen the stripper-body of Anniston in her film We’re the Millers. And I guess what convinced women about this style of yoga are the amazing results that they have seen in the very credible actress.

But before buying a book or a DVD or before jumping into a yoga class, first, it’s important to know its benefits so you won’t have any unrealistic expectations of it. Let’s see why Mandy Ingber would refer to it as the ultimate mind and body makeover.

1. Healthy and Fit Body

yogalosophyLike any other kind of yoga, it helps one achieve a healthy and fit body by combining strength exercise and toning movements. Its different postures facilitate in giving more strength, balance and flexibility to the body. The toning exercises used in Yogalosophy gives the body a cardiovascular workout, making you drop a good number of pounds.

The yoga stretches help in sculpting both the upper and lower body and in getting it into shape. You might think that it involves only poses and stretches, but when doing it, you actually burn lots of fat and calories and you also strengthen your muscles and tissues.

2. Flexibility

The stretches in Yoga help us to achieve flexibility. According to Ingber, “flexibility is what keeps us young”. Flexibility enhances our posture. It also makes us less at risk with having injuries for it improves our overall physical performance and reduce muscle and tissue strains. It also relieves stress by releasing the tension that has built up in our muscles. Some of us may not be as flexible as others, but Yogalosophy will surely help us get a more flexible

3. Healthy Mind

Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body. Our current mental state affects the body greatly, so much so that great mental stress can take its toll on the body in the form of psychological conditions and illnesses.

What makes it different from other exercises and workouts is that it affects not just the body, but also the mind. The different positions used in Yoga aid our nervous system to function properly, all the way from our nerves up to the brain. It also helps us to achieve focus and to center ourselves (which we will surely need in the different aspects of our lives – be it in our work, career or personal lives).

yoga standing position4. Spiritual and Emotional Awareness

Most of the fitness programs that we have today provide only for physical and mental health. It seems that spiritual and emotional development are easily forgotten or not given much attention. But what differentiates Yogalosophy among the others is that it focuses also on the spiritual and emotional development of the person.

Practicing Yoga allows us to calm down, giving our minds a more pensive attitude. And when our minds are at rest and at peace, the effect is a more heightened awareness of our body, our feelings and emotions.

Yogalosophy lets us become more conscious of the needs of our body, of how we relate to others and to the things around us, as well as of how we manage our emotions. Managing our emotions is an important key towards our self-regulation and positive character development. While a heightened sense of spirituality will foster more fruitful emotional engagements and relationships for us.

5. Philosophy

From the word itself, one can guess that there’s a philosophy behind it. Yogalosophy is intended not just as a weight loss method, but it’s actually designed to become one’s way of life. It’s a method for you to connect both your mind and body in a more meaningful way. While practicing it, you not only lose weight or develop a strong mind, but you also get to create and realize a vision that you’ve fashioned for yourself. Yogalosophy would help you achieve a life-embracing mindset in order for you to become the woman that you want to be.

Indeed, there are many benefits of Yogalosophy, and it can sure make a big difference in our lives. In this modern and past-paced age, overall health is important because this is our primary weapon against battling life’s daily challenges. Yogalosophy will help us get the best shape of our lives.

Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy, The Future of YogaIs Mandy Ingber’s “Yogalosophy” The Future of Yoga?

Whoever said there’s no need to reinvent the wheel should meet Mandy Ingber.  Apparently not one to sit on her laurels, this celebrity yoga instructor—whose clientele include Emilia Clarke, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Beckinsale—invented a new form of yoga that she calls Yogalosophy and then wrote a handbook on it, which made her a New York Times best-selling author.

While Ms. Ingber’s success is amazing, it didn’t happen overnight. Before she became a best-selling author, Ms. Ingber was a fitness and wellness expert to celebrities, as well as a teacher with 20 years of professional experience.

Her achievements as such include having been awarded ‘Best of LA’ in LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, and Daily Candy for her outstanding yoga classes; working as contributing fitness and wellness advisor for USA Today, Women’s Health, and Yahoo; contributing to Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and several other magazines; having appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Access Hollywood; and being a member of the Advisory Committee at the Margie Petersen Breast Center at the Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

How did Ms. Ingber become so passionate about fitness, wellness, and yoga?  Her journey of success started early in her life.  She was 7 when she discovered yoga through her father. He did yoga at home to alleviate his pain from the back injuries he sustained due to being very athletic. He continued doing yoga even after his injuries healed. She, her brother, and her father did yoga together to bond.

What started as a family affair became her passion. According to Ms. Ingber, not only was doing yoga a part of her life already; it also enabled her to unite her body, mind, and emotions harmoniously. She aims to help other people achieve the same through Yogalosophy.

While yoga, the basis for Yogalosophy, involves neither weight lifting nor repetitive movements like with most other exercises, Yogalosophy integrates yoga postures with toning exercises. For instance, the handbook requires a set of leg lifts to be done while holding the asana, or ‘cow pose’.

Doing leg lifts strengthens and tones your lower abdominal muscles, as well as tones your butt. The integrated muscle-toning exercises increase the difficulty of properly holding each pose while maintaining the meditative effect of them all; thus, we trust that Yogalosophy is more beneficial to overall health than traditional yoga.

