The History of Juicing

Ever heard of a detox juice cleanse like Blueprint Cleanse? Many of us may think that juice fasting diets are products of modern science and newfound medical research, but believe it or not, detoxing is as old as time itself. Let’s find out more about the history of juicing and who created the juice cleanse.

You may be amazed to know that our ancestors were familiar with natural detoxing and juicing and its benefits since time immemorial and that the idea of fasting and abstaining from food as well as of doing a cleanse have already been lauded in many cultures across different countries for thousands of years.

Therefore, detoxing isn’t a newly invented concept or method. Since the dawn of civilization, fasting and detoxing has been performed as part of religious rituals from the priests of Ancient Egypt; even now, many religions still uphold this kind of practice.

The philosophers of ancient Greece also used this cleansing practice in connection with their rituals, though later on, it was incorporated in the medical practices of the early Greeks as a method to eliminate the body’s toxicon, which is the etymology of the word toxin. It may sound surprising, but the other forms of detoxing techniques like colonic irrigation and coffee enemas actually originated from Ancient Egypt and Greece.

The Chinese also had a record of their own “Blueprint Cleanse” version in the form of internal cleansing prescriptions dating as far back as 2700 BC. Aside from juicing, the Chinese also conceptualized other detoxing techniques like Food Detox Pads and Cupping. Other forms of cleansing, aside from detoxing, such as Colon hydrotherapy (which is just the same as our colon hydrotherapy weight loss nowadays) and the use of saunas, were also recorded in 1500 BC and 1112 BC respectively.

Also in Thailand, the early forms of yoga have incorporated the use of detoxing and juicing or internal cleansing, which is considered an essential element of the spiritual journey towards achieving self-realization.

Whether it’s in the eastern or western part of the world, all cultures have used herbs, fruits, and vegetables, which have purifying properties to help in removing harmful chemicals and toxins in the body. They also have the same goals: to help the body get rid of chemicals and toxic substances and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.detoxing and juicing

The history of detoxing and juicing shows us that for many thousands of years, detoxing has been used by a lot of people throughout different parts of the globe. Its continued use further implies that indeed, juice fasting diets and parasite cleanse recipes have been proven to provide many health benefits and effects; otherwise, it wouldn’t be continued to be practiced thousands of years later.

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Today, the detox juice cleanse mania has become widespread not only because Hollywood superstars are vouching for its effectiveness but also because people have seen the results of raw juice fasting programs like Blueprint Cleanse and Total Wellness Cleanse.

More and more people are raving over what they have experienced while undergoing a cleanse because many people are becoming more conscious of their health and they want detoxing and juicing to become a great part in having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With these reasons, plus the benefits on weight loss that one can get from detoxing and juicing, there’s no need to wonder why  aloe vera colon cleanse recipes and raw juice fasting programs are becoming more and more popular and in demand on the market nowadays.

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