New Status Update – In a Pseudo Relationship

In this new generation where social networking is the latest trend everybody is into, there’s also a new status update that is probably going to be part of your options to choose from soon. Single.  In a Relationship.  Engaged. Married.  It’s Complicated. 

And finally – In a pseudo relationship.

Wonder what that means?  Well, apparently, it means that the people involved in this kind of “relationship” are more than friends but less than lovers.  And here I was thinking that the most complicated status is the “It’s Complicated” status.  I guess I’m wrong.  Anyway, let me start by defining what pseudo means.

Pseudo /ˈso͞odō/ means not real or genuine. Being in a pseudo relationship means that you’re in a relationship but not a real one. 

This kind of relationship may differ for a lot of people, depending on what was verbally agreed on or what both mutually understood without the actual conversation.

 There’s no courtship involved nor is there any confirmation that they’re already in a relationship; however, their actions and gestures suggest otherwise.  He isn’t your boyfriend and you definitely aren’t his girlfriend, but it all seems like you’re in a relationship. 

Some people would rather be in this kind of situation than nothing at all. 

Telltale Signs of a Rebound Relationship

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Why not, right?

But then again, there will always be disadvantages for this kind of setup. 

First, you cannot demand commitment from the other person.  Since this is a fake relationship, your role in each other’s life will always be uncertain.  There isn’t anything to hold on to because even if you’re ready to take it to another level, the other might not be willing to compromise because after all, you aren’t together. 

Second, while pseudo means fake, your feelings aren’t.  Sooner or later, one of you’ll end up hurting. That, too, is real.  Lastly, you’ll be miserable. 

If your relationship didn’t really start, then how do you end it? 

Signs You’re In An Unhealthy Rebound Relationship [Can You Turn It Into Love?]

You’ll end up worrying day in and day out as to what is going to happen next and wishing that one day, it’ll all be real.

Pseudo relationship, although existing, is and will always be unhealthy. It revolves around selfishness and total disregard for the true meaning of love and relationship.  Yes, it makes some people happy, but for how long?  Well, despite everything, it still is becoming a trend. The question is…

“Are you in?”

Common Problems with Long Term Relationships

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