Yogalosophy includes healthy recipes and Ms. Ingber’s engaging anecdotes about each chapter as well. Thanks to these recipes, the handbook itself is sure to help you stay fit. It goes without saying that exercise will be futile if it isn’t done together with a healthy diet and vice versa. Thanks to her anecdotes, the handbook affords you windows into Ms. Ingber’s personal thoughts, truly giving it a human touch, which makes it even more engaging.

yogalosophyBut to see is to believe, as the age-old adage goes, so to prove the effectiveness of Yogalosophy, we strongly suggest getting yourself a copy of Ms. Ingber’s handbook through Amazon. Not only is it currently being sold here for a reasonable price; it’s also been selling well. So do pay the site a visit before it’s too late.

Yoga: Exercise That’s More Beneficial for Everybody Than You Could’ve Ever Imagined

While you may know that Madonna, Sting, Matthew McConaughey, and Gisele Bundchen do yoga, do you any idea why it’s used to stay fit and healthy? Yoga is essentially exercise, but its benefits go beyond enabling people to remain in good shape and health. For proof, just ask Mandy Ingber, a celebrity yoga and fitness instructor as well as the author of the 28-day “ultimate mind-body makeover” Yogalosophy.

Before we discuss Yogalosophy further, let us discuss yoga first. After all, Ms. Ingber’s book is based on it. Why study the branch when you should study the tree itself?

Yoga is a system of exercises for improving flexibility, breathing, and strength to promote physical and mental well-being. Instead of lifting weights and/or repeating certain movements several times, yoga involves adopting, as well as sustaining, certain postures while breathing deeply and steadily.

Yoga isn’t a new form of exercise.  Having originated in India about 5 millennia ago, it could be one of the oldest—if not the oldest—system of exercises still done today. Due, in large part, to its popularity among celebrities, as well as capacity for providing benefits to physical and mental well-being, yoga is now done at schools and hospitals apart from gyms, health clubs, and leisure centers.

The word yoga was derived from yuj, which is Sanskrit for join, unite, or yoke. With the system of exercises itself, this means uniting the body and the mind. Yogis, the practitioners of yoga, believe this union will bring harmony, as well as happiness, to a person’s life. Since endorphins, the so-called ‘feel-good’ chemical produced naturally by the body, are released during exercise, doing yoga can dispel stress, sadness, anger, and even depression.

Since exercise can make a person healthier and stronger, doing yoga can help him avoid getting sick as well. Doing so can also help sufferers of illnesses like high-blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases stay strong and fit, enabling them to continue living normally.

But if you’re healthy, fit, and strong already, doing yoga can help you stay so as well as remain on an even keel, having positive effects in your life. Staying healthy and fit enables you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Having a calm disposition enables you to weather trials and tribulations and bounce back after they’ve passed, thereby keeping your life balanced. Being so also draws to you good vibes, friends, and opportunities, making your life pleasant and harmonious.

Given how surprisingly beneficial it’s to us all, it’s no surprise that, like Ms. Ingber, many people have adapted and tweaked yoga in various ways. As a result, there are various forms of yoga among which you may select the most suitable one for you. They range from as old and traditional as yoga itself to as modern, simple, and easy but effective as Yogalosophy.  If you’d like to try one out, we suggest you check out Ms. Ingber’s.

5 Simple Guidelines to Follow to Get the Most Out of Yogalosophy

In case you’ve only now read about it, Yogalosophy is a handbook,written by celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, of eating guidelines and detailed, tried-and-tested, body-sculpting workouts combining yoga postures with various, effective exercises for making the entire body toned and strong.  Ita lso includes healthy recipes and Ms. Ingber’s engaging anecdotes about each chapter. All these are intended to change the readers’ bodies, minds, and lives for the better. But if you approach the workout without a positive mind-set, your efforts will be for naught.

To get into the right frame of mind, Ms. Ingber suggests:

1. Loving Your Body

Telling you to love your body doesn’t mean you should be a narcissist.  It means you should realize your body’s unique beauty.  It’s perfect already, so says Ms. Ingber.  In other words, you’ve your dream physique already.  It’s within you, waiting to be revealed.  You have to work to help it come out. In the process, Ms. Ingber trusts that your self-confidence will improve, enabling you to do so much more.

2. Being Dedicated to Achieving Your Short-term Goals

Most of us are more motivated to achieve our long-term goals than our short-term goals, because the former may appear more desirable than the latter. For instance, many people tend to work harder to own a house, which is many people’s long-term goal, than to go on a vacation, which is many people’s short-term goal.

Ms. Ingber says it’s better to focus on the latter than the former, because it would be better to achieve small but important goals than be discouraged gradually by not seeing any progress toward achieving big and important but difficult goals. These successes will have a positive cumulative effect than can improve the chances of achieving long-term goals.

3. Making an Effort to Stay Positive

That said, employing your imagination a bit, as well as being grateful, helps with becoming positive. Ms. Ingber suggests visualizing doing the workout successfully, and appreciating each of your accomplishments in the course of doing so. As we mentioned already, being in the right frame of mind is key to success. If you believe you’ll be able to do the workout successfully, the chances that you’ll be able to do so indeed will be high. By expressing gratitude for everything you accomplish pertaining to the workout, you’ll feel content. Ms. Ingber says feeling so enables you to do the workout easily.

4. Asking for Support

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. There’s no guaranteeing you won’t have problems. To be able to do the workout despite difficulty, Ms. Ingber suggests asking for the support of people who could help you, like your family and friends. You may also join a group of people practicing Yogalosophy.

