Quit Smoking By Vaping Organic E-Liquids

The general public has become conscious of their health and is more concern about the quality and safety of the products they use in the market. This new trend has opened doors for the emergence of vaping industry that is growing at an alarming rate.

Vaping is offering an alternative to the conventional cigarettes and has appealed more to health-conscious vapers. Vaping companies have started producing organic vaping liquid to cater for this new market niche.

For this reason, a majority of vapers are more concerned and interested in learning about the benefits of vaping organic liquids.

Have you ever asked yourself what qualifies vaping liquid to be organic? For a vaping product to ultimately be organic, it has to be chemical and pesticide free and also need approval and certification by the USDA organic standards. Moreover, stores that sell natural products also require approval from the USDA National Organic Program.

Vaping organic liquids have numerous benefits and below are some of them.

1. Use only natural ingredients

This is probably the most significant difference between organic vaping liquid produced by certified organic vaping companies and other companies that purports to be producing organic e-liquids. Be assured of finding no traces of inorganic ingredients in a pure organic vaping liquid.

Organic vaping liquids are not only 100% VG but also 100% PG free. Propylene glycol (PG) is an artificial liquid produced from petroleum products; it’s used always as a base ingredient for the final product and flavor enhancer. PG is replaced by vegetable glycerin that is extracted naturally from corn

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Vegetable glycerin helps in reducing the mucosal irritation associated with PG when used as a base ingredient in the production of e-liquid.

Additionally, PG is a standard ingredient for most e-liquids companies cannot be considered organic, and for a liquid to be considered organic, this component must not only be absent from all the base of organic e-liquid but also not be incorporated during flavoring.

When looking for an organic vaping liquid, it’s important to check for the ingredients and USDA organic sticker on the product to verify that you’re buying the right product.

2. Experience a smoother and better taste

Organic vaping liquid has a more tranquil and testier feeling due to the natural ingredients used in its production. Vegetable glycerin makes it’s more enjoyable as it produces a lot of vapor cloud similar to the conventional cigarette smoke.

Vegetable glycerin also produces a sweet taste and unlimited sensational hit when the vapor passes through the throat. Additionally, there are numerous flavors of organic vaping liquids such as mint flavor, tobacco flavor, etc. extracted from natural plants to choose from. Organic vaping juice also doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners but instead contain sweeteners derived from native plants and fruits.

Be rest assured of thoroughly enjoying the experience of every puff when using organic vaping liquid.

3. Use only organic nicotine in its natural state

Tobacco is a field crop mostly treated by intensive use of chemical pesticides such as herbicides, insecticide and plant hormones. Chances of these chemicals being passed onto the final product are at staggering 95%.

The research form the University of Colorado has proven that cigarette smoke contains traces of these chemical and possibility of these chemicals being present in liquid nicotine that is used in e-liquid.

Certified natural nicotine is produced from USDA-natural tobacco commonly grown on large family farms all over the USA. Natural nicotine used in organic vaping liquid is extracted using CO2 extraction method that is organic-compliant and has no chemical residues.

Additionally, certified USDA organic vaping companies’ use vegetable glycerin instead of PG as nicotine solvent. Buying a pure organic vaping liquid is a guarantee of consuming organic nicotine that isn’t harmful to your health. Furthermore, you can determine if the product isn’t genuine if it leaves a peppery aftertaste whenever you vape.

4. Avoid getting yellow discoloration of fingers and nails

When vaping organic liquid your fingers are always left clean from the stain of nicotine associated with the conventional cigarette smoking. This yellow discoloration was caused by a component in tobacco called tar that is now absent in organic vaping liquid.

Furthermore, conventional cigarette not only stained your fingers but also stained your teeth, nose, and mouth. What a mess!

In conclusion, addiction to tobacco smoking is dangerous to your health. Organic vape liquid is giving you an opportunity to fight back and regain a healthy lifestyle. Research has proved that it can help tobacco addicts quit smoking in the long run.

How is this possible? The vapor produced by e-liquid simulates the smoke of a cigarette which in the long run can help you quit. Also, an organic liquid can contain zero nicotine.

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