5. Following a Healthy Diet

Staying healthy depends on how healthy you’re on the inside. If you always fill up on junk food, you’ll be unhealthy no matter how much you exercise.

According to an age-old adage, wars aren’t won on the battlefield; they are won in the minds of the people. Although it relates to conflict, this saying can be applied to Yogalosophy. No matter how hard you try to do the workout, if you do so without a positive mindset, you won’t receive all the benefits it can give.By following the above guidelines, we trust you’ll succeed.

The Makeover That in Less Than a Month Can Change You for the Better in Mind and Body

When you hear the mention of a makeover, it’s likely that images of a new hairdo and/or a new wardrobe for you appear suddenly in your mind. This is because for you, along with women in general, this word may just mean changing your appearance at a whim. While doing so is usually intended to cheer you up, it won’t have any lasting change to your psyche. But what if we told you that there’s a makeover called Yogalosophy that can improve your appearance, as well as mental health, within four weeks?Would you believe us?

mandy ingberPenned by yogi-to-the-stars Mandy Ingber, Yogalosophy is a handbook of eating guidelines and detailed, tried-and-tested, body-sculpting workouts combining yoga postures with various, effective exercises for making the entire body toned and strong.

This handbook includes healthy recipes and Ms. Ingber’s fascinating anecdotes about each chapter as well. All these are intended to change the readers’ bodies, minds, and lives for the better.How can the handbook do so, you ask? It can by way of yoga.

While it’s essentially a system of exercise, yoga is also intended to improve people’s mental well-being. It’s designed to do so by uniting their bodies and minds. Unlike most of the other forms of exercise, which involves lifting weights and/or repeating certain movements several times, yoga involves adopting, as well as sustaining, certain postures while breathing deeply and steadily.

Similar to the Chinese exercise t’ai chi ch’uan, which is widely referred to outside of China as tai chi, doing yoga has a meditative effect on the person doing it, enabling him to improve his mental health while getting fit.In her handbook, Ms. Ingber tweaked yoga a bit. She integrated each posture with a toning exercise. For instance, in her handbook, she requires the readers to do a certain number of tricep pushups after holding the side plank posture.

How did Ms. Ingber find the inspiration for Yogalosophy? She herself has said she understands her life through firsthand experiences. (This is her philosophy, hence the title of her handbook, which is a combination of the words yoga and philosophy.) As a yogi to celebrities, who include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Helen Hunt, and Brooke Shields, Ms. Ingber may have realized her A-list clients needed more than just being able to stay fit.

As widely known stars, these women need to be strong and centered as well.  By having increased the required effort to hold the postures successfully while still maintaining the meditative effect of each one, we trust Ms. Ingber’s new form of yoga is of great help to her clientele. Indeed, Yogalosophy has been selling well through Amazon, where it has received a rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5 and is available for a good price.

But don’t just take our word for all this. So you could prove the effectiveness of Yogalosophy for yourself, we strongly suggest you pay a visit to Amazon and get yourself a copy of Ms. Ingber’s handbook. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.
Although not a real word that can be found in an English dictionary, Yogalosophy is quickly gaining the popularity it deserves. Not because it’s complicated and only the gifted ones can take on the challenge, but because it’s super simple and beginners will even have fun!

And why does that quality make Yogalosophy- The Simple Fitness Philosophy so appealing? The answer is quite simple. You see, yoga wasn’t an instant hit when people learned that it exists. People thought that the movements were weird, and the benefits of it were doubted. But, come the 90s, and power yoga became the talk of the town. Just look how far yoga has gone– from weird moves, to healthy, decent discipline. This notion made people think that yoga is just for those who are able and those with stealth.

Mandy’s Yogalosophy will prove them wrong

When she released her Yogalosophy DVD, she had one thing in mind: for it to be fun, even for beginners. Sure, the moves are simple, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no challenge. When the beginners do the yoga moves, they can choose from three versions:

  1. The routine has a coaching session, having the viewer guided, and the instructions are given verbally.
  2. The next is when there are no words. The instructions are just shown, and great background music will play to keep the viewer in the element.
  3. Lastly, Yogalosophy includes yoga extras, where everything from the first two versions is put together.

The Yogalosophy is centered on acceptance

For Mandy, her Yogalosophy is being able to enjoy the benefits even when they still are not present. So, for a woman who wants to lose weight, it’s not good to just sit back and wait and brood that things are not turning out the way you planned it. You have to act.

Sure, you still don’t have the body of a super model, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t have it. And what better way of having it than doing yoga NOW?

So, accept your body and move on. You’ll be surprised that one day, you’ll look into the mirror and see the wonderful changes!

Yogalosophy and the number 8!

Mandy mentioned in one of her interviews that she does her sessions in repetitions of 8. When asked why, she said that 8 is a powerful number. Considering the fact that the number 8 looks like the symbol of infinity, she believes that it signifies power and an infinite abundance of energy.

The vision of Yogalosophy

The vision of Yogalosophy is the same as what the original vision of yoga was — to transform a person not just physically, but from within. And that includes both the emotional and psychological aspect.

If you’re doing yoga, you’re probably doing it for just one reason. Unknown (or sometimes known) to you, that one reason can be your driving force for your other goals. For example, if you manage to lose weight, your confidence will be back. You can take your career with more bounce, and you’ll be able to share your experiences with others and inspire them.

The great news here is that you did it while enjoying it. Why? Because while doing yoga, you’re being transformed.  And you did it because of acceptance.

Yoga it the Right Way with Yogalosophy!

Yoga is a very strict discipline that teaches to transform the body not just at a superficial physical level, but also at a spiritual height. Philosophy, on the other hand, is a study of a fundamental nature or existence. But when these two things are joined together, what does Yogalosophy really mean?

The fact is that Yogalosophy isn’t really a word you can find in the dictionary. But it’s quickly gaining popularity.

Yogalosophy — an in depth look

Mandy Ingber is a very well-known yoga instructor in Los Angeles, and at one point, she decided it’s time to reveal how yoga can really transform your life, and how you can easily achieve the body you’ve always wanted. She did it by releasing an instructional DVD and a book, both bearing the title Yogalosophy.

Why is Mandy so passionate about yoga?

If you’re someone who has been doing yoga since you were 7, it’s hard to say that you won’t introduce you’re own Yogalosophy in the future. Mandy’s dad is a natural athletic, and because of that, he has sustained back injuries. He used yoga to heal them, and then taught young Mandy about it. It was their form of bonding.

Mandy and her family even thought of yoga as a part of corporate wellness. They thought that instead of having coffee breaks, it’ll be better if they have yoga breaks. That way, employees can rest, relax, but still be energized.

Yogalosophy can change you

It’s true; yoga is really healthy. It provides you with proper posture and stretching, promotes relaxation, and calms your mind. But honestly, people are more concerned about the “details” of its benefits.

So what can be achieved by Mandy’s Yogalosophy?

Yoga is good for the mind, especially those minds that continuously think about problems. If you often perform yoga, you’re giving your mind a series of breaks, which you can use to detach yourself from the stresses. In other words, it clears your fogged mind.

Yogalosophy is also good for a person’s emotions. Oftentimes, people lose hope in certain things when their plans don’t work out. They will think that the whole thing is pointless. When you’re doing yoga, you’ll have time to realize that it’s just your feelings that are driving you down– not the whole thing.

As for the body, yoga has the ability to increase your strength. It can even improve the functions of your muscles and heart.

How yoga was before and how it’s now

This is a very interesting topic. If you did yoga during the 70s, most people thought you were weird. And when you enrolled in a class, you’d have a one-on-one session. Now, though, yoga is widely accepted as an art and exercise that keeps you healthy. Just type yoga into your web browser and a lot of results will come up. Classes now are done in groups, and the health benefits are more recognized. Yoga now has truly an elegant ring to it.

yogalosophySo, what really is Yogalosophy?

For Mandy, her Yogalosophy is about acceptance. Sure, yoga is a great tool to help you lose the extra pounds, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy it. So, even when you’ve extra weight, keep on doing yoga and enjoy life as you do. Before you know it, you’ll have shed off all the unwanted pounds!

One of the most common techniques Mandy uses is the “just do it” approach. There may not be immediate and visible results to the yoga sessions, but they are there, just waiting to show up.

Want a Celebrity Figure? Do Yoga at Home

When it comes to beauty, there’s one thing most women want to achieve– losing weight. The fact about shedding some pounds is this: it’s not easy. There are a lot of factors to consider, and most of them are difficult aspects of your life. For example, experts suggest that you’ve to work out; how can you do that if you’re always busy in the office in front of your computer? Experts will also tell you that you’ve to eat healthy. Again, that’ll be hard if you love sweets and carbs too much.

In other words, it’ll take a lot of effort.

So, how come Yogalosophy says that you can do it easily, just like some celebrities? And how come you can do it in the comfort of your own home? And wait, what is Yogalosophy and who is Mandy Ingber?

First up– Mandy Ingber is an elite yoga instructor to the stars. She trains celebrities with fabulous figures, which is why she is often asked what their secret is? She will often answer this question with: “The secret is, you’re no different than they are.”

And she proved this answer when she released Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind Body Makeover. Yogalosophy is a DVD that’ll instruct women on how to do the proper yoga that will result in the body they have been dreaming of.

Virtually, it transforms Mandy’s training into an at-home routine for non-celebrities.

When asked how she can say that any woman is no different than a celebrity with a body figure to die for, she answers it simply– celebrities have three things that you’ve too, and these are the following:

  1. A body that you want to improve, and you want to care for.
  2. Determination
  3. Emotions

Oh. It seems so simple (especially the first since all of us really have a physical body), but why do women have a lot of difficulties with the second and third aspects? Mandy says that it’s because they don’t do acceptance. And that is also a core lesson in Yogalosophy.

The concept is very simple; just because you don’t have the celebrity figure now, doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the process. If you take action and enjoy those actions along the way, you’ll be surprised to wake up one day to a celebrity figure.

It’s wrong when most women say, “I’ll just go to the beach when I can wear that two piece swimsuit…” You did not do yourself a favor by missing out on the fun! Why not go to the beach now and wear something else, and then promise yourself that the next time you go there, the swimsuit is yours!

Yogalosophy is attached to that notion. Enjoy and take action now.

And why aren’t you motivated to start yoga? It has a lot of shining benefits:

  1. It can significantly reduce your stress. Doing yoga regularly can keep you at the top of your game. This is very important because some people think that yoga just benefits the body. Wrong. It also benefits the mind and emotions. So to clear your head, commit a couple of minutes to yoga.
  2. It helps you in becoming fit. The breathing and poses all help you become healthier.
  3. And with continued yoga, you’re bound to manage some chronic conditions. You can also prevent it when you grow old.

See? Yogalosophy is more than just being sexy; it’s also about being healthy– holistically.

The 5 Pillars of Yogalosophy

Now that you’ve a vast understanding of what the term Yogalosophy is about, it’s time to discover the 5 steps that will make your yoga journey more than just lucrative, but also enjoyable and enlightening. Some of these steps may sound like clichés, but when you ponder about them more deeply, you’ll realize the truth in them.

The 5 Pillars of Yogalosophy:

  1. Fall in love, stay in love – And no, this isn’t with the boy next door whois fabulously built. You have to fall in love and stay in love with your body. As mentioned, the figure you’ve always dreamed of is right there; it just needs a little push. Yogalosophy will help you love your body NOW. There’s no reason to wait until your waist line is down by 3 inches; love it now so that you’ll enjoy life now.
  1. Take it light – There’s no need to hurry things up and build sizeable pressure over your shoulders. Why would you need a ton of goals if you could have chunks of commitment?

mandy ingberA good example is this: when doing Yogalosophy, never tell yourself right away that you want to lose 20 pounds. Twenty pounds is too big of a goal, and if you don’t see immediate results, you’ll feel discouraged. You’ll be disappointed, and the next thing you know, you’re stopping.

So instead, why not say that you want to lose at least 3 pounds in a month. That way, if you see the results and maybe even more, you’ll feel really good and motivated to keep going!

  1. Choose to be healthy -The food you eat while you’re doing the routine in Yogalosophy will also bear a great impact on the goals you have. You should bear in mind that eating healthy foods won’t only help you in shedding the extra pounds; it’ll also help you be healthy in general.

Does that mean that you’ve to resort to different diet regimens? Of course not. Mandy’s Yogalosophy has a meal plan prepared, and there’s not even a name to the diet, except that it’s healthy.

However, if you’ve a diet that you would like to try, go ahead with it, as long as it gives you your dose of greens and protein and it doesn’t starve you.

  1. The power of mind -Appreciate what you’ve and not just your body. While doing the routines in Yogalosophy, make sure that you’re thankful for all your blessings, and not just for the body that you currently have but also for the body that you’ve in the future.

Research studies have indicated that people who are content are less likely to experience stress. And you know about the deal with stress; it keeps you unfocused and it makes you age so fast!

So, each time you look into the mirror, appreciate the beauty that you’ve and all the things that were granted unto you and be thankful for them all.

  1. Support is necessary – And when it’s about support, Yogalosophy tells you to receive it and pay it forward. Some people tend to underestimate the power of support, thinking that they can make it on their own. That’s not untrue. Of course you can make it on your own, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you could do it with others? You’ll feel more inspired and more motivated, especially if you also give your support to others.

So, join a support group, a club, or a class that gives you the fuel to do things with more bounce.

Yoga Poses For Toned Arms

Is your usual dumbbell routine boring you?  Fret no more!  You can use the art of yoga for toning upper arms.  There are several yoga poses that specifically target your arms, shoulders, and your back, leaving you looking and feeling great.

Downward Facing Dog

This yoga pose for toning upper arms is a simple pose you can easily perform.  Stand straight on your mat with your feet apart.  Stretch your arms forward and reach for the floor.  Keep your legs and arms straight.  At this point, you should be in an inverted V position.  Breathe in and breathe out.  Do a few more breathing exercises while holding on to this position.


Another yoga pose great for toning upper arms is the plank.  Although this is usually part of a yoga sequence, you can still use this routine as a stand-alone exercise to target upper body strength.  On your yoga mat, start by doing a push-up position.  This is the easiest and simplest way to get to the plank pose.  Bend your elbows so that your forearms are rested on the ground or your mat.  Support your legs by curling your toes.  Keep a straight line from the back of your head to your heels.  Stay on that position until you feel the burning sensation on your arms. Lower down your body in a resting position and then repeat.

toning upper armsUpward Facing Dog

Also known as Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, this is usually a part of the traditional Sun Salutation sequence.  However, this can also be performed individually to help open and strengthen the upper body.  Lay down with your face facing the floor and your feet stretched.  The top of your toes should be facing the floor.  Anchor your hands onto the floor and push your upper body upwards while you lower your hips to the floor.  Tip your head back slightly and keep your back straight.  Hold this position while inhaling and exhaling.  Return to your original position after 20-30 counts.

Inclined Plane

This yoga pose is done by sitting on your yoga mat with your legs stretched in front of you.  Place each hand on each side of your body with your palms on the floor.  Keeping your hands behind your buttocks, make sure your fingers are facing the same direction as your body.  Inhale and lift your body upwards using your arms.  Push your hips up while your back maintains an upright position.  Keep your hands and legs straight while you breathe in and breathe out.  Hold for 20-30 counts and slowly go back to your original sitting position.

Mountain Pose

The mountain pose is another yoga routine that is great for toning upper arms and helps with the flexibility of your arms and wrists.  To start toning your upper arms, kneel down on your mat with your bottom touching your heels.  Stretch your hands forward and interlock your fingers with your palms facing you.  Gently push your arms upwards above your head.  Push a little harder if you can.  Keep your arms stretched while you count to 5.  Inhale, exhale, and slowly release your hands as you lower them down.  Repeat the routine as you wish.

The benefits of yoga are endless, and these routines are simple and easy to fit in to your busy lifestyle.

Many of single women would agree that they don’t have time to perform any of the arm toning exercises for women. There are lot of things that can distract women from attaining those toned arms – there are many reasons why they have no time to go to the gym – but that won’t be a problem when you can perform your arm toning exercises at home. Yoga has become the comfort of many women: single, married, young and old. One of the hidden advantageswhen a single woman does yoga poses is that she inevitably tones her arms. This is like hitting two birds with one stone!

In case you’re interested in using yoga poses to tone those flabby arms, here are some positions that you can apply. You can now ditch those arm toning exercises in the gym, and the equipment that doesn’t give you realistic results. Now is the time to say good bye to flabby arms and say hello to a new you.

Headstand and Handstands

This isn’t just a balancing act we are talking about. When you do handstands and headstands, you’re using your arms to support your whole body. That is already one kindof an exercise. In order to have the correctpose and alignment, you need to use your upper arm strength. While doing these poses, you’re not just performing arm toning exercises; you’re also strengthening your core.

How do you do these stances?

If you’re still a newbie to these poses, you can use the wall to help you attain balance and alignment. Foryour first position, the headstand, kneel on the floor next to the wall with your elbows underneath your shoulders, and your knees underneath your hips. Rest your elbows on the floor and clasp your hands. Make sure that your elbows are shoulder width apart. Place your head on the floor, resting on your clasped hands, then raise your hips and walk your feet forward until your hips are positioned above your shoulders. Now bend your knees, draw them up to your chest and raise your feet off the floor. Now straighten both legs and press down on your arms. Hold this pose for ten breaths then lower one leg at a time to the floor. To transition tothe handstand position, lift your legs one by one until both are placed against the wall. Lift your head away from the floor using your arms.

Handstands are done by placing the hands flat on the floor about a foot from the wall. Make sure that your hands areshoulder width apart. Your elbows should be straight and relaxed. Similar to the headstand, lift your legs up one after the other and rest your heels on the wall over your head. Remember, to transition to a different pose or to simply get out of the pose, slowly lower each leg down to the floor. yoga poses

Downward Facing Dog

Another yoga pose that maybe considered as one of the best arm toning exercises for women, is one of the more yoga poses; the downward facing dog. Your initial pose begins with you on all fours, with knees bent. Your knees must be hip-width apart, while your hands should be shoulder width apart. As you move to the downwardfacing dog position, you must first move your hands in front of yourshoulders. Use your toes for support as you lift your hips up to the downward dog facing position. Elevate your pelvis by using the palms of your hands to push against the floor. Make sure that your fingers are being used. Broaden and elongate your back by stretching your arms straight. Your feet and legs should also push into the floor, and your stomach muscles shouldbe pulled in tight.

There you’ve them: yoga poses that you can try at home. Make sure that you’re properly stretched before doing these poses. Yoga isn’t just a meditative discipline; it can be used to tone yourarms and your whole body. However, make sure that you’re fit enough to attempt these poses before you begin.

Top Yoga DVDs

Working out these days doesn’t really require going to the gym or signing up for a class.  In fact, it’s okay to just skip them altogether and go break a sweat at your own pace and time from the comfort of your home.  If you’re up for a Press Play, Sweat, and Repeat for you to achieve the fitness you aim for, then here are the top yoga DVDs that may suit your needs and complete your fitness routine.

The Ultimate Yogi

top yoga dvdsThe Ultimate Yogi by Travis Eliot is one of the top rated yoga DVDs found on Amazon.  This yoga DVD that is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars promises to transform your life over a 108-day period.  How?

Here’s how:

The Ultimate Yogi includes 12 yoga DVDs that are focused on balance, strength, flexibility, and vitality through a simple plan of one hour of yoga per day.  Here are the things you’ll love about this yoga DVD:

  • The practices and classes are varied.  The variety of classes offered in The Ultimate Yogi will help you gently build up a healthy transformation for an ultimate body, ultimate mind, and just ultimate results!
  • The music used goes perfectly with each practice session, making it easy for you to jive along.
  • The Ultimate Yogi yoga DVD has everything scheduled for you!  This means you can skip the headache and frustration you get from planning and scheduling your workouts because this yoga DVD set has it all set up for you.
  • To complete your transformation, this yoga DVD also contains dietary information that is beneficial to your fitness program.  It’s very basic and simple and should be very easy to understand.

Wai Lana Yoga

top yoga dvdsIf you’re just beginning to do yoga and are looking for a yoga DVD to help you out, then Wai Lana Yoga Easy Series is the best for you.  It comes in 3 separate beginning level yoga DVDs that are easy and safe to practice on your own.

  • The first part of this yoga DVD is the Beginner’s workout DVD.  It focuses on calming your nerves and loosening those joints while making your abdominals and buttocks firm and strong.
  • The next set is all about toning.  This Toning DVD provides poses and exercises that are helpful in toning your thighs and buttocks while strengthening your back area.
  • Finally, the third set, the Relaxation DVD is all about, well, relaxation.  We all know how stress can weigh us down and make us feel all tensed up and unhealthy.  This final set offers movements that will help loosen those muscles and let go of the stress that haspiled up over the months or even years.  This promotes flexibility of shoulders and joints and is also great for relaxing and massaging your spin

So, if you’re new at yoga, this is a great introduction to the world of health and fitness through yoga.

Total Yoga 4 Pack

top yoga dvdsAre you looking for a yoga DVD set that is thorough and concise and is led by a husband and wife tandem?  Try Total Yoga 4 Pack.  This yoga DVD set varies in intensity, duration, and focus depending on what your body needs.  Ganga White and Tracey Rich are the yogis in Total Yoga, and their demonstrations on this DVD set may just encourage you to work and focus on your poses and movements.

Total Yoga consists of 4 DVDs:  Total Yoga Original, Earth, Water, and Fire.  Starting with Total Yoga 4 Pack Original, this yoga DVD is the best introduction to the endless benefits you can get from performing yoga.  It includes basic movements and instructions that are easy to follow and will work great in helping you achieve a more balanced life.  Earth focuses on the power of breathing and how it affects your overall being.  It doesn’t have as many standing poses as the next two discs, but it contains a lot of sun salutation series that help distribute the good energy throughout the body.  Water is more of a moderate-paced practice and is geared toward fluidity, flexibility, and synchronized movements that provide benefits such as strength and a refined body.  Finally, Fire is the most intense or advanced session that combines the Earth and Water yoga DVDs and elevates them to a higher level of workout.  Fire uses a variety of poses and rigorous workouts that will definitely bring out the best in you!

Yoga for Beauty

top yoga dvdsAnother high-rated yoga DVD is Yoga for Beauty with Rainbeau Mars.  It’s a 2 Volume Gift Set thatis designed to help you start your day and end your day right.

The first volume is called Dawn and is very good for waking up your senses and energizing your muscles.  It has a series of poses, balances, stretches, and breathing exercises that are sure to help improve posture, health, and just your overall bearing for the day.  I must say that if you’re one who needs a good boost in the morning, then this should work out just fine for you.

The second volume is called Dusk.  This is your go-to yoga DVD to end a day full of stress and pressure.  It includes more than 50 postures and movements and other breathing exercises that are stress relieving and relaxing.  By eliminating impurities and relieving all the tension that may have accumulated during an entire day’s work, you’re sure to end your day feeling stress-free and healthy.


7 Minutes of Magic

top yoga dvdsI can totally understand that not everyone has at least an hour to spare for some yoga sessions.  Well, you don’t have an excuse to not do yoga.  7 Minutes of Magic only requires a few minutes of your time so you can achieve your goal of a healthy you inside and out. This yoga DVD brings magic to your life by giving two AM routines (a standard 7-minute routine and a longer version that lasts 15 minutes) and two PM routines (standard and longer version).

Just like Yoga for Beauty, 7 Minutes of Magic also offers to start and end your day right – using a shorter but still effective version of poses and stretches.  The AM routine jumpstarts your day and gives you that energy you need to last an entire day.  The PM routine relaxes and helps you wind down from your busy day.  An added third routine will work best for either AM or PM routine.  What more can you ask for?


To continue your quest for fitness and health using yoga, it’s important to look for yoga DVDs that actually suit your needs without giving you all those worries and headaches.  Remember that what works for me may not necessarily work for you because it simply doesn’t apply to what your body needs and what time you’ve available.  Don’t you worry!  What I have enumerated above are the top yoga DVDs that you can choose from.

Top Yoga Mats

Let’s face it. Yogalosophy involves investing in a good yoga mats. And this is probably why choosing the right kind of mat that actually suits your needs can be one daunting task for you and for the rest of the yogalosophy fans out there.

The truth is that you’re not required to have a yoga mat.

Yes, you can do yoga on any flat surface you can find, but at the end of the day when your knees hurt and your shoulders are in pain, you just know that even if the books don’t require you to have a yoga mat, you still need it anyway.

So now that you understand the importance of yoga mats for your safety and comfort during your yogalosophy, I guess the dilemma really is just finding that one mat from what seems to be an overwhelming number of choices.

If you’re ready to find the right mat that works for you, here are the top yoga mats found on Amazon that you can choose from.

Jade Harmony

If you’re looking for a mat that is certainly loved by a lot of customers who’ve tried it, then this might just be the one for you. Rated 4.5 stars, Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is one mat that focuses on security – not just yours but the environment, too! Jade Harmony Yoga Matprovides superior resilience and cushion, which is very important to ensure safety and comfort during and after your yogalosophy.

It comes in 2 sizes – 68” and 74,” both with 27” width that also come in 2 different colors (midnight blue and olive green).

Want to know how this mat focuses on the security of the environment too? Natural rubber, the material that gives you that safety and security benefit, also provides the same for the Earth. It’s a renewable resource that doesn’t contain any material that depletes the ozone or destroys the environment. For the environment-conscious people like me, what you’ll also love about this mat is that when you order one, the company that produces it (Jade), through a partnership with Trees for the Future, plants a tree. Perfect for a healthy you and a healthy environment!

Square36 Yoga Mat

Ok. Traditionally-sized yoga mats can be annoying to people who are tall, and if you’re looking for something to answer that problem, Large Yoga Mat is a great option for you. You know it wouldn’t be called Square26 Large Yoga Mat if it weren’t large at all.

So yes, this mat’s best feature is its size, which I’m sure will address all of your worries about rolling onto the floor for some of your yogalosophy moves that a regular yoga mat can’t accommodate. It comes in 72” x 72” size with 6 mm thickness and weighs about 12 lbs. At this size and weight, this mat isn’t exactly the type of mat you would want to carry around for your yogalosophy classes.

This mat is intended for people who’ve dedicated workout space in their homes. The Square36 Large Yoga Mat, or what is also referred to as Square36, guarantees size, thickness, and density that will make your yogalosophy and other intense cardio workouts a comfortable experience.

It’s made of 100% non-toxic materials, which makes this product even better because who would want to be rolling on something that gives toxins? The Large Yoga Mat may be a little more expensive than the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat, but I guess that’s the price you pay for extra comfort and extra space.

Yoga Jellies For the Mat

If you’ve bad knees or hands and have difficulty performing some of the poses and positions for your yogalosophy, you definitely need the extra padding to help you do what you’ve to do. Try Yoga Jellies. They come in 5.5” gel-like discs made of silicon-based material that are non- toxic and latex-free. These pads are designed to provide the extra cushion and support for your parts of the body that bear the most weight during your workouts.

A lot of people who’ve issues with weak wrists and sore knees find Yoga Jellies to be really helpful in alleviating the soreness they get from the poses they do. If you seek that extra cushion, then Yoga Jellieswill work out for you. You might find this product a little “pricey” for its size and purpose, but if it works for you, then that’s all that matters, right? Yoga Jellies come in 8 different bright colors that can certainly add to that awesome feeling you get from actually using it.

Kulae Yoga Mat

If there’s one thing I struggle with during yogalosophy, it’s keeping my towel in place. I’m sure I’m just one of the many people out there who constantly have issues with towels that don’t give the coverage we need for our mats. And if you’re like me, then Kulae Yoga Mat is what I recommend. This is a towel/mat combination that keeps you in place because of the bottom side that sticks well to the floor.

Another one of those great eco-friendly yoga mats, Kulae Yoga Mat is 100% rayon derived from bamboo and is free from toxic materials. So basically, this mat that comes in 4 different colors saves you the trouble of having to constantly worry about your towel while making sure that you’re safe and comfy during your workouts. What’s more to love about this product? It’s rated 4.6 by customers, is machine-washable (oh this I’m sure you’ll really love!), and is worth every penny you spend.

Jade Harmony Professional Mat

Are you bored with the color choices that other yoga mats offer? Are you looking for great options to choose from without sacrificing the quality of the mat you need for your yogalosophy? Jade Harmony Professional Mat offers a variety of quality mats in different colors and affordable prices. It’s made of natural rubber, just like most of the yoga mats they offer, which is very environment-friendly.

The benefits you get from using this mat include safety that you get from the slip-resistant feature even with perspiration; comfort from the proper cushioning it gives during your workout; and fun you get from this great-looking mat. On top of that, the fact that Jade Harmony Professional Mat washes off easily with just water and soap makes it even better!

Let’s talk about yoga mats and how important they are to your “yogalosophy.” Okay, for those of you who don’t have an idea of what yogalosophy is, this term was made up by one of the most popular yoga and fitness instructors in Los Angeles, Mandy Ingber.

It means “knowing yoga through experience” (“yoga” = union or bringing together of two things; “losophy” = knowing through experience). Anyway, in the yoga world, there has been a lot of controversy on the importance of getting the right mat.

If you’re one who’s been in constant search of the perfect yoga mat, then here’s one great product for you – the Sol Premium-Grip, Gaiam Yoga Mat.

The Sol Premium-Grip – Gaiam Yoga Mat is the thickest mat available and can be awesome for your yogalosophy.

Here are the product specifications

  • 8mm thick
  • 100% Natural Rubber, Latex-free
  • 68 in x 24 in
  • 6.5 lbs

Here are the reasons why the features mentioned above are perfect for your yogalosophy:


At 8 mm thick, the Gaiam Yoga Mat is rated 5 for comfort. The thickness of your yoga mat has a lot to do with your comfort. Are your knees always sore at the end of each yoga session? Or is the pressure on your spine making you want to stop yoga altogether? If your answer to these questions is a definite YES, then this is the right product for you. Order this and your joints will surely appreciate each soft landing you get from this mat. You might think that 8 mm will be an issue for your yogalosophy as it might be mushy and might make you less stable, but the good news is – it won’t. Read on to find out.


Made of 100% natural rubber, the Gaiam Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly, sturdy yoga mat. So, yes, the sturdiness of the rubber keeps your mat from being mushy, allowing you to maximize your yoga sessions. The fabric-like surface is also meant for stability and grip. In fact, a lot of customers love this feature as it allows maximum grip and provides security when holding balances. And finally, for those who’ve latex-related allergies – this mat works perfect for you and your yogalosophy because it’s latex-free.

Size and Weight

At 6.5 lbs with 68 in x 24 in, unfortunately, you may find this mat difficult to carry around. But I guess what it lacks in terms of mobility was made up for with comfort and security.

Price – Under $100

Typically, a basic PVC yoga mat costs less and is affordable to many. The Gaiam Yoga Mat may be at the higher end of the price range, just like the rest of the eco-friendly yoga mats sold out there. Others may say it’s a little pricey. I say it’s worth spending extra money for things that provide comfort, durability, stability, and safety. If you want to get fit without getting your knees hurt, don’t you think it’s well worth the investment?

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